The Labyrinth Court R Chapter Six

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The Labyrinth Court R

Mazia glanced at Mika who smiled at her, "Nice to meet you Harunai-san!" She greeted cheerily and spun her racquet, "Alright, rough or smooth?" The midnight blue haired girl directed her eyes to the solid black racquet and replied, "Rough," The racquet landed on smooth and Mika grinned, "Now it's time for the match to begin!" She practically sang.

Mika bounced the ball on the hard court and Mazia couldn't help but think about her attitude, there was something in that girl's smile that seemed off. Mika served and the ball spun violently up towards the sky not before skidding across Mazia's cheek. A mark appeared on the midnight blue haired girl's cheek as the ball flew over her shoulder, "Love-15."

Mazia frowned slightly and her hand reached to touch the mark, "Ouch…" She flinched from her own touch. "That serve is pretty interesting…" Mika kept a smile on as she served the same each time. The ball kept skimming Mazia over and over until the Mika's service game ended with Mazia's cheek a bright red.

"Mazia-chan, are you alright?" Frelia asked the freshman who adjusted her cap. "I'm fine; it's time to get this match going." Mazia smirked and got into position. Throwing the ball overhead, the racquet connected and harshly spun onto Mika's court. She got into stance ready for anything but that is an overstatement. The ball had sprung up and skid across Mika's cheek in a blink of an eye, "Twist Serve?" Everyone there blinked in confusion except for Mika and Mazia. "Nope, this a lot more different than the Twist Serve…" Mika answered as Mazia twirled a tennis ball on her finger. "I call it the Teguchi Serve (Translation: Trick Serve)," Actually, this is just an altered version of the Twist Serve Mazia had seen Ryoma use earlier. However, it is quite different in many ways.

Mazia readied her serve again, throwing the ball overhead and the racquet connected. The ball spun vigorously on the court yet again, this time Mika was ready for it. She prepared her swing; the ball had come up and did not aim for her face. It had swirled around her racquet and skimmed her wrist creating a small mark in the process. "Thought you needed a little present from me," Mazia smiled from across the court and added, "Maybe you'll get used to it, that is… if I use it again."

"Game, Seigaku's Harunai Mazia 1-all!"

Despite not gaining a point, Mika still kept her smile and Mazia done the same. Although, it was now Mika's serve and quite frankly it did not end well last time. The bright red marks still blemished Mazia's complexion, "I may not be able to return your serve but you aren't able to return mine, Harunai-san." Mika sang as her serve spun violently, "Not quite," The ball bounced onto Mika's court with a soft thump and everything was silent.


"Unlike the Trick Serve, Toudou-san's serve can't change its angle because of the constant spin it possesses. Mazia-chan's Trick Serve only has a somewhat loose spin that can go into any direction she so wishes," Reika murmured as she quickly sketched a comic strip of what she had seen. "Mazia-chan is doing well so far," Ren widely smiled as Meryl leaned on her shoulder. "Yeah, but that smile of Toudou-san's is a little creepy if you ask me."

Just like Meryl had said, Mika's serene smile suddenly curved into a twisted grin. "So you want to play it that way huh," Her head was facing the hard court as she laughed loudly. Mika smiled normally again and served, "I won't lose to a freshman!" The ball spun violently into the service box and came upwards in a curve. It had gone around Mazia but had not left her unscathed; her Seigaku Tennis Club polo sleeve had been torn from the impact of the ball and the hidden skin underneath had slightly been pink. "15-all,"

"How's that for a serve, Harunai-san?" Mika drawled as Mazia glanced at the ripped sleeve and smirked, "Still pretty weak if you ask me." She retorted and Mika readied her serve once again. As a result, the ball didn't go for Mazia's arm but the edge of her skirt. Then, her collar and the next was her other arm.

"Game, Gyokurin's Toudou Mika 1-2. Gyokurin leads,"

Mazia sighed and gripped her racquet, this'll take a while.


The boys had already won their match with Gyokurin and are now following Ryuzaki Sumire, "Ryuzaki-sensei, where are we headed?" Tezuka asked as said coach glanced at them from over her shoulder. "We're headed to the girls' match," She bluntly replied and smiled. "Girls' match?" Most of them echoed in curiosity. "There can't only be a Seigaku Boys' Tennis Team you know."

After walking to the other side of the area, they reached the courts where the female teams were going head to head.

"Ah Baa-chan!" Hikage greeted as well as the other female regulars. "Who's playing right now?" Most of the girls went silent but Reika replied, "Harunai Mazia," Ryuzaki's eyes glanced over to the court and widened. "Mazia-chan!"

Mazia lifted her head from the bench to greet a new group of people and Ryuzaki-sensei, although it could've been a lot smoother. Her uniform was practically torn everywhere and burn marks took their place. Arms, shoulders, collar, legs, skirt, and torso- you name it… Mazia leisurely waved in greeting.

"What happened to her?" Oishi asked and Frelia glanced over to him, "Toudou-san's relentless service games, luckily Mazia also kept her own…" The buchou of the female team nudged Mazia and added, "But I think it's about time to end Toudou-san's little game Mazia-chan," Frelia smiled and Mazia smirked in reply. "I was getting tired of getting her hopes up,"

"What's the score Frelia?" Ryuzaki asked as everyone watched Mazia casually walk back onto the field as if nothing had happened. "Right now it's Toudou-san's serve; both are at 3 games…" Kyoko narrowed her eyes at Mika who largely smiled.

"Looks like there's still a lot more places to tear up Harunai-san, but next will be your very own flesh." Mika sang as the ball aimed for Mazia again. "Nope," The ball had suddenly smashed right into Mika's jaw in a second. "W-What the hell…" She growled and uncharacteristically glared. "How about a little payback with that serve Toudou-san?" Mazia smiled and added, "Although, I might have to… overcharge you for the bill." Her eyes flashed into a split second fierce look but switched back to normal. Suddenly, Mika appeared at the net gripping Mazia's collar and lifting her high in the air.

"Listen brat, I won't let you get away with that." Mika snarled but nevertheless, Mazia shrugged and replied. "Look, the Seigaku Café doesn't allow refunds miss." Mika's grip tightened and the umpire froze in his seat watching the girl from Gyokurin rage. Even her teammates didn't stop her; "By the way," Mazia closed her eyes and opened them as soon as she casually finished, "The refills weren't free either, sorry to burst your bubble." Mika practically burst with anger and threw Mazia down onto the court. Returning to their positions, the game shakily continued.

"You know Toudou-san; I think it's finally time for me to get serious." The black and gold racquet in Mazia's right hand had tossed it to her left and perfectly caught it. "Y-You… you were left-handed the whole time!?"

"Game, Seigaku's Harunai Mazia 4-3!"

"Alright, time for Mazia-chan's service game!" Hikage and Akari cheered as the freshman trio asked, "What's so special about her service game?" Reika answered, "Just watch, this crowd is in for a surprise." Everyone except Ryoma and the female regulars had their curiosity piqued and waited anxiously (and some not so anxiously but curious) for Mazia's next move.

Mazia tossed the ball overhead and struck; the ball lifted itself a few millimeters next to Mika's ankle and spun around it. The only thing heard was the ball that calmly bounced another time on the court.

"I call this serve, Trick's Air." Mazia's hand clasped into a fist and opened revealing a tennis ball. Spinning it on her index finger she watched Mika's eyes narrow and ask, "How did you do that?" The midnight blue haired girl simply smiled in response and replied, "A magician never reveals her secrets Toudou-san," Mazia continued her service game using Trick's Reversal and Trick's Twist.

"This is Harunai Mazia, our freshman rookie." Reika grinned and twirled a pencil between her fingers. "At this rate, Frelia-buchou and Kyoko-fukubuchou won't play. A straight win for us," Inui glanced over to the dark violet haired girl who had closed her notebook. Knowing what he would ask, Reika spoke, "There isn't a need to take any more data Inui-san."

"Game and Match, Seigaku's Harunai Mazia 6-3!"

Said girl had walked over to the net to greet a glaring Mika, "Good game Toudou-san," Mika stood silently as the two shook hands. "You were toying with me the whole time…" Mika sighed and smiled, "Well played Harunai-san, but I think I'll win the next one."

Walking over to her teammates, Hikage and Akari immediately glomped the unsuspecting first year. "Hikage-senpai… Akari-senpai, let go of me!" Mazia struggled but the two second years tightened their grip. "It's your fault for making us worry like that, look at your uniform Mazia-chan!" Ryuzaki sighed as Mazia managed to escape the death grip and throw on her tennis jersey. "So, who are you guys?" Kai asked the male regulars who blinked.

"Everyone, on the count of three we'll go down the row and state our name." On the count of three, the names were listed off.

"Zenmenteki Kyoko," Kyoko business-likely stated and glanced over the lime green haired girl.

"Hibari Frelia," Frelia smiled and bowed politely.

"Tsubasa Merylus," Meryl held her hand out into a 'V' sign with a large grin and her other arm currently around her doubles partner.

"Aigyou Airen," Ren waved and her marigold hair bounced along.

"Urusumi Reika," Reika nodded towards the male regulars and the name listing continued on.

"Haruka Akari," Akari smiled and poked her doubles partner's cheek.

"Shinsei Kai," Kai poked the incoming poke with her own poke and grinned.

"Akarui Hikage," Hikage energetically waved and glanced over to the freshman rookie.

"Harunai Mazia," Mazia lazily waved and spun a tennis ball on her left index finger.

Afterwards, the male regulars introduced themselves and Frelia had walked up to Fuji. "Syusuke-kun, it's nice to see you again." She smiled brightly at the brown haired boy who returned it with one of his own. "Likewise Frelia-chan, I really wanted to see you play today but maybe next time." Everyone glanced around; did these two know each other? Frelia's eyes wandered over to her teammates, "Mazia-chan, let's go and stich up that uniform of yours before our next match." Bowing politely, the female regulars focused on putting Mazia's uniform back together.

"Damn Mazia-chan, this'll take a while. We'll miss lunch," Hikage pouted as Frelia and Kyoko was sewing her sleeves. "Frelia-chan," A familiar voice called and instinctively, she turned to greet Fuji Syusuke. "Ah Syusuke-kun," Frelia smiled and noticed the rest of the team behind him. "What's going on?" Kyoko asked and looked over from behind Mazia. "Seigaku Male Regulars?" She blinked and most of the boys nodded. "We brought lunch for you, Ryuzaki-sensei suggested we get along and she also wants to send her regards to Tsubasa-san." Tezuka answered as Meryl unconsciously stared at her healing knee that was almost fully recovered.

"Finished," Kyoko declared suddenly and everyone looked over at Mazia. Her uniform had stiches everywhere because of the serve that continuously got shot at her, but it did look fitting for Mazia. "Mazia-chan looks so cute," Ren smiled and ruffled the midnight blue haired girl's hair. "These stiches look really well done…" Inui commented as he turned to Kyoko. "Do you have any sewing experience, Zenmenteki-san?" The aqua haired third year nodded and replied, "It's a hobby of mine…"


During their lunch break, Reika had finished writing on a piece of paper. The violet haired third year poked Frelia who curiously turned to her. "I've finished the playing order for the next match," The one sentence had gotten everyone's attention. "Already?" Kikumaru exclaimed and Reika nodded. "It doesn't take Rei-senpai too long to decide," Akari shrugged and munched on a rice ball. "Well, what's the playing order Rei-senpai?" Kai asked as said senpai glanced down at her black notebook.

"Doubles 2 will be… Ren-chan and Kai-chan," The marigold haired third year smiled to her kohai, Shinsei Kai. "Ren-senpai, let's do our best!" The dark magenta haired girl smiled at her makeshift doubles partner. "We won't go with our usual order?" Frelia raised a curious brow and Reika replied with a small smirk, "I'm sure our next opponent will be expecting the order to be the same." Everyone nodded in understanding and Reika continued to announce the order.

"Doubles 1 will be Akari-chan and Meryl-chan,"

"I see, you're splitting the members of the Assassin Pair and Strike Pair and combining them together." Frelia and Kyoko pointed out in unison. The violet haired girl adjusted her glasses and sighed, "As perspective as always you two…"

"Singles 3 will be I, Reika," Mazia slightly pouted but Reika noticed it. "Rest up Mazia-chan, we'll include you in our match after." The lavender eyed freshman bit the inside of her cheek and sulked.

"Singles 2 will be Kyoko-fukubuchou and Frelia-buchou will be placed in Singles 1- any objections?" Of course, there were no objections and lunch went along smoothly. Or so it was until one minute later, "Baka Mamushi!" "What did you say!?" Oishi tried to calm the raging second years but (obviously) did not have a smooth time. Suddenly, Momoshiro and Kaidoh accidentally knocked over Frelia's tennis bag. "Ah…" The contents of the bag had fallen out, including a few miscellaneous items such as her beige cellphone and a mysterious beige pouch. "S-Sorry Senpai!" The two second years apologized as Frelia gathered her things.

"Hmm, what's this?" Fuji curiously picked up the mysterious beige pouch that was in still on the ground. "Syusuke-kun, please give it back…" Frelia reached for the pouch but Fuji had already zipped it open. "M-Makeup?" Many of the regulars exclaimed in surprise and Kyoko quickly zipped it back up and handed it over to the lime green haired buchou. "Thank you Kyoko,"

"Why do you have makeup in your bag Frelia-chan?" Fuji asked and the female third years remained silent as everyone glanced over. "That Syusuke-kun- is a secret." Frelia finally smiled and closed her tennis bag.

With that said, the day continued on and Seigaku's Girls' Tennis Team had won their next match in a flash with no difficulty.


"That was too easy," Meryl stretched out her limbs and slung an arm around her original doubles partner, Ren.

"I don't think we should get to comfortable just yet," Frelia glanced over to their last opponent, Fudomine Middle School. "Kyoko-chan, do you want to play today?" Reika asked the aqua haired girl who had let a small smirk out. "Our regular pairs should take a break," Kyoko commented and Reika nodded in agreement.

"We can still play Rei-senpai," Kai denied and the doubles players quickly jumped in to agree. Reika nibbled on the end of her pen in thought and the others looked at her in anticipation.

"Let's let Rei-chan concentrate, for now we should get ready for our next match." Frelia piped up and then looked over to Reika who nodded.

Soon, the female regulars relaxed near the fountain. "Mazia-chan, let's play a game!" Hikage suggested at the midnight blue haired freshman who sat on the rim of the fountain. Mazia's lavender eyes turned to the bright red orange haired girl and she replied, "What are you playing?" That answer was enough for Hikage; she took Mazia's arm and dragged her off where the rest of the regulars rested.

"Everyone, Mazia said she'd join in too!" Hikage announced as she reached the table. Mazia looked at her senpai with an odd expression, "But I-" "Today's game is… the Fact Game!"

"The rules are simple, everyone tells something about themselves and we'll guess whether it's fact or fiction! When you reach five, we'll switch off to someone else. The winner is the one who successfully fools everyone," Hikage explained and slammed her hand down on the table. "Starting now, go Kyoko-fukubuchou!"

Kyoko sighed and laid her head against the palm of her hand. "My favorite anime is Eyeshield 21," She stated stoically and the regulars glanced at each other. "Fiction," All of the members soon declared and the aqua haired Zenmenteki girl smirked. "Fact," Reika scribbled down in her notebook, "Kyoko-fukubuchou is fond of football anime…"

"My favorite color is green," This caused the regulars to think a bit before responding. Had they ever seen their dear fukubuchou in green before? Sure her eyes were green but, it doesn't necessarily mean said color was her favorite.

"HEY~!" A familiar voice yelled over to the nine girls who instinctively looked towards the voice's general direction. It was Ryuzaki-sensei who ran up to the Seigaku Girls' Tennis Team with some news needed to be shared.

"Ah Ryuzaki-sensei, aren't you supposed to be accompanying the males' team?" Kyoko asked curiously as the other girls glanced expectantly.

"Well about that, your match is actually before the boys' match so they'll be watching you and then you'll be watching theirs." Ryuzaki-sensei explained.

"I guess that means we'll have to turn in our game order a lot sooner, Reika, have you finished the order?" Frelia turned towards the girls' manager who pursed her lips.

"I was thinking that the Strike Pair will be Doubles 2 and the Assassin Pair will be Doubles 1. Then Mazia-chan will be Singles 3, Kyoko-fukubuchou will be Singles 2 and lastly, Frelia-buchou will be Singles 1. However, taken Meryl's and Mazia-chan's injuries into account- I'm not sure if they should play. Although, I believe that it is their decision rather than mine." Reika inclined her head towards the midnight blue haired first year and the red headed third year. Meryl glanced down at her knee and looked back at Reika.

"I'm pretty sure I'm still up for a challenge." She smirked and looked over to her kohai. "So Mazia, how do you feel- think you're up for a match or you gonna warm up the bench?" Mazia simply smirked back and tightened her long ponytail with a confident gaze.

"Of course, why wouldn't I be?" The midnight blue haired girl replied and twirled her black and gold racquet in her fingers. Ryuzaki-sensei smiled at the two injured girls' perseverance and Reika nodded in acknowledgement.

"It seems that we're all set for the next match, any objections?" No one objected therefore they will use the set Reika had come up with.


"Do you feel alright Meryl?" Ren asked her partner worriedly. The red headed third year smiled and nodded with a thumbs-up. "Yep, don't worry about it Ren- it's all good!" Meryl smiled happily and suddenly a voice exclaimed out of nowhere. "Nyah, so cute!" The familiar red headed male third year, Kikumaru Eiji, glomped the unsuspecting injured girl who cried out in surprise.

"Kikumaru-san, be careful of Meryl's knee okay?" Ren asked still concerned for her doubles partner who pouted childishly. "Didn't I say not to worry about it?" Meryl playfully kicked the marigold haired third year's shin with Eiji still on her back.

"Meryl, Ren, you're up first!" Reika called to the two third years. "Alright!" They called back in unison as Meryl poked Eiji's bandaged cheek. "Kikumaru-kun, root for me alright?" She smiled and Eiji nodded enthusiastically.

"Seigaku's Aigyou and Tsubasa versus Fudomine's Hatsuhaku and Yuko, Fudomine to serve!"

Meryl was at the net as Ren readied herself to receive the first serve of the match. Hatsuhaku threw the tennis ball into the air and served it simply but powerfully to Ren who returned it with caution. Yuko backhanded the ball and it went crosscourt towards Meryl who grinned towards the Fudomine Doubles 2 pair.


The ball spun through the air horizontally and Yuko smirked. "What an easy ball to return!" She swung her racquet but suddenly, the ball whirled around her racquet and bounced slightly to the ground and bounced once more to be stuck against the ground.


Both Yuko and Hatsuhaku stared at the ball that stuck to the ground with an annoyed expression. "So this is what a 'Shuriken' is…" Hatsuhaku murmured and glanced back to Meryl. "We'll definitely return it next time." She confidently stated and the red headed third year shrugged good heartedly.

"Sure, it's not a really hard shot to return anyway." Meryl grinned and the Doubles 2 of Fudomine just stared incredulously at her.

They were going to have a hard time going up against the Strike Pair of Seigaku even if Meryl was injured. The red haired girl won't make it so easy to beat her and neither will Ren, they'll make it so Seigaku gets the first win and do it they shall.


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"It was totally worth it Frelia-buchou, don't sweat it!"

"W-We're… alright, just one more game to tie… it's going to be fine."

"Don't do it Kai, we were saving that for the nationals!"

"This is it, this is the real Shinsei Kai's strength. However, it's only simply a sliver of it."