This took a lot longer than I expected. (Writer's block. Hate it.) And as it turns out, this will probably be a four-shot, or five-shot, or... yeah, I will let you know when it's finally, the last one. I guess this a sort of mini series between longer-story chapters, so I'm sorry if they turn out... okayish? Anyway...


"I'm going to crash!"

"Amy, no, you're not. Just stay calm and keep pedaling."

"I'm going to swirl out of control and then this beast between my legs is going to collide against a car and my body will go flying through the air and land on top of an old lady taking a walk with her cat."

Beca blinks against the hair flying in her face. "Wow," she pants. "And why the very specific vision of such events?"

"Because it's happened once before."

"Of course it has."

A bell rings from somewhere on their right and they both turn to the tall woman on the hot pink bicycle. "This is great, it's like I'm taking my spinning class times ten," Stacie smiles at them, panting along with exertion as her legs keep up a moderate pace.

"For once we agree on something," Unicycle calls back from a few feet in front of them. "I told you guys this would be awesome! There's nothing like riding wheels." He makes a quick movement on his unicycle and turns to face them as he pedals backwards with a smirk.

"Show-off," Beca hears Jesse grunt from behind her. She holds in a chuckle and glances over her shoulder to see him wiping some sweat off his forehead with one hand while the other holds on to the handlebar.

"Keep up nerd," she calls back with a smirk, earning herself a mock glare from him. To be honest, she's doesn't know why she's even up ahead. It's like half an hour ago she had a sudden surge of adrenaline and then wham. She's the third person up front. She hates exercise; tries to avoid doing it as much as possible, only going for a run occasionally. In fact, Jesse had been ahead of her for a major part of their bike riding, but she guessed he got tired real quick after that. Now she's the one snickering every time she hears him pant for breath.

This is her revenge.

Very small, sad revenge but it's something.

"Are we there yet?" Benji calls from behind them.

"There - where, exactly?" Unicycle raises both eyebrows at Benji as he keeps facing them while riding backwards.

Stacie gives a huff of impatience. "What do you mean, where? The place you're taking us to!"

Uni snorts, "I'm not taking you guys anywhere. I had the great idea of using bikes to get around. Someone else was supposed to decide where to go."

"Wait!" Beca says with wide eyes. "You mean we've been riding - for almost three hours - without knowing where to go?" she asks incredulously before using the brakes on her bike to come to a sudden halt.

"Beca!" she hears Jesse shout in panic from behind her as she looks back to see him swirling towards her at full speed. She lets out an involuntary squeak as she lifts her arms to cover her head and prepares for a painful crash-

That comes just a few feet away from her.

She lifts her head to look and sees her nerd roll to a stop, face-down on the ground to her left. "Oh my god, Jesse!" Beca jumps off her bike and lets it fall as she hurries over to help him.

"Now that was entertainment," Fat Amy says as she lets her own bicycle fall to the ground.

"Amy!" Unicycle shouts. "Don't treat it that way!" He's promptly ignored by said Australian, followed by Stacie and then Benji, as both jog over to get to the injured. "Oh, forget it; they're just rentals."

"Jesse," Beca says as she kneels next to his sprawled form and turns him over. He does so with a grunt of pain and a face full of dirt, but otherwise, he's fine. "Speak to me, nerd," Beca barely gets out, lips trembling while trying to suppress her chuckles. "You're okay."

"Must you always laugh at my misfortune?" Jesse mutters with eyes tightly closed.

"Jesse! Are you okay? Are you bleeding anywhere?" Benji asks when he runs over, looking a little green in the face at the thought. "I have a First-Aid Kit." He states proudly as he watches Beca wipe the dirt off Jesse's still-closed eyes. "Though, I think you might need some wipes more than anything. I have those, too! Hang on!"

"Well, at least you had the sense not to land on the road," Stacie says when she gets there.

"Or crash into little Shawshank here," Fat Amy muses.

Beca frowns as she remembers her abrupt stop on the bike. "Oops. Um… sorry." Jesse just pats the hand still wiping the dirt off his face in forgiveness.

"Here," Unicycle says as he comes over. "Benji told me to give this to you," he hands Beca the wipe pack, "he got his foot stuck in the bike chain so I'm gonna go help him out," Unicycle sighs. "Glad you're okay, man." Jesse gives him a tired thumbs-up in response.

"You know what? This is just like the time…" Fat Amy starts to tell Stacie as they turn away from the couple.

Beca starts cleaning Jesse's face enough for him to finally open his eyes and look at her. "I am sorry," she says apologetically. "I forgot we were going that fast."

Jesse gives her a muffled answer as she wipes dirt from his mouth, too. "It's fine," he replies once he can finally speak. "Question though. Why is it that you're always the reason for any and all of my possible injuries?" he jokes cheekily.

Beca sits back on her calves and narrows her eyes. "If I don't answer, are you going to say something stupid?"

"Bike injuries are a small price to pay in exchange for having a lover who-" Beca slaps a hand onto his mouth to shut him up.

"You hit your head," she deadpans. "I think it's best you keep quiet before you embarrass yourself further." She rolls her eyes when Jesse waggles his eyebrows at her and a second later she feels his tongue lick her palm. "Jesse!" She scowls as she snatches her hand back instantly and he snickers.

"Hey, the least you can do is kiss me as compensation," he grins up at her. Beca rolls her eyes (again, because that's become a thing with Jesse) and leans in against his side – stopping when she hears a weird crunch coming from his right pocket. "What is that?" she asks him.

Jesse furrows his brow and his hand digs into his pocket to pull whatever's in there out. He stops halfway and shoves it back in before she can see what it is. "Nothing," Jesse says quickly. "So, how about that kiss?" He puckers his lips and leans his face into hers.

She snorts and pushes him back by his chin as her hand shoots into his pocket to grab what's in there. "Beca, wait-" But it's too late because she's already gaping at the broken pieces of what used to be her phone.

"Jesse," she starts dangerously.

Said nerd is currently eying her worriedly. "I know this looks bad, Bec," he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. "But… uh, it's not… really… all that bad?"

Her glare tells him it's bad.

Strangely enough, it's Unicycle who comes to his rescue. "Good news, Benji's free. Now, looking back on how this all started, the problem's that we don't exactly know where we're going, right?"

"Right," Jesse answers him while trying to distract Beca from grimacing at the destroyed phone in her hand.

"Okay, so… what are we gonna do?"

"You're dead dingo meat," Fat Amy points at Unicycle. "I just did cardio for three hours for no reason at all. Someone's gonna have to pay," she steps forward threateningly, causing Uni to shakily tug Benji in front of him for protection.

"We should have just hitched a ride with the tow truck," Stacie scoffs as she twirls her long, brunette locks between her fingers.

"What happened, happened." Jesse shrugs as he tries to gently tug Beca's damaged phone out of her grip. "Let's just try to think of somewhere to go."

"How about Barden?" Beca grumbles as she reluctantly lets go of her iPhone.

"I have an idea," Benji snaps his fingers. "We passed a sign a while ago; I think there's a town not far from here. What if we head over there?"

"Hang on," Unicycle mumbles as he pulls out his phone to check the navigation map. "Huh, it's like, half an hour away. Don't you guys just love technology?" he quips a minute later. Beca casts forlorn glances at her phone, causing Jesse to pocket it quickly.

"Okay then," Stacie claps her hands and gestures over at the bikes. "Let's get to town and figure out where to go from there."

Fat Amy shoots raises her eyebrows and looks down at her watch. "It's almost seven thirty. You want us to start riding now?"

"Amy's right. Let's just call a cab," Benji agrees tiredly.

"Those things are expensive!" Unicycle throws his hand up in the air exasperatedly.

"Well, I'm not doing any more cardio," Fat Amy states firmly.

"We had rest stops! I mean, come on, you guys are impossible."

"Whatever. The handlebars are too rough against my skin, anyway. When we get back, I'm scheduling a spa appointment immediately."

Beca leans back against Jesse's chest as she listens to them argue, too tired to even pretend to be mad at him anymore. She feels him sigh and affectionately press his lips to her hair as he wraps his arm around her waist, his hand coming to rest on her stomach. She's a minute away from closing her eyes for good, before she sees headlights in the not-so-far distance. "Guys," Beca says as she sits up, rousing Jesse in turn. "Guys! There's a car coming." They all look back and see the red pick-up truck driving steadily towards them.

"What if it's a serial killer?" Benji stage whispers.

"I think we'll take our chances," Stacie replies as she examines her finger pads with a frown.

"Even if we're able to hitch a ride with them, where will we leave the bikes? They're rentals, remember?" Unicycle taps his foot nervously.

Stacie waves him off. "I'll text them to come pick them up or whatever."

"Yeah, I don't think that's allowed-" Uni stops talking as the car comes to a slow stop next to them. "Oh god, what if it is a serial killer?"

"Shut it."

The driver's door opens and a stiletto covered foot steps out, followed by a bleach blonde head. The skinny girl raises her sunglasses to rest on top of her head as her ice blue eyes curiously observe the group in front of her. Her gaze flits from Stacie, to Amy, to Beca. She appraises them from head to toe, before a slow smile spreads out over her face. "This is fate," she says happily, making everyone else bewildered.

"It sure is, baby," Unicycle flexes his biceps and looks at her invitingly once he snaps out of his daze.

The blonde tilts her head and shrugs. "I'm Anna. Do you need a ride?"

Yup, it's Anna again!