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Chapter 2: Happy reunions and a mission?

Minutes after Anko and Naruto went their separate ways the hooded blond found his way into the shinobi housing section of the village, apparently the news of his victory had spread like wild fire to those who weren't present at the little event he came to this conclusion by all of the heavy hate filled glares the civilians were giving him.

That didn't bother Naruto at all though since he knew things weren't going to get any better for him after surviving his execution and crippling the last of the Uchiha, the only differences it seemed were in the Shinobi populace who instead of treating him like the plague or ignoring him completely now look at the young ninja with happiness and hints of awe for surviving his untimely demise.

Many of the shinobi considered Naruto's sentence completely ridiculous, he had completed his mission as he was ordered to and in return they try to execute him. A similar thought had been crossing the minds of many ninja since the news and that was why they even needed a civilian council since they had been the main reason for his unfair treatment.

Of course none of this was currently on the mind of the young blond shinobi, right now the only thing he can think of was seeing Shizune and with that thought taking supremacy in his mind he found himself at the bottom of the stairs for her apartment building.

With a determined hop in his steps he made his way up the stairs to the third floor of the complex and stopped in front of her door, growing up the way he did gave the blond a kind of sixth sense that let him know when someone was around that normally can't be seen.

He barely noticed the Genjutsu placed in the corners of the hallway and even a couple on the ceiling, Naruto may have not been the smartest person in the world but even he knew about the ANBU forces since he had been saved by them a few times when he was younger.

With a small smirk he waved to the slight distortions in view before knocking lightly on Shizune's door, he had to be honest with himself that he was feeling pretty nervous right now but like most things in his life he wouldn't let it stop him.

Naruto Waited for a couple minutes before he was about to knock again but suddenly the door opened and the sight before him made him want to embrace his love and never let her go, Standing in the apartment with tear stained cheeks and puffy red eyes stood Shizune.

The Kage's apprentice looked over the hooded stranger before whipping her face clear of any stray tears, "C-Can I help you?" she asks through small sobs, Naruto immediately drops his hood and looks up to her with a small sincere smile.

"Hi Shizune-chan." He said before being brought into a near bone crushing hug by the Hokage's apprentice, "I'm here it's okay." Naruto says while gently stroking her hair while she cries into his chest and shoulder. After a few minutes her cries subsided to a slightly elevated breathing, being as gentle as possible Naruto scoops her up bridal style and makes his way into her apartment.

As careful as he could Naruto sat them both on the couch with Shizune in his lap who took the opportunity to snuggle closer into the young blond with both arms wrapped around his neck, "I-I thought you were d-dead!" she started with more tears streaming down her face "Tsunade-sama w-wouldn't let me be there for you and I wasn't let out of my apartment and I could hear the villagers cheering and—" Naruto cut her off with at first a soft kiss on the lips.

A little shaken from the sudden act Shizune slowly melted into the kiss before taking the initiative and deepening for all he is worth, Naruto on the receiving end felt her tongue brush across his lip and on instinct the two began their tongue war.

The intimate show of affection went on for several minutes before the two had to break for air much to the displeasure of both, thankfully for Naruto his idea to calm Shizune down some worked like a charm if the big smile she currently has on her face is anything to go by.

"What happened?" She finally asks while clearing away any tears with a free hand, with the question asked Naruto went into detail about everything that happened to him between the last time he saw her and now. Of course to any normal person the ideas of a strange man randomly popping into his cell and giving him a weird power would be seen as a warning, but for Shizune it is the best possible thing to have happened for them in a while.

"I can't believe the nerve of those council assholes!" Shizune says in a raised voice barely a hint towards her anger, Naruto at first was a bit frightened at her sudden mood change but knowing it's in his defense makes him feel warm inside. "Yeah, the only good ones are the shinobi side and the lady with pink hair…I'm not sure what her name is though." Naruto admits with a sheepish grin.

Shizune nods at his statement before adopting a thinking pose, "I believe that is Akahana Haruno, she is Sakura's mother." She says with a nod to herself certain her info is correct. Naruto's eyes could have leapt from his skull they got so wide, "But she's always so nice to me, and Sakura's always so mean!" he nearly yells while shaking his head clear of the thought. "Are you sure they are related?" he asks as a half joke.

Shizune laughs a bit before turning semiserious, "So what happens now?" she asks and slips off his lap and onto the couch next to him, "I'm not sure, I'll probably be put back on the same team with the two people who hate me the most right now and continue being a shinobi for the village." Naruto says with a sigh at the thought of being stuck with his old teammates once more. "That is assuming someone managed to find a new arm for the Teme."

"Somehow I don't think it will be that hard considering how much the council spoils the brat, I'd be surprised if they didn't order someone from our ranks to give up an arm for him." Shizune replies with a roll of the eyes followed by a snort from Naruto.

"Well I should head back to my place to make sure it is still standing, and as for you Shizune-chan you need to get some sleep okay?" Naruto says/asks while standing up from the couch with a stretch, "Okay…but you better come see me tomorrow Naruto-kun!" Shizune says with a mock ordering tone coupled with a playful smirk which he gladly returns. Before leaving Naruto stepped up to the still sitting Shizune and bent down to plant a chaste kiss on her lips before smiling and walking to and then out the door leaving a smiling Shizune to get some sleep.

Quietly closing the door behind him Naruto turns to the ANBU still in hiding and waves at them once more before making his way out of the apartment complex, once at the bottom of the stairs and making his way through the lobby Naruto gets 'treated' to the sight of one Sakura Haruno waiting outside for him along with Ino Yamanaka and the rest of the rookies minus those who were a part of the retrieval mission and Sasuke for obvious reasons.

With a deep sigh the blond raises his hood and calmly walks through the doorway and attempt to ignore the group and keep walking but is stopped by a tight hold on his right arm "Is there something you need from me?" Naruto asks with obvious signs of irritation in his tone, honestly he just wants to go home and relax on his bed for a while but of course things are never so easy.

"What are you doing here baka?" Sakura asks not even bothering to try and conceal the hate in her words, with a quick look over the group who all seem to not share her anger at the moment Naruto turns to look Sakura in the eye. "My business is my own Haruno-san."

With that said Naruto once more turned to walk away but again is stopped by the same grip on his arm which only got tighter as he struggles to walk away, "I'm not done talking to you Naruto-baka don't walk away from me!" Sakura shouts at the hooded jinchuuriki causing several of the group to cover their ears to protect their ability to hear.

With a violent jerk of his arm Naruto frees himself of her vice like grip and continues to walk away from the dumbfounded group, Ino being the first to return to reality only blinks a couple times in surprise "Wow Forehead he actually ignored you, that's not like him at all." She says looking at the pink haired fan girl who is practically radiating a murderous aura.

"W-What now?" Hinata asks with her usual stutter, with a huff of annoyance Sakura marches in the direction the blond left in while yelling "We follow him!" to the rest as she goes. The rest can only sigh at being dragged into this by their pink haired friend all wondering if it is worth earning the wrath of their blond comrade.

Ahead of the group we find Naruto once more walking through the village with his hood raised in an attempt at ignoring and muffling out the whispers of the blissfully arrogant civilians and some shinobi, all of whom are still very pissed that the container to the kyuubi still lives. 'Guess being left alone was too much to hope for.' Naruto thinks to himself as he walks through the ninja housing district and back into the market district.

As he walks down the dirt path of the market and weaving between the crowd of people going about their business Naruto didn't notice he is being followed by the same group he walked away from earlier, being shinobi it's pretty easy for the few to keep hidden within the crowd and still follow their 'target' without being seen.

Thanks to the large crowd and his new clothes most of the populace didn't recognize him much to his utter joy, it is rare for him to be able to walk down a street and not receive glares from everyone. The trip through the market district took longer than usual thanks to how busy it is but after a good half hour or so of walking he made it to his home.

The red light district of Konoha, what could be best described by any normal person as a place for the bottom of the social barrel to come together for shady business. To Naruto this part of the village isn't a pit of unwanted scum and criminals, to him this was home in every sense of the word. Contrary to popular belief the citizens of the red light district are relatively good people, so long as you left them to their business and don't ask unnecessary question then you are golden.

The group of semi stealthy teenage shinobi began to watch Naruto as he makes his way down the dirt road giving the passers by a quick wave or friendly nod, "What do you think he's doing here?" Tenten asks in a whisper to the group. "Isn't he too young to be in a place like this?" Ino continues for her panda haired friend.

As they continue to follow their target around they can't help but notice the people of the district greeting the blond happily as he goes along, what really caught them all off guard is the women of the various bordellos would sometimes walk right up to Naruto and give him a friendly hug. Of course what made it even worse in their ignorant eyes is that he would calmly return the hugs and stop moving to chat with the women for a good half hour each before moving on once more.

"I knew he was a pervert!" Sakura shouts from one of the rooftops which is quickly muffled out by the rest covering her mouth so she didn't blow their cover, luckily for them he wasn't paying much attention having stopped to chat with another random civilian.

"Sakura are you trying to get us caught?" Ino scolds in a hushed tone followed by glares from the rest aimed at the pink haired girl.

"Sorry…" she replies with a sheepish grin, the rest just sweatdrop and return to what they had been doing since they started following Naruto around. Speaking of which, "Sakura why are we even following him anyway, what are we trying to find out?" Tenten asks.

"So we can catch the baka doing something evil and demonic, that way lady Tsunade-sama won't have any other choice than to kill him." Sakura says as if it's the simplest thing in the world. The rest just stare at her like she is a moron which to be honest isn't far from the truth.

"Well in that case I'm gonna go home and rest before team training tomorrow." Tenten says and starts walking off followed by Hinata and Ino. "Wait where are you going, we need to get him in trouble!" Sakura yells after her friends making them stop and glare at her.

"Why should we risk ourselves over something like that Sakura?" Ino asks hoping for a sensible answer in return.

"Because he hurt Sasuke-kun of course!" the pinkette replies once more like it's common knowledge that if someone crosses an Uchiha it's punishable by certain death.

"That's why we are leaving Sakura, we don't want to get in trouble over a stuck up prick like Sasuke." Hinata says in an amazing show of confidence and without a stutter in sight! Saying her piece she along with the other two turns and leaves again.

Sakura just stood there with a hanging jaw and wide eyes as if Kami herself just descended from the sky and gave her the finger, she can't understand what just happened. Confusion quickly turned to anger, as is the norm for the pink haired fangirl. Without her friends around to protect her Sakura no longer feels safe in the 'Scum district' and runs to catch up with her friends back in the civilized side of the village.

Back with Naruto we find the young blond casually strolling down the road with a victorious grin on his face. 'They seriously need to work on their stealth, like I am seriously gonna go to my own home while they follow me around like a bunch of creepy stalkers.' He thinks to himself with a laugh. Taking a left he heads through the maze like alleyways and within minutes he finds himself standing outside his apartment complex.

He walks forward and lowers his hood to show his face to the gang guarding the building, with a high five to the youngest of the group guarding the stairs Naruto casually strolls up to the top floor. Around four years ago one of the many street gangs had bought the building he lives in and under their control the amount of break-ins he had went from daily to none in under a week.

Naruto of course gets along with them well enough, being friends with the people who own your house is always a good idea. After his quick ascent up the stairs Naruto opens his apartment door and flips on the light closing the door behind him.

Again thanks to the guards he never has to lock his door, it never helped him before but now he just doesn't need to worry about it. Discarding his new coat and placing it on his couch Naruto began his usual routine of making sure everything is in the right place. To a normal person this might look like a case of obsessive compulsive disorder but in reality he is just used to doing it having done it since he was very small.

He continued to do this until late in the afternoon, cleaning had always made him feel at peace despite what many would think if they heard that Naruto is a pretty sanitary person when he wants to be. He just never wanted to be around his team mates and fellow shinobi after all deception is key.

Not to say Naruto is secretly a genius or anything but he isn't actually stupid either, he just let people think that about him because it kept them off his back. Naruto is brought out of his thoughts by a knock on the door.

Without a hint of hesitation he opens the door and is greeted by the sight of the same guard at the stairs, "Hey Naruto, some ANBU is here for you they didn't say why." The kid says and heads back to his post without waiting for a reply.

"Can't even go a day with rest it seems." Naruto mumbles to himself and walks out leaving his coat behind opting to just go in his mesh shirt and black Anbu pants. Closing his door behind him and casually making his way down the stairs he spots the cat masked ANU about half way down who is standing on the other side of the street away from the building.

With a sigh he greets the gang again and walks to the ANBU across the way, "How can I help you ANBU-san?"

"Hokage-sama requires your presence in her office." The cat mask wearing ANBU says with a short bow and disappears in a swirl of leaves, Naruto on the other hand just settles for a groan and begins to walk all the way back to the tower.

It took Naruto only twenty or so minutes to reach the tower after he left the red light district, running at his full speed across the rooftops right in the direction required of him. He manages to skid to a stop right outside the door to the lobby of the building, 'Seriously it's like they have nothing better to do other than bother me these days.' He thinks to himself as he once again walks into the building.

Thankfully unlike earlier the lobby is empty minus the single secretary in the back of the room who Naruto ignored completely as he walks past her desk and up the stairs to his 'baa-chan's' office. The only thought going through the blonde's head at this moment are prayers that Jiraiya or Shizune or someone he knows will be there.

Naruto stops in front of Tsunade's office door and knocks a couple times before awaiting permission to enter, "Come in!" the voice of his leader invites from the other side, with a quick sigh Naruto pushes the door open and steps in to unfortunately see only the Hokage in the office.

"You called for me Hokage-sama." Naruto says with a customary bow before his commanding officer.

"Yes I did…" Tsunade begins not entirely sure how she should go about what needs to be said to her surrogate son. "The council and I have selected you for a mission." Naruto stands in a relaxed but no unguarded stance and nods for her to continue.

"Several days ago we received a request for aid by a country across the sea, point of origin is a very large city called Dunwall." Tsunade says while resting her head on her hands, "It seems that their leader was murdered and her daughter kidnapped, you are being sent there to retrieve the late empress's daughter and help any other way you can before coming back."

"Is there an estimated time on how long I will be gone Hokage-sama?" Naruto asks half liking the sound of leaving for a while, while the other half of him doesn't want to leave Shizune for very long.

Tsunade shakes her head in a negative, "This mission has an indefinite time limit, it will go until your job is finished and are cleared to leave by the employers."

Naruto can't help but frown a little at the information but a mission is a mission and he'd rather be out doing something than stuck here surrounded by Uchiha loving arrogant pricks. "Is this a solo mission?" he asks praying his team aren't coming with him, and for once his prayers are answered in the form of the Hokage's nod.

"Yes you will be going alone to better blend in whereas a large group would be harder to hide." Tsunade answers with a hint of worry in her tone, she doesn't want to send him on this mission but she once again was over ruled by the council. She's going to have to fix this council problem while Naruto is gone.

"When do I leave?" he asks now hoping he will have time to say goodbye to Shizune and the others. Tsunade retrieves the mission scroll and tosses it to Naruto who catches it with little to no effort, "You leave in five hours, this gives you time to pack anything you may need and to say good bye to anyone you need to."

Naruto nods and then bows to his leader before leaving the office, once back outside and sneaking past the still angry secretary Naruto creates several shadow clones to go and inform what's left of his friends that he will be gone for a while. Another clone was sent to go pack while the original Naruto starts rooftop hoping back to Shizune's place to say goodbye.

It took Naruto significantly less time to reach her home this time around thanks to actually using his skills as a shinobi, he quickly makes his way up the stairs after blurring through the lobby and stops in front of her door.

Naruto knocks on the door and waits a couple minutes before a slightly better rested Shizune opens the door, "Hey Naruto-kun, what's going on?" she asks while rubbing her left eye with the palm of her hand an action Naruto finds cute.

"Hokage-sama is sending me on a mission and I'm leaving in four or so hours." Naruto says still a little sad he might be away for a long time. Shizune blinks in surprise before finally processing what was just said, "But you were just freed it hasn't even been a day and she's sending you away on a mission?" She asks to which Naruto nods.

"How long will you be gone?" she now asks sounding sad. Naruto hangs his head a little before he answers "I'm not sure, the mission was given an indefinite time limit so it could be a few weeks or a couple months before I am home." Naruto says depressed.

Shizune gives him a sad smile followed by a quick hug, "Well you are going to have to tell me all about it when you get back then won't you?" she says with a cheery tone in an attempt to alleviate the mood some.

Thankfully it worked as Naruto returns the hug with a smile of his own, the two let go of each other before a small awkward silence surrounded the two. "Shizune-chan…when I get back would you like to go out with me for dinner or something?" he asks practically radiating nervousness much to the amusement of Shizune.

Deciding to play with him a bit she adopts a mock thinking pose as if finding it hard to answer the question as well as making him even more nervous than he already is, "I would love to Naruto-kun." She says with a sincerely happy smile which the blond also returned.

"Great! Just you wait I'll have this mission done in no time flat and when I get back we will have the best date ever that's a promise!" Naruto cheers with his foxy grin and after giving her another quick hug he rushed off to get ready to leave, totally forgetting he had made clones to do it for him.

Shizune was left with a smile and something to look forward to, 'Looks like things are finally looking up.' She thinks to herself unknowing that neither would see each other for a long time.

Three hours and several goodbyes later Naruto is seen walking the dirt road to the village's main gates wearing the clothes Anko gave him as well as a backpack, he keeps his hood down thinking it doesn't matter if they see him now.

As he reaches the main gates he sees nobody around since he already did his goodbyes and opts for showing the guards his clearance to leave and sets off for his newest mission at a decent pace. He had read his mission scroll details while his clones were packing.

Rank: B-A Rank.

Type: Infiltration/Assassination and Recovery.

Contact: Samuel Beechworth.

Rendezvous point: Nami No Kuni. (Directions at the bottom.)

Main objective: The rescue of their empress's daughter.

Secondary Objective: Any additional aid the Loyalists require.

Duration: Indefinite.

Misc. Info: Travel expenses and temporary housing are to be taken care of by the contact/s as well as a disguise to blend in with the people of Dunwall the capital of Gristol. As the people on the other side of the sea don't use chakra you are required to keep the use of jutsu to a bare minimum to not blow your cover.

Now Naruto is of course sad that he has to leave Shizune and his friends the day he is freed but at the same time he is more excited about going to a new country and seeing things none from his village has before. A learning experience indeed.

Naruto has three days before he needs to meet with this Samuel person, lucky him being a ninja has certain perks such as tree hopping and using chakra to enhance one's speed. So doing just that, Naruto speeds through the forests oh fire country all through the first day and night before finally stopping in one of the smaller villages between him and his objective to rest up.

By the time he actually stops Naruto had made it half way to his destination by going full speed, with a tired sigh he looks around the village for an Inn or someplace warm to rest for the night. Finding appropriate lodgings was not very hard considering the smaller size of the village compared to the larger ninja villages in the elemental countries.

After having paid the sweet girl at the front desk, Naruto makes his way up the stairs with room key in hand. With a quick twist of the handle and a gentle push the door swings open revealing a very modest little room, all the of necessities are there.

A decently sized and comfortable bed, a small desk with a lamp already turned on, a door leading into the bathroom and a window with a good view of the surrounding village and forested areas. All in all it is better than where he actually lives by a long shot.

Locking the door followed by a quick shower and a bite to eat from the rations he brought with him, Naruto strips down to his boxers and hops under the covers of the bed. Within minutes he slips off to a blissful land of dreamless sleep.

One day later.

After his rest at the small village inn Naruto decided to just take the rest of his journey at a calm pace since he was already half way there by the time he stopped for sleep. Naruto now finds himself in the same village he and his team saved a while back. 'Still can't believe they named the bridge after me heheh.' He thinks to himself as he walks down the path.

'So I have some time to relax before I meet with the client, I wonder how Inari and Tazuna are doing.' With those thoughts in mind the hooded blond makes his way through the now thriving village and in the direction of his friend's home.

Tazuna and Tsunami had been overjoyed with seeing Naruto again, Inari wasn't in the village at the moment since the village managed to make enough money over Gato's accounts they were able to start an academy for ninjas. The teachers consisted of retired shinobi from all over who just wanted a quieter life than what they all had before.

Naruto was amazed that Inari was training to be a shinobi and even more so to hear he was the inspiration for it, after swapping stories and explaining his new look and the events that had caused it Tazuna was furious but Naruto managed to calm him down saying they weren't worth the brain power required to waste thinking about it.

He said his farewells and asked them to give Inari a hello for him and that he would visit again once his current mission is complete, Naruto is now heading to the designated meeting spot being one of the smaller piers in the village.

According to the mission scroll the only way for him and the client to reach their final destination is to cross the large sea, thoughts of giant water monsters and tales of mermaids crosses into his thirteen year old mind.

Reaching the pier it became relatively easy to spot his client, he is an older man with graying hair. His clothes were of a strange style Naruto and many of the others who have seen him recently have never seen, he wears a white shirt under a dark brown vest which is also covered by a tan overcoat. His pants are the same color of tan and slightly baggy, the ends are tucked into a pair of black leather boots and pair of black fingerless gloves completes his strange attire.

With a shrug the young blond casually walks up to the man, "Are you Samuel?" he asks getting the man's attention.

The man in question turns around and gives the young man before him a once over before smiling, "Yes I am, are you the one to chosen to take our request for help?" Samuel asks receiving a nod in return. "Good, we are set to leave any time you are ready the trip to the capital will take about a week from our current location." He says with a pause to let it sink in. "We will be making several stops along the way to refuel and stock our supplies as well."

Naruto nods again, "Let's get going then mister Beechworth." Naruto says as the two get on a large boat filled with people and cargo. "Please just call me Samuel…" the man says while drawing out the last bit. "Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto tells him catching the unanswered question.

"A pleasure to meet you Naruto, now then let us go get settled in we have a long trip ahead of us." Samuel says and with that the two go below deck to their rooms.

Three days into the voyage.

Naruto wakes up to the swaying motions of the ship, it has been three days since they boarded and it is quite possibly one of the single most boring things he has ever sat through. The only silver lining to having to sit around all day is some training he would get in each day and talking with Samuel about Dunwall.

Apparently from what Samuel is allowed to say, Dunwall is now under the control of some pretty bad people, there is a rat plague spreading throughout the city that makes people violent towards others and the so called security force has a habit out of killing civilians for fun.

All in all Naruto can truthfully say he doesn't like the people in power. When he had asked about his role in all of this Samuel said he would have to wait until the reach their destination and meet with a man named Havelock, from the way Samuel talks about the man he must be a great person.

Other than the couple conversations and watching the aquatic life that made themselves known everyone now and then, it is utterly boring for someone like Naruto who is used to being thrown headfirst into action and dangerous situations like it was a normal everyday occurrence. With nothing left to do, Naruto heads below deck to his cot for some alone time to think.

Before even a small trace of self-thought could be performed Naruto's vision became blurry, quickly following his sight problem Naruto starts to feel extremely weak as if poisoned. Stumbling forwards into his room, Naruto falls face first onto his cot and is out like a light, the only odd thing seen physically being the faintly glowing mark on his hand.

The First Dream.

Naruto's vision slowly clears itself of the blurriness that previously blinded him, shaking his head several times in order to aid in clearing his vision. Taking a moment to make sure his senses are up to par the young blond stands to his feet, taking in his surroundings Naruto becomes the most confused and wary he has ever been in years.

He is now standing on a dirt path, now normally that wouldn't be a problem except this particular path seems to be floating over an endless abyss. But even that isn't the weirdest part or this little turn of events, off a little ways to each side of the path Naruto can see what he can only think to describe as scenes. Walking down the path to the first scene, Naruto is greeted by the sight of himself in the full level one fox cloak, and the level two curse sealed Sasuke Jumping midway at each other with their respective jutsu in hand.

Oddly enough the whole thing seems to be frozen in time as the scene gently floats in place, with a lingering gaze Naruto slowly makes his way to the next scene. Before him now is a very tired looking Tsunade sitting at her desk, it looks to be raining outside her office and if he looks closer Naruto can easily see the pink tint on her cheeks and the scattered bottles of sake on the desk. Standing in front of her is none other than Homura and Koharu, two of the elder council members who seem to be yelling at the obviously drunk hokage.

Not caring enough to stick around much longer, Naruto walks further down the path, passing scenes such as him carrying the last Uchiha home, himself during the trial in the council chambers, his time being locked up in the prison cell. The scene that catches his attention though is of Shizune, crying on the covers of her bed while clutching one of the photos she and Naruto took together.

Shedding a tear at seeing his love in so much emotional pain, Naruto becomes determined to finish this mission as fast as humanly possible to return to her. Turning from the scene he runs down the path now looking for an escape from the odd place. Before getting far though Naruto runs straight into something and trips to the ground, having dealt with similar things happening because of villagers Naruto rolls and comes up in a ready stance.

To his shock however, the person before him only chuckles. "It is good to see you again, Naruto Uzumaki." The Outsider says with a welcoming smile, "Welcome to my realm, I hope you have enjoyed your stay so far. It is quite a treat really, to see bits of one's past." The oily haired man says with a hint of playfulness.

"Weird is more like it, this place feels strange." Naruto responds evenly while dropping his combat stance for a casual one. The outside smiles at the honest response, most mortals would be on their hands and knees thanking him for the experience but this boy was obviously different, and he knew that as a fact. 'I am greatly looking forward to the show young Uzumaki.' The man thinks to himself a moment.

"So why am I here?" Naruto asks with purely honest curiosity, not that he doesn't like talking to the man who gave him the means for freedom, but how hard is it to simply send a letter or come in person? The man in question simply shrugs in response. "To be honest I just wanted to make sure you got out okay, not that I was worried of course. The mark I provided you has some unique power to it if you haven't already seen." He says with a casual tone as if speaking of the weather.

Naruto slowly nods his head, the powers he has seen the mark do were amazing to feel during the fight, if he wasn't such a nice person he would have just killed the blasted Uchiha with them and been done with it. Alas, Naruto is not that kind of person to kill a comrade, even if they had tried to before on himself.

"To be honest with you, there real reason I brought you here is for a warning." The Outsider says bringing the young blond from his current trail or thought. "Do not give your trust freely or easily where you are going, there are those in Dunwall who will not hesitate to end you for having my mark." He says darkly as the world around them begins to crumble away. "Go now Naruto Uzumaki, go and put on a great show!" he cheers with a laugh as the world once more goes black.

The following morning.

Naruto wakes with a killer headache, the world seeming to spin around him. With shaky steps he brings himself to the bathroom and not so gracefully vomits into the sink. A burning sensation from his hand draws his unsteady gaze to the sight of the mark of the Outsider glowing a bright array of blues and greens.

He would consider it beautiful to look at had it not in fact cause him pain, thankfully though it only lasted for several minutes before cooling down with the glow fading back into black ink. The strang dream he had last night still swirling in his thoughts, along with the warning brought with it. "Things are going to get much harder, I just know it." He grumbles to himself.

With a tired yawn and proper stretch of his limbs, Naruto heads above deck to find Samuel, they should be arriving soon and he needs to get some training in before they dock. Little does the young hood blond know is that his life, as well as many others are about to get much much worse.

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