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The Beginning of the End

Sea of the Human Soul

General POV

"That was a rather interesting experience. Although, it seems that they did not notice the slight anomaly that was occurring in the TV. I wonder... what could have caused such a huge mishap in time...?"

A lone figure stood on what humans call 'the moon'. She had short white hair, yellow eyes and wore a blue dress that resembled a stewardess' outfit with five black-lined circles outside small yellow circles, blue gloves, a blue attendant-like hat, black leggings and blue, knee-length boots. She stood upright and looked down at Earth, the place were she had just been only a few seconds ago.

"The world is full of mysteries. And this may be my first step to solving them," she said, holding out a tarot card in her hand. It was the fool, the number zero, yet, it was filled with limitless possibilities. Breathing deeply, she turned around, stretching her hand outward. A circle filled with intricate patterns appeared before her. Without a moment's hesitation, she stepped through it; after all, she had a duty to perform... and a close friend who needed her.

Sea of the Human Soul

General POV

"Things have slowly started to fall into place; piece by piece. I could not have possibly imagined that this situation would come yet again. Then again, I have been waiting for a rather long time. A couple of hundred years, in fact, for this very moment. When everything would be perfect... and when this insanity would stop. Of course, I must take things into my own hands this time," said a young man, who appeared 17. He had short white hair, spiked slightly to the right. His right eye was blue while his left was obscured by his long fringe. He had a light build and was wearing a thin black blazer with red hues. He wore grey jeans and dark sneakers with blue rims; he also had a slightly pale complexion. He was floating aimlessly in a vast space filled with stars. However, anyone who was there would have been more focused on the grand golden statues before them. He looked at them; two statues occupying the same space. One of them depicted a blue-haired boy; the other, an auburn-haired girl. Of course, this could not be seen through the naked eye, as both statues would appear golden, but, his eyes were not normal. The statues were one and the same, yet they were different. He raised his arm and pointed it toward the statues and channelled his spiritual power. Light flowed from his hands and lit the entire void around him. It would have blinded the normal human eye, but he was far from human. The light slowly dissipated and the two statues disappeared, only to be replaced by a mass amount of spiritual power. What stood in their place was a young female. She was about his height and had similar hair although her hair was a light blonde, her eyes were a shade of brown and she had slightly tanned skin. She looked up and stared into his soul.

"You... are not human..." she said.

"Neither are you..." he replied.

"Why have you removed the seal?"

"The twins are needed. The time has come."

"I have no idea what you are-"

"You will in due time. I simply need your cooperation, mother of the night."

"Why do you need me?"

"The twins cannot do anything as long as they are nothing but a large mass of spiritual power."

"I see your point, but why should I help you?"

"You do not know who I am?"

"Nope, and I find it uneasy that you know me."

"You are the mother of the night; a figure of exceptional power and beauty. There is no one who does not know you. As for myself... I am simply... the one who brings about the 'true' end..."

"The 'true' end... impossible... you cannot be-"

"Yes, I am. I have waited thousands of years for this time. 'His' reign will soon end; and I will take 'his' place."

"But, why the twins?"

"They have extraordinary abilities. 'He' will prevent me from taking over at all costs. Time is no longer linear and 'he' is the cause. You very well know that."

"Yes... but why do you need me? I don't think that you will let me off the hook that easily."

"But of course I need you. You almost succeeded in creating the eternal night-"

"That was not me! I would never have harmed the humans of my own free will! It was that foul being, the crawling chaos, who posed as me!"

"I thought so... you are not a malicious being after all. I simply needed to confirm it. The crawling chaos has assisted 'him' in his rise to power, and I needed to know if I could trust you."

"So, what do I need to do?"

"I need you to revive the twins. They are crucial."

The mother of the night concentrated her spiritual power and reformed the twins, providing them with bodies and recreating their conscious. When she was done, she turned to face the mysterious young man, and she saw him snap his fingers. The twins disappeared from view, although she could sense that he sent them to Earth. She turned to face her mysterious savior. He stretched his hand out towards her and albeit with a slight hesitation, she took it.

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