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Brooklyn's Pov

I was waiting for Dakota to apologize for what she said, but I did nothing wrong. I mean what did I do wrong; she's the one that was being stubborn, and not apologizing.

"What's up with Dakota?" I asked miffed as Broadway and Lexington turned a steely glare on me as we walked inside.

"It may have something to do with how obsessed you are with the lass," commented Hudson as he walked past me to sit in his recliner chair in front of the T.V.

"I'm not obsessed!" I yelled as Broadway rolled his eyes.

"Yeah, sure," said Lex, his voice laced with sarcasm.

"I just want to help her," I defended.

I didn't see why everyone was on my case about the female; I would do the same for anyone else who needed help.

"Maybe lad, but you sounded pretty smitten with the lass," Hudson said over his shoulder as he flipped through the channels.

"Hey, Brooklyn," I turned relieved as I saw Elisa and I jogged over to her and crouched down, on the ledge above her.

"I want to talk to you about Dakota," said Elisa, as I let out a groan.

"I don't like the female. Why is everyone on my case about it," I said aggravated, as I ran my hand through my hair temporarily holding it back for a few seconds.

"Because Brooklyn, I know your heart is in the right place, but you have to realize Dakota doesn't just see you as a friend anymore. She really cares about you and likes you, and to see you so focused on another female, really hurts her feelings. I know you aren't doing it intentionally, but you need to be aware of the fact that since your now in a relationship that Dakota will be jealous," Elisa explained as Brooklyn suddenly looked down ashamed.

"So my question is do you care about Dakota?" asked Elisa.

"Of course I do. She knows that," I said stubbornly as I crossed my arms.

"Did you tell her that?" asked Elisa, as she watched Brooklyn's burgundy skin slightly pale.

"Well, I didn't think it needed to said," I said tiredly, seeing as to why Dakota thought I might have feeling for the female.

"Everyone needs to be told they're loved Brooklyn, it may not seem so important and to some it's not. But that's what Dakota needs to hear right now," Elisa said gently.

"Does she really think I don't?" I asked starting to feel self-loathing.

"Brooklyn, you should talk things out with Dakota and explain your actions. She loves you, and I'm sure if you talk to her she'll understand," said Elisa, as I gave her a small smile and got up, and headed outside.

I suddenly became nervous as I saw Dakota sitting down outside, and mustering up my courage and walked over.

"Hey," I said softly, as Dakota turned to face me.

"Hey," she responded just as softly.

"I'm sorry," I said.

"You aren't the only one that's at fault," Dakota assured me quietly as she slightly looked away from me.

"I didn't know I was coming off as being obsessed with her," I apologized.

"Why were you so interested in her," Dakota said somewhat harshly as she looked at me angrily, before her face softened and she muttered a sorry.

"When I saw how scared she was, all I could think about was how helpless she looked, and I felt like she needed me. I just wanted to help, if you needed help and I wasn't there I would want someone to help you," I said honestly.

Dakota's POV
I stared at Brooklyn as he explained, and I understood that he wanted to help someone but did he have to look so taken with her?!

"You should've seen the look in your eyes, as you talked about her," I said, as Brooklyn's expression turned from sad to aggravated.

"What did you want me to do? There are so few of us left, and if there was a possibility of there being more of us left, wouldn't you have been happy to know we're not alone," said Brooklyn, as I looked down and nodded.

"I'm sorry, "I said lamely, feeling awful.

"I'm sorry, that I didn't consider your feelings, and didn't try to sort it out with you," responded Brooklyn.

We had come to an understand meant we had both been at fault at some parts, me more than Brooklyn for letting my jealousy get the best of me and not trusting him. I got up and wrapped my arms around Brooklyn's neck, as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"I'm sorry," I apologized.

"I'm sorry, too. But we need to help her," he pleaded.

I leaned back to stare at him, and nodded as I gently caressed his face before returning to hold him.

We stood there for most of the night just holding each other taking comfort in the others embrace.

That morning as the sun fully rose the gargoyles turned to stone as they stood defensively in front of the clock tower. However two statues could be seen one was a male gargoyle and the other a female as they held onto each other, each with their own smile frozen in that one moment of pure peace.


The vials clinked as they were gently whirled around on a small holder, before it came to a stop. Sevarius stood over them as he carefully picked one up and poured the purple liquid into a beaker as Xanatos stood over him watching his every move.

"Don't you have some junk bond to sell!" snapped Sevarius.

They both turned as they heard a male growl out in pain, before Xanatos turned back to stare at Sevarius.

"The metamorphosis is accelerating," Xanatos said worriedly as he glanced over at Derek who was crouched down in a corner of the room in front of the electric eel case holding his head in pain.

"It might be safer to cage him," suggested Sevarius, not comfortable with one of his creations uncontained.

"He's a man not an animal. Shut up, and keep working," ordered Xanatos.

Sevarius put the vial back on the rack as it began to spin again, and he resumed trying to make the antidote.

Clock Tower

I yawned and stretched before Brooklyn grabbed my hand and started tugging me to the ledge.

"Where are you going?" asked Goliath, while I was still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

"We're going to find her, she may need some help," I said, as Brooklyn smiled at me gratefully for taking his side in the matter.

"Yeah, right," Broadway said in a disbelieving tone, and I couldn't blame him.

I understood why Brooklyn wanted to help her, but I couldn't help but believe she would rather have anyone's help than ours. For Brooklyn's sake though I kept my mouth shut.

"Rushing off without a plan won't help her," cautioned Goliath, steadily looking at Brooklyn who was impatiently waiting to go to Gen-U-Tech.

I stared bored at the city below somehow I had been the one voted to stay here, I still saw didn't see why. Goliath said not all of us should go in case Elisa came by, and that we should stay here to protect the clock tower. So Broadway, Hudson, Bronx, and I were forced to wait here for them to get back.

"Be patient, lass," said Hudson as I stared at the door.

"I don't understand how you can be patient," I retorted.

"With age lass, you learn that good things come to those who wait," he said wisely.

"Don't worry Dakota, they'll be here soon," assured Broadway as he sat in front of the T.V.

While I had loved the T.V. when we first came here I now found it amazing and it still was but the novelty was starting to wear off now. I opted for staring at the cool stone as I watched a spider slowly spinning its web as it swayed attaching the delicate threads together. I don't know how long it was before I heard the door open and we all turned in a flash to see Goliath holding the female in his arms before carefully setting her down.

I quickly stood up and knelt down all of us staring curiously at her.

"She doesn't really look like a gargoyle," I commented as I stared at her face, it was more cat like than our features.

"Xanatos was behind this, he was there at the laboratory," explained Goliath, as he retold us what happened at Gen-U-Tech.

Our attention was turned back to the female as she groaned and began to come to. She gasped as she stared into the face of Bronx as he curiously sniffed her; I grabbed his head gently and laughed awkwardly.

"Sorry about him," I apologized as she shrunk away from me.

"It's okay you're among friends," Brooklyn assured gently as she moved away from us.

"Were you human once too?" she asked cautiously as she finally stood up and almost backed into Goliath.

"No," said Goliath as he leaned down to her height.

"Well I'm human, I'm not like this. My names Maggie, Maggie Reed. I'm from Ohio," Maggie said nervously.

"You'll be safe here Maggie," said Lexington.

"This is safe? I need a cure, I'm not a monster," she said as she sunk down to the ground in fear, and exhaustion.

"We aren't monsters either; the monsters are the one who did this to you Maggie. We may not be human, but we would never do this to someone. So tell me Maggie Reed who are the real monsters in this world?" I said as I crouched down in front of her.

"We won't hurt you, we just want to help but we can't do that if you're constantly afraid. I can't possibly imagine how you must feel, but I can promise that you'll be alright," I continued now sitting next to her as she slowly nodded, and hugged me.

I didn't know what to do so I awkwardly stood there before hesitantly gently hugging her back. They all smiled before deciding to leave me with Maggie as they went back outside since the sun was about to set.

Maggie had been able to avoid reality when she was still human, cling onto the fact that everything was temporary, but reality had finally caught up to Maggie, and she cried. She cried as she realized what had happened to her, and she cried as the truth of Dakota's words sunk into her, that the humans who did this to her were more like monsters, than the female who was holding her and comforting her.

"Maggie," Dakota said softly as she let go of Maggie, and Maggie looked at her through her bleary eyes.

"You need to rest now, and so do I, but when night falls we'll find your cure, I promise," Dakota said as she looked straight into Maggie's eyes as she nodded and stared shock as Dakota kneeled down and turned to stone.


The cops arrived at the scene of Gen-U-Tech where there had been a disturbance noted, and Elisa and Matt Bluestone were at the scene. Where Goliath, Lexington, and Brooklyn have just been to get Maggie, and had left behind a wreckage of the room. The crime scene investigators were gathering the swabs of DNA and tacking pictures of the room, as the loud flash sound could be heard.

"I hope they fir the interior decorator," said Elisa jokingly as she looked over the scattered papers.

"Hello, what have we here? Seems Xanatos owns Gen-U-Tech," said Elisa smirking as she showed Bluestone the document.


I looked over to expecting to see Maggie gone, but was surprised when I saw her fast asleep in the recliner chair. I stepped outside to the rest of my clan who was already awake.

"How is she?" asked Goliath.

"Asleep, but what are we going to do about the cure?" I asked as I worriedly glanced over my shoulder towards where Maggie was resting inside.

"We'll go to Xanatos's castle, he probably has the cure. Brooklyn, Broadway, Lexington, Dakota, Maggie and I will go to see Xanatos," said Goliath, as we all nodded and I rushed inside to see Maggie was still asleep.

"Maggie," I said softly, as I lightly shook her shoulder causing her to wake up.

"We're going to Xanatos's castle, he may have your cure," I said as Maggie quickly got up at this news and hugged me as I smiled down at her and showed her outside, and she tried to hide behind me from the rest of the group.

"We have to fly to get there," I explained as I saw her panicked expression.

"I can't," she said as she moved away from the ledge.

"Yes, you can, just do what I do," I said softly as I pried her grip off my arm, and jumped off the ledge and angled my wings causing the wind to lift me up, to where Maggie was watching me amazed.

"Now all you have to do instead is flap," I told her as I held my hand out to her as she cautiously took my hand before flapping her wings causing herself to slowly lift off the ground.

"That's it, "I encourage as I looked ahead to see Goliath, Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway waiting.

As soon as Maggie got the hang of it, we were off flying towards Xanatos's castle.

As we approached the castle, I softly grabbed Maggie's hand and pulled her away as one of the other mutates charged toward us.

One of the mutates went after Goliath, as I pulled Maggie into the courtyard, as Brooklyn, Lexington, and Broadway took on the other two. I gasped as I watched the mutate tackle Goliath onto the ground, and ran forward growling as I jumped on his back causing him to release Goliath from the choke hold he had him in. I growled in pain as I was suddenly electrocuted and thrown off of him and into Goliath.

"Dakota!" yelled Brooklyn as he glided down towards me, and gently picked me up.

"Freeze!" I turned through my slightly cloudy vision to see Elisa holding a gun to the mutate.

"Now calmly, who are you?" asked Elisa.

"Call me Talon," the mutate chuckled darkly, as Maggie slowly walked over to Brooklyn and me seeing if I was okay.

"Okay, Talon, why are you stomping on my friends here," said Elisa as she lowered the gun to stand in front of us.

"Your friends made me like this," accused Talon.

"Impossible they would never intentionally hurt anyone. Look I want to help you, both of you," she said as she turned to Maggie.

"Promise?" said Talon now sounding incredibly weak.

"Cross my heart-" began Elisa, as I slowly nodded for Brooklyn to put me down as I stared at the interaction.

"And hope to die," finished Talon.

"Derek, Derek, is that you?!" asked Elisa as she started to move forward towards Talon.

"No!" denied Talon as he wrapped his wings around himself hiding himself from her view.

"Xanatos did this to you," she said slightly hysterical now as she tried to move closer to her brother.

"It was an accident he's trying to help me," explained Talon, as Elisa placed a soft hand on his wing.

"No don't you get it he's lying he's always," Elisa was cut off as Talon suddenly electrocuted her causing her to scream.

"No!" yelled Talon.

He turned to face her apologetic as he moved to touch her, as Elisa slowly backed away afraid.

Talon yet out a roar as he flew away from us, the two other mutates joining them. I turned as I saw Maggie about to leave with them as well. Broadway and Lexington gliding down next to us, since the two others stopped attacking them.

"Maggie?" I asked.

"I...I have to go, they'll help me find the cure," said Maggie as she stared at me sternly.

"Be safe," I said as I stared at her sadly as she nodded and gave me a hug before nodding and flying off after them.

"Should we go after them?" asked Broadway.

"No, they don't want our help," Brooklyn said as he moved over to place his hands lightly on my shoulders, checking if I was okay.

"Now it's war Xanatos. You're going down for this I promise you, no matter what it takes," vowed Elisa, as Goliath picked her up and we headed home.

Xanatos stared out of the huge window in his office displaying the whole city, as he lightly smirked; everything had gone according to plan. The door creaked open to Xanatos's office as Owen lead in a man in a blue trench coat.

"Sir, may I introduce the best geneticist on the planet," introduced Owen as the figure removed his hat and trench coat to reveal .

Xanatos looked away from the city to the doctor who was now smirking at him.

"I was particularly proud of my death scene," Sevarius said as he praised himself.

"Frankly Sevarius, I thought you over played the part," Xanatos reprimanded as he took a seat behind his desk, as Sevarius stood in front of him.

"But aren't you amazed we pulled it off, it took months of forcing the early subjects to escape. Before the gargoyles even spotted one," said Sevarius as he slightly praised himself for his work.

"And after that everything couldn't have proceeded more predictably," said Xanatos as he turned on the huge screen to reveal Talon flying through the air doing flips and turns.

"He's well suited to his new form, wouldn't you say," said Xanatos, as he observed the screen.

"Yes, but they've all escaped," said Sevarius not seeing the point of the experiment, if the experiment wasn't in a cage to observe, or prod.

"They'll be back, they think Derek or Talon as they call him now is convinced only I can cure him. And that delusion will keep him just where I want him.

It was almost dawn as the gargoyles forlornly stood inside the clock tower, as they sadly looked at the corner where Dakota was holding another female this time Elisa, as Dakota rubbed her back trying to soothe her, as Elisa sobbed into her shirt at the loss of her brother.

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