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Chapter 9

Confusion and Loss

TV World

Minato POV

A figure emerged from the shadows. The figure was feminine, with auburn hair, tied in a ponytail with hair clips that showed the number 22 in Roman numerals. She wore a red scarf, a light orange sweater with a matching red plaid skirt, black leggings, and red boots. Her mp3 player hung from her neck and so did her red clip-on headphones.

Just when I thought that things couldn't get any worse...

"Minako-san? Is that you?" asked my blonde-haired companion.

The figure remained silent. Her earlier outburst had left us speechless. Did she really feel isolated? Was she really alone?

Taking a step forward, her features became clearer. There was no mistaking it. My twin. My other half. She was right here in front of me. Telling me how she truly felt.

"Minato, I missed you so much. I spent every second of my lonely life thinking of you. My heart ached to be separated from my dearest brother and I will do anything to have you, even if it means... doing things that you won't be proud of..."

"Minako... I'm sorry," I muttered, hanging my head guiltily, "I didn't think that your feelings were this strong... I thought that you were just being your usual, cheery self..."


"You know what Minato, save your pity. I don't want it anymore."

There was a sudden wave of energy and tension in the air.

"Minato-san, look out!"

My body was flung aside and landed on the rough pathway, creating scratches and bruises whenever the two came into contact.

I deserve this...

It can't compare to what she must have felt...

Through my half-closed eyes and wavering consciousness, the two most important people in my life were facing each other. One had an Evoker to the head, while the other was aiming her gun at the former. Only one word came to mind... Death.

"Stop! Just stop!" I yelled.

This is stupid.

But I can't let them die!

They both turned to face me. Their eyes fixated on me. One full of disgust while the other full of sorrow. Red and Blue. Fire and Ice. A burning passion and a cool touch. But the red flickered. It flickered and it died. In it's place, left a deathly gold. It looked like Nyx when I faced it in the moon. The mother of all shadows; all in the place of her eyes.

"You're... not... Minako..." I uttered.

"Don't tell me you don't recognise me, brother dear..." the imposter said in a mocking tone.

"Minato-san, do not be persuaded by her! These readings... are that of a shadow!"


A second too late. The imposter had already attacked her and she flew back, right into a nearby building. The sheer strength of the impact nearly demolished it.

It all happened so fast.

As fast and as deadly as a gunshot.

"Did you really think you stood a chance!?" The imposter laughed maniacally, "I won't lose to the likes of you. You're nothing but a fake. You're not even alive. How am I supposed to leave my dear brother in your care!?"

A million needles poked my heart.

This is just too cruel.

I'm the fool.

I'm the betrayer.

I'm the one who didn't understand her.

So why does Aigis pay the price?

No more.

No more.

I won't let anyone die because of me.

I am thou.

No one will die.

Thou art I.

No one will suffer.

From the sea of thy soul I cometh.

I will save them.

Call forth the power of judgement.

For I am the Messiah.

"PERSONA!" Floating mid-air, the facet of my psyche surrounding my entire body like a plate of armour, "Messiah, Megidolaon!"

The sheer power.

The raw energy.

"Foolish attempt," She raised her hands into the green sky, "Armageddon!"

My attack was pointless. The Armageddon feasted on my energy, which simply fuelled its existence as it continued its destructive path towards its target;


My skin felt as though it was burned by fire. My eyes were blinded by myriad colours. My ears were bleeding. My senses were completely overwhelmed.

This is what an Armageddon feels like, huh?

Serves me right.

I left my twin alone when she tried to call out to me.

No, I answered her, but I never truly meant it.

I never spoke from my heart.

Just lies from my mouth.

Comforting lies.

Hurtful lies.

As long as I could hide myself.

As long as I didn't need to open to anyone.

As long as others couldn't look into me.

I felt safe.

Safe in my own little world.

Refusing to expand it.

Refusing to let others enter.

Refusing to let myself break free.

I tried to ran away.

But my own fear chained me to the floor.

But I won't stop until I see the sunlight again!

Thy hast accepted thy true self.

Thy hast realised thy potential.

Thy hast awakened to a new power.

Thy true power.

The unlimited power of the [Universe].

My eyes opened.

They opened to the sight of that imposter.

We were both suspended in the air, held only by our energy.

Yet, I felt nothing.

I wasn't in control of my body.

But she wasn't either.

We stared into each other's eyes.

We didn't even blink.

Who are you?

Don't you recognise me?

No, I don't.

But, why?

Because you're not my sister. Give her back.

I am her, and she is me.

No, you are not one and the same. You are simply one small piece of her.

W-What do you mean!?

You are nothing but a-

Shut up!


It all flashed before me eyes. Memories... of us.

Times when we were younger, we played 'till the sun set.

We even slept together, the warmth was comforting.

We were always together, never apart.

Ever since we were born.

No one else mattered.

Our days were never lonely, whether we were at the playground, when we celebrated our birthday, out with our parents or at home.

Because she was always by my side.

Always smiling right next to me.

These... are Minako's memories.

But all of them... are about me.


Am I alive?

What happened?

Where am I?

Rubbing my eyes, I found myself lying helplessly on the ground.

Heh, I must look pathetic right now...

"M-Minato..? Are you awake?"

"Minato-san? Are you awake?"

Gentle hands helped me sit up and I was glad to see the both of them.


"Ow! Minako, what was that for!?"

"You deserved that," said my pouting sister, "Y-You saw every last of my feelings for you! Baka!"

An exasperated sigh was the only thing that came from my mouth.

"What... did I do exactly?" I questioned.

"To put it simply..." began Aigis, "I sensed a mental link between you and Minako-san. I believe that somehow, you managed to reach into the deepest part of her psyche and drove that shadow out."

Minako slumped to the ground and hung her head, "To be taken over by my own Shadow... That's so lame..."

I placed my hand on her shoulder and so did Aigis.

"We all have times when we're not proud of what we've done," I said, sitting down beside her.

"But the most important thing is that we realise this and stand back up," continued Aigis.


"Minako-san... are you crying...?"

Biggest understatement ever.

Tears were practically flowing from her eyes like a never-ending river.

Her wails were almost deafening.

And her cheeks were flushed as she clung on to the both of us.




I just wanted to tell you something...


Well, I just wanted to say... I love you.

That is so cliché... but I'll take it.

TV World

General POV

"Minato Arisato. Minako Arisato. Aigis. They're the perfect ones to carry out my plans," he said.

"The twins may not have noticed, but they are far more powerful than they once were," she added.

"But never did I expect that Arisato would be able to control the power of the universe," he continued, admiring the success of the elder twin, "The power of the universe; the ability to link human hearts."

"It is truly amazing," she agreed, "At one time, he was only capable of using such power to link our minds and create a seal-"

The wall beside them completely disintegrated into nothingness. A young lady with raven black hair in a Gekkoukan uniform entered, Evoker in hand. She took long strides and held her head up high.

"Long time no see, Kanzato," he said.

"This has gone too far. I don't care about your 'hunt' for the 'Chosen Ones'! It's just plain wrong to kidnap people and force 'em to fight!" shouted Hikaru, "Mark my words. If you ever do anything to harm any of them further, I will personally kill both of you."

The two beings were silent.

"Gone all quiet now, huh? Don't forget, I'm always watching, Midnight and Nyx..."

"No, I'll call you by your real names, Makoto and Hamuko Yuki."

And Hikaru vanished without a trace.

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