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Sequoia sighed as he stood waiting for Jesse and Thomas. They had decided that they would meet at the Pokemon League when the time came and the redhead had been standing outside with his Charizard for a few hours now. He figured Jesse would arrive on his Aerodactyl but he hadn't seen Thomas since Saffron City and he didn't even have a flying Pokemon at that point while Sequoia had two thanks to Crobat and Charizard.

He went over his current lineup in his head; Charizard, Kroh (Crobat), Floatzel, Thunder (Jolteon), Explosion (Golem) and Spooky (Gengar). They weren't the only Pokemon he had caught but they were whom he had defeated Blue with in Viridian City. He noticed an Aerodactyl in the distance and nodded, he had been correct to assume that Jesse would be riding the Aerodactyl that they had seen resurrected on Cinnabar Island. It wasn't fully trained yet but it did display a tremendous power.

Jesse leaped from his Aerodactyl, landing in front of Sequoia and returned the prehistoric Pokemon to his Poke Ball. He grinned at the sight of Sequoia and his Charizard and released his Blastoise so that the two Pokemon who were old friends could meet. Jesse grinned at the two and shook his head as they began to interact.

"You guys have come a long way, haven't you?" Jesse asked, patting the colossal turtle's shell. Blastoise seemed quite happy with this and soon Charizard and Blastoise were playing full force which was a loud and disruptive affair. The two starter Pokemon were fairly large by now after all.

"Charizard and I have come really far too! It was tough but we managed to earn eight badges and tomorrow these guys could even possibly be fighting with each other." Sequoia noted. The two starters exchanged looks warily. Sequoia's Charizard didn't want to fight Jesse's Blastoise so much as he really hated water. "We just gotta wait for Thomas now." Sequoia added on a side note.

"Speak of the devil." Jesse nodded toward the distance. Sequoia turned and

saw a Rapidash running full speed toward them. Thomas was on her back. He climbed off as his horse Pokemon pulled to a trot. He patted her nose and gave her a few PokeBlocks as a reward for a good trip before he returned her to her Pokeball.

"Well hello there!" Thomas greeted them. He let his Venusaur out to join Blastoise and Charizard. The green reptile Pokemon happily went over to them and the three continued to play, which was even louder and more violent than before. Soon after catching up on the last two gyms worth of events since they had seen each other, the three trainers returned them to their Poke Balls and headed inside to register their badges for entry into the tournament.

Once registered the three decided to go their separate ways, promising that when they met in battle they would give it their all. Sequoia had Kroh flying beside him, except for Charizard and Raticate he was Sequoia's oldest Pokemon, maybe even his strongest. He laughed at that thought, because Charizard was obviously his strongest. He happily checked into the VIP suite trainers competing in the league were given for free. He hadn't stayed anywhere inside in months, his Pokemon journey had been particularly arduous and he was certain that his Pokemon had become quite powerful because of it.

He slept well that night and woke early for some last minute preparations. He had his first prelim match that day and if he ended up fighting Thomas or Jesse he would have to give it his all. There was a match in the morning and then in the evening so that there was time to rest Pokemon. He had to win both matches to proceed. Sequoia went to the stadium to see the match ups. The first round of the preliminaries would be fought on a type field while the second round; which would take place the next day would be in the more traditional stadium.

Sequoia noted that he was not in the same block as Jesse or Thomas. He was thankful for that but that could still change in the second round. For his first battle Sequoia would be fighting a trainer from the Hoenn Region, Brendan. On the ice field. Sequoia decided he would use Charizard for sure but he knew Kroh wouldn't do very well and so opted for Gengar and Jolteon instead.

The battle began at 9:00 a.m. Sequoia entered the stadium, a crowd watched them battle but there wasn't that many people because it was only the first round of the preliminaries. He approached the stadium. Battling had changed in Kanto recently, trainers and their Pokemon were in the stadium together and trainers could even fight each other if both were in agreeance. Trainers could take hits for their Pokemon, even help in combination attacks. However they were not allowed to directly attack the opposing Pokemon.

Brendan stood across from him and tossed his Pokeball to release his Glalie. Glalie was a round Pokemon with a black body underneath an ice shell with two dark horns sticking out from either side of it's head. Glalie always had a frown on his face which showed his teeth. Brendan's Glalie glared menacingly at Sequoia who decided that this Glalie might be a tough fight as it looked formidable.

"You're not really giving me much choice with a type match up like that.." Sequoia muttered. He tossed his Pokeball releasing his Charizard from it. "Are you ready?" Charizard nodded spreading his wings and roaring loudly. He released a fireball into the air and then two spurts of fire from his nostrils. He whipped his tail around and with that the battle began.

"Glalie use Hail." Brendan commanded. A hail storm kicked up out of the ice on the ground and clouds began to form. Charizard crouched low, ready to react to the attack at hand. "Now Icy Wind!" A harsh cold gust began to whip through the stadium reducing Charizard's movement speed as well as causing some damage.

"Charizard use Flamethrower on Glalie!" Charizard let loose a powerful flamethrower, a pillar of fire coming from it's mouth and heading toward the round, horned ice Pokemon. Brendan acted quickly, calling out his own attack in time for Glalie to react to Sequoia's fire attack that threatened to one hit KO it.

"Double Team!" Glalie multiplied into many after images and Charizard's Flamethrower attack missed. The hail buffeted Charizard and mixed with the harsh wind Charizard was grounded. Sequoia had to think of a strategy or Glalie was going to get the best of them on this field. "NOW GLALIE, Give it all you've got with Blizzard attack!" Brendan called out, the attack mixed with the intense weather that had Glalie had created around Charizard. Glalie shot harsh cold winds out and tons of little chunks of ice. Sequoia could not even see Charizard now.

"Try Fire Spin!" Sequoia thought quickly. Charizard kicked up off of the ground encased in fire and did a barrel roll over the attack, smashing into Glalie. Glalie went tumbling backward and bounced off of the ice fields pointed pieces of frozen ground. "Use Fire Spin into Seismic Toss to get through the weather now!" Charizard flew quickly, spinning through the air until he landed in front of the bouncing Glalie.

"Try Icy Wind!" Brendan tried, but Glalie could not comply. He bounced into Charizard's arms and quickly Charizard took off flying straight up into the air, using flamethrower to split the clouds. Once he was high above the stadium he moved into a dive. Going straight down he picked up speed, using Fire Spin to scorch his opponent. Charizard whipped Glalie into the ground, cracking the thick ice stadium.

"Glalie is unable to battle!" The announcer shouted as the crowd cheered. Brendan called back his Glalie, thanking it quietly. Sequoia called back Charizard and tossed out Spooky. Brendan responded with his Kecleon. The gecko Pokemon screeched and lashed it's tongue. Sequoia's Gengar responded with lashing out his own tongue.

"Use Shadow Ball!" The Kecleon fired a shadow ball. Spooky dissipated into the ground, narrowly dodging the attack from the Normal Type Pokemon. "Use Screech!" The Kecleon let out a piercing scream that caused Spooky to appear across the field and hold its ears in pain. It could no longer hide in the shadows in this state so Sequoia decided to act quickly.

"Use Hypnosis!" Spooky shot a psychic beam at Kecleon and it fell asleep. Spooky's ability inflicted bad dreams. "Now Nightmare and Dream Eater!" Spooky tried to use nightmare but this awoke Kecleon and due to colour change turned him into a ghost type. Sequoia grimaced as this didn't look good.

"Alright now Kecleon has a STAB bonus! Use Shadow Ball again!" Kecleon fired another Shadow Ball which collided with the Ghost-Poison type Pokemon, landing a super effective critical hit. Sequoia's Gengar couldn't take the hit and fainted in a heap on the battlefield. Sequoia returned him to his Pokeball, thanking the ghost Pokemon and letting it rest. Brendan left Kecleon out on the field. It's colour change ability would prove to be useful he decided. Sequoia released Thunder from his Pokeball.

"I'm counting on you Thunder!" Sequoia's Jolteon barked confidently and electricity crackled between his spikes. "Okay, just like I taught you, you mastered this in practice, I know you can do it! Electric Pin Missile!" Thunder began firing off his electrically charged spikes hitting Kecleon multiple times and turning it into a bug type. Kecleon tried to come back with a Hyper Beam but Thunder used Double Team causing Kecleon to miss. "Thunder attack!" Jolteon dropped a wicked bolt of lightning on Kecleon who used Mirror Coat. Jolteon absorbed the reflected electric attack with his volt absorb ability fully recharging it and giving it plenty of excess energy. "Alright! When Thunder builds up excess electric power it lets me use this attack, Discharge!" The electric Pokemon released it's energy and Kecleon was taken out by the wave of lightning.

"Damn it." Brendan muttered, he was down to his last Pokemon. "Okay Dusknoir, it's your turn. Show 'em you won't be pushed around!" He released Dusknoir who floated menacingly over Thunder. The Ghost Type Pokemon was huge and spooky feeling for the Eevee evolution battling on Sequoia's team. "Dusknoir, use Ice Punch!" Dusknoir used both fists at once, encasing them in ice, and landed a hit on Thunder. The Jolteon tumbled back, damaged and cold from the powerful Ice Punch. "Now use Will-O-Wisp and follow up with Ice Punch!" Dusknoir created a little fireball in his hands and shot it at Jolteon. It collided and a harsh burn overcame the electric dog.

"Try a Thunder attack!" Thunder barked and a bolt of electricity fired down from the clouds. The lightning bolt missed, striking the ground next to the levitating Pokemon. Dusknoir hit Jolteon with Ice Punch until he was frozen solid and unable to battle. Sequoia growled in annoyance but felt for his Jolteon. He let out his Charizard now, having it thaw Jolteon before returning the dog Pokemon to it's Pokeball.

"I guess we're both down to one Pokemon each, and your Charizard has sustained lots of damage from my Glalie." Brendan shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes. "There's no way that your Charizard can beat my Dusknoir now!"

"Alright Charizard," Sequoia began, ignoring Brendan's taunts. "This is what we've been training for. Are you ready?" Charizard roared and entered the battlefield. The two large Pokemon faced off against each other. "Start with a Fire Spin attack!" Charizard spun through the air toward Dusknoir. Dusknoir reached out with one of it's big hands and squeezed Charizard by it's wings. "Flamethrower, right in his face!" Charizard opened his mouth and blasted Dusknoir with flames.

"Try an Ice Punch Dusknoir!" Dusknoir let go of Charizard and thrust an ice covered fist into Charizard's wing. It froze over and Dusknoir tossed Charizard away. Charizard struggled to take off but couldn't. Charizard couldn't use Seismic Toss, Air Slash or Fire Spin now. "Alright Dusknoir, finish Charizard with a Shadow Ball!" Dusknoir fired a Shadow Ball and Sequoia knew he had to act quickly.

"Charizard deflect that Shadow Ball with Flamethrower, quickly!" Charizard roared and let out a geyser of flame. The two attacks collided and exploded, light engulfing the stadium and the explosion kicking up all sorts of dust as well as smoke. The smoke began to clear and it was clear that Charizard had managed to deflect the Shadow Ball with no harm to itself. "Alright!" Sequoia exclaimed. Now it was his turn to attack! "Charizard, melt the ice on your wing with Flamethrower and then full power use Fire Spin!" Charizard blasted the ice off of his wings and kicked off of the ground at tremendous speed. He span through the air engulfed in flames and collided directly with Dusknoir. The Ghost Pokemon tried to brace itself but was unfortunate as Charizard's attack landed a critical hit.

"Dusknoir is unable to battle. Sequoia moves on to the next round!" Sequoia ran to his Charizard, embracing it. The Fire-Flying Type roared and let out a large fireball as the crowd cheered loudly. Sequoia cheered with it, the two celebrating their very first win in the Indigo Plateau Pokemon League Conference Matches, even though it was still just the preliminaries.

"No Dusknoir!" Brendan called out. He ran to the knocked out ghost Pokemon and hugged him. "You did the best job you could. That Charizard was tricky." He returned Dusknoir to his Pokeball and sighed. "Man, I won the whole tournament back in Hoenh. I've never seen Fire Spin used like that before!"

"Hahah that was just me and Charizard's special training!" Sequoia grinned widely and Charizard roared triumphantly, letting out a ball of fire. The crowd cheered loudly and Sequoia waved to them. Brendan smirked after shaking Sequoia's hand. Sequoia returned Charizard to his Pokeball and the two trainers went their separate ways to leave the stadium.

A/N: Charizard's not my favourite Kanto starter. Blastoise but I feel like Sequoia was better suited to Charmander. This was a lot of fun to write. Please read and review! :]

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