Italics - dates or music

Underline - Communicator

Bold - Persona or Social Link

I stumbled out of my heated up car. I don't know what's happening, but someone just tell me what happened to my parents… And my sister…! I pulled the door open, unstrapping my sister out of her seatbelt and getting her out. Sure, I can do that… My face paled as I saw shards of glass stuck into the coffins, where okaa-san and otou-san were. They were gone. It felt like my heart and soul was ripped in two, and thrown in a dump like nothing. I checked my sister's pulse. Oh god, yes. She's still breathing, and her pulse isn't going haywire or anything. I relaxed a tiny bit.

Her eyes fluttered open, revealing her ruby red irises. "Onii-san…! What happened to okaa-san and otou-san!?" I looked down at the concrete. My shoulders started shuddering. "Minako… they're…" Minako's eye started filling with tears that wouldn't fall. They stayed in, teetering on the edge of her ducts. Finally she buried her face in my chest. I felt it slowly getting warm.

I huge roar interrupted us. I felt this impulse… that I wanted to get away. But…! Minako looked up too, her eyes red from crying. Her expression turned from sadness to shock. "Onii-san…! Let's get out of here!" I pulled her along the sidewalk on the edge of the Moonlight Bridge. The shrill cries wouldn't stop.

I saw that black thing charge at me, and a white figure with blonde hair and piercing blue eyes chasing after it. The white figure seemed to have noticed us. Minako stood stock still. The black thing charged at me, and to be sure; I felt this oppressive aura coming off it. I pulled Minako behind me. Minako begged me to get out of the way, but I wasn't going to just leave her.

I didn't have time to react when my arm was sliced off. I gritted my teeth, cursing under my breath. Oh if they were still alive they'd probably shove a bar of soap in my mouth. The white figure fired a strange beam at me, coloured white. It exploded between the black monster and me, and a chain formed between the two of us; one connected to my heart, the other connected to the middle of the monster's chest.

I felt the chain tugging away at my heart, begging to get away. So I pulled it closer. The monster was surprised. It wouldn't hurt anyone else.

As if in reply, I heard a low noise, slowly vibrating. Almost like some twisted laugh.

I will lend you my powers, boy. Be ready.

I heard a low chuckling in my mind. For what?

Form this contract and accept responsibility for your actions.

… If it means Minako won't die… I accept.

I heard the chuckling in my head again. The black monster in front disappeared in a red mist. The white figure collapsed. Now, to do something about my arm. And Minako. She gave me a huge hug when I sat down on the ground. "Onii-san…! You're ok! That was so scary…" I rubbed her back with my one arm. "What are you going to do though?"

"One thing is for sure. I'll protect you." I gave her a smile. She continued hugging me, until she fell asleep. The green tinted world I had encountered fell away, and things turned back to normal. The police were called and the ambulances mobilised. The police asked me some questions, but I couldn't really tell them the truth about what just happened. They'd think I'm nuts.

I wondered who was going to look after Minako and I as the nurses bandaged my stump of a left arm. The police took me and Minako to the police station. After a few hours, a woman with brown skin and curled black hair appeared. Glasses hung off the hem of her sweater. Who is this?

She went to the counter of the station, and I saw them go into the back, seemingly discussing something. After a few minutes, she reappeared. "So, what's your name kid?"

"Minato. This is Minako." I looked towards her sleeping figure. Oh boy, she's drooling already. "Well, I'm Haruno Terasu." She said with a bit of a huff. "So, you kids don't really have any living relatives." I nodded. "Well then, how about you live with me instead?" I pondered it for a bit. We would certainly need someone to look after us. And we don't really have any uncles or aunties. I held out my hand with a smile. She shook it, satisfied by my answer.

"Minako! Come on sleepy-head." She scrambled off the bed off in surprise. "Onii-san!" She hugged me again. This time, not out of worry though. Terasu-san walked in. "Onii-san? Who's that?" She said with a smile at Terasu-san. "This is Terasu-san." She took it in. She nodded to herself. She held out her hand, ready for a shake. "Thank you Terasu-san!" After that, she took a full bow. "It's no worries. I've been looking forward to having you guys around." She led us to a counter through a corridor. "This is my shop." Minako looked around in wonder at the several gems stacked in the drawers. I looked around in the other side of the counter. There were several things like dolls, antiques and knick-knacks that I just didn't know what to do with. "What do you do Terasu-san?" I asked.

"I run an antique and gifts shop. I trade gems for certain bits of merchandise." I nodded. I looked around in another drawer. There were funny-looking cards with black and white faces on the back of them. Minako was still busy with the gems. "What are these cards?" Terasu-san smiled. "It's something I'll talk about with you later." She bent down and whispered close to me, "While Minako is asleep." I nodded slowly, and looked at Minako again. Still busy.

Late Night

"Now Minato. You still remember that night." I nodded. "Vividly."

Terasu nodded grimly. "That night. You gained the potential."

"Potential?" What is that even? "Potential. When you get potential, you can awaken something. This is a Persona." Ok… "A Persona, simply put is a facet of your soul which rises to protect you when you react to certain stimuli. This stimulus is normally, danger. However, there is another way to help awaken."

"What other way?" Terasu-san asked, "Do you want to see your Persona?" Truly curious. "Sure…"

"Ok then. Think of harmony. Pure harmony. Calm yourself completely." I nodded. I closed my eyes. I emptied my mind as much as possible. I felt something warm wash over my body. It was a pleasant warmth.

Thou art I… And I am thou.

From the sea of thy soul, I awaken.

With our harmony, we can protect the ones you love.

I am Orpheus, master of strings.

I heard a shattering of glass. Terasu-san's eyes widened. "I didn't think you could get that on the first try. It's normally very difficult to awaken, let alone summon a Persona."

I looked behind me.

It was a metallic figure, grey aqua in colour. Almost silver. His hair was a white, and his face was pitch black, red eyes shining through. It had a ragged red scarf and a silver lyre on it's back. His limbs were attached by metal balls which acted as it's joints. It's stomach was something like a speaker…

It disappeared in a blue light. "Orpheus-san. That's my Persona?"

"Yes." Terasu-san soon gave me a satisfied smile. "Now. Those cards that you saw in those drawers are special cards, containing magic and power. What I really do is trade gemstones for these cards, and fuse Personae to weapons." My mind went still. "Would doing this help protect Minako?"

"You catch on quick. I'd like to teach you how to fuse Personae to weapons among other things."

"I want to learn."

Terasu-san gave me a satisfied smile. "Then. You should go to sleep early. A room of blue will be coming in your dreams." My eyebrow quirked. Blue room? Huh.

I soon fell asleep feeling calm and still.

I probably did start dreaming just then, because I ended up opening the door to a blue room filled with power. There were two chairs in front of me. And I was sitting on a chair with a lyre for a back. One chair was filled by a man in black attire. His eyes were bloodshot, his nose long, like Pinnochio, his ears elf-like and his head balding with a few wisps of white hair.

The bigger and more extravagant chair was filled with a man in a black bodysuit, his face covered by a mask shaped like a blue butterfly. His brown ponytail was the only thing aside from his body shape that I found human.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room. My name is Philemon. This is my assistant, Igor." The black suited man gestured towards Igor. Igor took over. And boy, his voice sounds cool and mysterious. For an ojii-san anyway. "This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. You are destined to hone your unique ability, and you will require our help to do so."

"I've taken an exceptional interest in you, Master Arisato. From now on, you are a Valued Guest in the Velvet Room. It has been years since we've had a guest with as much potential as you. Perhaps even more than the last." Philemon explained. Hm. 'Master'? Rolling with it. "Only those that have formed the contract can enter this place. You made yourself an exceptional contract; a contract with the one and only Death." I jerked back in my seat a little. I made a contract with…Death?

"I am granting you access to some other rooms in this realm. Use your powers wisely." I nodded slowly at the man with the butterfly mask. "One of my other assistants will show you the other facilities next time you come here, of your own accord."

A dark blue key fell into my hand. It was warm, and it gave a sense of calmness, and serenity. The end of the key that you held was a circle, with a man carrying a stick with a pack, being followed by a dog and about to walk off a cliff. That seemed awfully… foolish if anything. I looked up at the two men. "Do not lose it, Valued Guest. If you want to find us again, merely find the door. It is very close by…" I imagined the face behind the mask giving me a smile, but I couldn't put my finger on what type though. "Now… you should probably get some sleep. Goodnight, Master Arisato." With that, the room faded into blackness.

I know what Terasu-san what is talking about now. It was really blue.

I woke up, and my imoto was still asleep. She was always a deep sleeper. I smiled to myself as I walked to the counter. "Oh. Hello, Minato." I gave her a smile. "Good morning, Terasu-san." She smiled back and gestured to the table which was set out. On which I noticed omurice. I was extremely excited to see it. I nodded vigorously at Terasu-san and ran back into our bedroom. After a few seconds, Terasu-san noticed me dragging Minako through the corridor. She still had a bed-head even… Terasu-san giggled at the sight; a brother dragging his lazy sister out of bed.

Minako immediately perked up at the sight of the omurice on the table, and almost began eating it before saying 'itadakimasu!' She took up her spoon and fork, and took a bite. She immediately reached for more. "Wow! You cook really great okaa-san!" I looked at her disbelieving for a split second. It wore off quickly, so I looked at Terasu-san. She looked like she was trying to suppress tears from falling from her eyes. I soon took a bite too. "Minako's right. You're a great cook, okaa-san." She walked over and hugged us close to her. Minako and I couldn't stop smiling. An unlikely family, but a family nonetheless. I felt a pulse from Minako wash over me. Okaa-san stopped hugging us, and looked at me happily. "Looks like, we all have the Potential." I commented.

My imoto looked at me in wonder. "Yes. We all do."

"What is po-ten-shial?" Minako asked, trying to say the word. She was a bit younger after all. "Potential lets you awaken to something called a Persona. A Persona is something that you can call to protect you from danger." Minako mulled it over. "Like… onii-san?"

"Yeah. Kinda like onii-san, but it's a lot more powerful and cooler than me."

"No-one is cooler than okaa-san and onii-san!" She said, beaming. I rubbed the back of my head embarrassingly. Okaa-san smiled at her funny comment.

"Want to see it?" Okaa-san asked. Minako got really excited. "Do I!?" Okaa-san patted her shoulder. "Now, now. First, you have to become calm. Maybe, you could even think about something happy. It will make it easier to see."

Minako nodded and closed her eyes shut in determination. A blue aura surrounded her.

Thou art I, and I am thou.

From the sea of thy soul, I awaken.

With our harmony, help the ones you love.

I am Eurydice, mistress of strings.

It looked a lot like Orpheus-san, but her armour was coloured gold instead of teal silver, and her hair was long, flowing, and a bright shade of auburn. The lyre she held on her back was more heart-shaped, but the scarf she wore was the same shade of scarlet.

It disappeared in a blue light.

"Wow! Eurydice-chan looked pretty!" She flew into my chest, wrapping her arms around me in a hug. "Orpheus-kun and Eurydice-chan look great together!"

"You can see my Persona?"

"Yup! It looks really cool, but Eurydice-chan is cuter!" She remarked, clearly proud of herself. "Now… Minato. Do you want to start that training?" Okaa-san asked. I nodded with a smile. Minako was really curious about what we were doing, and tagged along with us to a back room filled with swords, katanas, maces, gloves, and other things that I couldn't really recognise. They were all jet black in colour, begging for another half to fill them. "Minato, this is our forge. This is where we can fuse weapons with Personae." I nodded. And Minako was just looking around at the empty weapons. "To create weapons with Personae fused into them, you need special weapons called 'nihil' weapons." I took that information in.

"These weapons are weapons without other halves. They hold their physical form, but they don't have that soul put into them, if you will."

"Is it like how when people put a lot of work into that weapon, and they say they put their 'heart and soul' into it?"

I received a warm smile. "Yes. That is what it is like. Nihil weapons have space for one more thing in them. With Personae, you can give it to them, bringing them new life." Weapons as friends? The stronger the partner, the better the sword. That makes sense. I even found it a little admirable. Giving these weapons a new chance, I mean. Okaa-san obviously caught on to the amount of admiration that was pouring out. Her smile from before widened.

"Well, now. I wanted to ask Minako something."

Minako snapped to attention once she heard her name. "Now, you don't have to do anything that I'm going to be teaching your onii-chan, so. I can teach Minako-chan about something different, or she can help Minato." The constant changing of terms was a little funny actually. "Can I learn something different?" I breathed a sigh of relief. Looks like she might be doing something a little safer.

I followed the two of them, and they started discussing about things called Skill Cards.

"Skill cards contain special powers when you use them. Here we usually trade gemstones for them." Minako nodded vigorously. "I'm going to teach you how to make Skill Cards!" Minako brightened up, though… She's always pretty energetic. "Skill Cards need to be made with the help of your Persona. You can make different ones, depending on the Persona you use. Some of them will even be able to make them naturally, and you won't have to do anything. All you have to do is infuse these cards with the skill you want to make." That seems easy enough. And Minako understood too.

Okaa-san closed her eyes, breathing out gently. She took one of the blank cards that were on the table, and it started floating in her hand. She muttered something that sounded like a foreign language, and a blue flame surrounded the card. The card then floated back down into her hand. She gave it to Minako to take a look at. "Ga-ru?" Minako tried reading.

Okaa-san nodded. "Okaa-san, what's your Persona?" I asked.

"My Persona is called Hera." I concentrated on Okaa-san's heart, and then a faint silhouette appeared behind her. It was a pretty woman with flowing blonde hair and a floaty-looking toga. Several vines and flowers were wrapped around her shoulder and torso, and the last thing I noticed was her eyes. They were a green-blue, fluctuating between the two colours. "It looks really pretty."

"Well then, Minako. Do you want to try this instead of what your brother is doing?" Minako snatched a blank card from the counter, and it began to float in her hand. Blue flames surrounded the card in a twisting motion and it finally began to shine a steady cyan colour. It floated down into her hand. "Bu-fu? These are funny names!" She continued smiling. "For now, Minako I want you to try making ten more of that same skill." My imoto happily obliged and grabbed a bundle of blank cards from the table.

"Minato, let's go back to the forge." She led me back to that room.

"Now let me demonstrate. This is a bit trickier than making a skill card." She took out a glowing blue card from her pocket and lifted one of the empty swords off the wall. "Not only that, but it takes longer." She grabbed a hammer from a bench, and laid down the card and the sword on the anvil. "You can use a skill card called Agi to heat up the items, then you simply smash them together. But, from what I can see your Persona already has Agi." I guessed that Agi had something to do with fire. Okaa-san activated the Agi Skill Card by crushing it in her hand, and the once black sword took on a glowing red colour. She smashed what I assumed to be a Persona card into the softening parts of the red sword. She smashed it repeatedly, until the sword was covered in a blue light. She dipped the sword's blade into a bucket of water, and it gave off a satisfying hissing sound.

"Have a look at it." She gingerly handed the sword into my palm. "What Persona did you use?"

"It's just one of the spare ones I had. It has the spirit Jack Frost in it now. A sword needs a name you know." I looked down at the sword, staring hard into the cold white blade, and I swear I saw a white fairy wave at me in the reflection. "Frostbite." The pale fairy did a small backflip in joy.

"That's a good name for it. This is the sword Frostbite." Okaa-san christened the new sword. I felt what I thought was frost nipping at my skin as I held it in my hand. "Maybe I can try when I get more Personae. I don't really want to use Orpheus yet." Okaa-san nodded, and we headed out of the forge. Minako was sitting on a chair, drooling. And there was a pile of card stacked up on each other. I have the feeling that there was more than ten there. I picked her up and laid her on her bed. "Looks like she ran out of SP. You need lots of Spiritual Pressure to make this many. She's just exhausted." I breathed a sigh of relief.

"At midnight, we're going to gather some supplies. We need to get stronger so that we can make some better stuff. It's also a chance to gain some new Personae for all of us to use."

"Where are we going?"

"Gekkoukan High."

I mulled it over, thinking about could possibly be at Gekkoukan High School. And also, at late night the world turns green and stuff. I really have to wonder. I'm just worried because I still have to protect Minako. What with only one arm… I don't know what to expect.

I nodded after a few seconds.

And I went outside into Paulownia Mall. I could sense something hidden in the back alley, just like in the dream. I cautiously went down the alley, and spied a blue door. What's with all the blue? I sighed, and opened the door.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room." A feminine voice addressed me. I looked around for the source of the voice, and found myself looking at the only other person in the room besides me. It was a woman dressed in a blue dress with varying shades. She had blonde hair, which was almost white. She also wore a blue hat, which was almost the same shade as the room she was in, and the last thing I noticed was her eyes. They were a stark yellow colour. I waved at her a little nervously as I walked to the lyre-back chair. "Master Igor and Philemon sent me to show you around some of the facilities of the Velvet Room. Some of them you won't be able to access until you are a little older." I nodded. "What's your name?"

She bowed, and put her hand against her chest. "My name is Elizabeth."

"I'm Minato. And you don't have to tack anything on. I noticed that the Philemon guy was being really formal." Elizabeth bowed once more and replied, "As you wish, Minato-kun." She took my hand, and took me towards a glowing white door at the back of the blue room. "This is the Armoury." I looked around in wonder at the pieces of extravagant armour that surrounded the room. Which in contrast to the soothing blue room was a scarlet colour. "Here you can take Personae, and turn them into pieces of armour. You might even be able to remedy that predicament of yours." She gestured towards my arm, or lack-there-of. "Try it." She handed me a card with a card with a fairy on it. "Pixie…" I looked up at her. "Now, all you have to do, is place it on the anvil, and give it a good smack with that hammer." I briefly wondered why everything I was going to be making had something to do with smashing and anvils. Not that I minded, but…

I took the hammer seated near the bottom of the anvil and placed the card on the surface of the metal stand. A rush of energy surged in my arm, and I pounded on the card with a large resounding clang. The card shattered into what looked like pieces of glass, and then reformed into a gauntlet that was coloured a navy blue and light pink, and had lacy wing-like appendages formed like the Yatagarasu symbol that was popular in this one game. The wings surrounded an electrical node, and they kind of reminded me of Iron Man's blasters. I put it on.

"Great job, Master Minato. I have a feeling you will use this very well once you get more Personae." I briefly wondered if it would be possible to make another arm by using this. Maybe if I do get more Personae, I'll be able to get enough material to make one. Elizabeth took my wrist and led me out of the red room.

She strode over to the next door, whilst still dragging me along, which was a nice lilac colour. And so, we walked into a huge echo-y looking hall. "This is the concert hall. This is where we of the Velvet Room practise our musical skills." Music? Well, then again I was hearing this faint sound… "You can try what you like." I nodded, but there was only a lone microphone attached to an amplifier. I looked at Elizabeth-san. "Why is there only that?" Elizabeth smiled. "The instruments that show up change according to what you want to do."

Well… I guess I did feel like singing. I ran through a couple of songs in my mind, and I finally settled on the one. A bass and an acoustic guitar kicked in, with drum shortly after. I didn't know how it worked, but work it did.

We met in a place where love is one…

We've fallen together and now we're one…

The future, the future… yeah it stays true…

The future, the future… yeah it stays true…

Ohhhh! I'll teach you what you need to know!

Til the day that I finally go….!

Love will forever grow….

Oh darlin' if you could read my mind…

Oh heaven knows what you would find.

These people these people they're turning back…

These people these people they're turning back…

Ohhhhh! I'll teach you what you need to know!

Til the day that I finally go…!

Love will forever grow…

The story only just, just begun… And surely it should never ever end…

The story only just, just begun… And surely it should never ever end…

The story only just, just begun… And surely it should never ever end…

The story only just, just begun… And surely it should never ever end…

And surely it should never, ever end.

Elizabeth seemed lost while I finished it off. She kept on looking at me with wonder.

"I almost wanted to ask you for an encore!" I heard of shattering of glass in my mind, similar to when I summoned Orpheus.

Thou art I, and I am thou…

Thou hast established a link with the World Arcana…

Thou shalt be blessed when fusing Weapons and Personae of the World Arcana…

Weapons and Personae? Hm. Is it just me, or is there something a little strange about that sentence? "I see I am to be forever bound to you." Elizabeth giggled. "Forever bound?"

"You made a Social Link with me. Once you complete all ten ranks of the link, we will be forever bound to each other, no matter what happens." I smiled to myself. "You are of the Fool Arcana. Your power is drawn from the power of others. The power of friendship and bond." Then… "Wouldn't it seem like I'm just using them for power?"

She giggled again. "So long as you truly cherish the time you spend with them, what could go wrong? If you truly come to love them in the end, the fact that you're drawing your power from them is a moot point. Even without the power of the Social Link, look at what you have done for your sister. You managed to protect her. You protected her from Death. You found her a new home, and a new family. And you will still cherish the time you spend with her. That is all that matters in the end." I took it in. It sounded like she knew what her place in the world was. She knew her purpose. "Thank you, Elizabeth-san." I thought to myself, and I said it out loud. "Can I call Elizabeth-san Eli-san?"

Eli-san bowed, with a considerably happy expression. "Of course, Minato-kun." Her expression then grew a little serious. "The last door… You will just need to be careful. Alright?" I nodded.

We left the golden hall and went to the last door. It was a cold black, and but the corridors that I walked through were a tinted green. "Hello. Long time no see." The girl in front was dressed in what looked like a dark blue dress, and the top half was white. Her black hair was tied up in pigtails, and her cerulean eyes contrasted the pale colour of her skin. Under her left eye was a beauty mark, and if I didn't know any better I would say that it was shaped almost like a sideways crescent moon.

From the girl, I sensed the same oppressive feeling from the black monster that was chained to my heart. I could feel myself getting pulled closer towards her without me actually moving. My heart felt pulled roughly against my rib-cage, and I growled at the pain. I saw the black chain that was pulling my heart, and I could feel she was pulling me along. Though from what I could tell from her expression, she wasn't meaning to hurt me in anyway. She seemed to be struggling to make the pulling gentler than it was going, but that didn't seem to be working out with her at all.

"Oh I'm sorry! Did I hurt you? I'm so sorry!" She started crying softly. I gently lifted her gloved hands from her eyes, and caught the tears that were about to fall. "You apologised. It's ok…" I wiped her remaining tears away. It felt like looking after my sister after something went horribly wrong. "Maybe next time, you can let me walk in on my own." I rubbed her back. It really was like looking after my sister.

"Anyways… You formed a contract with me! Be sure to look after it, alright? And make sure you always follow it!" She thrust her hand out, and held it in the air in a peace sign. "Ok. Do you have a name besides…well… Death?" The girl pondered it for a bit. She then snapped her fingers. "I know! You can call me Alice!"

"Alright, Alice-chan." I smirked a little, and she pouted in response. "Alright, Minato-kun." She gave me a huge hug and pulled back after. "Well, I'll be seeing you around a lot. We are bound together." She gestured towards the black chain sagging between the two of us. "Lastly, time never waits. It delivers us all equally to the same end. You can't plug your ears and cover your eyes. And so…" The mysterious Alice-chan faded away into shadow… "It begins…"

A familiar shattering noise echoed.

Thou art I, and I am thou…

Thou hast established a link with the Death Arcana…

Thou shalt be blessed when fusing Weapons and Personae of the Death Arcana…

I walked back out into the familiar Velvet Room. "How was it, Minato-kun?" Eli-san asked. "I made a new friend." I smiled up at Eli-san. "That's good." She sighed in relief. "Now, I haven't even told you what the Velvet Room itself is for. In the Velvet Room, you can fuse Personae together to make stronger ones." My eyes widened. Personae are really weird things. "Before I forget…" She gestured towards the huge tome that she conjured in the air. "This will be important for later. You can save Personae that you get in this book, with all their skills and about to inherit Skill Cards and items. It's useful if you are fusing away certain Personae that you want to keep." She smiled, finished with her explanation. "Once you gain more Personae, come again of your own accord. Until then…" She waved me off as I entered back into Paulownia Mall. Barely a minute had passed since I came out of the Velvet Room. Time might not be normal there… That might actually be convenient for a few things.

I walked back to Okaa-san's antique shop, and found my imoto up and awake. She seemed excited, and was going on about some people called Igor, Theo and Philemon. "Igor-san was mysterious, but he's actually reeeeaaally nice. Theo-kun seems formal, but he's actually very funny, since when I tell him about things, he tends to pout and get flustered. Philemon… I like his mask. It's sooo pretty!" She visited the Velvet Room? I guess that was why Philemon and Igor-san weren't there. But… I wonder who Theo-san is? Maybe he's like Eli-san. Who am I kidding? Of course he's like Eli-san.

"Oh Minako. At around midnight, we're going out later. Get ready, and try not to fall asleep!" Minako nodded slowly. "It'll be fine. You've okaa-san and onii-san with you! We'll protect you." I held out my hand in front of hers, with all my fingers but my pinky folded in a loose fist. "Promise?" She asked. "Promise." She took her pinky and curled it around mine. She smiled as she went to bed to get ready for tonight. "I'll also do my best so that you don't have to put yourself in as much danger!" She called out when she stopped at the corridor to the bedroom.

Thou art I, and I am thou…

Thou hast discovered a link with the Star Arcana…

Thou shalt have our blessing when fusing Weapons and Personae of the Star Arcana…


She soon skipped off. I guess should get some sleep too. I examined the gauntlet that I made at the Armoury. When I looked at it long enough, I heard a high-pitched giggle… The skills I could see were Zio and Dia. Zio I could guess, but I wondered what Dia was.

You can use it to heal your friends and yourself!

The same giggle from before called out from within my mind. Thank you Pixie.

You are very much welcome!

With that, I went for a nap to conserve my energy for the green night.

When I did take that nap, I wasn't expecting this dream.

I felt like I couldn't get up. I was constantly being pushed down by this force, and I couldn't tell what it was. I desperately wanted to get up. I could feel someone's hand in mine.



"Onii-chan!" I sat up quickly, realising she was calling me out. I wiped off some beads of sweat that were forming on my forehead. "What is it Minako?" She gave me a big hug. I blinked my eyes in surprise. "We're gonna be going soon onii-chan!" I pulled myself off the bed as she released her hug. "Alright. I'm going to get Frostbite."

"Frost-bite? What is it?"

"Oh. Okaa-san made it earlier when she was showing me how to make this cool sword. And I mean it is cool."

"Oh… I see." I came back a few minutes later holding the Pixie gauntlet and Frostbite. You know what? I'll call the gauntlet Tinker Bell for fun. "Look at Frostbite. If you stare into its reflection, you can see the Persona that was used." Minako's eyes glittered bright as she stared into the cold, shiny metal. "Ooh! It's waving at me! Jack Frost is waving at me!" Oh… So that was what Okaa-san used. Jack Frost… "And I made this in the Velvet Room before I took my nap." I handed her Tinker Bell, which she took from me in wonder. "I can hear her voice. She sounds super cheery and energetic!" She commented. "Can I use this?" She asked me. "Well… Sure. I have Frostbite so…" She gave me a super big hug, and put her armour on. You know… Maybe Tinker Bell is meant more for a girl. That would make more sense. She flexed her fingers in the gauntlet, and she had a smile while she tested it.

"Time for us to go!" Okaa-san called out. She gestured towards the door and we walked towards Gekkoukan. We arrived there just before midnight, and I heard an echoing ticking noise, like that of a clock. Then the world and the moon was tinted green. The streetlights went out, and a large creaking sound erupted. The school turned into a tower unlike any that I had seen before. The tower seemed to have been made haphazardly, and without much architectural knowledge. The parts of it that jutted out seemed to be able to collapse any minute, perhaps, even on it. The top that I could see was right in the middle of the waning moon. It was really tall. 'Nuff said. "This is where I get my supplies. This is Tartarus."

"Sounds like toothpaste." I blurted out.

"It kinda does." Okaa-san smiled back at me. "Well, let's go in."

The bottom of this tower was very pretty too, if not a bit disconcerting. Where did that word come from? Huh. I noticed a blue door in the corner, a few metres away from the stairs that seemed to lead upwards into the tower. I think that's the Velvet Room door. Very close to the stairs was this clock, and I didn't know what it was for… Guess I'll find out later. And near the entrance where we came through was this green pad. I won't ask what it is. "Are you guys ready?" Okaa-san asked.

We nodded and we headed up the stairs. I have to say, the archway looked really cool. The golden clock was stopped on the one time, and it never moved: twelve 'o' clock. And there it stayed. After much silent admiration of the surroundings I walked up the long stairway to hell. And I was going to call it that, because that was what the place felt like.

Okaa-san said that it would be best if we split up, and she would be walking around while giving support. I obliged, since we all had our Personae and weapons. I trusted her to tell me if we were in trouble.

So yeah, we went off.

The 'Shadows' that I had encountered weren't too bad. I managed to cut most of them down with Frostbite, and I was able to channel Orpheus' power through my arms. Most of the ones I touched with Orpheus burst into flames and mist when I got them. It was only difficult because I didn't have that extra arm. That's why I didn't get to use Frostbite as much. I got some money, new Personae and weapons out of it. I even managed to snag this Gold Shadow which gave me a whole wad of yen, and a pair of Nihil gloves. The Personae I got had stuff like Angel, Pixie and Apsaras. What is it with all of them being girls?

We came back to Okaa-san relatively unscathed. My imoto didn't look too bad either. It looked like she managed to grab some more skill cards. "Great job you guys. We have enough supplies for now. Let's go back home now." We nodded and she gestured towards the green pad. While Minako looked at Okaa-san uncomfortably, she reassured us that this would take us back down to the bottom. And reach the bottom we did.

I noticed a red-haired girl staring up intently at the entrance to the maze that I found it to be. Okaa-san noticed, so she quickly took Minako and herself out of the tower, leaving me alone with the girl and some eye-patched man.

She noticed me as well, and I had to say she was pretty. Her red, but slightly violet hair was hanging in a single curl on her shoulder. She was wearing a white blouse with a red ribbon around her collar, and a grey short skirt going down to just above her knees. I mean like, I would've thought she was prettier if she didn't pull a rapier on me. I stared at her as I came out from the corner where the teleporter was. Out of the shadows. And I was holding a sword. "Who are you?" She said, icily. "Why do you have a gun?" I asked back.

I pointed at the silver gun at her holster with my sword. Is it just me, or did I see Jack Frost giggling in the reflection of the sword? Huh. The lobby turned icy. I looked at her heart, and concentrated. She was a Persona user. I sheathed Frostbite. And I equipped Apsaras for good measure. Well, that doesn't feel as bad. I felt a lot less cold. The girl was surprised at my resistance to the cold, and it eventually died down. "Thanks. That feels a bit better." I gave the girl a smile as I walked closer to her. The eye-patched man looked down at me, sizing me up I supposed. I bowed slightly, and held out my hand afterwards. "My name's Arisato Minato. But you can just call me Minato."

She seemed taken aback, but she took my hand anyway. Hm. For a person who uses the ice element, she felt quite warm… "Kirijo Mitsuru. You may call me Mitsuru if you wish." She still seemed cautious. The eye-patch man started talking this time. "Why are you here?"

"Not answering that." I said with a grin.

He seemed indifferent to my response, if not a little surprised or irritated. From there the wheels the conversation was riding on just stopped, and I was the one pulling the brakes. Where have I heard the name Kirijo before… I swear, I have heard it… My mind flashed back to the night where I contracted Death. They were the ones who covered it up, and they were the ones who came to… take us to the police station… unconsciously started glaring at the ground. My blue bangs covering up my expression. I started chuckling… And I held up my hand against my head. I turned around towards the entrance. My laughing was getting louder.

I turned and walked out before Mitsuru could ask me what happened.

What is that coincidence? It's like fate giving me a slap in the face. I don't hate them personally, but I just hate what they did. I could feel bottled anger welling up. I wasn't even sure then if I was the one bearing these emotions.

I closed my eyes in resignation. They weren't my emotions. I was surprised that Death itself could have any at all. Perhaps… yeah.

"Haha…" I looked up towards the sky, at the moon. "Am I going crazy? Maybe. I am the kid with multiple Personae, so I basically have the equivalent of multiple personality disorder." Like then. I ran through the Arcana of my Personae in my head. Priestess, Justice and Lovers. Then I have Orpheus.

I walked back to the antique shop, trying to get all the emotions that Alice was channelling through out of my head. As soon as my head touched the pillow, I just fell asleep.

By the time I got home, the green night passed, and the coffins lining the streets turned back into people. The blood on the ground disappeared.


These people, these people are turning back…

I smiled to myself. I like this song a lot more now.

Five years later…

I walked out of the alleyway, leaving a bit of mess behind. Not that anyone would miss it. I mean, seriously. No-one would care about the few ashes of smoke I left behind. Gotcha didn't I? You probably all thought that I was in a thug fight. Thing is, I was. They were weak as all… Ok. Maybe I won't finish that sentence. In fact I might've gotten a little overboard, since I don't know if they are breathing.

The fact is, some people attacked okaa-san, and I'm not gonna let it go. I tried, but it didn't seem like it was going to go away. I left the dregs of that alley, and out into Okina City. Well, at least the rest of the world is cheerful. It was the bustling city that Inaba made it's home nearby. On that note, time to visit Tokyo. I'm getting ever closer to Iwatodai.

I didn't feel like taking a train. Naw, I got myself a motorbike. I slung my pack onto my back, which has my sword, Black Snow, my hammer and my cigs. I lit one up as I put the pack in the bag. Welp, what's done is done. I'm so getting out of this habit once I get back home. The other thing I kept in my bag was a notepad and a pen.

Now, I have to find the 'door' in Tokyo. That might be a little difficult… I felt a strange amount of power coming from near the Tokyo Tower though. And to be sure, once I passed through the park, I saw that blue door. I opened it up.

"Yo Eli-chan!"

"Oh, welcome to the Velvet Room, Minato." The blue-clad assistant greeted. "So, has Minako come by lately?" I asked.

Elizabeth giggled. "Yes. She has been quite the guest. I would say she's approaching level 70 or so."

"And her music?" I smiled.

"Beautiful as ever." Eli-chan gestured to the door. And yup, I could feel that someone has been in there. "Mmhm. Well, I'm going to practise a bit." Eli-chan bowed and showed me to the door that led to the Concert Hall.

"Just what I needed. The microphone." I mumbled to myself as I wandered over to the stage.

We managed to play all our cards… Oh…

If we hadn't taken shit seriously, then the present would be alright.

My thoughts are decent but sometimes I lose control,

Patterns and habits contain me, but I got soul.

Can you imagine a world where there is no depth?

Absence of colour and nothing to test our heads?

All night… I've been telling her this whole time…

I've been warning her all night… She's been crying her eyes out…

I've given too much of my heart, away…

Imagine how different tomorrow would be if we knew where to draw the line.

You left me hanging when you knew I couldn't dance, you broke your promise, and you flooded any chance…

I don't intend to rewrite what belongs to you,

Oh I was born to make sure you knew how to choose…

I've been warning her all night… She's been crying her eyes out…

I've given too much of my heart, away…

No you don't know me anymore…

No you don't know me anymore...

No you don't know me anymore…

No you don't know me anymore...

We were in the right place at the wrong time, if only you could read my mind, read my mind, read my mind, read my mind…

We were in the right place at the wrong time, if only you could read my mind, read my mind, read my mind, read my mind…

Anybody who cares won't dare to try me, no-one I know out there will stand beside me…

Anybody who cares won't dare to try me, no-one I know out there will stand beside me…

All night… I've been telling her this whole time…

I've been warning her all night… She's been crying her eyes out…

All night… I've been telling her this whole time…

I've been warning her all night… She's been crying her eyes out…

"Minako. I'm sorry. I'm an idiot. Would you still forgive your idiot of an onii-chan?" I said out loud. I walked back out into the Velvet Room.

"Eli-chan? Is the coast clear?" I asked.

"Yes. In fact, Minako just came into the Armoury. I suppose you're going to leave a message like always?" Eli-chan answered.

"Yeah." I sat down in the lyre-backed chair. I took out my notepad and ripped a page out. Lastly, I took my pen out.

Minako-chan, I've been doing well. I hope you've been keeping safe.

I will definitely be coming back sometime soon though.

I'm sorry that it took so long.

Can you still find it in your heart to forgive your idiot onii-chan?

If you can't that's fine, though I have that feeling that you still believe in me.

Onii-chan – Minato :P

"Make sure Minako finds it, okay Eli-chan?"

"Always, Minato." She bowed after I left my message in her care.

"Thanks, Eli-chan. Hopefully, this'll be the last time."

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