Heya! well I was like ubber excited (I don't really use the word "ubber" but I just gave it a shot) because as you can see I wrote a soulxkid fanfic. They are like my favorite couple especially kid he is so adorable (are disclaimers necessary)but either way I do NOT own soul eater but if i did let's just say it won't be pretty T_T ...Just Kidding! (or am I mwahahahahahahahahahahahahah aha) oh there is going to be a bit of OC...or a lot who knows ENJOY ^-^

"Alright everyone sit down" Stein yelled but no one bothered to listen. "Alright then let's do this the hard way" he mumbled."The last person standing is my next test subject" and almost simultaneously they all sat down. Stein now satisfied sat down himself. "We have new students today and they are very um special" after he said all needed he yelled "Kid you can come in".

The door slid open and everyone anxiously stared at the door wait for the figure to enter. They first saw Patty enter and all the boys in the class were staring at her boobs as they jiggled. Next was Liz who caught some of the boys attention and was infuriated by this. Last was Kid who walked in with his eyes closed and his arms swinging from his side. Some of the girls and boys in the classroom were already in awe of his looks but as soon as he opened his eyes everyone was enchanted. His golden orbs glistened with the light shining from the window.

As soon as he was standing in front of the class he said "i'm Death the Kid but you can call me Kid it is a pleasure to meet you all" with the same facial expression. Then Patty and Liz introduced themselves. "All right then be nice to them" Stein turned his face towards Kid's direction and said "go take a seat now you can sit were ever you like". Kid who said nothing walked towards the stairs and climbed up until he was at the back of the room, with Liz and Patty behind him they took a seat in the very back row.

He didn't seem to notice that everyone was looking at him but Liz and Patty did. "Kid people are staring Liz whispered loudly."Why do you have to be so funny lookin'".

"Yeah funny lookin', funny lookin'" Patty chanted. Liz eyed her sister down to shut her up. "Would you two be quiet" Kid said calmly trying not to flip out over the many numbers of non-symmetrical things in that one room. Kid sighed, what am I going to do with these two idiots.

*Mean while in Maka's group (Maka, Soul, Black star, and Tsubaki)*

"That new kids eyes are very beautiful" Tsubaki said trying not to feel embarrassed. "Yeah they are but Soul's are more beautiful " Maka blushed. Soul noticed what Maka said he just decided to ignore it. For as long as Soul could remember Maka had a crush on him. He liked Maka too so he asked her out but since that time he felt that their relationship was missing something. He still couldn't figure out what was missing but whatever it is it made totally absent in their relationship.

What broke Soul's focus was all of Black star's shouting. Black star hopped on the table (desk?) right in front of Kid. " I AM THE GREAT BLACK STAR!" he screamed with so much passion. This next part made Soul fall out of his chair laughing. "I ACCEPT RETARDS SO YOU ARE AL-" he was cut off by a Maka chop to the head and a Kid kick to the face. "The ignorant little-" Kid march out of the class in anger with Liz and Patty chasing behind him.

sorry but that's it for now it will take a while to update because I have to watch the series to gain information unless someone is willing to give me a summary ;{] and do you think I should have yuri in it? please put what you think in a review (This sounds kind of persistent)