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Something had changed between them; she could feel it deep inside her and it scared her.

After the Garuda was defeated things were great for a little while. There was no longer the danger of the end of the world; Bo had found a grandfather, and she and Trick had spent time together every day getting to know each other better and, in Bo's case, learning more about her heritage and family history; Val was no longer at odds with her brother, and had taken a like to being around humans, going so far as to shop with Kenzi twice; Lauren had gotten free of the Light and was still working for the new Ash, but now as a trusted doctor, not a mere slave; Vex became a little less insane and had even started to go by the clubhouse to chat, especially with the crazy human; and Dyson had gotten his love back, and with it the hope of earning Bo's love again.

In a way everybody was happy for some time after the final battle. Several "after the end of the world" parties were thrown and they were all confortable with each other, but it didn't last long.

Problems started to arise as soon as the festivities died down. Somehow Val and Hale had gotten in a discussion with their father. The elder Santiago was beyond pissed that someone as lowly as Kenzi was part of the Garuda takedown and that she was being showered with gifts from his only son. Apparently giving a box of sweet chocolates and a rainbow colored wig was now considered to be showering someone with gifts. Both Santiago kids were warned to hang around the human. At first neither of them really heard him, but after a couple of weeks of frozen credit cards and a repoed car, Val was reluctantly going back to her father's arms. Hale was a little more difficult, but even the amazing siren had to relent when his father almost disown him. It didn't matter to him, really, no longer being a Zamora, but it would have destroyed his mother, and he loved her too much to see her broken. Now both were not talking to the rest of the gang, especially Kenzi.

Trick had known since the beginning that Kenzi's part in the plan was essential, but he could also see that most Fae elders weren't going to be happy about it. A dirty human could not be part of the biggest battle of the century, and he knew that. In a way it made sense to him, humans were not actively part of the Fae world, they were merely food, so he could not condemn Hale's father. Lauren's case was different. The doctor was under the Ash's orders and it was her duty as servant to do exactly as the head of the Light had said. Kenzi, on the other hand, was an unaligned pet, no better than a mere human. One day, after some cups of strong wine, he had even wondered out loud why Kenzi's behavior hadn't been corrected. She was a pet, she didn't have the freedom to do as she wished, and her manners and habits weren't as they should, or so he had said to his currently companions that, unfortunately, had been Bo and Kenzi. The fight between granddaughter and grandfather had been epic, or so the few witness at the Dal had said. Trick was left with a succubus hand print on his cheek and the promise of not going back; a promise Bo had followed true and enforced onto a shocked young Russian girl.

The Morrigan had come by and had asked for her favor, the one Kenzi owed her after saving Nate from her evil hands. After defeating the Garuda, Vex and Kenzi had formed an unlikely friendship. The Mesmer was really funny once one got used to his twisted sense of humor. Also, the dark Fae was pretty good playing video games, so the two of them could spend several hours killing zombies and monsters. Vex was still on the Morrigan's bad side after the sex puppet's incident, so Evony had asked something that deeply disturbed Kenzi. With Dima's help she was able to snap several shots of an indecent Vex doing some twisted sexual things. There was something plain wrong to see a grown Fae man playing baby to a dominatrix, sucking a baby bottle and peeing in a diaper. The Morrigan was happy to have now something to blackmail the Mesmer, and she couldn't stop herself to tell Vex exactly who took the pictures. To say he was pissed that his friend was bold, and stupid, enough to betray him was something mild. Bo had to actually put a knife at his throat to keep him from bending the petite girl into a ball. After that, the video games' days became nonexistent and the chats between the crazy duo stopped. Vex literally disappeared from their lives.

And, to top it all, Dyson and Lauren had gotten in some kind of competition of wills. Both were interested in the succubus, but neither of them was willing to share a bit of her. Apparently it was all of nothing and Bo loved them both, making the Doctor and Detective edgy. Bo had wanted to sit down and talk, she knew at the end she needed to choose, and in a way she already had. Lauren was like medicine to her soul and the blonde doctor was perfect for the romantic and emotional side of hers, she was her choice. The succubus was in love with the Doctor, but she loved the wolf. Dyson was like a best buddy, a handsome friend she was physically attracted to, and to whom she could have sex with without worry to kill him. So, even though her heart was Lauren's, Dyson was hard to ignore. Time spent with the three of them in a room was like having a press over the head, the tension was so thick Kenzi had made it to be away from Bo once Lauren and Dyson appeared. The succubus couldn't be with one because as soon as one showed up at the clubhouse, the other wasn't far behind; maybe it had to do with a six sense or something, but apparently the possessive streak they both shared was tuned finely to the brunette.

That, added to all the problems that had surfaced had Bo on her last nerve. Hale wasn't that close to her, but she missed the siren and his easygoing vibe. Val was not really a loss, but she was a remainder of what the hate for humans was in a Fae world, and it made her think of her grandfather. Maybe -trick was the worst of all, because, while she could more or less wave through the Lauren/Dyson problem, not having someone to relay on was hard. Kenzi could listen, true, and she understood her better than most, but her reasoning was biased. She didn't grasp why she couldn't really choose between those two, for her it was simply finding out where her heart laid. At first Kenzi hadn't like Lauren and all her money had been on the wolf, but then, Dyson had hurt Bo in a way Lauren would never. Kenzi thought the love Lauren had for Bo was deeper, purer than the mating possession Dyson was aiming for.

But, the Vex problem was something that made doubt surface in the succubus heart. Vex was supposed to be Kenzi's friend and Kenzi's friendship was something she had rely on up until that moment. Having her friendship was the sure way to having her loyalty. Bo could understand why she did it, the Morrigan was collecting her favor, but what she did to him was plain wrong. The younger girl could, and would, have say no at any time, or so she believed. If the Russian girl could betray someone she cared for deeply, and she did cared for Vex even though she couldn't admit it, then, what could possibly happen to her?

Vex and Kenzi had several things in common, he could played the games Bo didn't like and their witty comments entertained each other for days, going so far as to text each other through the nights just to top what the other had said. They talked for hours, not crazy talk or jokes, but actually talked. Bo had never seen Kenzi open up to someone as fast as she had done with the Mesmer. Also Bo thought there was something else in there. She had came back home once to a tense Vex on the couch, the television had been on one of Kenzi's favorite movies. At first it had been odd the Mesmer was watching a movie even she considered too girly, but the weirdest thing was the lack of her best friend. Upon closer inspection she had discovered that the petite raven haired girl's head had been nestled in Vex's lap. The younger girl had been fast sleep with a body language that spoke of total trust. Something she had only witnessed her do with the succubus herself, not even Nate had gained that privilege. Vex had been even stiffly stroking the goth's hair, up until that point Bo was the only one allowed to touch Kenzi's dark mane.

After Vex disappeared tension started going up in the clubhouse. Kenzi was her usual self, she was a happy little girl, smiling and laughing a lot. She even didn't mourn the loss of her dark friend. Sure, she was upset for a couple of days, but soon enough it was all forgotten. The same had happened with Nate, she had cried herself to sleep one night, and then it was in the past. Maybe there was something wrong with the Russian girl.

Kenzi's detachment was something that bothered Bo deeply. She loved her little human, but, exactly how much did the succubus know about the girl? Kenzi didn't talk about her past preferring to live in the present, and when she talked about her family, which was only twice, she became serious, not in a sad kind of way, but a guilty one. Bo sometimes wondered what Kenzi had done to been forced to leave her home at such a young age, maybe she had done something like what she did to Vex.

The more the succubus thought about her best friend and all the secrets she kept, the more uncomfortable she became. The more she stopped to look at her smiling face, the angrier she became. How such a creature could be that happy when the world around her was falling apart? Vex, Hale, Val and Trick were gone, and it was matter of time before either Lauren or Dyson left too. It was killing Bo, to lose all her friends, her family, in such a short amount of time and Kenzi acted like nothing was wrong! It was almost like a game to her.

She'd always known there was something strange about the girl… after all, not every human had ever been so comfortable with the Fae before. Lauren was a slave, only chained to the Light because her girlfriend's lie depended on it, but Kenzi has voluntarily gotten herself in the Fae world, and it didn't bother her. It was annoying her lack of self-preservation.

She just couldn't keep going on like that. The human needed to understand not everything was a fairy tale, and that reality was harder than it had been to her up until that moment.


Kenzi closed the door carefully and immediately felt the tick air in the house. Soon after Vex had gone away the clubhouse started to feel heavy and interactions with her roomy had become more and more unbearable. Bo had become serious around her suddenly and she didn't know what had she done wrong. Sure things were hard at the moment, but she was confident Hale and Val would break their father's rules sooner rather than later. Also she knew Bo had already chosen Lauren and Dyson was really only looking to save his pride rather than Bo's love for him.

In a way giving Dyson his love back had been the wrong move. The wolf was more interested chasing a distant dream than really trying for anybody's happiness. But they had needed him as his best, giving everybody the chance to fight the Garuda and live to tell and party. Sadly Bo didn't see it like that. At least Kenzi had tried helping everyone. In the end it played well, even if things were tense around her two favorite Faes.

Trick's sincerity had hurt her deeply, but she also knew the older man had his reason to think like that. The man was old beyond her comprehension and he believed in the old way to do things. Besides, more hurtful things had been said to her. She knew she had already forgiven him, but Bo's decision to stay away from him and the Dal made it impossible to talk to him.

She felt responsible Bo and her grandfather's relationship had ended because of her. She was guilty of breaking a bond it had just started, and it made her sad to know the woman she loved the most now was truly an orphan. Well, her mother and grandfather were still alive, and probably her father too, but the succubus was aware that at least her mother wasn't interested in her and that she could not be related to a Fae that considered humans lowly pets. Her father could be a serial killer for all they knew, and it made Bo feel alone.

Vex was something she was deeply ashamed of. Thankfully the Mesmer and she had already talked about it and everything was more or less normal between them. They decided to be apart some time as to not hint the Morrigan her plan to split their friendship had worked. Vex was currently at London managing one of his many nightclubs and Kenzi's heart was lighter knowing things didn't reach the not returning point. Also, the promise of several shoes from across the pond was something she was excited about.

There was just something about the Mesmer that screamed trust when she had stopped to listen. It had all started when waiting for the Garuda to appear, one second they were trying to ignore each other while watching television, and the next, they were both criticizing the stupid show they were stupidly watching because neither of them had wanted to made an effort and reach for the controller that rest at the edge of the small coffee table. It was hilarious and something she'd done several times with her roommate.

But her Bo-Bo was different now, though. Maybe she had said something to bother her, or maybe she had done something to piss her off. But she could almost feel the anger when she was around Bo. It was so hard to be around her that she had started going to the Carpe Noctem everyday just to be away for a while. Amazingly enough she came home sober more often than not.

Vex had made it clear she could drink everything she wanted, all on the house, but she just couldn't drink more than a couple of beers without getting too depressed. A depressed Kenzi was something she didn't have the time to take care of. The tears, yearning for comfort and general pain were things she couldn't afford right now, especially if she wanted to keep her more recent mess hidden.

Her arm, where the Norn's 'gift' had been splashed was always warm and painful. The scales and rash were long gone, but it did hurt, a lot, normally when she was near sleep. Sometimes it woke her up, it especially hurt beyond reason when one of her long ago forgotten nightmares made an appearance on her usually peaceful dreams. More often than not her arm hung limply at her side, useless and plain bothersome. She made it to a point to smile and laugh, though; she didn't want Bo to know. Her best friend was going through too much pressure to add her problems to the list. And Kenzi knew it was her mess to clean, just like old times when she'd done something stupid that had cost her more than she was able to pay.

Kenzi looked up at the stairs. She debated for a split of second to leave the house or just try to go to sleep. It was nearing midnight and she was tired and hurting, so it was an easy choice. Tossing her jacket to the couch she started to her room noticing how silent the house was. It felt almost deserted. As she got closer to her room she heard the faint noise of thudding. She stopped for a second and strained her ears. It came from Bo's room.

She approached slowly to the door almost afraid of what she could encounter. Even though the door was mostly made of glass Bo had started putting a cloth over it to avoid Kenzi's eyes. She stopped a moment just to consider exactly how much that action hurt. Shaking her head she approached little by little, trying to hear more clearly. Looking closely she saw the door was partially open, so, really slowly she pushed it. What she saw made her stop suddenly.

In the bed, almost covered with the cream colored sheets were Lauren and Bo. Their bodies were flush together and moved in unison. The succubus had the doctor pinned to the mattress and Kenzi could now hear perfectly the moans and hisses that accompanied them. She wasn't on girl on girl action, she was sure of that, but there was something mesmerizing about seeing two admittedly beautiful women together. The way Lauren shuddered under the pressure of Bo's well placed kisses over her chest and neck, the way the brunette's hands disappeared in tangled blonde hair and in between shaking legs, the way their hips moved rhythmically, almost like one.

The younger girl knew she shouldn't be looking, and with Bo already uncomfortable around her she was taking a risk too big. Even so, she couldn't move and that sparked some recognition in her mind, almost like a déjà vu. At that feeling filled her, the two bodies on the bed shifted giving Kenzi a good look at Bo's back and making the doctor's face visible. In a second Lauren's wide eyes met hers and she was pooled into a memory.


Little Sasha was hungry and there was no better person to fix that problem than her Mama. Her Mama has just gotten back from a trip somewhere in the south; her Babka had told her her Mama went to a place really warm to celebrate her new marriage. Her Mama had married a man she met at her work, some classy and important man that went often to the little dinner her Mama worked in. Nika and she had stayed at her Babka's for almost a month before moving in to their new house.

The new house was huge, or so little Sasha thought. Nika had his own bedroom, all painted in dark red and black. Hers, on the other hand was pink and bright, just like she liked it. Her bed was a princess castle and all her toys were new and shiny. She was a happy girl.

She paddled down the corridor to her Mama's room, where she knew the answer to her hungry would be. If Nika hadn't been still asleep her fifteen-years-old brother would help her, but she knew he was tired after a long week of exams, so waking him up was a big no-no. She reached the white wooden door soon enough and without a second thought she turned the doorknob. She was used to do it before, so why not now?

When the door opened, she was frozen into shock. Her Mama and he were on the bed, tangled in the covers very close together. Her Mama's face was showing a strange expression and she could hear strange sounds. Before she could really understand what was happening in there, her pale blue eye's met her Mama's grey ones. The movement in the bed stopped and she saw the anger in his face almost as the same time her name was being said.


"Kenzi!" Lauren's cry of surprise snapped her out her memory and started her into motion. She made a dash away from the door; close behind her she could feel someone chasing her. Just after entering her room she felt an iron grip closing around her right arm, the pain suddenly exploded around her making her hiss and stop.

"What the hell were you thinking?!" Bo's angry eyes were blue and it scared her.

"… sorry." Her voice was small due the pain. "Please, let me go."

The succubus instead of releasing her slammed her to the wall near her bed. The pain in her arm only intensified. "No! Tel me, what were you thinking?!"

"I- I'm sorry." The younger girl nearly sobbed, out of pain or fear, she didn't know. Bo only slammed her again. "I- I thought there w-was something in there."

"Of course there was something in there! Lauren and I!" Bo's blue eyes got brighter. "What do you think give you the right to spy on us?!" She snarled in her face.

"I said I'm sorry!" Tears were now escaping her eyes. The fear growing more intense than the pain. With some effort she managed to extract herself from the angry Fae, taking several steps back, nearer her dresser.

But, Bo wasn't ready to let go. The frustration and anger she had been nursing towards the younger girl reaching her breaking point. She followed her until she was trapped between herself and the big, open dresser. With nowhere to go Kenzi just stopped, praying for the naked succubus to not end her life. "Really, Kenzi, you think saying sorry makes it all better?" Something in her tone made it clear the spying wasn't the only thing she was talking about.

The younger girl knew it was the first time she had ever saw Bo in bed with someone, and more often than not the older girl wasn't shy about her sexuality and didn't care if Kenzi knew she was sleeping with someone. "What are you talking about?" she hugged her throbbing arm to her, really puzzled about what her friend was saying.

"Oh, so the human don't know what she has done?" Bo got even closer to the girl. "Maybe, I don't know, thanks to you Hale is no longer around. Oh, wait, you don't care, right? I mean, Vex was special, but that didn't stop you from hurting him too, right?"

"…Bo…" Kenzi said in a small voice. Those things were out her control, she couldn't force Hale's dad to stop being an ass and she was indebted to the Morrigan. Her best friend knew that, right?

Bo ignored her, she had so many things bottled up she just needed to say them. "And Trick, because of you I no longer see him. But he wasn't important to you, only to me. Let's talk about who you care for then, uh? I mean, do you really care for someone?" Kenzi's eyes opened wide, the fear that her best friend thought like that even more powerful than the fear of losing her life to the succubus. "What about Nate, uh? You broke his heart and it didn't even bother you after a day. What kind of heartless thing are you? You don't care about love or loyalty, do you? No wait, you do care about love, you got Dyson's back, and only made my life miserable! I don't know how the hell you did it, but he says it was you! You never stop to think, you just do stupid things! Now I have to shove away a wolf in heat while trying to conserve the woman I love!"

Kenzi's eyes widen at the accusation. She was doing everyone a favor in returning Dyson is love. And Nate was her choice, she choose him over Bo. She would away choose Bo before anything and everyone. "… I'm-"

"Shut up!" Bo interrupted her apology. Looking at where the younger's girl back was she made a decision. "I'm tired of you. Your voice, your music, your video games, your clothes all around the house. You drink too much, you eat too much, hell, you are higher maintenance than anyone I've ever known. You are always too loud, too irresponsible, too messy. I'm done!" Without a second thought the succubus grabbed the younger girl and shoved her into the dresser.

Kenzi, still shocked at everything couldn't react in time, and before she knew it she was being locked in what was her biggest nightmare. She had spent so many hours in her bedroom closet to be comfortable with any dresser or closet's door closed, thus hers always stayed open. Since living with Bo she'd learn to leave everything wide open, it helped when she needed something while making her feel safer than ever. The darkness around her made her panic. "Bo!" She yelled and pounded at the wood. "Let me out!"

There was desperation in the human's voice, but Bo ignored it. "Quiet!" she yelled in return and slammed her hand in the door.

"Bo, please!" Her breath start coming short and the tears running down her cheeks intensified. "Please!"

"I said be quiet, you ungrateful brat!" Kenzi heard the voice, but it was no longer her best friend's one. It was deeper, male and too familiar, with a hint of amusement and pleasure behind it. Those same words that had been yelled at her so many times, those words she'd always though she would never hear again.

Memories of her stepfather snapping that same sentence came rushing back and she collapsed on the floor uncontrollable sobs filling the darkness, making the room church silent.

'Quiet at last.' Thought an irritated succubus. She relaxed her body onto the dresser, feeling her anger starting to subside.

"…Bo?" Lauren's small voice said. Bo turned her face to the entry of the room where her lover was standing, confused and scared. The doctor had put on her robe, a blue one Kenzi had got her just after defeating the Garuda. "What's going on?" She stepped closer to her altered succubus.

Bright blue eyes blinked several times before their natural brown ones appeared again. "Lauren?" Looking around she saw they were in her roommate's room. She was still naked and was pressing herself on her friend's dresser. A dresser that was crying loudly. In that moment her mind understood what she had done. "Oh my God! Kenzi!"

The dresser door was pulled open with force and there, in the floor, curled in a tight ball was Kenzi. Her mascara was totally ruined and her body shook with the force of her sobbing. Her arms were around herself and Bo could not believe what possessed her to harm her little sister like that. She reached to the girl, her voice now soft. "…Kenz…"

With a fluid motion born of pure survival, the younger girl slapped the hand away and dashed out of the dresser. Standing close to the exit of her room she looked directly onto Bo's eyes, eyes that were warm and full of regret. The sobbing had stopped, but her chest rose quickly and tears kept streaming down her face. Her own eyes were looking at what she thought was her older sister directly, the one that would protect her from all harm; make her forget her fears and nightmares. How wrong she had been. Her blue eyes were blurred with her tears and they showed more pain Bo had ever seen in someone.

The contact was soon ended when Kenzi just turned and dashed to the stairs. Seconds later both women in the room could hear the front door slam with enough force to shake the fragile walls.

Bo turned to her lover, her own eyes filling with tears. 'What have I done?!'


Nothing about you is typical
Nothing about you is predictable
You got me all twisted and confused
It's so you

Up 'til now I thought I knew love
Nothing to lose and it's damaged cause
Patterns will fall as quick as I do

Unusual You (Britney Spears, 2008)