-A Deceptive Cadence-

The Daily Prophet


by Trista Morgaine

Today three people were found dead in a London flat. They were identified as Harry Potter, his fiancee, Hermione Granger, and a known Death Eater, Draco Malfoy. On autopsy, it was found that Harry Potter overdosed on pain pills, Draco Malfoy slit his wrists, and Hermione Granger died from a gunshot wound to the head almost instantly. A gun is a type of metal wand Muggle use, so the Ministry is still curious to why such a thing was used.

One finding took a major blow to the Aurors when a Death Eater tattoo was found on Granger's body, as she was a seasoned Auror. On investigation, a list of some known and some unknown Death Eaters was found in her purse as the Ministry, it has been heard, will not hesitate to apprehend each and every person on that last.

A source who wished to remain unknown told the Daily Prophet and the Ministry that Granger "ran the whole group and had since the Dark Lord was destroyed." Exclusive to the Daily Prophet, we have a longtime friend of both Potter and Granger's, and highly respected Ministry official, Ron Weasley to comment on this baffling situation.

"I can't believe that Hermione was a Death Eater, nor that she was one since both Harry and I had met her. She was both Harry's and my best friend. I can't believe Harry would do anything like this either, two weeks from his wedding day. We had our scuffles with Draco Malfoy, but I never would have thought three of my graduating class would have come to such a tragic end all together, so young. It just doesn't seem like it couldn't be the end, could it?"

However, it is the end; the tragic end of three young people's lives. But this end is still shrouded in mystery; will we ever know what happened within those three days within a London flat, or will those stories lay dormant forever within those walls? Only time will tell..

I love you, Hermione.