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Warnings: Adult Content, Blood, Discriminatory Language, Violence

Pairings: Jasper/Bella, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Esme, Peter/Charlotte

Summary: Your typical story. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. A baby is quickly made. What happens when the boy's a vampire? What happens when said vampire is killed before the baby's born? Renée doesn't know what's going to happen to her baby, but Nahuel promises to keep it safe from his father. Jasper/ Bella

00. Preface


Nahuel's P. O. V.

Serena was the one that found Huilen and I. We had been surprised at her visit, seeing as it was just a year after my father's regular check-up every decade or so. But, when she started spewing about how I owed it to the man to "breed for him", I knew something was terribly wrong. Joham and his ever-faithful daughter had been hounding me for little more than half a century to find some human female and give him grandchildren. As if they were more than experiments to the man.

But she was talking about a half-breed that was already in the makings. From a different vampire at that! Who did he manage to get onto his side? Did he wind up garnering the attention of the Volturi to aid in his 'research'? If so, who was the father? Was it Demetri the famous tracker? Or Alec, one of the witch twins? Could it be Aro himself?

I shuddered in revulsion of having to attempt to mate with such a monstrosity. Anything coming from that man was an abomination. Much like myself. Hopefully, I'd be able to stop the proceedings before it got too far. Was she pregnant already? Was the baby already born and being raised by Joham himself? Would he reproduce with her if I refused? Dear God, I hoped not.

I could smell blood before my aunt and I even arrived in the cottage. The woman was pregnant, alright. She would be ready to give birth in a few days or two weeks at most. It all depended on the sex of the baby and how much blood the woman was ingesting.

However, I could say one thing, this wasn't the work of the Volturi. The only dominant scents in the area were my father, my sister, my aunt, this woman, and myself. There was an additional one that was so faint I couldn't determine much from it other than it belonging to the true father of the fetus. Most likely, he found a woman that was already pregnant, killed the vampire, and stole the human. She was terrified and Joham was no where to be found. Typical. He never could stand to be around children. We were too much of an inconvenience.

"Do you speak English?" I asked her. She nodded, her lip trembling. "Do you know what's happening inside of you?" Another nod. "Do you know why you're here?" This time I received a shake. I was right. She had been kidnapped. "It'll be alright. I promise." Somehow, I'll find a way to get this baby away from the hands of my father.

"My baby… will she be okay?"

"Yes, you're too far along for anything serious to happen to it. Anything special you want to name it?"

She grinned at me, the dried tears on her cheeks cracking. "If it's a girl, I was thinking Isabella Marie. Charlie always loved the name 'Isabella,' it was his late wife's name. Marie's my mother's name. If it's a boy, Charles. But, I think it'll be a girl. She's too still to be a boy." I watched with happiness as she cheerily told me all about what she'd gone through with this 'Charles' man, including the day he disappeared. From her tales, it certainly proved my theory of how Joham came across her. It was either that, or her lover had been planning this for months. I hope that wasn't the case.

I swam for miles, having lost my father and sister somewhere around Rhode Island when I had been going East. Without their knowing, I had switched and went North, to Canada. The day after having met Renée, I took her from them. At first, they weren't too alarmed. How far could I get with a woman who was as big as a house? However, it was when she gave birth, enabling me to move much more quickly, and with much more ease, that they began to panic. Yet, I still lost them within two hours.

Still, I wasn't even twelve hours into this baby's life and I knew I couldn't keep her. I had to leave her somewhere, just for the time being, until I created a large enough diversion that would keep Joham and Serena off of my trail until little Isabella Marie could make her own decisions in her breeding rights. She was still an infant, still able to be molded into the little cretin he created as my sister long ago.

I would have to put a stop to what they were wanting to do to this little girl as soon as possible.


I saw a recently built, but abandoned, home close to the waterfalls. Lucky for me, there was a hollow tree next to the large cabin, and I could hide Renée's daughter there. Sure, she'd leave in a couple of days, but she'd probably head towards shelter. I'd be back before a week passed, of that I was certain.

"Isabella," I cooed. Her nose scrunched up in distaste; apparently she didn't like her name very much. "Bella…" We have a winner!

"Bella dear, I have to go. I have to get the Bad Man to leave. I'll be back. I promise. I'll be back as soon as it's safe. You'll be fine until I come back. Stay near the tree. I'll find you when I can, Little One. I'll be back as soon as it's safe." With a kiss to her forehead, I left. My stomach began to sink as I plunged back into the water and swam the way I came.

I didn't care if I had to kill that man. He wasn't going to touch a hair on her pretty, little head.

Ending Author's Notes: So, I had been toying with this idea in my head. Actually, it's been in my head since I first read New Moon, which was years ago. Hybrids are not a Stephanie Meyer thing only. They're all over the internet. So, I had to use the hybrids SM gave us and work with that.

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