A/N: slight incorporation of the 4x17 webclip and the fact that I keep thinking about how Caroline hasn't flipped the switch…I mean I sure as hell don't want her to in the show. But this has been festering in my mind for a while, and with Klaus sleeping with the bitch who destroyed Caroline's life…well it prompted this little one-shot?...idk what it is. May end up with more but probably not because I suck at writing.

Caroline sat amongst the trash and cups on the Salvatore's couch. She lifted the bottle of vodka to her lips again and let out a bitter laugh. God, maybe Elena was right. It would just be easier to turn it off and stop having to deal with all this emotional crap every day. She was tired of it, it was starting to take its toll and it didn't help that not one of her friends had really taken the time to ask if she was okay. Yeah there was the whole Silas thing to worry about but still.

When had her problems ever mattered to anyone? Never, she realized, they always got pushed aside or swept under the rug so that no one else would have to deal with them.

Like Damon. She never really told anyone the truth about what had happened to her. Yeah some of her friends had assumed that she had been fed on by him. Too bad the reality was much worse. Yeah she was at a bad place when she jumped into bed with Damon, but that was because once again Elena was first choice and got the guy. She was feeling rejected as usual and there was a hot guy, looking interested in her. So yeah she jumped at the opportunity to get the other brother. She didn't realize at the time that he was a monster. And when she did realize it, there was not a damn thing she could do. She tried to run, and escape. But he had caught her and thrown her down. She had tried to fight him off and escape, but what chance does a small girl stand against an over a century old vampire? None. She never stood a chance, so he compelled her to shut up, and to do his bidding. To be his blood bag and sex toy to use as he pleased.

He had raped her. She had never really admitted it to herself before now but yes that was what it was. Rape. She was not a willing participant, she had tried to escape. Yes the first time was consensual, but the many times after that, no. And no one even knew, it just got brushed under the rug because no one had the time to deal with her problems. And she knew that Elena knew about it, at least the being his personal blood bag part. And Elena still jumped right into bed with Damon, and always held it over her head that Caroline had done the same.

Caroline scoffed and raised the bottle for another swig. She looked around and realized what a mess the boarding house was. Well, she could at least be productive while she spiraled. She stood up and walked into the kitchen in search of a trash can. She spotted one and started throwing things into it. She made her way slowly towards the living room, tossing cups in the trash after she poured their stale and warm contents down her throat.

Caroline grabbed a cup off the table next to the couch she had previously occupied. She swirled the old beer in the bottom and then poured it into her mouth. It tasted foul but it was alcohol and she was sure as hell not going to spiral without being drunk.

Sure Stefan and Matt still cared about her, but to what extent? Stefan was still in love with Elena, he may have claimed to have moved on, making a show of it by starting up a fling with Rebekah. But she knew him, and he wouldn't stop until she had the cure in her and was back to little old perfect Elena. The one who was her best friend. Who she had been like sisters with since kindergarten. Not the girl who had tried to drive a piece of wood through her heart last night.

Tyler was gone, for good. He left her that damn letter. And she realized that that goodbye on the porch was real, she was hanging onto this naïve idea that it would all work out in the end and they would find each other again someday. But the more she thought on it, the more she realized how her and Tyler never would've worked out anyways. She wanted to see the world and Tyler was always determined to live a small town life. Sure she loved him, but their different desires from life would've torn them apart in the end. As much as she hated to admit it, and as much as it hurt like hell, Tyler leaving the letter was a good thing. She needed to move on from her small town, high school romance.

Tyler, the one guy that hadn't gone after Elena first was gone, well one of them. She still had Klaus trying to get into her pants.

Who was she kidding she was never the one. Everyone loved Elena, the center of the universe. And she would always be her collateral damage. I mean look at the number of times she had been the torture or kidnap victim.

There was the time with the werewolves, where they locked her in a cage and shot her full of wooden bullets and shot her with a squirt gun full of vervain water.

Then there was the time that her father found out she was a vampire and tortured her with sunlight to try and "fix her."

Or the time that Alaric trapped her in the classroom and stuck pencils through her hands and gagged her with vervain.

Or. Jeez she was really prone to being kidnapped. Or the time that Klaus's hybrids had kidnapped her and repeatedly broken her wrist to get back at Tyler.

She threw more trash into the trashcan and paused to listen to Stefan and Klaus upstairs. They were talking about the missing blood bags and the possibility that Silas was in the creepy professor's body.

"Rebekah said you may have gotten some useful information out of Hayley last night" Stefan said casually

Caroline frowned and threw a cup forcefully into the trash at the mention of the were-slut.

Klaus scoffed, "and what would Rebekah know of that?"

"She said that you were interrogating Hayley, and that when she got home the place reeked of wolf sex," Stefan said in an amused tone.

Caroline froze. She dropped the glass she held in her hand. It shattered next to her foot; pieces flew everywhere some embedded in her leg. It went silent upstairs.

The scent of her blood filled the air as it dripped down her leg. She didn't feel it.

Well wasn't that the perfect cherry on top to her downwards spiral. Klaus had slept with the bitch who had caused the death of the hybrids. The bitch who was the reason Tyler was be running for his life. The bitch who snapped her neck and shoved her in a disgusting Mystic Grill bathroom stall. The reason that Mayor Lockwood was dead. The bitch had taken not only Tyler from her but now the only man who had ever put her first, who had chosen her first. He couldn't truly love her if he would sleep willingly with the girl who had destroyed her life.

Elena was right, she should turn it off.

Caroline looked down at the blood on her leg. It was slowly dripping towards her ankle.

She heard Klaus and Stefan enter the room but she didn't acknowledge them. She proceeded to look at the blood on her leg, as if in a trance.

Click, the switch turned off.

She sighed and looked up at Stefan and Klaus. Surprisingly both looked concerned.

"What?" she asked them in a dead voice.

It would've been comical had she cared, but both furrowed their eyebrows at the same time.

"What the hell are you both gaping at?" she asked in that same dead tone. She turned towards the table and grabbed her bottle of vodka taking a huge swig.

"Caroline" Klaus whispered, horrified as he realized what had happened.

A/N: yeah yeah I'm evil, but Caroline has been through a lot and no one really cares…well Klaus would if he knew, but he doesn't know about well anything that has happened to Caroline…anyone want to make this into more please feel free…I suck at writing anything longer than a few thousand words….