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An Old Enemy Arises


During sunset the jail was quiet, except for an unknown figure climbing up the side of the jail. The figure quietly climbed up to a pair of bars as he sprayed and acidic spray on the bars as it melted and fell with a clang onto the jail floor, causing the guard to turn around.

"What in the world, nice and easy Jack," warned the guard as he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the masked figure.

The figure wordlessly put his arm up, and sonic sound waves came out causing the guard to collapse and the figure continued to make his way through the prison, and grabbed the keys from the guard.

In a cell not too far away was Jackal and Wolf, Jackal was staring wistfully out of the bars that prevented his escape from freedom while Wolf was doing push-ups.

"Two-hundred one…two-hundred two..." and continued on as Jackal turned to stare at Wolf who was effortlessly doing one arm push-ups.

They both stopped what they were doing and turned to see Dingo in front of their cell.

"Dingo what are you doing here?" they questioned.

"Answers later," he replied as he put explosive putty on the door if their cell as it blasted it open.

The bells suddenly started shrilling at the explosion, and Dingo motioned for his comrades to exit the cell.

"Come along mates the guards will be wanting to talk to us soon, most likely," said Dingo as Jackal and Wolf quickly rushed out of the cell.

In another cell sat Hyena and Fox, as Hyena hit a cockroach with a makeshift sling shot.

"Why do you read?" sneered Hyena at Fox who was lying on the bottom bunk bed.

"Because Nichi's too Butch and Coffca reminds me of your little friends over there," retorted Fox over the shrill bell ring.

"Gotcha," remarked Hyena as she successfully hit another cockroach.

"Nice shot," remarked a voice, both women got up and turned to see the masked figure in front of their cell.

"Who the devil are you" asked Hyena.

"Call me Coyote," Coyote replied as he applied the explosive putty on their door like Dingo had.

Both women hurriedly retreated and cover their ears at the explosion.

"Are you coming or would you like to rot in jail?" offered Coyote as he held out to Hyena he glove with claws.

"Well, I like a man who brings me weapons," praised Hyena as she lovingly stroked the claws of the glove.

There was a bang as a female guard tried to hit Coyote with her club only for him to grab it, and throw her into Hyena's arms.

"Here's something to remember me by, for about five seconds," Hyena said in a sickly sweet voice as she moved her claws dangerously close to the frightened guard's neck.

"Hyena! No, there's no need to kill her," Fox tried to compromise as the guard fearfully looked up at Hyena.

"I beg to differ," scoffed Hyena, as she moved to slice the guard's neck.

Fox quickly grabbed the guard from Hyena and threw her to the ground away from Hyena, as she held her clawed hand, as the women both glared at each other.

"Enough lets go," Coyote, as he gestured for them to follow him.

"No, I'm staying here," Fox said calmly to Coyote.

"What?!" shouted Hyena surprised at her leader's decision.

"I'm staying here to serve my time, and pay out my debt," Fox continued calmly as if talking to a child, as she walked back into the cell and helped the female guard stand up.

"She's completely lost it, we better take them both out," smirked Hyena, but was stopped as Coyote grabbed her clawed hand.

"There's no time left," he said as the shrill bell started to go off in the women's section of the prison.

"Okay, Rover but you better be awful cute behind that mask," flirted Hyena.


"Get down!" shouted the guards as they began to run towards the pair.

Coyote shot at the ceiling with is laser causing the guards to run for cover as, the ceiling started to fall.

"What are you doing there's no way out here?!" shouted Hyena outraged at the dead end Coyote had brought them to.

He wordlessly shot a laser at the wall of the dead end creating a hole.

"My mistake," she said cheekily.

"What now mystery man?" asked Hyena as the guards ran toward him.

Coyote picked her up ignoring her shouts of protest as he jumped out of the hole in the wall and landed firmly on the ground.

"Oh you're just full of surprises," complimented Hyena as she ran her finger over his armored chest.

Coyote and Hyena began to run towards the gates of the prison as they were met up with Wolf, Jackal, and Dingo.

"Now what?" questioned Wolf.

"Coyote ran forward and quickly tore the gates of the prison off and held it over his head.

"Well, okay I'm impressed," admitted Wolf, as Coyote threw the door over their heads and onto the prison guards.

"Where's Fox and whose this guy?" asked Wolf as they ducked behind some boulders outside of the prison.

"He's Coyote, the guys who saving your tail," exclaimed Dingo as he fired at some of the guards who were firing guns.

"How are we going to get out of here?" asked Jackal worriedly.

"Oh yee have little faith," Coyote replied mysteriously, as the eyes of his mask glowed red, and a ship rose from the ocean causing the guards to fall.

Inside the ship Coyote joked, "Please fasten your seatbelts and return your seats and tray tables into their upright position," mimicking the announcement they give on airplanes

Clock Tower

I let out a yawn that sounded almost feline as I stretched out my stiff limbs and my stone skin cracked and fell off of my form. I hopped down from my position and walked over to Brooklyn as I wrapped my arms around his neck and he leaned forward to kiss me. Our relationship had changed over the last month Brooklyn and I had grown considerably closer and we weren't as shy about our interactions. As we pulled back I smiled at Brooklyn as he had out a full out grin.

"That never gets old," I said as I moved away from Brooklyn as he wrapped an arm around my waist.

"Yes it does," said Broadway as he and Lexington walked past us into the clock-tower.

I playfully glared at him, as Brooklyn leaned down and gave me another kiss before smirking at Broadway.

"Enough you two, Elisa will be here soon," said Goliath as he stepped inside and we all followed.

"We should go see a movie tonight," Brooklyn whispered into my ear as we walked inside, knowing Broadway or Lexington would want to come.

"You mean a date?" I asked as I smirked at Brooklyn's flustered expression.

"Well as much as I like having those two around," said Brooklyn as he pointed to Lexington and Broadway, "I would much prefer to spend time with you," Brooklyn said smoothly as my smirked softened into a gentle smile.

"I would love to," I said as Brooklyn moved his hand from my waist to intertwine our clawed-like hands.

As we entered the clock-tower I noticed Elisa and gave her a small wave as we walked towards her.

"What is it Elisa?" asked Goliath, as we walked down the stairs to stand in front of her.

"Bad news I'm afraid, the Pack has escaped from the asylum," explained Elisa.

Right as Lexington shouted, "What!"

"Whoa, nice wake up call," Brooklyn said, sarcastically as he rubbed his ear, which Lexington had just screamed into.

"We've got to track them down now! Before the trail gets cold," Lexington said furiously, as I frowned at him concerned as I unwound my hands from Brooklyn's to place a light hand on Lexington's shoulder.

"What happened?" asked Goliath as he placed both his hands gently on Elisa's shoulders.

"Somebody dressed in black, took them out, quick and clean," Elisa continued as Lexington started to jump up and down lightly getting riled up.

"What are we waiting for let's get moving," shouted Lexington as he dashed for the door to outside.

"Where do we start, Manhattan is a bigger castle than the one we're used to protecting," Broadway chided as Lexington continued to climb the stairs.

"The Pack media studio center, they'll go back there like snakes to a nest, and I'll be waiting for them," Lexington said somewhat darkly.

"Lex, wait!" I called out as he turned to face me.

"As much as I love the idea of going into the face of danger with no plan, we should wait and come up with a plan," I mentioned somewhat sarcastically.

"You don't understand," he shouted as he ran out.

"Well you handled that well," piped up Broadway as I turned my gaze to him.

"Come on, like rushing into a dangerous area is a safe plan," I retorted.

"Oh, yes that doesn't sound at all like a wee lass I once knew," Hudson joined in with sarcasm as he pointedly looked at me.

I quickly turned my head bashfully and muttered, "That's different," as Brooklyn and Broadway lightly laughed.

We were interrupted as Goliath and Elisa both rushed after Lexington, leading the rest of us to follow him.

"Lexington, wait!" called out Goliath.

"The studio is the first place we're checking," explained Elisa, pointing out the fact that a bunch of humans would be there, specifically armed ones.

I quickly rushed out with Brooklyn as I hopped up next to Lexington and Brooklyn took his other side.

"We'll go together and check I out okay," I said softly as Lexington gave me a small smile and nodded.


"Do you want to come too, Bronx?" asked Brooklyn, smiling tiredly.


Lexington and Brooklyn grabbed each of Bronx's arms and lifted him up as we glided towards the Pack's studio.

"The Pack won't be foolish enough to return to the studio," said Goliath as he watched the four leave.

"Aye, I think we have to trace this problem back to its source," suggested Hudson.

"The man who created the Pack," said Elisa.

"Xanatos," growled Goliath, his eyes narrowing as he said the man's name.

"Looks like we aren't the only ones who figured they'd be here," commented Brooklyn as we watched from the roof top of a couple buildings away as we saw police cars in front of the studio.

"The police can have them after I'm through with them," Lexington muttered darkly and I worriedly glanced at Brooklyn and he nodded at my concerned look and continued.

"Look Lex, I know how you feel. You trusted them and they betrayed you. Almost got you, Goliath, and Dakota killed. I feel the same way every time someone mentions Demona, but you can't let that consume you. You have to remember what's important family, protecting out home," suggested Brooklyn trying to calm him down.

"Look you have your priorities and I have mine," growled Lexington.

I stood up from my crouch and tried to hug him but he pushed me away.

"Lex, we only say this because we care about, you. Don't let them win by letting them get to you this much," I said sadly as Lexington turned his gaze away from me to look at the studio.

"I know that you're angry, upset, but we have to clearly think about this, for all we know this could be a trap. Knowing our luck it is, and they are expecting us to burst in there with no plan, and angry," I continued.

"Lex you're starting to worry me," commented Brooklyn as he moved up from his crouch and put a hand on my shoulder supporting what I had said.

"Look," pointed out Lexington as we turned our gazes to see the police cars leaving.

"Guess there a no show," observed Brooklyn.

"I'm going to check it out," said Lexington as he quickly glided down and I sighed.

"Well there goes our movie," said Brooklyn as I gave him a sad smile and a quick kiss on the cheek before I followed after Lexington.

"Come on Bronx, no sense of staying up here where it's safe," Brooklyn said sarcastically as he picked up Bronx and followed after Lexington and Dakota.

Inside the Ship

"Automatic Pilot engaged," said a computer automated voice.

"What about radar?" asked Jackal?

"Not to worry, we're stealth rigged," assured Coyote as he got up from his seat at the captain's chair, and walked to where the Pack was sitting.

"Alright here's the plan….." began Coyote but he was interrupted by Wolf.

"Hold up a second dog face, who died and left you in charge?" asked Wolf.

"I have appointed myself leader in Fox's absence," Coyote responded reasonably.

"Congratulations, you just set the record for the shortest term in office," laughed Wolf, as he put his fists up.

"Hey back off, Wolf you don't know who you're messing with mate," warned Dingo as he grabbed one of Wolf's arms.

"Good point, when's the last time you ripped an iron gate right off its hinges?" asked Jackal pointing out how unmatched Wolf was for Coyote.

"You'll just have to settle for me tearing this jerk in half," Wolf said cockily as he charged towards Coyote.

Coyote simply put up his hand as Wolf jumped towards him only to be electrocuted, and Wolf fell back gasping for air as he held his chest.

"Want to see me use both hands," taunted Coyote almost with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Coyote, huh, well when I'm done with you they'll call you road kill," growled Wolf clearly not learning his lesson as he charged forward grabbing Coyote in a tight embrace as he continued to squeeze Coyote.

"Gotcha!" Wolf cried triumphantly thinking he had bested Coyote, while Dingo and Jackal cheered him on in the background.

Wolf's triumphant grin turned into surprise as Coyote managed to push himself away from Wolf and grab him in a choke hold and sprayed him with some knockout gas from his hand.

"Don't feel too bad I am wearing battle armor," Coyote said as he released Wolf only for him to collapse face first into the floor.

"Okay, masked man. You broke us out of stir and you have nice moves. I'll give you that, you're even kind of cute," confessed Hyena.

"But the Pack doesn't follow just anybody, for the last time who are you?" asked Jackal as he pointed an accusatory finger at Coyote.

Coyote removed his mask as everyone gasped to see the face of David Xanatos.

"Surprise," said Xanatos humorlessly, as hyena let out a cackle.

"And you said there aren't no Santa Claus," Hyena said accusingly to her brother.

"You just bought yourself some serious pay back rich man," warned Jackal as he made to attack Xanatos, only for Dingo to hold him back.

"Fox got you all put away, this guy busted you out," Dingo said trying to calm down his comrades.

"Fox is the one who sent you to assassinate me remember. She's out of the picture now, and it's the gargoyles who are our real enemies. They put me in hail too once, and I don't know about you but I don't intend to let them go unpunished," explained Xanatos as he brought out a box of their weapons.

"Keep talking," said Hyena as the whole Pack began to move towards him.

"First I thought you might to change into something more comfortable," smile Xanatos as he threw each of the Pack their own separate bag with their outfits and weapons.

"You want to take out the gargoyles, so do I and I know how to do it," finished Xanatos.

"So how do we find them, they aren't exactly in the yellow pages?" asked Wolf as he ripped his shirt off.

"We won't have to find them, they'll find us.

Castle Wyvern

Goliath, Hudson, and Broadway all glided down to castle Wyvern, and walked inside to see Owen on the phone.

"We're here to see Xanatos," growled Goliath as they walked into the old dining hall of the castle.

"Mr. Xanatos isn't here, it isn't him you want anyway your business is with the Pack. As it happens, their social calendar shows them arriving at Pack media studios anytime now, they're expecting you, shouldn't you be there," smirked Owen.

"I'll speak to Xanatos later," Goliath said quickly as his wings moved like a cape as the three gargoyles ran to go help their four other clan members hoping they would be okay.


We stood in the empty studio as Brooklyn and I stood on both sides of Lexington.

"There nobody home, happy now?" asked Brooklyn as he crossed his arms, and stared down as an obviously disappointed Lexington.

"Maybe you're both right," Lexington said dejectedly as he stared at the ground.

I looked over at Bronx as he started to growl and I leaned down and patted his head comfortingly.

"What's wrong, Bronx?" I asked as the ground began to shake, and we all let out a yell as we fell down and the floor opened.

Brooklyn pulled me into his chest as the room was filled with a bright light and we all closed our eyes.

"Now they know how to make an entrance," praised Brooklyn as one of the Pack members came out of the ship that had been hidden beneath the floor.

I let out a growl as I carefully moved away from Lexington, as I crouched down defensively.

"Brooklyn," I whispered as he nodded and quickly grabbed Lexington just as he leaped for the Pack, as they began to emerge from the ship.

"Wait, we need a plan," warned Brooklyn as Lexington continued to struggle.

With a yell Lexington pushed Brooklyn off of him into me, and leaped for Wolf.

"Like I said a trap," I muttered bitterly as I struggled to push Brooklyn off of me.

"Oh yeah, nice plan. Let's go!" shouted Brooklyn as all of our eyes glowed and we started to attack the Pack.

Brooklyn leaped for Dingo as I stepped in front of Jackal and growled. He smirked and I ran towards him and he smirked as he lashed out his claws and I moved back warily.

I looked up to see someone appear on top of the ship and that was all it took before Jackal scratched my cheek and punched me and I was pushed backwards by the force.

I struggled to get up a bit dazed as Brooklyn tried to rush towards me Hyena got in his way, and he growled as he punched her in the stomach sending her flying back.

"That's no way to treat a lady," taunted Jackal coming to his sister's defense.

"Hey that was no lady," shouted Brooklyn ad Dingo threw a device at him electrocuting him.

"Brooklyn!" I yelled as I pushed myself up and ran towards the now unconscious Brooklyn.

I let out a screech like growl as I punched Jackal and smirked as some blood fell from a cut on his cheek.

"Why you little," I moved forwards only to be stopped by a sharp ear piercing sound.

I held my head and groaned as the world began to shift and swirl before I finally collapsed beside Brooklyn, and soon Lexington.

Goliath carefully opened the door and looked around as Hudson moved to look at the wall where some of the wall had broken off from the impact of something.

"There was a struggle here," informed Hudson.

The telephone rang as Broadway carefully picked it up and asked, "Hello?"

"Good evening, Broadway is it? I've been instructed to invite you to a soiree the Pack is having tonight, if your friends are free around midnight please consider attending. On the oil tankard of Toushiana Mauro Bay, I believe some of your party may already be in attendance," informed Owen as he abruptly ended the phone call.

"The Pack has them," Broadway told Goliath as he tightly clutched the phone.

I cradled the knocked out Lexington in my arms as Bronx continued to scratch on the wall of our metal prison.

Lexington began to groan and shift in my arms as he opened his arms and I smiled softly down at him.

"How you feeling?" I asked, as he pushed himself out of my arms and began to look around.

"Solid steel and I don't know how many feet thick. No way we're getting out," reported Brooklyn answering Lexington's unsaid question as I walked over and crouched down next to Brooklyn and he assuredly wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

"We almost had them," moaned Lexington as I couldn't help but sigh and shake my head.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, they were totally begging for mercy. How come whenever you, Dakota, and I take Bronx out we end up like this?" Brooklyn asked sarcastically as I couldn't help but lightly laugh at the situation.

It was true whenever the four of use went out we always seemed to get attacked or captured sadly in our case it was both. I mean first it was Macbeth and now it's the Pack the next thing you know we'll be captured by the next enemy that shows up. Also why is it that we always somehow manage to create enemies every week?! I was interrupted from my musings as I heard Bronx give up scratching on the walls and whimper.

"Hey, don't worry Bronx. Goliath will come and get us out of this," I assured.

"I don't need his help, I can take him by myself," growled Lexington.

"Lex, we're not off to a great start," pointed out Brooklyn, as Lexington banged on the walls.

"Lex," I said as I grabbed his shoulders stopping him from banging on the walls even though he struggled I didn't loosen my grip.

"You need to stop," I said firmly, getting tired of this.

"We all know you're angry, but if we want to get out of this we have to think clearly, and pounding on the walls and throwing a temper tantrum isn't going to help," I finished as Lexington slowly stopped struggling and nodded having calmed down.

"There's my rookery brother," I smiled as I moved to hug him and he steadily returned it.

Up On Deck

"Do you think they'll come they got to know it's a trap," said Dingo skeptically.

"Oh they'll come," said Xanatos.

There were cries heard in the distance as Xanatso quickly turned around to point his laser at the side where the gargoyles were approaching.

"They're approaching from the side," Xanatos told the Pack.

Broadway quickly knocked down Hyena, Jackal and Wolf, as Xanatos quickly jumped over Broadway to the next level of the deck as Goliath tackled him.

Broadway then heard the pounding on the small door of the latch that was chained down as he struggled to twist it open. Broadway quickly moved away as Wolf tried to tackle him only to grab onto the latch. Hudson faced off against Hyena and Jackal as they snarled at him. He looked behind him to see Dingo and unsheathed his sword.

"Well come on then, none of us are getting any younger," said Hudson as his eyes glowed white.

Dingo dived for Hudson only for him to have Hudson jumped over him. Next it was Jackal and Hudson cut off his claws with his sword and then proceeded to throw him at Dingo. Hyena tried to scratch Hudson with her claws but just got his wings and he easily threw her off into Broadway causing the latch to break off opening the door.

"Thanks for the help,' Broadway said sarcastically.

A couple minutes later there was a crash and we looked up to see a hole had been torn open we all grinned as we leaped for it and burst out of our prison and onto the deck where the Pack and the rest of our clan was. We joined the fight and I faced Hyena smirking as I ripped her claws off of her hands and threw them into the water. She ran towards me as we were now onto hand-to-hand combat I swiftly kicked her sending her sprawling across the deck unconscious as suddenly a fire started and I moved to help the others. I quickly grabbed the gun that Dingo was about to use on Lexington and tossed it to Broadway as he quickly bended the gun in half as I punched him sending him flying into some barrels filled with oil.

We all looked over as Bronx viciously attacked Xanatos and ended up tearing his face off to reveal a robot?!

"He's a robot even better," cackled Hyena as I stared in shock as Lexington had somehow found a gun and fired at the robot Xanatos creating a huge hole into the robot.

"I will have my revenge," slurred the robot as Goliath jumped into the hair and smashed the head of the robot so it was decapitated from its body.

Who's next?" asked Lexington as he charged up the gun and we all stared at the rest of the Pack.

"Things are about to get complicated let's book it, sis," advised Jackal as he grabbed his sister Hyena's arm.

"No!" shouted Lexington frustrated as the Pack all jumped over the railing into their ship and flew away.

I started to cough as the fire began to increase, and I gasped as I saw Brooklyn slip over the edge and Lexington threw the gun aside and grabbed Brooklyn's tail and pulled him up. I continued to cough as I ran over and threw my arms around both of them.

"I'm so proud of you," I whispered to Lexington as he smiled back at me.

We all shouted as another explosion rocked the boat we were on and quickly glided away, just as the boat sunk down into the water.

I quickly swooped down and grabbed Bronx, as I passed him over to Broadway.

"Thanks for saving my bacon before it got fried," Brooklyn said thanking Lexington as we glided away.

"Hey, I'm used to it, and besides it helped me get my priorities straight," replied Lexington as I chuckled and gently punched his arm as we glided back to the clock tower.

As we arrived back at the tower everyone went inside as Brooklyn and I stayed outside as we sat together in front of the clock.

"Well today, was thrilling was it not?" I asked as I leaned into Brooklyn as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

"How are you feeling?" Brooklyn asked worryingly as I smiled and kissed him as he gently pressed his hand behind my head deepening the kiss.

"Perfect," I sighed as stared out at the city.

"You?" I asked.

"Fine, as long as you're here," he replied as I laughed.

I gently nudged his shoulder and laughed as I said, "You're so cheesy," as he just grinned in reply.

"We should go see that movie tomorrow," he suggested but before I could say something.

"That would be great what time?" asked Broadway as he pushed his way in between us.

"What movie are we going to see?" added Lexington as he popped up.

"You knuckleheads can't come" growled Brooklyn.

"Oh, why not?!"

"You two never like to hang out with us anymore"

I sighed as the mood was broken and Brooklyn started to list all the reason's as to why they couldn't come, but knowing those two they would somehow manage to come along.

Court Room

The next day in a court room with a board of five people stood Fox in a blue women's suit, with her hair tied respectively back, as she waited to hear the board's verdict.

"Taking into consideration your overall exemplary behavior and particularly your decision to serve your time and help the guard during the recent escape of your former accomplices this board here grants you an early parole," announced the head board man as Fox slyly smirked.

As Fox exited the prison she slid into the black limousine waiting for her and untied her hair as she shook it free, and was pulled to face Xanatos as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"Mm," she said as she closed her eyes savoring the kiss.

"I missed you," Xanatos said coolly.

"Not as much as I missed you. So who won?" Fox replied back coyly.

"It never mattered, that was merely the icing you're the cake," he said as he moved in and kissed her again before softly holding her chin as he pulled back and grinned.

"The whole escape was staged to give you a shot at an early parole, plus I got a chance to try my prototype human robot, he explained as he pulled back the wrapping on a package to show the head robotic head that Bronx had ripped the skin off of.

"But they destroyed it what about your revenge," Fox said sadly at the destroyed robot.

"Revenge they say is a sucker's game, besides robots are nothing Fox, my dear. I can build a dozen more like this one, but true love is so much harder to come by," he said endearingly.

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