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Uzumaki Dishonored.

Chapter One: The outsider.

Darkness, which is the only way to describe the cell that Konoha's resident pariah was kept in. How did things turn out so badly, why was this happening to me. These are only a couple of the thoughts that had made their way into his mind as he sat in the dark, the only light he could see was of the dimly lit hallway on the other side of his cell door.

Things had finally started going his way, he had started to become trusted by the village since the invasion, he had his friends, his teammates, and the father daughter duo at his favorite ramen stand, and he learned some awesome new jutsu from Jiraiya of the Sanin and helped retrieve Tsunade, who later took on the role of Hokage.

So why had things gotten so horrible for him again, what could he possibly have done to have everything he worked so hard for stripped and taken from him? He followed his orders, it has been almost three months or at least he thinks it has, he lost count after a while, three months since his last mission and three months since his life was once again destroyed.

Who was responsible for this? The only person in the world who made a habit of making things worse for the young shinobi, Sasuke Uchiha, his old teammate and brother in arms, much like himself Sasuke had no family to speak of save for his brother Itachi Uchiha, the man responsible for the slaughter of the Uchiha clan and S-ranked missing-nin.

It was because of Sasuke that the life of who used to be the most energetic and happy teen you would ever meet to become hell, the young Uchiha sought to leave his village for power, on the Hokage's orders that himself, Neji Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka, Rock Lee, Shikamaru Nara, and Chouji Akimichi were sent out to capture and return the runaway to the village before one of their most feared enemies could get his hands on the boy.

The mission was a complete disaster for everyone but Shikamaru who had gotten away with only a single broken finger, the rest were not so lucky, Chouji was found with severe chakra exhaustion along with several broken ribs, Neji was found bleeding almost to death on the forest floor with a hole deathly close to his heart.

Kiba and his ninja hound Akamaru were both found bleeding in several areas along with mild chakra exhaustion, Rock Lee was found with some fractured bones and oddly enough a small case of alcohol poisoning, If not for the sand siblings Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro they all would have died that day.

The only one to get off worse than the rest was the boy who now sat in the darkness of his prison cell, his name is Naruto Uzumaki and is the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune or the Nine Tailed Fox as some refer it to.

Naruto had been fighting his so called friend at the 'Valley of the End' the historic place where Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju fought against one another, the setting could have been seen as ironic considering each of them were related to the two legends in some way or another.

In a brief moment of conflicting jutsu the two boys could feel their bonds begin to break, and with one final push Naruto managed to overpower the young Uchiha resulting in his loss of consciousness, the young blond had to carry his friend all the way back to their home, all the while with a gaping hole in his chest he received from Sasuke's first Chidori.

It was the moment the energetic blond stepped through the village gates that things went from bad to worse.

Flashback Start.

"Hello!?" Naruto called out as he stepped inside the village, "Is anyone there, we need help!"

On cue several Anbu agents followed by Tsunade and her apprentice appeared all around the still heavily bleeding blond, Naruto smiled weakly before noticing the varied looks of disappointment and disgust sent his way.

"Baa-san?" the young blond asked, his expression became the description of confused, he was being looked at like the rest of the villagers did, with hate.

"You two." Tsunade said as she pointed to two of the Anbu in the back, "Take Sasuke Uchiha to the hospital immediately!" and without hesitation, the two masked shinobi snatched the brooder from Naruto's arms and rushed him to the hospital.

The sight of the village leader standing before the most hated person in the village drew the attention of the villagers who started piling into the streets, any and all waiting for the Hokage to strike the 'Demon brat' down.

"Restrain him." The angry Kage said in a low tone, once again the speed of the Anbu was showcased as the worn out blond found himself on his knees with chakra absorbing chains draining him of what little energy he already had left.

"Wha—what's going on?" Naruto asked as he was then dragged through the streets of his home, the people just stood there and watched after clearing a path for their leader who was leading the squad in the front with Shizune to her left and Ton-ton in her arms, she was probably the only one there who didn't look at him with a hate filled glare but instead looked really sad.

Naruto could barely stand let alone walk after everything he had just been through, every time he would stop or start to lose balance his chains were jerked pulling him to the ground where he would then be dragged for a few feet before being able to stand.

It reminded him of his younger days, running away from drunken angry mobs which almost always led up to him being cornered in an alley or even the middle of the street, the beatings that followed almost broke him mentally but he would not allow himself to give up.

It was more than anyone his age should have gone through and it only stopped once he entered the academy, the direction he was being led to struck fear into his heart, every time he ended up at this place he would have to fight with everything he had just to outlive the votes for his death, this room was the council meeting room.

Naruto now found himself in the center of the room, his chains bolted down holding him to his knees with barely enough slack to let him look up, in front of him was a large rounded table with many seats on either end, a small flag of cloth could be seen hanging in front of each chair on the right with their respective clan symbols stamped into the fabric.

These were the shinobi council seats where the clan heads sat during the official council meetings, all of the seats on the left belonged to either civilian council members or the Hokage's personal advisers, all of which hated Naruto for everything he was.

"Naruto Uzumaki." Tsunade said calmly as she took her position in between each side, "Do you know why you have been brought here?"

Naruto shook his head in the negative, "No."

"You were brought here today to discuss the failure of your retrieval mission." Tsunade said, greatly confusing the young blond.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked, "I brought Sasuke back so why is it a failure, what's going on Tsunade baa-san?"

"Show your Hokage respect you little shit!" a pink haired civi-council member shouted.

"You were tasked with returning Sasuke to the village unharmed, not half dead!" Tsunade roared at the now trembling young shinobi, "Do you have anything to say in your defense?"

"I-I was just defending myself, I tried to talk him into coming back but he wouldn't listen!" Naruto tried to explain but his words had fallen on deaf ears.

"Under the charges of severely injuring a fellow ninja of this village and abandoning your teammates during a mission I as Hokage hereby sentence you to prison until we as the village hidden in the leaves see you fit to be released." Tsunade declared with a chorus of cheers from the civilian council.

The shinobi side all looked to the young Uzumaki with mixes of sadness and pity in their eyes, In the back of the room Shizune could be seen with tears dripping down her cheeks. Naruto was to shocked to say anything, how was he in the wrong for defending himself, was he just supposed to let Sasuke kill him instead of fighting to bring his friend back?

"Take him to his cell!" Tsunade ordered as the same Anbu members who brought him here proceeded to drag him off to the cells in the T&I Department, once his destination was reached the ends of his chains were bound to the walls keeping him in the same kneeling position.

After word had got out that Naruto was in prison he started getting 'visits' from his friends, the first one to come was Sakura, the girl he had a crush on since he was seven and his second teammate, any hope Naruto had died that day.

Sakura came to his cell and upon her request the guard stepped out and back to his post, what came next hurt as badly as any of his beatings.

"Why?" she asked in a whisper but just load enough for Naruto to hear, Naruto could see her visibly shaking where she stood just inches away from himself.

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked as he struggled to look up to her eyes, what he saw when he finally looked all the way up was pure rage.

"WHY!?" she asked again in a yell that made Naruto flinch, "I asked you to return Sasuke to me, I begged you to bring him back I didn't ask for you to almost kill him!"

"He attacked me first, I was defending myself!" Naruto shot back trying his hardest not to cry as his situation started becoming worse, if that was even possible.


Naruto sat wide eyed as his head was jerked to the left by her wrist, "It would have been better if you just died." She said with venom in her tone as she walked out of his cell and down the hallway away from the now crying and heartbroken blond.

The next day he got a visit from Kakashi who went on about how he abandoned his comrades and how he was lower than trash, he told Naruto he was no longer his student and that his is ashamed of himself for teaching a traitor.

Almost as soon as Kakashi left Hinata had come to visit him, what he didn't expect was for her to scold him for his actions, she told him she couldn't believe she had fallen in love with him which surprised Naruto even more and to wrap things up she delivered a few chakra enhanced Jyuken strikes no his nerves causing him great pain.

He would get visits like this almost every day, his friends would come in, badmouth him and them attack him either physically or mentally in Ino's case, she had used a jutsu on Naruto to give him nightmares about Sasuke killing him in front of the village who would cheer for his death.

The only civil visits he would get were from the others who went on the mission with him, Shizune would come visit and they would talk mostly about her day, each of their talks would always end in her apologizing to Naruto while he tried to cheer her up by making a joke of the whole thing.

By order of Tsunade Naruto would be brought to the T&I department every week to have 'sessions' with Anko who unknown to their Hokage never actually did any of the tortures she was ordered to perform, instead they would just talk about whatever much like he did with Shizune. It was nice to know he still had some people who cared for him at least.

The one person he wanted to see the most at the time was Jiraiya, but he never came hell Naruto didn't even know if Jiraiya even knew about this or not.

Flashback End

Now here Naruto is, once again chained down as the rats in his cell came to try and pick flesh from his body for food, suddenly the cell door was slid open and the person who stepped in surprised him.

It was Tsunade, not once had she visited him since his imprisonment and the fact that she was here now spelled doom for the young blond, the moment he saw her walk in he just let his head hang low, he couldn't bear to see the look of hatred from someone he considered family.

"Naruto…" she said in a sad tone, if he was confused before he was completely dumbfounded now, her tone wasn't filled with hate like the day of the council meeting, if he had to place it to him she sounded remorseful.

Naruto lifted his head to meet her gaze, to say Tsunade was shocked by his appearance was a bit of an understatement, the young blond had lost most of his tan complexion leaving him a little pale, his eyes had dark rings around them showing his lack of a decent night's sleep.

His hair had grown longer losing some of its spikiness as it reached just past his shoulders with two very Minato like bangs in front, he was shirtless minus the remains of sleeves still tucked under the chains around his arms.

The things that stand out most about his new appearance are his eyes, once vibrant and full of life are now shallow and look defeated, the other thing is the very large scar on his right side just below the collar bone. If she looked closely she would see a similar one in the same position on his back.

"Hai…H-Hokage-sama?" he stuttered out as be began to tremble slightly.

'He's terrified of me…' she thought with a downcast expression, she didn't want things to turn out this way despite what many would think she loved Naruto like a mother would her son, her decision the day of his mission was the result of stress and a lot of sake.

Her main fault was listening to the civilian side of the council over the shinobi before getting the full story out of those who returned that day, unfortunately for Naruto she wasn't in the right state of mind when she sentenced him and now he was suffering for it, she couldn't release him from prison for fear of showing favoritism which would look bad for her in terms of respect.

Under the assumption that the little ball of sunshine could outlast anything she decided to let him serve his sentence out and fix things with him afterwards, that plan however had completely backfired on her with this last council meeting that took place not even an hour before her visit.

Tsunade slowly walked over to Naruto and got to her knees in front of him, he was waiting for her to hit him maybe berate him a little but it never came. Instead of what had been happening she enveloped him in a hug as she cries with her head resting on his own.

"Naruto I am so sorry, I never meant for this to happen it's all my fault…" she choked out between sobs while unintentionally hugging him closer to her, "The council over ruled me on your fate today, they somehow managed to get most of the shinobi side to agree with them as well, tomorrow in the late afternoon it had been decided that…" she is trying so hard to finish the sentence but the thought only made her cry harder.

"Baa-san?" Naruto asks in a tired tone, the suspense is driving him insane.

"It has been decided that in the late afternoon tomorrow that you are to be executed…I'm so sorry Naruto-kun." She finally said while she kept clinging to him for all he is worth.

Naruto's mind at this point was on meltdown, he completed a mission like he was asked, most of his friends now hate him, and now instead of finally being sent free like he prayed for every night his life is going to end tomorrow.

'Is this really how I'm going to die, alone?" Naruto was thinking to himself while Tsunade finally let him go and stood back up.

"I have to go Naruto-kun, I hope you can somehow forgive me for this." She says in a hushed tone and slowly walked out of his cell, "Goodbye…I love you sochi" the last bit was said quieter than the first but he could hear it just the same.

Naruto couldn't take it anymore, he broke down and started crying and screaming venting all his emotions out in one go. It lasted for nearly an hour before he started to calm himself down, he has one day to live and he doesn't want to spend it crying like when he was little.

"It's not fair is it?" A strange voice says from outside his cell.

Naruto jerks his head up to see a man in strange clothing standing outside his cell door, the shadows are keeping him from seeing the stranger's face.

"You have been trying your hardest since the day you could walk to prove yourself to these people, people who don't even care for you, why do you try so hard to gain their respect?" The stranger asks with a titled head.

"Your friends have all abandoned you, your team wishes for your death and the girl you once thought you loved is now completely against you." He says with a small unseen grin.

"Shut up…" Naruto whispered.

"You have nobody left, what little companionship you still hold will soon be forgotten just like the rest." The stranger states harshly while walking away from Naruto's cell.

"I can offer you, a chance." He says while appearing from the shadows inside the cell.

"How did you—" Naruto started to ask but is silenced with hand over his mouth.

"Tomorrow you are scheduled to die, at the hands of the Uchiha no less." The odd man continues while keeping the young blond silent, "What I offer you can very well save your life, all you have to do is say yes."

Naruto starts to think it over, it is a chance at survival and a chance to get his life back, with a few minutes of thinking Naruto finally nods yes.

"Good now hold still, this is going to hurt a bit." He says while griping Naruto right wrist hard, with a burning light a strange symbol burns its way into his skin charring the flesh a permanent black, it was taking all of his willpower not to scream and accidentally alert the guards.

After the longest minute of his young life the pain finally starts to subside, satisfied with his work the man stood up to leave but is stopped by Naruto, "Wh-who are you?" he asks with strained breath.

The man turns to face the young blond for the last time for maybe a long time and steps into the light so the blond could see his face, his skin was deathly pale his eyes a light grey, his hair was an oily black that looked wet and clings to his skin.

With a smile the man bows to the boy, "I have many names but you may call me The Outsider, enjoy your gift young Uzumaki and be sure to put on a good show." And with those final words he disappears into nothingness as if he was never there to begin with, the only proof of his existence is the black mark he left on Naruto's hand which started to glow a mix of whites, blues and greens for the smallest of moments before it was back to black.

The next morning.

Naruto wakes up to the sound of his cell door opening once again, Shizune walks in with tear stained cheeks and bloodshot eyes, she walks to the blond and envelops him in a hug he only wish he could return. 'Stupid chains…' he thinks to himself while one of his only friends in the world cried her eyes out.

"It's okay Shizune-chan." He whispers trying his best to calm her down, he can't stand being the reason someone is hurting.

She pulls herself a small ways from him with fresh tears streaming down her face along with a small blush at the affectionate honorific, "How can you be so calm, you did nothing wrong!?" she yells while her tears stop.

Naruto gives her a sad smile, "I'm just… used to life screwing me over, though I never thought I'd die like…this" he lets out a small humorless chuckle.

Shizune hung her head while holding back more tears threatening to break free, her mind is racing a mile a minute trying to find some way to get her blond out of this. 'Wait…my blond?' she thinks to herself with a deeper blush.

It's true that even before he was locked up that the two would hang out any chance they could, most of the times he barged into the Hokage's office was in fact to spend time with Shizune before he was sent out on a mission.

The two could have been mistaken for a couple if not for the slight age difference, not like that would matter to a shinobi anyhow.

With her mind made up she looks Naruto straight in the eyes with a fiery determination only a few have seen her possess, "I'm going to find a way to get you out Naruto-kun, I won't allow you to die not like this."

Without a single thought to hold her back she slams her lips against his taking the opportunity to slip her tongue inside his mouth to explore, Naruto just sat there wide eyed for a few moments before he realized what was happening.

It didn't take him long to return the kiss, battling her tongue with his own earning a grateful moan from Shizune, the two kept it up until the needs for air broke them apart with a single trail of saliva still connecting the two for a second before it snaps.

"I'll be back Naruto-kun, I promise." She says and rushes out of the cell to go speak to her master.

Late afternoon.

Naruto's cell door was slid open revealing several Anbu guards and Tsunade who looks like she had been drinking again, "It's time." She tells him with the same downcast expression as before.

"Where's Shizune?" Naruto asks while looking around.

"She has been placed under house arrest, don't worry she will be fine." Tsunade answers while the Anbu start to unbolt the chains from the walls, the last thing Naruto would see for a while was the inside of the black bag bound around his head.

"Let's go." She orders the guards who once more drag Naruto out of his cell to wherever they would be going.

After an unknown amount of time and walking the bag is removed, if this was any other day then Naruto probably would have been surprised.

He finds himself on top on the Hokage tower with both arms bound outwards to poles on either side of him, the only plus side to this was probably that he is at least standing this time, below him in the streets of the village he can see every one of his friends in front of the huge crowd of civilians and other shinobi.

They look at Naruto with sorrow, they had finally gotten both sides of the story from Shizune who had heard it from Naruto during one of her visits, and they all feel horrible for what they have been doing to the blond and now he was going to die thinking they all hate him.

Up on the roof with Naruto are all of the Jounin sensei's , Tsunade with her Anbu guards and of course Sasuke Uchiha who as usual wore that 'I'm better than you in every way possible' smirk on his face, Kakashi looked indifferently at him while the rest of the team instructors looked upon him with pity.

"Well at least the villagers will be happy." Naruto says under his breath but everyone on the roof caught it which made most of them, with the exception of Sasuke and Kakashi, feel worse about the situation.

"Before we carry out the sentence, do you have anything you wish to say?" Tsunade asks while fighting back tears.

Naruto nods his head, "I would like to make a request."

The Blond Hokage motions for him to continue, seeing this he clears his throat and looks Sasuke dead in the eye, "I wish to fight for my freedom, I would like to challenge my executioner to a duel, if I win then I go free."

The large crowed started booing at the suggestion while the Hokage was in thought about the idea, if he beats his executioner then he could go free and she could try and fix things with him, the only problem is that Naruto hasn't had any training in just over three months.

"I am going to allow this." Tsunade orders much to the disbelief of the civilians, on the other hand all of his friends minus Sakura and Sasuke were looking at the young blond with hope in their eyes, they need to redeem themselves to him for their blind actions.

"Unbind him and escort them both to the arena!" Tsunade orders receiving a chorus of "Hai Hokage-sama!" from the Jounin on the roof with them.

Twenty minutes later

The entire village was up in the stands cheering for Sasuke to kill the demon brat minus most of the Shinobi who still had a great deal of respect for him after defeating a Bijuu on his own during the invasion.

Down in the arena both combatants were preparing for the oncoming fight, Sasuke was checking through his supplies while Naruto was scanning the spectators stands for Shizune, unfortunately she was still under house arrest.

"We have gathered here today at the request of Naruto Uzumaki, for a chance in freedom he has challenged his executioner Sasuke Uchiha to a duel, proctor for this fight will be Anko Mitarashi who will now explain the rules!" Tsunade announced to the crowd.

"Alright gaki's listen up, due to this being an execution match death is permitted as well as knock out, you are to go all out for this match and may the best gaki win!" Anko yelled with a half-eaten stick of dango in her mouth and several full ones in hand.

"Are you both ready?" Tsunade asks and with a confirmation nod from both fighters Tsunade begins to pray, she nods her head and raises her hand in the air, "Hajime!" she calls all the while the smirk on Sasuke's face just grew larger and larger,

"Ready to die dobe?" Sasuke asks while charging a chidori, Naruto just stood there staring at the person he once considered a second closest friend, "Alright then." Sasuke says and charges at the bound blond.

Naruto closes his eyes and thinks about Shizune while he waits for the brooding emo to get closer, "You're not going to waste my gift are you?" the voice of The Outsider rung around in his head forcing him to open his eyes, right before the chidori struck Naruto's chest a black mass appeared below him, the symbol on his hand glowing a beautiful multitude of colors.

Sasuke jumped back as a huge swarm of rats emerged from beneath the blond and stood around him in a protective formation, these rats looked strange to Sasuke and Naruto both, they have blood red eyes that seem to glow even in broad daylight, their fur was black as oil similar to The Outsider's.

"What the hell is this, you sending mice in to fight for you loser?" Sasuke taunts with a chuckle which was followed by almost every civilian in the stands, the rats however seem to understand the insult and each began to bare their fangs at the stuck up Uchiha.

Naruto looks between his enemy and his rats a few times before a wicked smirk that had Anko moist in the nether regions spreads across his face, his darker appearance of pale skin, darker eyes and longer hair not helping in making him look normal at all.

"Get him…" Naruto says calmly and on cue the swarm of rats charged at their target, Sasuke realizing the fight has started jumps from his position and flies through a set of very familiar handsigns before sending a giant ball of flame crashing down at Naruto.

Reacting on pure instinct Naruto lifts his hand to defend himself only for his symbol to glow a bright green before a power gust of wind soars and completely dispels the incoming attack.

"How the hell did he just do that?" is one of the many thoughts swirling in the minds of each shinobi present, it took a great deal of chakra control and mastery of a jutsu to not need a lot of handsigns, the only people they knew of that could do it were the previous Hokages.

This however was no jutsu, in fact it didn't use any chakra at all of course none of them or even Naruto knew this, some members of the Hyuuga clan had activated their byakugan to watch for irregular chakra usage.

Surprisingly to them the rats had no chakra at all, according to the teaching of the academy every living thing be it animal, person or plant have a chakra signature no matter how small, but for these creatures to have none at all was odd.

Upon closer inspection of the blonde's chakra system a black void could be seen in his right arm, there was no chakra at all surging through the coils in his arm which many believed meant they were completely destroyed.

"What's wrong Sasuke?" Naruto asked in a sickly sweet tone non-characteristic to his usual behavior.

"Shut up Dobe!" Sasuke yelled while throwing a handful of shuriken his way, Naruto was about to dodge but much to his shock the rats he summoned one by one jumped in the way of each projectile and started poofing away in a black smoke.

"Wow…" was all Naruto could say, had it been the toads he signed the contract for then he probably would have been hit with those weapons, "Loyal little guys aren't you?" he asks the rats who reply with a chorus of loud screeching noises.

"What kind of summons are those, I have seen the rats for the rat summoning contract and they look nothing like those and sure as hell wouldn't defend their summoner like that." Asuma Sarutobi asks/says earning the attention of the rest of the Jounin senseis.

"What do you mean Asuma?" Kurenai asks while looking between the fighters and her boyfriend.

"The main reason the rat summons aren't used by many people is because of their tendency to turn on their summoner's if a situation starts going downhill, they live by sacrificing those who sign the contract hence the reason there aren't many contract holders left." He explains while lighting up a smoke.

"The real question is how he even got the contract in a prison cell, isn't he a contract holder of the toads too?" Kakashi asks which earned him a hate filled glare from the rest even Gai.

"Why do you even care, didn't you dismiss him as a student a while back?" Kurenai shot at the masked Jounin.

Kakashi remained quiet as they all went back to watching the fight.

"Why are you holding back, didn't you want to kill me?" Naruto asks with genuine confusion, "Why are you even still here, I figured you would have left the village again the moment you were fully healed, aren't you trying to get power from Orochimaru anymore?"

Sasuke in a fit of rage activates his fully matured first stage sharingan and charges a chidori, after it fully charged Sasuke rushed the pale blond completely forgetting about the rats, the crowd let out a large cheer as the technique struck home.

All of the Konoha eleven were watching with horror, there Naruto stood with an arm plunged through his other shoulder, electricity was still cackling and Naruto hadn't made a single sound, Anko was about to call the match thinking he was probably dead before Naruto raised both arms and put a vice grip on Sasuke's forearm.

"Cripple him…" Naruto says darkly as the rats at both their feet started climbing up both of them heading for Sasuke's arm, before he had a chance to even fight them off the rats started ripping the flesh from bone.

The crowd went completely silent as the rats ate through the last Uchiha's arm completely tearing it off at the elbow, his screams of pain could be heard well outside of the arena, after the arm was removed from its owner Sasuke fell backwards and crawled away as best he could.

Naruto watched as his enemy and ex-rival crawled back with pain and anger spread across his face, with a pained grunt Naruto removed the arm that was lodged in his shoulder and threw it to the rats that greedily devoured it within seconds.

"You can't use Jutsu anymore Sasuke, give up or I will feed you to my friends…" Naruto says while his rats started slowly drawing closer to the disarmed ninja.

"How dare you do this to me dobe, I'm an Uchiha an elite!" Sasuke rants while adding pressure to his wound to slow the blood loss.

"The only thing I see in front of me is a coward who betrayed his village and tried to kill his friends for power, you may be an Uchiha Sasuke but above that you are a traitor and the only reason you are alive right now is because if you died then there would be no chance of the sharingan to be in the leaf village again." Naruto says in a barren tone as a red chakra cloak emerges from his body.

Every shinobi in the stands were ready to strike thinking the kyuubi was being released, they were stopped by Neji Hyuuga who pointed out with his byakugan that Naruto's wounds are being healed by the chakra.

Sasuke was beginning to freak out, he remembers what happened when Naruto did the same thing during their fight at the valley of the end, "S-stay back, don't come near me!" he yells while pushing himself further from the blond.

"I'm not going to kill you Sasuke, those who betray their mission are trash." Naruto starts while looking directly at Kakashi, "But those who betray their comrades are worse than trash, that's what we were taught and in respect for that teaching I won't end your life this day."

Kakashi looks like he was about to cry which didn't go unnoticed by the others, as soon as those words left Naruto's lips the cloak diminished leaving a fully healed Naruto standing over a heavily bleeding Uchiha.

Taking this opportunity to intervene before the sharingan wielder does something stupid Anko jumps down into the arena with a smile aimed at the blond which he returned in full, "Winner and now free man Naruto Uzumaki!"

Every ninja present got up and cheered for the blond as he was ushered out of the arena by Anko and Sasuke by medics, the civilians were sitting there speechless, the one good chance at killing the demon brat and it was ruined by their Uchiha-sama.

Tsunade left the Hokage box via shunshin and appeared before Anko and Naruto with a nervous look on her face, the young blond just stopped dead in his tracks and starts staring at his leader with a blank look.

Both Tsunade and Anko can see the slight trembling of his hands mistaking it for fear, the idea of him fearing one of his precious people could bring tears to a normal person's eyes if they knew what kind of life he lived before.

Not wanting to make things worse than she already has Tsunade switches her gaze to Anko, "Anko, could you please get him cleaned up for the council meeting that is no doubt going to take place." She says as more of an order than request.

Anko gives a small smile towards their leader and nods her head before leading a still slightly shaking Naruto completely out of the arena and towards her home, Tsunade watches them leave before making her way to the home of her apprentice to deliver the good news.

Anko's Apartment.

The walk to the normally sadistic kunoichi's home was thankfully quiet, it gave Naruto some time to think about what was probably going to happen next as if he really had to guess real hard, 'They are probably going to call for my death again for hurting their precious Uchiha.' Naruto thinks to himself as the duo reach the front door on the fourth level of the apartment complex.

"Well gaki this is my place, go take a seat on the couch or something and I'll be right back." Anko says while opening the door, Naruto gives her a nod and plops down on the very comfortable seat while looking around the decent sized apartment.

The home was painted a pale purple and decorated with leather furniture that contrary to their appearance were all very soft and comfortable, the walls and several desks are decorated with pictures of Anko with her friends but what caught his eyes was a single picture of Anko and Shizune along with a couple others he didn't know personally.

'I wonder how long they have known each other, I'll have to ask Shizu—ah shit I forgot about Shizune!' Naruto smacks his forehead at the realization that Shizune likely thinks he is dead right now, 'I'm gonna have to go see her after I'm done with the council….speaking of the council…'

Anko came back into the room about to tell the blond gaki to use the shower until she saw him grinning evilly to nothing in particular, a part of her is very very proud at the slight show of mental instability but she packs it away in her mind for later, "Hey brat, you smell like death and rats so go take a shower, I have some clean clothes laid out on the bathroom counter for you."

Her voice snapped Naruto from his psychotic rampage of a day dream, he smiles at his newest friend and hops off the couch, "Thanks Anko-neechan!" he cheers happily before bolting to the shower thankful he can get washed for the first time in three months.

Anko couldn't help the warm feeling she got every time he called her that, it was around their second scheduled visit that he began to refer to her as his sister and for someone who, much like the young blond didn't have much of a family growing up it meant a lot to her.

About fifteen minutes later Naruto steps out of the bathroom in the clothing Anko had set out for him, to Anko he looks like a badass in her old hooded trench coat. The coat itself was made from very durable leather that had been dyed a dark almost black grey color with equally dark purple trimmings, under this he worse a simple mesh shirt with some cloth covered armor plating around the chest and stomach.

His pants are just a slightly baggy pair of ANBU black ops shinobi pants left un-tucked at the ends so they covered his dark blue shinobi sandals at the ankles, the last touch was a small black hair band which he now uses to tie his longer hair back into a ponytail similar to a certain famed Uchiha.

'Now all he needs is a skull themed ANBU mask and he would make for quite the intimidating ninja…nah what am I thinking he's perfect the way he is now." Anko thinks to herself before giving the pale blond a whistle in approval. "Not bad gaki, glad to see my old clothes fit you alright."

Naruto smiles before doing a quick spin making the coat tails flap behind him for a moment, "Thanks for the outfit nee-chan it's awesome!" Naruto chirps while scratching his marked hand a bit which catches Anko's attention.

"Aren't you a bit young for tattoos gaki, when did you find the time to get one anyway?" she asks honestly confused since he didn't have it during his time in his cell.

Naruto jumps from the sudden question, 'Shit I never thought about a convincing story for this thing yet!...crap what do I say?' the pale blond yells inside his head, honestly he thought he would just wear gloves or something after he was free but he totally forgot about them.

With a sigh Naruto sat down next to Anko and explained what happened after the Hokage visited his cell and the strange man that gave him the mark, to say Anko was surprised would be like saying Jiraiya was only an average pervert.

"Interesting story there gaki, let's keep this between just us for now alright?" Anko says as more of a suggestion than request but the point was still made clear to the blond, if the council or anybody who didn't like him for that matter figured out there was somebody out there who could give out strange powers like Orochimaru then there would be trouble for both of them.

"Alright Anko-neechan I'll keep it to myself, so when is this council meeting or whatever going to happen?" Naruto asks while leaning back into the couch a bit, the thought of having to deal with the people who want him dead the most was not something he was looking forward to at all.

"Well they should be about ready now so why don't we head on over and get this over with." Anko replies with a sigh, the two hop off the couch and leave the apartment at a decent pace and head on over to the Hokage tower, before they were fully out of the small complex Naruto raises his hood as they walk.

Anko raises a brow at him to which he just shrugs, "Easier if they don't recognize me for a while, I did just disarm their favorite pet." He explains as they walk causing Anko to laugh at the arm joke.

The trip from her home to the tower wasn't very long at all considering how close Anko lived to the tower, it took the two five minutes at best to reach the tall building and head inside, once entering they were greeted to the sight of an irritated looking secretary talking to a familiar pink haired girl.

"What do you mean she's too busy!?" Sakura yells at the secretary who looks like she could use a drink or two at this point.

"I am sorry Haruno-san but lady Hokage specifically stated that she is not to be disturbed until the council meeting is over." The young secretary calmly explains to the fuming banshee of a kunoichi.

"But she needs to go to the hospital and fix Sasuke-kun's arm didn't she see what that demon traitor did to him!?" Sakura continues to yell in rage at what she saw, before the secretary could retort in any way Anko started laughing earning both of their attention.

"Well I saw it and I gotta say it was one of the funniest things I have seen in my life." The trench coat clad kunoichi says between her fits of laughter, Naruto just stood there with a small smirk.

Sakura was about to give the purple haired bitch a piece of her mind before her gaze landed on a hardly recognizable Naruto standing beside her, "What the hell are you doing here you baka!?" Sakura demanded while stomping up to the blond to slug him in the face for hurting her crush.

Before anyone could blink Anko was behind Sakura with a kunai to her throat and her trademark sadistic grin spread across her face, "Attacking a fellow Konoha shinobi out in public, tsk tsk bubblegum you should know better than that."

Sakura froze in fear and desperately looked to Naruto for assistance to which he grew an amused expression on his face with a slight tilt to his head, "You seriously want me to help you after everything that has happened, if it wasn't for my annoying morals I'd let Anko gut you but that would get her in trouble too." Naruto states to the amusement of the secretary and Anko but the horror of Sakura.

"B-but we are teammates, you wouldn't really let her kill me right N-Naruto-kun?" Sakura pleads to no avail.

Naruto just shrugs and walks past her quickly followed by Anko as they went to check in with the secretary, "Sorry for the scene, has the council meeting started yet we are supposed to be there?" Naruto explains/asks to which the secretary nods and gets up to lead them upstairs which pissed off Sakura greatly but she was still too frightened to move.

Two flights of stairs and a civil conversation with the secretary later the duo found themselves outside the council chambers which was guarded by two ANBU black ops standing on either side of the door, Anko waved at the one wearing a cat mask earning a slight nod in response.

"Friend of yours nee-chan?" Naruto asks as the approach the door. "I'll tell ya later Naruto-kun." Anko responds while the two enter the chambers. The moment the door opened a large amount of yelling could be heard from within the room and upon closer inspection it turned out to be the civi-council doing a big part of it.

The moment Naruto and Anko stepped inside the room fell silent as the grave, all eyes were on the two who calmly walked to the center of the room between the civilian and shinobi councils. With a quick bow each the meeting started.

"Naruto Uzumaki do you know why you are here today?" Inoichi asks with a questioning gaze. "Because I fed part of the last Uchiha to the rats?" Naruto asks sarcastically earning a small grin from Anko and hateful glares from most of the civilian council members.

"Check your tone brat you are standing before your betters." A large civi-council member spat with nods from the rest.

"All I see is a group of highly respected clan leaders and a small group of weaklings under the delusion that they hold power over the ninja of this village, remember that I am still a ninja of this village and as such this is a shinobi matter so you all can piss off." Naruto says with a bow the shinobi council members when he spoke of them.

"Brat has a point." Anko says which was followed by nods by every shinobi including the Hokage in the room.

"Back to the topic at hand." Tsunade says gaining full attention, "Naruto you have been brought here on request of the civilian council members to discuss your methods of fighting Sasuke Uchiha as well as the strange jutsu you demonstrated during the match."

"Well to answer the first part I was under the impression that it was a death match, of course I let the prick live but that doesn't mean I was willing to let him get away with stabbing me for a second time with that kami forsaken jutsu Hatake-san taught him." Naruto says with a pause at the end letting the information sink in.

"He should be executed for crippling Uchiha-sama!" a random civi council woman yells while pointing at the blond who was just standing there with a smirk.

"You do know the whole reason for that match was for my freedom right, just because your little pet Uchiha was to rage blinded to fight properly isn't my fault or concern seeing as I won." Naruto says in an even tone.

"What of those jutsu we all saw you use during the match, none of us have seen anything like them before and Asuma-san explained to us that those rats were not from the summoning contract." Shibi Aburame asks.

"I have the right to decline any information on the workings of the jutsu in my arsenal." Naruto responds making the civilian council even angrier at him.

"You will tell us how these jutsu work and then you will teach Sasuke Uchiha how to use them or you will face the consequences!" a brown haired civi-council member shouts from her seat.

Naruto then adopts a thinking pose for several minutes before smiling at the group which made them think he gave in, "Alright I'll tell you how to do them." He says making the civi-council grin evilly, "But in exchange I want all the secret jutsu from the Hyuuga, Aburame ,Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi and Inuzuka clans before I teach anyone anything." He says in a clearly sarcastic tone coupled with a large grin.

"You have no right demanding that of the shinobi council!" a fat council member yells while slamming his hands down on the table.

Naruto tilts his head in mock confusion, "So it's okay for you all to make me give up my own jutsu just because I have no clan?" he asks with a smile at the reactions of the group.

The shinobi were snickering since they all caught the jab but the civilians were all fuming with the exception of one pink haired member, 'Just like his mother.' She thinks to herself with a small smile.

"What is the symbol tattooed on your hand for?" Tsume asks with genuine curiosity causing the rest to look at it in wonder as well. Naruto just shrugs his shoulders, "It's just a tattoo, and it doesn't do anything special if that's what you meant."

They all seemed to accept this minus the Hokage and Civilian-council members who all felt minus the pink haired one that he was hiding something.

"Can you explain this drastic change in appearance to use please?" Chouza asks in a friendly manner.

Naruto points to Anko, "She did it." He says in a mock accusing manner which made her laugh. "Come on you gotta admit the gaki looks better in this than that orange monstrosity." She says with more nods of approval.

"So is there anything else cause if not I would like to get home and sleep on something other than my knees for once." Naruto asks hoping it would be the end of this meeting, in reality he just wanted to go see Shizune and let her know he is still alive.

"No you can't leave you filthy demon child! You still haven't explained any of the jutsu yet!" one of the civilian council yelled in a rage at being ignored by the Kyuubi spawn.

Naruto looked the man dead in the eyes before placing his hands inside his coat to prevent the glow from being seen at what he was about to do, In an instant the room became purely black as if in a void before the walls floor and even the ceiling were surrounded with tiny glowing red eyes and the small screeches of rats.

Everyone was now on edge at the scene before them, well the shinobi were on full alert while the civilians were shaking in their seats with fear, "You don't need to know anything nor will I ever tell you so long as you hold this illusion of power thinking yourself better than everyone else, you civilian council members make me ashamed at being part of the same village as you in fact the only good one among you is her." Naruto states with a deadly tone that promised pain before pointing to the pink haired council woman who sat unaffected by the events.

"Unlike the rest of you people she has not glared at me once neither has she yelled or demanded a single thing from me, you all should take lessons from her some time." He continues with a glare, "If I hear a single one of you demand anything else out of me that has anything to do with my jutsu then I will not hesitate to feed you to my friends here, it looks like they grew a taste for arrogance from the Uchiha anyways."

With that said the room returned to normal and the rats disappeared from sight leaving a relieved group of shinobi and a frightened civilian council, "Okay that's enough for today this meeting is hereby concluded, Naruto you are free to go." Tsunade said in her best Hokage voice though on the inside she was laughing up a storm at the civilians.

"Hai Hokage-sama." Naruto replies with a bow before exiting the building with Anko, as soon as the two left the building Anko and Naruto said their goodbyes for now and went their separate ways for the remainder of the day.

Naruto who wanted nothing more than to see a certain Kage's apprentice headed towards the shinobi apartment district in a steady pace with a smile on his face.

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