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For all the resistance she was able to put against Alejandro and all the times when she was less than civil toward her ex-husband, everything she had told Armond was true. The only way she could stand to be around the vile rodent, to bear his touch, to rest in his arms, to kiss his lips… the only way she could stand those foul deeds was to imagine the snake as Alejandro. So, as cruel as she may seem to the man, it was all an act. Besides, his head would only grow larger if he knew how much she truly cared, and his head was large enough, Zorro's hat had a hard time fitting, his cabesa was so grande. The other thing she would never admit to her Alejandro was that he had earned his ego, fair and square. She was proud of him, as would Joaquin be if he knew the truth about his father. Alejandro had spent the last several months trying to win her heart back in his own way, what he did not yet know was that he had never lost it. She could not even begin to care for Armond when only two people shared her heart. Between Joaquin and Alejandro, Elena had no more heart to give. Now that might soon change if Alejandro and she were to make it out of this unwanted adventure alive; the both of them alive and well, with Joaquin. Oh, what a feat that would be, but if she knew a family that could accomplish it, it was hers. Elena did not think long about the time it would take Alejandro to celebrate, if he didn't celebrate soon after, she would be forced to take matters into her own capable hands.

And so, alas, it was true; Elena thought of these few things while in the carriage on the way to the train station. Or so she assumed. And if Armond knew she had been a spy it was guaranteed that he would already have Joaquin to black mail her with. She would wait patiently for her husband to arrive and save the day, or, more accurately, her Zorro, the hero of her and her son. Alejandro would never let Armond destroy his family. His family meant more to him than his mask, he had proven that to her at last. He would come. He would always come, to the aid of his familia before going to the aid of the people. And she would wait. She would always wait for her masked man.

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