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Chapter 1: The Room

Felix Kjellberg, also known to many as Pewdiepie, had just fallen asleep. A thunderstorm raged overhead. This might nit seem significant, but it is. For this was Felix's last day in our world for a long, long time.

As Felix- whom, from this point will be referred to as Pewds or any name of that sort- woke in the morning, he noticed something. This was not his bed. He sat straight up, startled. When did he leave his bedroom? Where was he?! Pewdie quickly got out of the strange bed, and checked the door. Locked. He sighed. He had been kidnapped, somehow without being woken up. He examined the room around him. The entire room screamed 1800s. The furniture was all made of wood, and there were no lamps. There was a simple, lightly decorated closet, a desk and plush green chair. There were two bedside tables, and the only window in the room was too high up to climb to, let alone break. From how the floor creaked, Pewdie guessed he was on the second floor of wherever he was. 'Well,' he thought, 'I should get dressed.' He opened the closet. Inside was a white dress shirt and a tan pair of old-style trousers. There was also a large tan trench coat, with a pair of black combat-like boots. When he was fully dressed, it occurred to Pewdiepie that he should really be freaking put right now. Except... Something about this room was sort of calming. Familiar, more like. Pewds shrugged it off. He went to see what was on the desk. On the desk was a blank leather bound journal, a large bag shaped like a messenger bag, a few inkwell pens, and a note. After reading it, Pewds fell into the chair, seemingly empty. The note read as follows: Felix, Whatever you do, TRUST ME. Because this won't seem like the truth. I am you, or rather, "Pewdiepie from the past". You are in Amnesia: Te Dark Descent. You need to take anything and everything to help you. You will not be alone here. I have requested that the door stays locked until I have woken up. If you are reading this, you have woken, and the door will open. HE will explain the rest. Your Former Self, Felix Kjellberg. Our Pewdiepie slowly came out of the stupor the note had thrown him into. If he really was in Amnesia, like it said, he seriously needed supplies. LOTS of them. Especially Ladanadandanadum or whatever it's called. He quickly stood- he was on a mission. He slipped the bag over his head, so it rested on his side. He stuffed the note into a section of the journal that he titled "Notes". He also titled the other sections, but the journal had so many pages, he decided to record everything that happened. So he put the journal in a pocket that was the perfect size. He took the pens and put them in similarly perfect pockets, along with the inkwells. Pewds practically ripped open the cupboard door on the desk. Inside was two large oil portions. He put these in the bag too. He opened the side drawers and found a total of 15 Tinderboxes. Stuffing these in the bag, he went to the sidetables. A lantern stood on top of one, which Pewds clipped onto a special clip on the bag. Inside the drawer of each table was a total of 10 Sanity Potions and 10 Ladanadanadanadum. He checked the oil in the Lantern. Full, thankfully. Done with his ransacking, he went to the door. The past him said until he woke the door was locked, sooo... BAMBAMBAMBAMBAMBAM! He started banging on the door. He soon stopped, remembering the monsters can hear everything. He hid, as the door began to unlock. He got ready to throw the chair- which he snatched up as he had hid- when he saw what it was. Or should I saw who? "Stephano?!"