Teach Me Love

"Tenten, remember how I told you I needed a tutor." I fumbled my fingers, anticipating Tenten's outburst when I told her who my tutor was. I had invited her to a sleepover to break the news, since Tenten would flip when she found out. We had just finished the traditional pillow fight.
"Ya?" Tenten flipped a caramel into the air, the sweet arcing, rising and falling, only to project off her nose.
"Well, you also remember how I told you I needed a tutor." I repeated, adding, "Because I'm failing Science."

It was true. Science had never been my forte. Language Arts; easiest subject in the world. Math: Great except for Geometry. History: Just have to have a good memory. Science, however, was my most devious enemy. It was like a bouncy ball, evading me no matter how hard I tried to tackle it. "And?" Tenten questioned. My lips sealed shut. Chestnut brown orbs narrowed into slits. "What did you do?"

I gulped, egging myself on. "I checked the person who had the highest mark in Science in class yesterday...and I asked Sasuke to tutor me."
Tenten's jaw unhinged. "No! No way, you didn't! Hinata, what did he say!"
I said meekly. "He said yes."
"You asked Konoha High School's number one hottie, football captain and quarterback, Uchiha Sasuke to tutor you, and he said yes? HINATA!" Tenten squealed, hugging me so tightly, it was difficult to breathe. I knew Tenten would react like this, which was why I hadn't been so enthusiastic, but she was my best friend.

I had no choice. Even though she was Neji's girlfriend, I had told her I was tanking Science, and she never even mentioned it to my cousin, who would have set me on fire if the news had reached his ears.

Tenten babbled. "Why would he say yes? He's such a cold guy, even to his girlfriend! I heard them in the library a few days ago, and Sakura kept telling him to smile, because he never did."
"I really don't know Tenten." I don't care either. Honestly, if Sasuke was willing to tutor me, it didn't matter how cold he was.

Tell her.

I chewed on my lower lip. I had purposefully avoided the other words Sasuke had uttered to me:

"As long as I tutor, you have to listen to everything I say, understand?"

"Do you want to be tutored or not?."

I had complied to his strange proposition, because I was desperate, even though I was clueless as to what Sasuke desired. The tone of his voice when he said that, however, had sent chills down my spine.

I was quite sure I wouldn't like our little "deal."

"Do you have a spare today?" Sasuke was leaning against my locker, face impassive. I jumped, slightly surprised by his sudden appearance, while I slowly retrieved my textbooks from my locker. "H-Hai." I felt heat rise to my cheeks, as fellow students, shuffling in the halls, gave us curios glances, whispers drifting to my ears. I was a nobody, and to everyone, it was probably a surprise to see the most popular boy in school speaking to Shy Hinata, a rare occurence.

Truthfully, I had barely ever talked to Sasuke, even though we had been in the same high school for three years, if I included this one. Yesterday when I'd requested Sasuke's tutoring had been the only time we'd chatted with each other and even that had been relatively short. "What time is your spare?" Sasuke tilted his head.

Sure, I had the biggest, world-wide known crush on Sasuke's best friend, Uzumaki Naruto, hopefully my future husband, but I could totally understand why the Uchiha had a fan club. He was hot. Simple as that. And when you added his rich heritage, magnificent athletic abilities, genius mind, you could only end up with the most popular guy in Konoha High. "Were you listening to me?" Sasuke asked, voice cool though I detected a hint of annoyance in it.

Quickly gathering my composure, and flushing crimson, I replied, "Yes. I-I have a s-spare second period."
Sasuke nodded, raven locks swishing past his ears. "Good. I'll see you in the library then." He strolled coolly off, joining the crowd of bodies bustling in the hall.

"What do you need help with?" Sasuke plopped down in the chair beside me, skipping formal greetings. I had to admire him for not beating around the bush. We were in the library, and it was second period, Sasuke literally just walking in a few moment ago and settling himself at my table. "Umm..." I sorted through the clutter of papers, textbooks and notes on my table, giving a small "Aha!" of triumph when I fished out my Biology, Chemistry, and Physics binders. I laid them out on the table, fidgeting.

Sasuke commented snidely, "Science isn't your thing, is it?" I fidgeted, intimidated by him and his confident aura, and a bit offended by his somewhat rude remark. His tone had been so condescending. "So, which is your worst?"
"P-Physics." Physics could burn in hell. The only reason I took it was because Neji had pressured me to take all three courses of Science. And stupid me had listened to him.
"Your stuttering is annoying." Sasuke commented nonchalantly.

I flinched. Okay, I learned something new about Uchiha Sasuke today. Not only was he cold, he was also rude. "S-Sorry," I apologized, because no matter what I thought of him, he was my only hope of graduating from high school next year. Ignoring my apology, Sasuke leafed through the Physics textbook. "W-Wait, do you have a spare right now?"

I had somehow mustered enough courage to ask, the reluctance to hold him from his classes overriding my fear of him. Sasuke, surprisingly, answered me. "No. It doesn't matter, though. Some of us don't need to."
I shrank in my seat. This guy was a total blow on my already low self-esteem. "Let's get started." Sasuke prompted. I heartily agreed, glad for a change in topic. For the next hour, Sasuke taught me formulas, laws of motion, reactions, and I actually understood it.

By the end of our tutoring session, I was pretty sure I'd ace the next test. As the bell chimed, signaling for lunch, I smiled timidly. "Thank you, Sasuke." He merely nodded in acknowledgement. Gathering my stuff, I stood up, ready to leave, when Sasuke grabbed my wrist. "Hinata." His voice, deep and husky, was monotone. I felt my face burn from the contact, but I glanced at him shyly beneath my thick lashes, murmuring a quiet "Y-Yes?"
"Remember our deal?"

What was he hinting at?
"Well, I know the first thing you can do for me."
"W-What?" Warning bells rang in my head.
I'm not going to like this...

"Kiss me." Sasuke deadpanned, expression stone-cold, betraying nothing of his intentions.


To say the least, I was shocked. First of all, why did he, Uchiha Sasuke, want to kiss me? Second of all, he was in a relationship! With Sakura Haruno! Head cheerleader, beautiful pinkette, most popular girl at Konoha High, and who would totally bite my head off if I kissed her boyfriend! "P-Pardon?" I stammered, nerves numbed, brain barely functioning. I couldn't believe it.
"Did I stutter?" Sasuke said, though his tone was playful instead of spiteful. "I said kiss me."


"Y-You have a girlfriend!" I shrieked, because those were the only words I was able to spew out. Sasuke shrugged. "So?" He added, "I want a kiss."
"No!" What was wrong with him? How could he be so aloof about cheating?
His obsidian orbs narrowed. "Why not?" He spat. A sing-song voice in the back of my mind trilled, Someone does not take rejection well.
"Because, y-you have a girlfriend!" I repeated, emphasizing the girlfriend part.
Sasuke ignored me, venturing towards me in one leap, and breaching the gap of distance between us. I was vaguely aware of a voice screaming at me from the back of mind to run the hell outta there as he lowered his face, smooth lips edging closer...and closer...and closer...

I tilted my head at the last moment. Those oh-so-smooth lips brushed my cheek. Stepping backwards, I scooped up a fallen textbook.

Not even sparing Sasuke a glance, I sprinted out of the library as fast as my legs could carry me.