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Author's POV

Missing You

Itachi kicked the covers away and rolled out of bed. He was bored to death. He have been staring at his cellphone for almost 3 hours now. Hidan haven't texted him yet. The last text he received told him that he was still in a meeting. He tried calling his boyfriend's number but it was unattended.

He had his time reminiscing his life with Hidan. It made him miss the platinum-haired man even more. He ran his fingers though his hair and removed the stretchy band that held his midnight locks in place. He decided to take a shower and maybe he can visit Sasuke or stroll at the mall. He took his day off from work and Sasuke was in the office for him. He was restless and unproductive in the last couple of days. He knew he needed a temporary escape.

He was in fact, always like this when Hidan was away.

Itachi looked around and suddenly the apartment seemed so big... so silent... so empty. Itachi sighed loudly and shook his head. Damn Hidan! Why did the man have to be so wonderful in his eyes?

He wasn't really blaming the man for the way he was acting. Even for seven years, Itachi was still a stranger towards his reactions over Hidan's absence.

He removed the cotton shirt he was wearing and was now just clad in his boxers. He moved lazily around, killing time as much as he can. He texted Sasuke and asked him if he wanted to have coffee with him or maybe an early dinner. It was almost 5 in the afternoon.

He checked his phone and frowned when he noticed that it just showed him his wallpaper. He tossed it on the bed and made his way to the bathroom. Suddenly his phone jingled a familiar tune that made him rush back almost immediately. He grabbed the vibrating machine and clicked on the green button...

"Hello Babe..." Hidan's raspy voice filled Itachi's ears. Itachi's heart started to beat erratically "Hidan, where were you?" he asked. He heard the man chuckle "Did you miss me already? I told you I was on a meeting..." he explained. Itachi frowned "Well you have to callback, I am about to take a shower..." he stated.

Itachi heard the audible gasp Hidan made. He smiled, he didn't intentionally wanted to tease his man. But with that reaction, it felt such a perfect idea. But then, he knew he will be frustrated in the end so he decided to just stop. "Hidan, are you still there?" he asked. "Yes, Itachi... I am still here..." Hidan whispered.

"You go home and change, call me back in 30 minutes." he asked.

"Did you lock the front door Itachi?" Hidan questioned him.

"Yes, why?" Itachi asked a bit puzzled with his boyfriend's sudden querry.

"Nothing, I just wanted to make sure... okay Babe... I will call you back in 30 minutes... wait for me..." Hidan said, his voice was now low and breathy. And then just that, the line went dead.

Itachi raised his brow in confusion. He shrugged and placed the phone back to the bed and made his way to the bathroom.


Hidan was half-running from the arrival area towards the airport's exit. He wished for the impossible right now. How wonderful if he had wings so he can be home in an instant. How wonderful it would be if he were a legendary ninja with teleporting powers that he can use.

Damn! Itachi was in the shower right now and just a thought of how his raven looked like under the pouring water was enough to make him hard and needy.

He hailed a taxi and demanded the driver to be fast. He was breathing heavily as he tried to distract himself from thinking of Itachi. He was fuming as he closed his eyes to concentrate. His hard-on was obviously showing against the light material of his slacks. He didn't care if the taxi driver was gawking at him. How can he control his urges? Like he stated earlier, he will never tire of Itachi and his beauty. He will always want the raven like the first time.

The traffic light turned red. Hidan cursed his dismay out. He can already see their apartment from that intersection. He grabbed his wallet and a few bills and handed them to the driver. He got out of the cab and briskly walked his way towards home. He couldn't wait any longer. He took crossed the street, took a shortcut and was now almost there.

He was sweaty, breathless and aroused. Trembling fingers tried to put the key properly into to lock. He can hear the water gushing form outside. Damn! Itachi would be so surprised he wouldn't know what hit him.

He got in the apartment, kicked his shoes and rushed upstairs taking two steps at a time. His heart was going crazy. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his shirt in the process. When he reached their bedroom, he threw his bag down. He saw Itachi's discarded clothes and his blood boiled even higher.

He picked Itachi's shirt and brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. Gods, he missed his lover's scent.

He stripped his clothes hastily, scattering them all over the floor carelessy. He can hear Itachi's humming echoing against the gushing water.

He went to the bathroom and turned the knob...

The squeaking wasn't clear because the shower was on. Itachi came to view, his wet long hair clung on his back. His wet skin glistened with water and soap. The ripples of the flowing water was kissing his lovers body in every possible space. Hidan inhaled and closed his eyes. He can smell Itachi's musky scent... he was indeed finally home.

He moved and wrapped his arms around Itachi's naked chest.

"Itachi... I missed you so much..." Hidan whispered as he planted a small kiss on Itachi's shoulder.


Itachi froze for a few seconds as his mind tried to recover from the sudden shock. Hidan's warm arms hugged him closer. He can feel his lover's heated breathing against his nape. He shivered a bit.

"Aren't you going to tell me anything?" Hidan asked as he took the soap from Itachi's hand and began lathering it on Itachi's back. His fingers move along the contours of Itachi's lean frame. Itachi gently shook his head, his wet, long hair swaying as he moved.

"Really now... are you mad at me?" Hidan asked as he started to give Itachi's shoulders a massage. Itachi tilted his head to the right, showing HIdan where he wanted to be massaged.

"No, I am not..." Itachi stated. Hidan knew Itachi was a bit pissed. The raven hated surprises. He knew he did a good job surprising him. Itachi usually shuts down when he is surprised. He looses composure and gets all tongue-tied. He will have to remind his lover not to do that again...

He tried to act cold and mad... at least to make Hidan feel sorry for not telling him he was coming home and... but oh, how could he? Hidan was here... naked and under the shower with him. He was massaging him and planting small kisses all over his shoulder... Hidan knew so well that he loved getting that from him.

"H-hidan..." Itachi wanted that to come out firm to stop Hidan... but his voice wasn't cooperating with his brain. His lover's name came out in a throaty whisper.

Hidan didn't stop, as a matter of fact he decided to not only shower Itachi with kisses but he also decided to add some touching as well after hearing how deliciously Itachi called out to him.

Itachi's breathing started to get uneven. His body reacted so damn well on Hidan. His lover knew just where to touch him and turn him on. Despite having Hidan in his life for seven years, it still wasn't enough... Itachi would still get goosebumps... Itachi would still gasp in surprise... Hidan would always, never fail to please his senses... and he will never tire of tasting, feeling and loving Hidan for as long as he breathes.

"I missed you Itachi... so fucking bad..." Hidan growled against the wet skin, running his fingers through his wet hair. It felt wonderful to touch Itachi again.

"Then what are you going to do about it?" Itachi asked. His plans on being hard to get was slowly going down the drain... together with the water and all his self restraints...

"I will first kiss you..." Hidan whispered. "Oh yeah? Where?" Itachi asked as he sucked in a great deal of air as Hidan's hand ran past his navel.

"Here..." Hidan replied as he planted a kiss on Itachi's nape. "And then?" Itachi asked. He can feel Hidan smiling against his skin.

"Another one here..." HIdan whispered as he kissed the junction between Itachi's neck and shoulder. He then let his tongue out and licked a small trail on over the heated skin.

"What else do you have in mind?" Itachi asked sweetly. Hidan's hands roamed from his navel towards Itachi's chest. His fingers were so light as they moved lazily around. Every time Hidan's finger touched a skin, it burmed deliciously that even the running water could not extinguish.

Itachi closed his eyes. A low groan slowly escaped his lips as Hidan's fingers decided to tease his nipples, caressing them lightly and softly pinching them. Itachi's cock was weeping with need. He wanted Hidan to touch him there, but his pride was stopping him from voicing out what he wanted.

"You smell so good Itachi..." Hidan groaned. Hearing Hidan groan was one of the few pleasures that he enjoyed hearing. Itachi knew he had to give in to his carnal desires. He was impatient and he missed Hidan so much that he didn't have any patience for forelay and such. He grabbed Hidan's hands and placed them on his cock. Words were not needed for that move.

"Hidan..." Itachi gasped as Hidan encricled his hands around his throbbing erection, moving his hand to and fro. He felt Hidan's teeth run against the side of his neck, accompanied by his tongue.

"Does it feel good Itachi? Did you touch yourself while I was away?" the silver-haired man asked with a low growl.

"Hah... I don't touch... ungh... Hidan!" Itachi exclaimed as Hidan began to fondle his jewels and slowly pump him with his other hand. Itachi had to lean forward a bit and placed both of his hands on the tiled wall for support.

"Are you still pissed my darling?" Hidan asked seductively. Itachi shook his head "No.. quit playing and fuck me now!" he said in between gasps and gritted teeth.

"So impatient..." Hidan said as he chuckled. He leaned over and kissed Itachi's neck with a smile.

Itachi knew he had lost it. He have so many plans on how to get even but all were useless now. For everytime he was with Hidan, the world becomes worry-free. There was nothing negative... nothing... just pure bliss... Just Hidan. And he felt complete with just that.

Hidan gently pushed him closer to the wall, his hands went to his hips and steadied him. The shower have been on all the time. Wet as they are, the cold never seemed to take its clutches on them.

"Hidan...stop..." Itachi groaned as he felt Hidan insert a finger in him. "I don't want to hurt you..." the man insisted. Itachi stomped his foot, making Hidan smile as he removed his finger.

"You are hurting me like hell by making me wait. I can't wait anymore! Fuck Hidan! Fuck me now!" Itachi exclaimed, raising his ass a bit - touching Hidan's monstrosity with his ass cheeks.

Hidan closed his eyes, savoring the delicious feel of Itachi's demands. He loved it when Itachi becomes impatient and demanding.

"Hidan... please..." Itachi pleaded.

Now who was he to not give in to his lover's demands. He rested his forehead on Itachi's nape, the position allowed him to clearly see his cock poking against Itachi creamy ass. Just that sight was enough to make his mouth water. He didn't need more coaxing... none at all...

"Hidan!" Itachi exclaimed. He expected the intrusion, but oh the real thing made him gasp in surprise. Hidan was holding him open as he watched his angered member disappear inside the tight heat.

He didn't want to blink... hearing Itachi's sexy whimpers, seeing himself fuck Itachi and feeling the tight heat eat him whole burned Hidan's senses to the core. It was always like this... sex with Itachi was an experience to die for... every sense was triggered... every cell in his body were awakened... alert... alive and enthusiastic!

He continued to thrust in and out... slowly at first, allowing Itachi to adjust himself with his size. Itachi started to moan.

Hidan held on to his hips this time, pushing and pulling with a speed he knew Itachi appreciated... pulling him closer, allowing him to meet each thrust.

"Hah! Hidan... " Itachi gasped loudly.

The bathroom started to get filled with sounds of wet skin slapping... heavy grunts and sexy gasps.

"Harder Hidan..." Itachi demanded. Hidan felt Itachi squeezing him... He bit his lower lip. Fuck! That felt good... Itachi moved a bit, he looked like fidgeting Hidan realized that he was pressing Itachi too hard on the wall. So he decided to move and give his lover space... but then he felt something that surprised him.

He felt Itachi's slender fingers touching his balls. Itachi's hand was in between his legs and due to their closeness, it was easy for Itachi to reach for him.

Breathing heavily, face and chest on the wall, one hand supporting his body from getting crushed on the wall from the pounding and one hand teasing him... Hidan had to comment that Itachi was simply amazing.

"You little tease..." Hidan growled. He pushed himself in, pulled out right away and pushed himself back in... the intensity of each thrust made Itachi's body slam against the wall.

"Hah! Hidan!" Itachi grunted. He loved getting pounded when Hidan was trying his best not to hurt him. He loved seeing and feeling Hidan trying so hard to restrain himself. They were the same... both loved teasing the other senseless.

Hdian was starting to get rough, impaling him harder. Itachi had to stop touching Hidan's balls, he needed both hands on the wall now or else he will fall over... both of them will fall over. His knees started to wobble the moment Hidan's cock brushed against his sweet spot.

"Ah!" he screamed as he threw his head back. Hidan held on his hips, kept the angle that way and pounded... pounded hard and fast... making the head of his erection kiss the delightful mass of nerves over and over...

Hidan was gasping for air... he can feel himself at the verge of his release. Itachi's ass was clamping him hard, biting his cock and squeezing the living daylights out of his system. He missed this... he missed everything with Itachi on it!

"Hidan!" Itachi shouted in ecstasy. Hidan hugged Itachi tightly from behind "Itachi!" he exhaled loudly as his head fell on Itachi's shoulder. He trembled as he emptied himself inside Itachi.

They remained silent for a few minutes, the cold water keeping them awake. Bodies tired but glowed with fulfillment. Hidan moved and kissed Itachi's nape once more and slowly pulled himself out.

He wrapped his arms aorund Itachi and nuzzled his face on near Itachi's neck "I love you Itachi..." the man whispered.

Itachi smiled and closed his eyes. Everytime Hidan tells him that, it never fails to make him feel that he is the luckiest man alive.

He turned around to face his lover. Looking into the beautiful magenta eyes, Itachi smiled "I love you too Hidan..." as he moved and planted a soft kiss on his lover's lips.

"Are you done showering?" Hidan asked.

"I think I can take a serious one later..." Itachi chuckled.

Hidan turned the water off and gently led Itachi out of the bathroom. The raven followed wondering what Hidan was up to. His lover was giving him this weird smile.

Definitely another surprise... he just knew Hidan had another surprise for him.

Hidan got a towel and wrapped it around Itachi. He made the raven sit on the bed. Itachi followed without any fuss. He covered himself as well.

He hunted for his bag, passing over the scattered clothes on the floor "That eager?" Itachi chuckled making Hidan blush lightly over that comment.

Hidan got opened his bag and retrieved a red velvet bag. He handed it to Itachi and waited, his arms crossed over his chest.

"What is it?" Itachi asked as he gently shook the bag.

"Open it..." Hidan stated grinning.

Itachi pulled the string and opened the bag. Itachi took a peek and his eyes widened with surprise.

"Hidan, I..." he said in a small voice, hoping tears won't start welling on his eyes.

He placed the bag down, got up and pulled Hidan into a kiss.

"I love you so much, Hidan..." Itachi said as their lips touched.

"Hmnn, you know that I love you too..." Hidan answered as he gently nibbled Itachi's lower lip.

"Don't go away anymore... stay... for good..." Itachi begged as their hands started to roam about.

"We'll talk about that later..." Hidan said huskily.

"Yes, later..." Itachi agreed and threw his arms around Hidan, bringing him down to the softness of their bed.

They surrendered back into a world only known to both of them.

They had all the time to talk about their plans later...

Momentarily forgotten, the velvet bag lay quietly proud beside the lovers...

... its contents peeking... shinning... glittering... a symbol of love and promise.. encircled with Amethyst and Rubies...

Hidan and Itachi, bound with love and promise... Hidan and Itachi, together, as one...

The End

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