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Written in Itachi's POV

Missing You

I hate being human...

Damn! It was hard. I hate the fact that humans have stirrings. But there are a few things that I can tolerate from being a human. Maybe I should rephrase my first line.

I hate being emotional...

I wasn't like this before. Kami knows how unaffected I can be with everything. You can even ask my younger brother, Sasuke about that. I am sure you will get an earful.

How I became like this, I really don't know... But perhaps, I really do...

This may get long, so I am warning you ahead. But Sasuke always told me that I have photographic memory. I will not go by the details, just the highlights so that you may understand why I am feeling this way...

This all started around seven years ago. It was an ordinary day at work. I arrived fifteen minutes earlier than my required shift. I was time conscious. A trait I know I should lessen since I am the owner of the business I handle. I made my way to my office. Got the same respectful greeting from my employees and the daily ogling that goes along with it.

I went directly to my table. My secretary Konan came in, bringing me my coffee and my day's schedule. She left after she jotted down a few of my instructions. I scanned the schedules one by one. Then my eyes came to a stop. I was supposed to meet a representative from this religious charity.

I know my face cringed. I have nothing against religion nor am I against charity. But usually I get to face old women - some who still try to act cute. Not to be cruel or such, they should just get to the point and avoid flowery words. I literally hate sweet talk.

I rarely decline on charities. My mother was a member of countless charities - until the accident got her and my father. I just continued her legacy in her memory.

So my day went on. It was a bad day, probably because it was Monday. Now looking at the last meeting of the day, I knew I will be doomed. I just hoped that I will have the strength to stay polite and calm until this final meeting will end.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose as I closed my eyes. I was so tempted to let Konan handle the meeting for me. Women got along well. After all, I will still be signing no matter what. But a tinge of guilt bugged me. I can't let sweet Konan face the old ladies. I told myself that I can do this. I heard Konan's voice over the intercom. I got up and made my way out of the office.

I walked towards the conference room. My shoes clicked against the tiles. Konan already told me that the charity representative was already waiting. I went in the room with the Maroon drapes, I liked Maroon. They calm me in a way. My eyes were still on my phone for my brother was asking me something.

"Good afternoon .." the deep voice caught me off guard that I almost dropped my phone. Before me stood a man. I was surprised, for I was expecting to see a little old lady for this meeting.

"Good afternoon... sorry to have kept you waiting." I stated. I was glad that my voice didn't show my surprise.

Sparkling facets of crimson tipped Amethysts looked at me. His smile was friendly. He can't really be from a religious charity group. My impression on such groups have always been incorporated with women. But he was male... a very attractive male to be exact.

He was tall and broad-shouldered. His hair was - well, unique. The shade changes as his head moved. It was pale gray in one minute and then silver on the other. I have never been intimidated by anyone all my life. But this man excreted pure power and attention. I just couldn't take my eyes off him.

"Hidan, Uchiha-san..." he said as he held his hand out before me. Clean and well-manicured fingers caught my eyes. "Pleasure..." I answered back as I shook his hand. His hand was calloused and the grip was firm. I was convinced that this man was real.

We started talking. I found out that he was the Guidance Counselor for a religious group who specialized in educating out of school youths. This Hidan had a nice voice. He spoke in a clear manner and went straight to the point. I was glad I didn't ask Konan to cover for me. Like a miracle, Hidan's voice seemed to wipe today's bad mood on me away. By the end of the meeting, I was actually smiling.

The meeting ended and I was finally free to go home. I liked this Hidan person. He would be a great asset to any company.

So the days passed and I forgot about my encounter with the sweet-talker.

Until that one fated day. I could never forget that date for as long as I breathe.

I was in the middle of signing papers. I still had a lot to finish. Again, I was in my infamous bad moods. Being in a bad mood seemed to be my default attitude. Konan buzzed and informed me of an important phone call. Still holding a pen and a few pieces of papers, I automatically pressed the speaker button and took the call.

"Hey Uchiha-san, it's me Hidan. We met before. Do you remember me?" just that line made me stare at the telephone. I remembered him. How can I forget the man who was able to make me smile despite my mood.

"Itachi..." I stated. I was somewhat nervous that my palms started to sweat. I don't know why, but my heart started to beat faster than it's usual rate.

"Excuse me?" he asked. I must have sounded dumb. "Stop with the honorifics Hidan, call me Itachi..." I repeated myself.

I heard him laugh. The deep gurgle of laughter sounded wonderful. "Okay Itachi, if you say so." he stated.

"What can I do for you Hidan?" I asked as I placed my pen down and focused my attention to my unexpected caller.

"I wanted to invite you..." he stated. I can hear the smile in his voice. Was the man asking me out or something?

"Where to?" I asked, hoping that my voice came out okay on his end and not breathy.

"Because of your donation, our gym is finally covered. We would like you to come and be our guest of honor for it's formal opening." he explained.

There was no way that I would refuse. I honestly wanted to see the man again.

"When?" I asked, trying so hard not to sound too eager. I never reacted like this over someone before. If I did, I couldn't remember.

"What is today? Wednesday... let's see..." Hidan stated and I heard the sound of papers being shuffled. I smiled, I can picture out Hidan's hands shuffling the papers around.

"Friday... the ceremony will be this coming Friday at 4 in the afternoon." he stated. I looked at my computer and checked my schedule. I was supposed to meet Sasuke that day. We were to have dinner. But I think I can make it.

"Itachi?" he heard Hidan call out. "I am here. I was just checking my schedule..." he said. "Can you make it?" he asked. "Yes, I can..." I informed him. I can hear that he was pleased. I was pleased with myself.

"I will see you then..." he said. "Wait..." I blurted out. I covered my mouth with my hand. I hope I didn't sound like a whiny child. "Yes?" he answered. "Where is this... I mean what is the address..." I tried to find some typical question for the conversation to get longer. "Oh, I was planning on picking you up... or would you rather drive on your own to get here?" he stated.

I don't want to act too important and also after this said occasion, I will have to meet Sasuke and have dinner with him after that "I will drive... I have an appointment after that..." I stated. So I got the address and made sure I written it correctly. "I'll see you then Itachi..." he stated. "Yes, I will see you..." and I ended the call. Then I realized I haven't said goodbye. Was I wrong? Probably not...

So Thursday arrived and I worked like a robot. I did things mechanically. I was actually trying hard not to get too excited for tomorrow. Why was I excited? I was starting to get confused. What did Hidan have to make me feel this way?

Time flew so fast and before I realized it, it was already Friday. I made sure to free my day as early as possible. I was somewhat excited, though I tried to hard to tell my mind that I am not. But who was I kidding? Even Konan noticed my mood but was gracious enough not to ask. I would not have anything to use as an alibi.

I left the office at around 3. I went home to change. I wanted to look presentable. I was never too conscious about the way I looked until now. These few firsts were quiet odd. Maybe I was just a late-bloomer or something.

I was ready and still had 45 minutes to spare. I was too early. I didn't want to go the venue right away and have them scramble around uneasily because of my presence. I felt annoyed why I never thought of asking Hidan for his number. I made a mental note to get that information later.

I drove to the venue and was glad to spot a coffee shop nearby. I parked my car and headed towards the shop. I went in, hearing the bells on the door tinker as I pushed it open. I ordered a double espresso, took a seat by the window and waited for it.

Maybe I should lessen my coffee. I was starting to become a nervous wreck.

"Itachi?" I almost jumped. I knew that voice. It was becoming too familiar to me now.

I turned and faced Hidan. He was grinning, obviously happy to see me. I didn't have to fake my smile. I was pleased to see him as well.

"Hidan..." I acknowledged him. He sat opposite to me. "You are early..." he stated, his voice came out somewhat teasing. I smirked "I am? That's good." came my reply. Obviously, Hidan didn't buy it. He just laughed.

We chatted for a while and I was able to get his number and saved it in my phone. I was probably getting too relaxed before the man. I really don't know if this was good or bad. I hope it was in the positive side.

I will not go into more details, but the program went smoothly. And after that, I had no other reasons to see the man. I was disappointed. Maybe I can find a way to see him again.

Hidan had this personality that can get anyone at ease with him. I wanted to get to know this man. I was never interested in anyone the way I was with him now.

My mind was full of doubts and uncertainties. I think I have been working too hard. Sasuke kept bugging me to get a vacation, to which I readily ignored. But now, it sounded like a very good idea. I was suddenly becoming a stranger to myself.

3 days after our last meeting, I decided to take a few days off from work. I made Sasuke take over as I leisured myself at home.

I could not remove that day from my memory. It was the first day I got a message from Hidan.

We exchanged texts and by the end of the day, decided to meet. We agreed on having dinner at a small bistro.

This meeting were followed by a couple of more rendezvous. His text messages greeted me in the morning everyday, even if I already went back to work. It was heartwarming, knowing that he was there... always.

A month passed and he asked me to go with him and check the house he was planning to purchase. He wanted my opinion. I agreed, it was Friday... the last day of my work week.

He waited for me as I left the office. I trailed behind his car. The house was located in the outskirts of the city. It was a small lot that was overlooking a lake. It was nice... peaceful... a perfect place to unwind.

I got off the car and made my way to him. He was standing underneath a tree and was facing the still waters.

I stood beside him and stared at the waters. Neither of us said a word. Sometimes we were like that... just enjoying the knowledge that the other was there.

"Itachi..." I heard him call my name. I turned around and realized that he was standing behind me now... way too close than necessary. "Yes?" my voice sounded cautious. I wondered if Hidan detected that I was uneasy with our closeness.

I always thought that I towered over Hidan, but having him close to me now made me realize that we are of the same height - though his frame was larger than I was.

"Itachi..." he called out again. "What is it H-hidan?" I suddenly grew breathless. The intensity of his stare was, I don't know... intriguing that it caused me to unexpectedly catch my breath.

"I really like you Itachi..." his voice was low, sultry and warm. I blinked a couple of times and he smiled. His smile was heart-warming. I have never experienced a man confessing his feelings to me. How was I to answer him back?

"I may be too forward, forgive me..." he suddenly stated. It was getting awkward. I remained silent, searching my mind for anything intellectual to tell him. I was really surprised... this confession was unexpected. I looked away from him. I was still in a shock.

"Itachi, will you say something? I don't like your silence..." he said, backing up to give me more space. I can feel heat on my cheeks. I knew I was blushing. That was one thing I hated about myself. Men don't blush, maybe I was an exception.

"What should I say?" I asked him. I heard him chuckle lightly. I slowly looked up and saw that his eyes were still transfixed unto me.

"You can start by telling me if you are mad at me for confessing." he said softly. I was dumbfounded. Is this how a woman feels when they get courted or something.

"I... I am not Hidan." that was the truth. How can I be mad over someone who was just being honest with himself?

"Are you... okay with that?" he asked me. I know he was pertaining to him liking me.

"I... I really don't know Hidan..." that was probably the safest answer I could give him as of the moment. It wasn't that I didn't like the man. But the like I was feeling wasn't exactly in the romantic side... I guess... I don't know. I was confused.

I saw him sigh. He moved and looked away from me and I noticed that the light in his eyes dulled a little. I felt, I don't know - guilty. I didn't want to be the reason for his sadness.

"Hidan..." I called out to him. He looked at me and raised his brows. I didn't know if I needed to apologize or soothe him. This was something I never expected to happen.

"I am not forcing you to anything Itachi. I just wanted you to know how I feel. I have never felt anything like this before. You are very special to me Itachi..." he stated with a sad smile.

I silently nodded and looked down to my shoes. I knew my face was red from all the emotions that were battling in me.

But unexpected things happen. Hidan moved towards me, held me in his arms and when I looked up... his lips descended unto mine.

Everything happened so fast that my heart stopped beating for a few seconds as my mind tried to decipher what just happened.

I looked at Hidan. He looked at me as if was waiting for me to say or do something.

I had no choice. I pushed him away and quickly left him.

I went in to my car and started the engine and sped away. My heart was beating so hard that I could hear it. I took in deep breaths and tried to calm myself down. I can still feel the warmth of his lips. I absently touched my lips... why was I so affected by his kiss? What was happening to me?

After that day, I have not heard anything from Hidan. He didn't text me quotes like he usually did. Somewhere deep inside, I felt empty and at a loss.

I didn't want to admit it, but I was beginning to miss Hidan...

I was a total mess by the end of the week. Sasuke noticed my wreckage. He asked me about it, but I was not ready to open up yet. Honestly, I was still confused. Confused over these strange feelings in me.

I was also afraid, afraid that my brother might not understand me. I was not in love with the man. But I wanted him. Maybe my understanding over love is not as much as I thought I have.

But Sasuke continued to bug me about it. He was staying over my apartment for the weekend, which made it easier for him to bombard me with question after questions. I was that transparent to my brother.

"Fine!" I remember telling Sasuke exasperatedly. I saw the grin of success light up in my handsome brother's eyes. I spilled the beans. He listened and then told me that I was in the first stage of falling in love. Now when did my brother become a love guru? I didn't want to know.

"Call him..." was Sasuke's advice. Yeah, right! What shall I tell the man? 'Hey I've been thinking about you...' what a wonderful suggestion. So easy to say but extremely difficult to do.

Sasuke stopped bothering me and went to his room. The rest of the weekend was uneventful. Maybe my brother realized that I needed some space.

Monday came and I woke up earlier than usual. I decided to put my energy into something useful. Sasuke was still snoring lightly on his bed and was cocooned by his covers, so rousing him from his slumber was a task unimaginable.

He was a morning person like myself, but I dared not disturb his sleep. He still had a few hours to spare.

I went out and decided to go to the nearest 24 hour convenience store and get some shampoo. I was supposed to go shopping for that yesterday but it slipped my mind.

It was still around 4 in the morning. So I donned a hoodie and walked towards my goal. I reached it without any disturbances. It was a quiet relaxing 15 minute stroll.

I got in and grabbed a shopping cart. I decided to scan over random products since I was already there. I was familiar with the place so I went directly to the shampoo aisle. I picked up a large bottle of my favorite shampoo and grabbed the mentholated one Sasuke was fond of. I turned to the left and headed for the soaps.

The brand I normally use was not available, so I scanned over the products that where displayed. Taking time to read the ingredients since I had sensitive skin and rash easily.

Reading labels after labels... I realized that it will not work. I think I have to go to the mall where a wider variety was available. So I decided to go and get some fruit before hitting the counter.

I was pushing the cart absent-mindedly... looking around for anything that catches my interest.


Suddenly I heard someone call my name from behind. How can that person identify me? I was in a hoodie and was wearing sweatpants.

I turned around. I guess you probably know by now who called me.

"Hidan..." I said in a small voice. He smiled at me. The same warm smile I was so used to see him don.

He was wearing a purple shirt and blue denim pants. His hair was unstyled by any hair products. It fell over his eyes and the sides of his face. Hidan looked good with his hair down.

"Fancy meeting you here... at this hour..." he stated as his Magenta eyes dove down to his wristwatch.

"I woke up early..." I simply said. He nodded.

We silently walked side by side towards the fruit section. Neither of us said anything. But my heart was beating erratically fast. I hope he couldn't hear it.

"Uh, Itachi..." he broke the silence. I looked at him. He looked uneasy.

"Yes?" I tried to answer calmly but my heart was all over the place. Damn! Sasuke was right. I was in the first stage of falling in love with this man. I never expected to act like a school girl of some sort.

"Are you still mad at me?" he asked, running his hand through his hair. The gesture made my heart flutter again.

Everything this man does has an effect on me that I could not explain.

"I was never mad at you in the first place, Hidan." I told him. It was true. I wonder how did he come to that conclusion.

"I thought you were..." he said. I noticed a slight blush on his cheeks.

"I was not..." I assured him.

"Itachi..." he silently stated.

"Yes?" I looked at him.

"I still meant what I said..." he informed me.

It was now or never. I could not continue to deny this. I didn't want to run away from him anymore.

"I am honored, Hidan..." I informed him. He looked at me curiously "You mean that?" he asked.

I knew he got my message.

I nodded. His smile brigthened the whole building. I was captivated.

"Will you have breakfast with me?" he asked. I can feel the happiness in his voice. This man didn't waste any time.

"Certainly." though short, my response made Hidan's smile even wider. I couldn't help myself but smile back.

So that started everything.

And as I learned more about Hidan, the more I wanted him.

I just woke up one day and realized that I was already in love - full-pledged with all the daydream trimmings.

It's been seven years now since that breakfast took place.

Being in love may be troublesome at times.

But experiencing it is the best thing life has to offer.

Hell, I miss Hidan.

I look around the room and see his towel... see his comb... his shirt... damn! Everything around me makes me miss him.

I can still even smell him around. His scent is embedded in my pores.

He said that he will be home in two days. So, he should be coming home soon... it was already Sunday and he left Friday...

I wonder what can I do to prevent him from leaving the country so often.

He deserves a punishment when he gets home... for making me miss him too much, don't you think?

see you in the next chapter...