Full Summary: Self insert, AU. I get pulled into the Ace Attorney universe with the assignment of saving Phoenix Wright's badge. But of course in order to do that, I gotta blend in, train myself in the art of law, and most importantly not die. What I think will be a simple chore, turns into one hell of a trip. The only guide I get is a ghost who occasionally pops up through a piece of rock; I'd much rather prefer a walkthrough. Evil lawyers, psychotic killers, colorful characters...and the fact that I am now a prosecutor who doesn't know a thing about prosecuting, is enough to make my head implode. Will I save Wright's badge and make it out of here in one piece? How badly can I screw this up?

AN: So, this I had a random idea pop into my head about screwing with fate, and this was born from it. It's a self insert, so the main character is based off of me to a certain extent. However, this isn't going to be one of those terrible sue stories, I promise. However, If you hate self-inserts you should leave. It's really just a way to practice writing and have some fun. Hope you enjoy!

"Objection!" Phoenix pointed at Edgeworth.

The judge looked at Phoenix in confusion. "Mr. Wright? What is it you're objecting to? Is there a problem with the evidence?"

"…Er. I just kinda forgot, Your Honor," he said scratching his head.

Edgeworth looked at him in pity, tapping one arm with his finger impatiently. "I think Mr. Wright is having a lapse in rational thinking. Though, that's usually the case."

The judge shook his head. "If you have nothing to object to, Mr. Wright, I'm afraid I'll have to agree with Mr. Edgeworth."

"No-! Wait!" he paused for a moment before speaking again. "Actually, I do have something to object to."

"Oh?" asked the judge.

"And what is that?" Edgeworth asked in surprise.

"YOUR FACE!" Phoenix pointed dramatically.

I rolled the cursor over the words in sheer amusement. It was beautiful. It was the start to some other ridiculous crack fic I had begun. I clicked the save button under file in Microsoft Word. Happy with what I had, I decided to post the story under my pen name, Peoplepersonsof Doom on FFN. It was a ridiculous name for an equally ridiculous person. Once it was submitted, all I had to do was sit back and wait for the results.

I moved away from my computer at my desk and stretched out. Being an authoress was hard work. Therefore, it was only Wright that I'd play some Ace Attorney to reward myself.

(Because playing Ace Attorney is the only and Wright way to live life. Haa, man, I'm good. I should save that joke for the next stand up I do.)

I picked up my bulky blue Nintendo DS nearby and flipped it open.

(Now, where did I leave off?)

Ah, it was this part. The image on screen was of a spiky haired man pointing dramatically. He was staring down the prosecution. Edgeworth freaked out for a moment before recomposing himself to tell Redd White to confess to his crime...suggesting the wire-tap. I sighed. It wasn't as bad as the updated autopsy report, but Edgeworth was so freakin' smug in the second case of the first game.

"Goddammit Edgeworth," I sighed. My favorite characters always started out as jerks and I had to wonder why.

No matter how many times I replayed this case, or any of the other cases for that matter, I would always get angry at the prosecution. Especially Edgeworth. I mean he was pretty cool after his heel face turn, but before then you just wanted to punch him in the face for playing so dirty. But thank God for character development.

I decided to sit on my bed. It was actually the only place in my room that was tidy. Everywhere else was a mess. I had a bunch of books and papers and games spread out all throughout my room. My mom would tell me to clean every time I came home, but not like I ever did. I'm pretty sure she over-exaggerated how much of a mess it was, though. I mean, if she saw my dorm room at school, she'd probably flip a shit. That was what you would call a tornado. Yet, I wasn't a total slob; I mean, I'd clean up when I needed to really focus on getting something done and just when things were getting out of hand. I did appreciate a clean room, but I had to have the time to create that kind of environment. But generally if I was trying to think of new ideas for stories or artwork, my room would typically be sort of a wreck.

I personally felt that a little bit of messiness was good for creativity, from an artistic view. Funnily enough, when I thought about, I realized that most of my creative endeavors- fanfics or fanart- were Ace Attorney related. I had almost all of the Ace Attorney games and manga. I had even made an objection sign from when I cosplayed at a convention as Edgeworth one year.

It was amusing to realize how much of an impact the series had on me; there was just something so beautiful about the story telling and the characters that I just couldn't say no to it. Since the day I discovered the first game by accident, my life had changed -and without it life would be severely lacking. I honestly didn't know how I would have survived the mediocrity of high school without it.

Stretching yet again, twisting my torso to the left, I noticed the green jewel shaped kinda like the number nine on my night stand. It was a magatama. I had been thinking of doing a Maya cosplay and being lucky I found it at a thrift store. I moved down my bed to reach for it. I held the jewel in my hand firmly. It was smooth, but hard. It would probably be difficult to break this. It wasn't too large as it resembled some kind of hard candy. It was no wonder that Gumshoe attempted to eat it. Observing it closely, I was thinking of how awesome it would be to see psyche locks. I squinted a little, in some far fetched hope of seeing the red and yellow boxes with locks and chains around someone. However, I shrugged the idea off as silly, and acknowledging that that would never happen, I shoved it in my pocket.

I picked up my game again. I didn't feel like getting annoyed with Edgeworth any longer. I saved where I was, turned it off and put in Apollo Justice. I would much rather be aggravated with Kristoph at the moment. Now that guy was a real piece of work.

I would play through old Ace Attorney games over and over because there wasn't much else to do. There was talk of the fifth game coming out, but nobody knew when. So, until then I was killing time. I wondered what was going to go down in that game, considering the events of Apollo Justice. (Unlike many people I knew, I did actually enjoy that game. Sure it had its flaws, but I didn't think it was horrid.) I had a feeling they'd bring Phoenix back as an attorney again in the next game, but I always had another thought. What if Phoenix never lost his badge to begin with?

Obviously, if they wanted to introduce Apollo as a new protagonist, Phoenix would have to leave. And everyone knew he wouldn't willingly quit being a lawyer for hell of it, thus resulting in that shitshow of a last trial which resulted in the loss of his badge. I thought of how much that must have sucked losing the one thing you were passionate about for seven years. How must he have felt? The one case you felt confident about after being held by the hand for 3 years, lost. To have the world turn against you as you lost your life's work- he must have felt alone. I wondered about all the people who could have used his help and how they were probably screwed over in the meantime. I wondered what would change if he had kept his badge? If the forgery was prevented, what would have happened? Was there anything that could have been done to stop it? I mean, if someone had known (besides that turd, Kristoph), I'm certain someone would have helped. It would just be flat out wrong otherwise to ignore someone who had helped so many people.

That ending was just so cheap to me. To have a guy so genuinely concerned about the welfare of others- willing to chase after a friend who ignored him for fifteen years, to run across a burning bridge to save Maya, to believe in someone that hurt you in the past- I mean, he did a lot for people and it was such bullshit seeing the way his career ended. Like, come on, you saved numerous people and then get left alone with a tarnished reputation? Bullshit. The guy was too good for that.

I chuckled to myself. This was silly. What was I doing, getting worked up over a video game character? Perhaps, it was just the good writing of the series. Or you could call it the effects of having an overactive mind. But really, though, the man shouldn't have ever lost his badge to begin with. The prosecution got away with forging evidence, withholding evidence, editing witness testimonies, and just flat abusing people in court. If anything he should have received a penalty, not a badge removal.

But I shrugged to myself. Not like I was the writer- but if I was I would have made sure Kristoph got punished far earlier then seven years later. Or just made it so Phoenix never lost his badge to begin with. I would have definitely kicked Kristoph's ass before he passed off that crap evidence if I was there. Because besides ruining Phoenix, he also fucked up his brother and probably Apollo. All because he threw a hissy fit that someone picked Phoenix to be their lawyer over him. What a petty jerk.

Maybe I'd write a fic where Kristoph just got karma, but by ten fold. Maybe he'd get von karma'd by Manfred in hell or something. I suddenly yawned. I didn't realize that I was sort of sleepy. Instead of continuing to play, I decided to take a nap instead. I closed the DS and lied down on my left side, closing my eyes.

"Is it true?" A voice called. It was a quiet feminine voice, but had a strong haunting impact on me.

It was dark and I couldn't see at all. I looked around in confusion. Where was I? Who was talking to me?

"Did you truly mean what you said?"

"What I said?" I asked in confusion. I didn't like being in the dark. Literally or figuratively. "What did I say?"

"You wanted a way to stop Phoenix Wright from losing his attorney's badge."

"Well, yeah. Who doesn't? What happened to him sucked!" I said pumping my fists into the air passionately.

"That's all I needed to hear," replied the voice with a bit of happiness in her voice.


The darkness was dispelled. A bright light replaced it. I thought I would see some kind of backdrop, a room, forest, anything. But the light revealed an empty space with nothing in the background, just white. A figure was walking toward me and before I knew it, standing in front of me was a beautiful woman. She was tall (well at least with those white high heel shoes) with flawless skin and brown hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a short black dress with a white collar, golden badge pinned on it. Around her neck was a beige scarf and a purple magatama. Immediately, I recognized who it was, but I couldn't believe it.

"M-Mia Fey?" I barely managed to whisper.

She titled her head and smiled, folding her arms. Just. Like. The. Games. "You guessed it."

Why the hell was Mia Fey standing in front of me?

I gasped. "Oh shit! I'm dead aren't I? I did say I wanted to go quietly-"

She laughed flipping her hair with a laugh. "No, no, this is spiritual realm. You're sleeping still, you aren't dead."

I sighed a great sigh of relief placing a hand over my chest. Thank God. I was not dying before the release of GS5. No way in hell.

"Uh..so why am I here?"

"You want to save Phoenix. Your desire was very strong, and strong enough to pull me here."

(Ah, so that's what she had meant by earlier.)

"Huh I guess I do, but it's not like I can do anything!"

She looked at me skeptically. "I think you're wrong about that."

"Well- wait," I began. She said I pulled her here and that's why we're speaking now. "How did I call you? I'm not a medium."

"I believe you connected with your spiritual energy through, this," she said pointing to the magatama on her neck.

My eyes widened in disbelief. I reached into my pocket and fished mine out, holding it in my hand. It seemed to be radiating this light green energy. This was crazy. Not too long ago this was just a random piece of jewelry I purchased at a thrift shop. But now it was apparently a gateway to summoning dead video game characters? What the hell?

"You want to save him," she repeated. "Or were you lying?"

"I do, but I can't. I'm just some random college kid, how the hell do I stop a psychopathic killer/forger?"

"Do you believe in Phoenix?" she asked cutting me off.

The question caught me off guard, but I said what was on mind.

"How could I not? He always found the true criminal and helped so many people at the end of the day even if he didn't think he could."

"Then believe in yourself in the same way."

I looked at her dumbfounded. I was unsure why she had so much faith in me. I was just some 19 year old with a geeky obsession with lawyers.

"I can't say I'm a fan of how everything turned out after I left," she frowned. "But there is a way to change the outcome."


"It starts with you," Mia said confident in her words. "You need to go back and influence your surroundings."

"My surroundings?" What was she getting at?

"In a position of power, no matter how small, you can always offset what was supposed to happen. By adding another variable that wasn't there to start, the situation changes."

I nodded.

(I guess that makes sense.)

Mia continued on. "However, there are a few complications. You'll need to prepare yourself for the moment. While your presence already affects the normal plan, you'll need to be ready for the right moment to make the change that will affect the course of set path. The other catch is once something is set off course, we don't know how it will proceed. Imagine throwing a ball directly at a target. It looks as though you'll get a bull's eye, but the wind blows it in the opposite direction of the target at the last minute. It instead hits a nearby tree. It's like this situation. If you successfully prevent Phoenix losing his badge, we don't know what will happen next."

"That's true…" How could they possibly predict what would happen? In a seven year gap no less.

"Wait, how can I possibly influence anything? As far I know, uh, you guys are just characters in a video game series that I like," I said, unsure of how she would take the news that she was nothing more than a character in a game.

"I'm aware that there are separate realities. But think of it like this: You're standing here talking a 'character' right now. You called me through your spiritual energy from another dimension. And if this is possible, what could be impossible?" she said seriously. I imagine she would have slammed a desk if there was one in front of her to emphasize this point.

(That's true. She's so casual about this, it's kinda weirding me out. Maybe this is how Phoenix felt being her protégé…)

"There isn't much I can do considering I'm a ghost. Yet, the spiritual power in the Fey bloodline can do amazing things. They just need to be accessed by the right person at the right time," she smiled gently. "This is where you come in."

"Well, if I can really do something I'm in," I responded earnestly.


She smiled once again, but it was a very angelic and genuine smile.

Not like she was faking before, but something about it, just made me want to follow her every word. She seemed so determined and sure of herself. It was something I've always aspired for in my own life. It seemed strange standing before her, this character- no, this person I had only seen in a game. Mia wasn't two dimensional at all, nothing pixilated, nothing flat (her chest definitely wasn't, I'll tell you). To have her place such trust in me, a stranger, a kid she had just met was extraordinary. I wondered if she placed the same kind of belief in her clients before she was killed.

"I'm going to send you back in time before the events surrounding the loss of Phoenix's badge take place. It will give you time to figure out a plan and establish yourself in our universe. Do your best to fit in and not draw attention."

"Okay," I nodded. "But what if I need help?"

"You have your magatama. I'll be with you, as long as you have that." she replied. "Now, I think it's about time you woke up. Isn't that right, Lyn?"

(Wake up…?)

And without warning, everything went fuzzy and turned to black.