A few months later…

"Are you ready to go, baby?" Lauren asked when Kenzi climbed down the stairs sulking. She walked to the kitchen island and sat on it heavily, right in front of a small cup of dark liquid. The smell of it was really sweet, but thanks to months of taking that same potion just after breakfast she wasn't fooled anymore. Not only did the potion was thick as mud, but it was also as bitter as gal and spicy as a habanero. "Drink up, baby girl."

Kenzi shot a small glare to Lauren. The older woman was always overly cheerful when she asked her to take the medicine. "I don't wanna!" She pushed the cup away from her, spilling a bit of it in the counter.

Lauren smile disappear, a stern look replacing it. "Drop the attitude, young lady. We need to get moving and we are not leaving until you take it."

Kenzi whined pathetically but took the cup in her hands. Holding her breath she gathered her courage and promptly drank the whole thing. Fighting her gag reflex as best as she could, she looked at Lauren with hurt evident in her eyes. She was tired of drinking the stupid antidote… even if it was working. She no longer was hurt by her fears and nightmares, and she could be around without her collar for most of the day.

"Good girl." The doctor smiled and gave her a lollipop from the pocket of her lab coat to help with the aftertaste. "Are you sure you don't want to stay at the Dal and wait for Bo?"

The young girl shook her head and sucked onto her lemon lollipop. Shortly after she had 'returned' home Bo had made the nasty decision to join Dyson at the police station as part of a program where the three 'sides' where working on. Not only Bo had joined, but also a fair haired Dark Valkyrie. Now the three of them were trying to solve cases involving all the county and had to travel across it more often than not, making Bo leave their home for days at the time.

Dyson had changed thanks to her 'accident', as they liked to call it. The wolf had really resigned Bo's love to Lauren, even going so far as to protect the doctor from clueless Fae that tried to hit on her. Both he and the doctor had starting building a good relationship, even bordering in friendship, and the fight for Bo's affections was long forgotten. The blond Fae start acting different towards her too. He was like that noisy uncle everybody had somewhere, always wanting to make sure she was okay and if she needed anything. At first it had been sweet, but now it was simply annoying.

Kenzi looked at how Lauren started gathering her things to leave for the Clinic, still sucking her sweet, one hand never letting go of the stick. Not only had the Ash and Morrigan wanted to test with their police department, but several more, including their medical one. So, very similar as to what Bo was doing, Lauren was now part of a clinic not too far from downtown where Dark and Light could go and got attended. The doctor had been thrilled when asked to join as a representative from the Unaligned, not the Light. It had been the last act that had dictated her freedom from the Ash.

Ever since she had gotten the job, and Bo had started working, really working, Kenzi had started to feel lost. She was still really shaken at what had happened and, contrary to what Trick had wanted to believe, the antidote and collar didn't work as well as they had hoped. Not only were they working too slow for everybody's tastes, but the side effects were concerning. At least to Lauren.

The downfall of wearing the collar, as they had discovered immediately, was that it had not helped to keep the nightmares away, but had extinguished all the girl's feelings, which, they came to understand, was what made the girl vulnerable to the physical traumas. This only led Kenzi to constant confusion and something akin to desperation. The girl had felt so lost and troubled that had started taking the collar at night, leaving her open for attacks.

It had taken several scolding and some grounding by Lauren to make Kenzi stop taking it at night. In compromise, Lauren had promise the girl to let her take it out in order to liberate her feelings as often as she wanted, with the only condition that she needed to be with someone. That someone usually being Lauren herself or, amazingly enough, Trick.

Kenzi took advantage of this allowance as often as she could. She felt like a kettle just before boiling point. She needed to relieve the pressure to breathe and live. Lauren was always at her disposal, even if was busy at the clinic. And Trick often babysat her when Bo was away and Lauren had to visit an infectious patient or had to go into surgery. It was dumb, yet comforting, to be constantly watched. It made her feel loved… yet untrusted.

Maybe it had to do with her constant fucking up. She had found that most of the things she did on daily basis were not what Lauren, thought was proper for a seventeen-years-old. She was currently grounded by Lauren due to some drinking she did the weekend before. Hale and Val tried to spend as much time as they could with her, taking her shopping or to the cinema. They both acted like she was their little cousin that needed to be taken care of in a funny, yet responsible, way. They had been convinced by a cute little thief to go to the Dragon and drink the night away. It was perfectly fine and usual, or so she had said. Both had learned their lesson when they had delivered a wasted Kenzi to Bo and Lauren. While the succubus was more than used to see her little sister plastered, the doctor had very different standards for the young human to live by. Not only Kenzi had been still underage, and thus prohibited to drink, but the doctor had caught a kidney infection in the thief while running some tests on her. Making her drink was not only irresponsible, but also a hazard to her immediate health. That was just one of the many opportunities that had helped Lauren show exactly how good she was at lecturing the girl.

Nobody could believe the mama bear Lauren had transformed into. The doctor had really taken into her caretaker role after Kenzi had showed signs of attachment towards her. Everybody could see the love grow between the two, and while Kenzi and Bo's relationship was akin to sisters, Lauren and Kenzi's was like mother-daughter. Lauren was now Kenzi's legal guardian and the thief found herself responding to the older female and working to avoid making her mad… or avoid Lauren finding out when she did something she learned the doctor disapproved of.

"Go get a jacket." Lauren told Kenzi as she checked her briefcase for the second time. "I'll wait for you in the car."

Sighing, Kenzi did as was told and gathered the things she would need to spend the day in Lauren's office at the Clinic, mainly some math problems and a history book that Lauren so kindly had imposed on her. Shortly after the older females started working most of the day Kenzi found out she didn't like to be alone with her thoughts, it made her feel unloved and vulnerable. Knowing Lauren was smitten with her, the very next day she felt so bad it had border on abandoned, she had begged to go to the Clinic with her. It didn't matter she had to follow a list of rules a mile long, or that she was strictly forbidden to enter the pharmacy, she was allowed to spend as much time she wanted at the Clinic.

It had become her second home. Not only she napped in the couch at Lauren's office, often waking up crying or screaming, and played her PSP in the garden where the patients strolled around, but she also had made some friends with the kids at the children ward.

That particular fact was something that had surprised everyone. The girl couldn't show any signs of happiness or joy, but the kids had taken a like to her and had shared their toys with her. Kenzi, then, started reading to the kids with her feeless voice that only amused the kids. Now that she was out of the collar the kids were happier around her. Too bad she was grounded and had to spend the day at Lauren's office. She had been looking forward to play 'damsel in distress' with her friends for a while now.


Lauren sighed as Kenzi sat sulking on her chair at the office. The girl had just earned another day without her PSP after being caught sneaking into the Pediatric Ward. "You know this would gonna happen, baby." She massaged the bridge of her nose when Kenzi glared at her. "It's not the first time we'd gone through this."

"You are mean." The girl pouted. She couldn't believe she had been caught. She had been so close! And she still couldn't believe she let Lauren punish her and take away her things.

"And, you, young lady, grounded." She stood beside the girl and combed her hand through Kenzi's raven hair. "I love you, baby, but you need to understand there are consequences when you misbehave."

Those words made Kenzi's heart clench, she hated disappointing Lauren. The older woman had finally made her believe she was truly loved, and she was glad to have somebody like her in her life, that loved her enough to take the time of her day to punish and scold her. She was sure if Lauren wasn't out of the picture and it had only been Bo and her, most of the things she had been grounded for would had been laughed off and brushed apart as something the crazy Kenzi did.

"I'd rather you spank me than sit here." She mumbled under her breath as Lauren walked away from her and towards the door.

The doctor stopped and looked back. "Don't tempt me, Kenz." Her face stern and her voice hard. "If you come back home drunk once more I won't doubt to take you over my knee." Kenzi blushed at that. Lauren wasn't supposed to hear her. "The same will happen if you try to sneak away in the middle of the night again."

"It was only once." She muttered as Lauren left the office. The doctor hearing her just fine, yet deciding to let it slide. She knew why Kenzi had tried to run away a little over a month ago.

Returning to her rounds, Lauren conceded that Kenzi had been right to want out of the house that night. That night Bo had been colder than usual to the girl and she had needed out. It hadn't really helped that Kenzi had been collar-less the few hours she had try to interact with the succubus, only to be brushed apart. The brunette had changed just like everybody else around them. While Dyson, Hale, Val, Trick and Lauren herself had changed for the better and had actually started treating her Kenzi better, Vex and Bo had started avoiding her. In a way she could understand why both of them were trying their hardest to avoid the girl.

Vex felt guilty beyond anyone's comprehension. The Dark Fae firmly believed that if he had been true to his word and taken care of Kenzi when she was little the girl would had a chance to live another life, one that could had been less painful, less traumatic.

The Mesmer didn't know how to act towards her and thus had returned to England with the pretext of one of his clubs going bankrupt. Out of guilt and love, because everybody knew Vex loved the girl, he had started sending gifts at least every week. Kenzi's wardrobe had gotten big enough that most of her clothes didn't fit in her dresser anymore and Lauren had made a note to buy the girl more furniture for her room.

Bo was another story altogether. Yes, she loved Kenzi, more than anyone, but the girl didn't see it. Not only had Bo started traveling for days at a time, and spend most of the daylight at the Division, but when she was actually home she had started locking herself in their room, only going out to eat or to leave the house.

Lauren herself had gotten caught in this. Bo rarely spend time with her, and when they did was in the security of their room or when they had to work on cases together. The doctor thought her girlfriend was being stupid and heartless, she knew Bo loved them, really loved them, but the succubus was doing everything within her power to make them believe otherwise. She got that Kenzi had been reserved towards the brunette at the beginning, and that at night it was Lauren's arms that she seek, but it had passed less than a month before the little thief had actively seek some love form Bo at day.

Her efforts had fallen in deaf ears and cold arms. Every time Kenzi tried to talk to the succubus Bo suddenly got a headache or was in a rush to be somewhere. When she had actually go for a hug, hugs that had always been so easily given, Bo simply brushed her aside. Kenzi had stopped trying with the brunette that night when she had tried to escape.

Bo was being a bitch and all could see that.


"Yo, Bo Bo!" She yelled when the succubus entered the house. Kenzi was happy today. It had been a while since had been that happy. Not only Lauren had told her she could take her collar for the rest of the evening, Vex had send her an amazing pair of boots, Trick had allowed her one glass of beer and Hale had gotten her one of the most gory videogames ever, but Bo was due to arrive anytime soon. She hadn't seen the succubus for four days, FOUR freaking days, and she was missing her lovely Fae, even if she didn't want to spend time with her.

"Baby, let her enter the house." Lauren slight chiding from the kitchen stopped her in her tracks. She had jumped from the couch and was ready to tackle the brunette when the doctor made her freeze.

"Sorry." She smiled wide. She was bubbling with excitement at seeing her sista. Both she and Lauren had been waiting for Bo for hours and she just couldn't made herself wait any longer.

"Hey." Bo said tiredly. Her clothes were a mess, brown smudges all around her face and her eyes puffy with tiredness. She let the duffle bag she was holding crash in the floor at the door, ratting sounds making them believe something in there actually broke.

"I'd miss you so much!" Kenzi finally yelled and launched herself to the older brunette. Bo, from her part, easily sidestepped her and slipped past her.

"I'm going to shower." She simply said while walking to the stairs, leaving a wounded thief and a fuming doctor.


"… and so, Trick said he could give me some, if, and only if, I drank a littler of cranberry juice afterwards." Kenzi's exited chatter made the silence at the table a little less uncomfortable. The girl was happily telling them how she had managed to drink a beer that evening, making Lauren frown.

"And did you?" The doctor's raised eyebrow made the girl know she wasn't supposed to do that. Ups.

Chewing her pasta slowly Kenzi smiled sheepishly. "I did. I drank the whole littler and then some." She swallowed. "I promise I only drank that only glass of beer. It won't do me any bad, right?"

Shaking her head, Lauren simply continue eating.

Knowing Lauren didn't see things as she did, Kenzi turned to the only ally that had always let her drink to her hearts content. "Bo!" she whined. "Tell her I've always drink more! Tell her a glass is not bad!"

The succubus made a non-committal grunt.

"Bo!" the girl whined again and grabbed the Fae's arm to try and made her cooperate.

What happened next surprised everyone at the table.

Bo snatched her arm from Kenzi's hands and turned to the girl angry. "Kenzi!" She yelled, actually yelled at her. "Stop it!" She took a deep breath and continue at a more controlled volume. "I got a headache and your whining isn't helping. So stop it."

Kenzi's eyes were wide and a little scared. "I'm sorry…"

The brunette sighed again. "Just keep quiet."

The thief nodded and turned to her plate, appetite forgotten. Lauren looked at Bo amazed. One thing was to be uncomfortable around the youngest girl and other totally different was to make her feel as miserable as the succubus was feeling. She too turned again to her pasta. She was so going to talk to Bo and possibly make her sleep in the couch, but this was not the time, not with Kenzi at the table. Her mother always told her not to fight with your partner near the kids… it only scare and scar them.

Silence surrounded them, none of them really eating anymore. Kenzi pushed around the food on her plate until the sting in her eyes got truly unbearable. "May be excused?" Her voice was soft and trembled with pain. She knew she was to stay at the table until her food was gone, one of Lauren's many new rules. She hoped the doctor could understand and let her hide away.

Lauren nodded. "Leave your plate, I'll take care of it."

Kenzi got up grateful. At least she could leave immediately and wasn't forced to take her plate to the kitchen, as Lauren asked her to do on daily basis. "Goo' night." She mumbled and fled from the room before the first tears started falling.

The older females looked as the girl practically ran to her room with heavy hearts. Bo couldn't believe she had snapped at the girl after everything that had happened. She was nervous around Kenzi, always fearing to hurt her girl more… just as she had done.

"Bo-" Lauren's tone was warning. A lecture was sure coming.

"Don't." The succubus interrupted. "You don't need to tell me. I know." She knew she had hurt the girl again. She knew she was being heartless. She knew she needed to be more open, less direct and more loving.

Lauren sighed. "Then why?"

Finally stopping trying to eat, Bo took her plate and Kenzi's and headed to the kitchen. Lauren followed suit, taking her plate and the few food still at the table. They worked silently, fixing the kitchen, putting the food away and washing the dishes by hand… one of the many down points of the Light taking away Lauren's former house.

It still amazed Lauren how well they worked together, they were like a well-oiled clock, each one instinctively knowing what to do and never getting in the other's way. Unfortunately the job was done quickly and soon they were met with nothing to avoid the talk they both knew was needed to have.



Both talked at the same time, neither continuing, waiting for the other to speak.

Finally, it was the succubus who talked.

"I'll sleep in the couch tonight."

And with that, the conversation was stored for other time.


Lauren shook her head to get rid of the memory. It was one of the many times that Bo had been questioned about her behavior, and one of the many times the succubus won't answer. It pained the doctor to know that no matter what happened Bo was still pushing Kenzi away, making the girl's emotional recovery impossible.

"Something on you mind, doctor?" Dr. Alyssa Scordato, the Psychology Chief asked her.

Lauren looked around. Without noticing it she had managed to finish her rounds and had ended at the doctor's lounge. She wondered briefly if the patients had have any issues and if she had solved them. "No." The answer was short and unconvincing.

Dr. Scordato, an older female with greying hair and kind eyes, simply smiled at her. She was sitting comfortably in one of the couches drinking a cup of coffee. "Have in mind I can feel when somebody is remembering bad times."

Lauren blinked at that. Sure she knew she was the only human in staff, but she certainly was so comfortable in her role she had forgotten that little fact. The older Fae was one of the most powerful within the Clinic. The Memory-Eater was surely one rare Fae and her expertise was well known within the medical community. Her researches about the mind and memory suppression not only on Fae but also on humans was remarkable and, if she wasn't a Fae who had been living for a millennia, they were most certain she could had have several Noble prizes by now.

"I'm worried about Kenzi." The answer came easy to the human once she was certain they were the only ones in the lounge and sat near the Fae doctor. Everybody knew about her little cargo, and everyone had accepted the fact the girl liked to shadow Lauren sometimes. The blonde was the only one to know that those days only came when Kenzi had had a bad night and had been plagued with nightmares.

"Is she still getting hurt while sleep?" The older doctor was the only one that knew the truth behind Kenzi's presence at the clinic… and only because she had sensed the pain and memories from the girl one day Kenzi had fallen sleep in Lauren's office.

"No." Lauren smiled slightly. "The remedy Trick came up with is working… the physical pain is gone now, but I fear she won't ever stop having bad dreams and getting lost in flashbacks."

Dr. Scordato frowned slightly. She had seen so many things in her many years, but she had never heard or know of a human infected by Pain-Eater poison and live to tell. She had known of a young Fae cocky enough to believe he could defeat the poison while awake, something to do with his special powers or something. The boy had died not two days after he had been infected, driven into madness by the nightmares and pain. The little unaligned human was sure a miracle to her. "How long was she infected before taking the medicine?"

Lauren echoed the older female frown. "If the math is correct, around six months… why?"

The Fae suppressed any emotion of disbelief from her face. "Just curious." She sipped her coffee. "Tell me, Dr. Lewis, what she dreams of exactly?"

"Her past. Abandonment, things like that."

The older doctor was silent a minute or so, silently pondering what Lauren had told her. "Would you mind if I speak with her?"

It was Lauren's turn to be silent. While she trusted every doctor in the clinic there was some hesitation to let someone near her baby. Wait a minute! Her mind screamed at her. When did Kenzi become your baby? Clearing her throat to get the shock out of her system, the doctor spoke. "I don't see why not."


"No." It was the petulant answer. It was even accompanied by crossed arms and a stomp of a foot.

"Just try it."

"No!" This time the girl turned and gave Lauren her back, stomping yet again her foot.

"Kenzi…" The tone was warning. She did not want a tantrum in the Clinic, especially if Kenzi ended kicking and screaming like she often did at the house when she was denied a chocolate or sweet. It amazed the doctor how the teen could so easily fall back to children habits, such as throwing tantrums, whining, wanting to avoid a bath, pouting if she was forced to eat vegetables and so many more little things that were endearing yet so annoying.

"I said no!" The little thief screamed, ready to drop to the ground and start kicking and pounding in any instant. One thing was to be grounded in the doctor's office and other was to be asked to talk to a shrink. She was not crazy.

"Hey, young lady!" Lauren scolded to the girl. "Watch the attitude!"

"No!" She was half way to the ground, letting herself drop like a boneless mass, to start the most epic tantrum in her life when Lauren's hand grabbed her upper arm and promptly landed two hard smacks at the girl's behind.

Both freeze at that. It was the first time Lauren had punish the girl physically and it had stunned both females.

"Um," Dr. Scordato cleared her throat, making the younger females jump. They had forgotten the older Fae was in the room. "I'll wait outside." And with that she left them to resolve their problems.

Kenzi looked at the doctor a little scared. Had she over step a line? Was the doctor mad enough to really spank her now? Were spankings punishments she was now to avoid? Why did those smacks felt more loving than any other punishment she had ever received? Did Lauren hated her now? The last thought was the strongest and she couldn't stop the tears that started running at the mere thought of having the doctor hate her.

"Oh, baby." Lauren sighed and embraced the girl to her, letting the tears wet her lab coat. "I'm sorry."

Kenzi simply shook her head. She wasn't mad, just upset. In fact she was oddly comforted and happy that Lauren cared so much as to stop a behavior she was losing control of. She didn't know why but lately she felt comfortable falling back into habits that were usually common in spoiled kids. There was just something liberating about not thinking and simply acting. "It's okay." It hadn't hurt… unless that was the way Lauren showed her hate.

"No its not. I promised not to hurt you, and yet I did." Lauren had to fight back her own tears as she spoke. "I'm so sorry."

"Do you hate me?" Kenzi asked scared. She grabbed the doctor's lab coat in her hands, ready for her heart to be broken.

"What?!" That certainly scared the doctor worse than the thought of hurting the girl. "No! I would never hate you!"

Kenzi looked up and met brown eyes. Lauren was easily a head taller than her, and, while she wore high heels more often than not, she was currently barefoot due the thick carpet in the office she liked to feel in her feet ever chance she got. "Really?"

The doctor looked at the pair of pale eyes she came to love so much and her heart hurt at the hope and faith in them. "I swear. Even if you are the naughtiest girl ever, I would never hate you."

Kenzi took the words at heart and curled into the doctor. Lauren, knowing that Kenzi needed some cuddle time simply moved them to the couch and let the girl wrap herself around her, the girl's legs hugged her waist while her arms rounded her torso and her head hid in her neck. Kenzi was like a little koala seeking comfort, small and warm, while at the same time heavy and extremely cuddly.

"I love you." The words were spoken quietly and it took the doctor a second to really register what had been said. Once she understood she was stunned. It was the first time Kenzi had said those words to her and it warmed her heart beyond reason to hear them.

"I love you too, little rascal." Her words were mixed with tears and they were not as strong as she wanted them to be, but they were true and from the heart.

"You know," Kenzi broke the small silence they had fell in, just enjoying the other's company. "It would be okay, um, if you, um…"

"Yes? If I what?"

"If you spank me…" it was just above a whisper, but Lauren had no trouble hearing it.

The doctor smiled, relieved that the girl was not hurt by her earlier actions. "I'm glad to hear that."


"I told you next time you get drunk or try to escape you'll end over my knee. I'm glad I won't have to force you too much." The playful glint in her eyes got lost to the girl in her lap.

The young girl simply gulped. That was not what she had meant! She was simply trying to set the doctor at ease because she was aware of what had passed through her mind. Lauren and she hadn't really talked about what had happened in her childhood, but she was aware the doctor knew she was abused, at least physically and sexually, and she hadn't wanted Lauren to think she was abusing her. But she wasn't looking for Lauren to think that spanking her was okay, because it was a no-no. Her butt was so not okay with that!

"Would you give Dr. Scordato a chance?" The blonde asked after a couple of minutes. She detangled Kenzi from her and sat her sideways in her lap, still close to her but far away enough to gauge the girl's expressions.

"I'm not crazy." Kenzi muttered, crossing her arms again.

Lauren laughed at the childish pout she received. "I know you are not, baby. I just want you to talk to someone that could help you figure your nightmares and feelings out."

"Shrinks are for crazy people."

"That's not true. Many 'normal' people sometimes need help and that's why psychologists exist. They expertise in the mind and emotions, they help people sort out their problems and fears. She is one of the best in the field and she is also a Memory Eater, she can help your case especially. I'm sure of that."

Kenzi looked at the woman she had come so close to, even closer than Bo, and saw honesty and true impotence in her brown eyes. Lauren wanted her to be better. She needed to be better. "If I don't like it, can I stop?"

Lauren smile got so big Kenzi wondered if her face would split. "Anytime you want."

Kenzi blushed a little and looked at her hands that were holding the older human's lab coat yet again. "Would you stay with me?"

"If you want me to."

"I- I think I'd like to try." Kenzi said softly. "Just once." She needed to be better, she needed to stop remembering that vividly. She needed to sort out her problems and, even though she was certain they were trying, Hale, Val, Trick and Lauren simply couldn't help her.

"Thank you, baby. I'm so proud of you." The girl's heart warmed at that. Even if she ended not liking the shrink, at least she had made Lauren happy for a little while.


"I'm really glad you agreed to this." The old Fae told her. She was pretty, but not as pretty as her Lauren. Her grey hair was longer than hers and her bright green eyes sparked with wisdom.

"Lauren said it could help, ma'am." She mumbled into the younger doctor's shirt. Yes, she had agreed to talk with the shrink, but she was not leaving her Lauren lap's security.

"Call me Alyssa, baby." The older doctor said gently, adopting the pet name she had hear Lauren use oh so many times.

Kenzi simply nodded. She had gotten used to the pet name fairly easily. It was a name everybody in her life had called her at some point and she was sure it was because her petite size. The name had always sat wrong with her, sometimes it was meant as a jab, sometimes it was they called her before raping her, but somehow Lauren had made the pet name work. It was the pet name everybody start using after the doctor did and it now made her feel safe and loved.

"So tell me, what is your name?"


The oldest human smiled. "Your real name."

Kenzi looked at Lauren wounded. Nobody besides their little group knew about that. Why did that doctor know who she was?!

"Dr. Lewis didn't tell me anything, baby. I know. That is part of my gift." She reassured the girl while looking at the young doctor.

"It true, Kenz. I didn't tell anything."

The lithe thief sighed. She needed to be honest if she wanted to get better. She knew it. She also knew Lauren trusted this Fae, and she trusted Lauren. "Aleksandra."

"Okay, little Lexi, tell me about yourself. Anything you want me to know." Her eyes shining just slightly a deep purple.

Kenzi looked at the oldest female. This was her chance to tell someone everything, anything. This was also the chance for Lauren to know what had really happened. She needed to tell her Lauren what had happened, but she didn't know how. This was her chance.

However, she was still too scared to share who she was with anybody… especially Lauren. Instead of talking about her past, as she knew they wanted her to, she started talking about her day, what she did at the Clinic and how she had been unfairly caught trying to enter the Pediatric Ward.

The doctors looked at the girl, both confused. Lauren was shocked the girl was even talking that freely about anything, and especially to someone she just met. Dr. Scordato, however, was shocked that the girl was speaking of something totally different than her past. She was a Memory Eater, people start talking about their past so she could feed easily without them being the wiser. She was subtle, just a little fact here or there, but this girl was surely a piece of work.

The more Kenzi spoke, the better she liked the girl. She was strange and totally different than any human she had ever encountered.

As sessions went by the doctor forgot to even try feeding. Sure her initial intentions had been totally selfish, feeding from a tortured soul was the best feast her kind could encounter, but this girl could not only deflect her powers and influence, but she had simply caught her heart.

The little thief sure knew how be liked and loved, she simply was. It was such a shame the girl couldn't see that. It didn't matter she won't feed out of the human, she simply wanted the girl to feel better and happier. She was going to make sure of that.


The blood chilling scream cut through the night and made both females jump from sleep. A second shriek came to them and it took less than a second to realize it had come from inside the house.

"Kenzi!" Bo fled the bed and ran to her little sister's room.

The girl was curled in the floor, one hand tangled in her hair, while the other clenched he shirt right over her heart. Octi was at her side and tears ran down her face.

"Oh, my God, Kenz!" Bo kneeled before the girl and was startled when the girl practically jumped in her arms.

"I'm so sorry!" She sobbed onto her neck. "Please, Bo, let me back in, please!"

Bo sat there, stunned for a second, before embracing the little girl in her arms. "Shh… You're safe now."

"I love you!" The girl shouted in her lap. "Please, I'm sorry!"

The succubus was really confused. For the last five months Kenzi had taken her medicine like a good little girl, and for most of that time hadn't taken off her collar for more than a couple of hours, and always supervised by someone. Only recently she had started to be without it, and only for the last couple of weeks had she started to sleep without it. Even though there had been some progress, the nightmares were still frequent enough to wake Lauren at least every other night, and by extension, her. But Kenzi had never answer to her. Only to Lauren.

The girl had refused to seek comfort in her arms, always reaching for the doctor. No matter if she was the first one in her room, she had always shunned away from her, preferring to wait for the doctor to calm her. Given that, Bo had restored to wait for Lauren to arrive before even entering the young girl's room. Today had been one of those few times Kenzi had screamed enough to make her panic and rush to her side.

The girl kept chanting she was sorry, and Bo's heart broke at the tears staining her kimono. "What are you sorry for, sweet pea?" The pet name escaped her easily and she wondered when she had caught Lauren's habit to call the girl by them.

The answer came many minutes later, once her voice was too sore to continue apologizing. The girl cried herself out and started hiccup in her lap, clinging to her as if her life depended on it. Out of the corner of her eye, Bo could see Lauren leaning in the door frame, watching silently. "I-I'm sorry f-for everything."

"Oh, baby, you shouldn't be sorry. You did nothing wrong."

Kenzi curled into her more, clenching her robe tighter and hiding her face in the succubus neck. "You don't love me anymore."

Those words were a cold shower for Bo. She loved the girl in her lap. She was her little sister, her better half. The girl represented everything she fought for, the kindness, the love, the friendship, the innocence, the trust, everything.

The succubus felt movement beside her and fairly certain, Lauren was sitting beside them on the floor. "Baby," her voice was soft and calming. Kenzi instantly responded to it and leaned away from Bo and into the doctor's arms. Once Kenzi was comfortable into what the youngest girl had become to know as her more calming place, Lauren continued speaking. "Bo loves you very deeply. She'd give her life for you."

Kenzi shrugged in the doctor's lap. She didn't really know what to believe… she was only certain of what she was feeling, and she was feeling as if Bo didn't care anymore. Lauren had been great, letting her cuddle in her lap every time she wanted, comforting her with words and gestures. She pushed her just enough to make her feel loved and cared for. Bo was more guarded. She had stopped trying to touch her, talk to her or simply see her.

Sure, at first she flinched when Bo touched her, but she flinched with everybody, Lauren being the only exception. Still, the rest of the group tried. She was not longer timid around them, and she responded better the more they tried. Bo had stopped trying a month in. She was sure she didn't love her anymore and only have her in the house out of pity.

"Kenz… I love you with all my heart." Bo got out of her shock when the girl pulled from her lap. "You are my everything, my sister, my best friend, the one that completes me in ways nobody else can." Her words were shaky, trying to hold back tears.

Kenzi looked at her with sad eyes, tears already running down her cheeks again. "Then why you're always away? Why do you shut me out?"

Lauren and Kenzi looked at the succubus expectantly, waiting for an answer. It didn't really surprised them when Bo simply got up and left the room.

Both knew the Fae didn't have that answer.


"I'm really worried, Trick." Lauren said as the old Fae cleaned some glasses at the bar. "The antidote didn't work."

"She's not longer getting hurt, does she?" Trick answered worriedly.

"Not really, but she is still getting nightmares. She barely sleeps at night and the naps she takes in the day are only leaving her more tired." Lauren said a little sad.

Trick nodded at that. "What about the collar? Is she still wearing it?"

"Only when the nightmares and feelings overwhelm her. So, yes, every day after waking up screaming. She wears it at least until she falls asleep again."

Trick sighed. The girl had taken the antidote for almost six months before she had started showing signs of being poisoned by it. Kenzi had been now out of the medicine for a couple of weeks and her condition hadn't improved, but fortunately it hadn't got worse either. No matter how small the dosses she had taken it should had worked perfectly, especially if the dosses had almost poisoned her again. "Maybe is no longer the Phobos' Dream that is making her have nightmares? She talks with Dr. Scordato, maybe she knows something."

Lauren mulled over this but couldn't really talk to Trick any longer because as soon as she was about to speak the door at the Dal opened and a teary eyed Kenzi entered the bar holding tightly onto Val's hand. The Pombero eyed Lauren sadly as Kenzi let her go and hurried to the doctor's side to climb on her lap, almost throwing Lauren out of her stool. "Hey, what happened?"

Kenzi was silently sniffing and the tears were running down her cheeks by now while she hid her face in the doctor's shoulder. "I'm scared." Her voice was tiny and full of fear.

Lauren hugged the girl to her, gently rubbing her back. "Oh baby girl, what are you afraid of?"

"She fell asleep at the movies." Val said quietly. It pained her to see the strong little girl reduced to a crying baby in the older human arms. She had hoped Kenzi was fine by now, everybody did, but they were always shown exactly how broke the girl had ended every time they saw her sleep.

Lauren sighed and exchanged glances with Trick, silently telling him 'What did I tell you?' "Baby girl, it was just a dream, I promise nothing will hurt you."

"Not even you?" The voice was still tiny and infantile.

"Especially me, or any of us. We love you, baby, we will never hurt you."

"What about Bo?" The girl had forgotten where they were and didn't think twice to ask. She was feeling vulnerable and needed her Lauren's comfort.

The doctor cursed in her mind. The succubus was still as evasive with the girl, and was still leaving for days with Dyson and Tamsin. It had been half a year for God's sake! And Bo was still hurting the precious girl in her arms. "What was your dream about?" She asked instead of answering.

Kenzi buried into Lauren more, not surprised at the change in topics. "That day…"

She didn't need to say more, they all knew what she was talking about. No matter it had been almost seven months, the girl still remembered everything the succubus had yelled at her and every feeling she had felt that day.

"It's in the past, baby."

"I want to see Alyssa." Kenzi said quietly, only loud enough for Lauren to hear.

"That is okay, baby. Do you want me to call her or will you?"

"You. Please." It made the doctor a little happy that Kenzi had responded so well to Dr. Scordato. The old Fae and the little human had started talking every day at the Clinic at least for some minutes. Lauren had been present only the first meeting, it hadn't answered her any questions, but at least Kenzi was happy.


"How do you feel?"


"Where are you?"

"I don't know…"

"What do you want?"

"To forget. I want to forget."

Dr. Scordato nodded tightly at the girl. "We have talked about this. I can do that, but you will truly forget everything."

Kenzi nodded in return. She was no stupid. She had talked to the doctor for over two months and the Fae had made her a proposition the very first time she had talked to her. A proposition Lauren was aware of but didn't really approved of. She was finally eighteen and legally Lauren could no longer tell her what to do… not that really stopped the doctor from trying. "I think I'm ready."


"I don't think I'm ready for that." Kenzi said tightly.

"It is just an option."

"I don't think I want to forget my family and my life."

"I'm sorry I can't erase just the bad memories. I don't work like that." Dr. Scordato said truly sad. At first she wanted to know the girl and see what had made her so especial and so resilient at the Pain-Eater poison. The girl was something she had never seen, she was a strange human and her mind didn't quiet worked like the rest of the humans she had worked with. There was something truly amazing within that brain.

"I- I guess I'll think about it."


"Are you sure, baby?" Lauren asked her worriedly. She was not happy with what Kenzi wanted to do. It was not healthy and it was just an escape from her reality. The girl needed to face her problems, not forget them.

"Yeah. I'm sure." Kenzi had thought about this since Alyssa told her it was an option. The older Fae offered to erase her memory and leave her blank to start again. She was tired of everything, but she hadn't want to forget that drastically. She was sure of that, but she was also aware that if she didn't do something like this, then she won't ever gain herself back.

Lauren was amazing, yes. And she had come to see her like that mother she had always yearned for, but it was not enough. Sure Trick, Val, Hale, Dyson and Vex were around and tried to make her feel loved within their family… but she remembered what she used to have with Bo and everything just feel bad again.

It didn't help that none of her dead relatives had come to visit her since the accident happened. The last time she had seen Dima and Yura was in Vex's home, the day he attacked her. The last time she saw her Babka was when she was kneeling in front of her grave a couple of days before she was found… and Nika, well Nika had disappeared on her when Vex told everyone who he was to her and the role he played in his brother's death.

She still saw dead people all around, that's why she liked the Clinic. The dead would be around and roam, but none of them would actually approach her to talk, like so many living did. It was nice, to be around people just content to see you around and not being bothered by them. If she didn't talk to them they wouldn't get near her.

So, even if Lauren was amazing and did loved her with all her heart, knowing so many people she had hold dear didn't love her anymore was enough motivation to accept Dr. Scordato's offer and have the Memory-eater erase all her memories.

"Please, baby, think it thoroughly." Lauren begged her. They were in the blonde's office at the Clinic and the doctor had been beyond surprised when the little thief entered to talk to her. Usually her sessions with Dr. Scordato were longer.

"I have. Ever since Alyssa told me we could do this."

"Kenzi, you don't know how a Memory Eater works, you don't know if she'll erase everything or just some parts of it. You don't-"

"But I do." Kenzi interrupted her. "I've talked to her several times about this, and I've read all the books you have in here. I know what could happen and I'm not longer afraid."

Lauren perked at that. "You'd read everything in here?" Her tone was disbelieving. The office was fairly big, and beside her desk, the couch and a small lad station, the space was filled with bookcases. Heck, most of the books and thesis in there were simply in the floor because there were so many they didn't fit in their proper place.

Kenzi smiled at her. Truly smiled. The happiness and determination reached her eyes for the first time in over six months and that made the doctors eyes widen

"Lauren, you've got me grounded enough and bored enough to start reading your books. I mean, the first ones were hard but entertaining, and the more I read the more I liked them, and the more interesting they got. Believe me, I've read everything in here and I know what I am doing."

It was with that statement that Lauren knew she had lost.

Kenzi was looking at her with fire in her eyes. It was a fire that had been extinguished for several months, a fire that had burnt so brightly before her accident that amazed the doctor a human could have. It was the fire of a survivor, of a warrior. It was the fire she longed to see in her little thief eyes and she knew that if it was shining so bright it was because the girl had made up her mind.

"When?" Lauren simply asked.

Kenzi's smile was so big it stunned the doctor more. "Bo and Dyson are due tonight, and I want everybody to know. So, tomorrow."


They were all shocked. The girl in front of them was someone they thought they won't see ever again. The little thief was back and she had a purpose. It was not something they could understand, but at they were too stunned to really know what to say.

"… so, Alyssa will help me and hopefully everything would be alright."

"Wait a minute." Bo said from her spot at the bar. It was early in the afternoon and she was alarmed when Lauren had called for an emergency meeting not an hour ago. The doctor had left for the Clinic in the morning with Kenzi, leaving a tired succubus behind. She got shocked, though, when she arrived at the Dal and all the gang was already there. Val, Hale, Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi, Trick, hell, even Tamsin was there. But, she was also a female in a lab coat she didn't know. "Are you telling me this woman here is going to erase your memory?"

Kenzi looked at Lauren briefly and the turned to Bo, clutching tightly the little satchel she had over her shoulder. "That's what I said." The fire in her eyes died for a moment, yet it returned with a little more force.

"What? No!" The succubus instantly got angry. Who was Kenzi to decide that with a Fae she didn't know?

Kenzi flinched. This was going in a direction she didn't want it to. "I've think about it… so yeah, I'm doing it."

Bo laughed. It was deep and sarcastic. "What? Are you going to trust a Fae we just met?!"

Everybody exchanged glances at that. What the hell was going on?

"I assure you, Ms. Dennis, that Kenzi and I have worked out the details and she is certain of her decision." Dr. Scordato told the succubus.

"Excuse me, lady, but I think Kenzi is not fit to decide that. We don't know you and frankly I don't trust you. So, no, I won't let you to touch her." Everybody could see the blue lingering behind Bo's brown eyes. She was losing it.

"Bo, I know her and I trust her." Kenzi said, her voice trembling. She was getting scared, this was getting too close to what had started this whole mess.

"What? You found her in a bar or something? Tell me, Kenzi, what make you trust her?!" Her eyes were truly blue now and everybody could feel the tension rising in the air.

Those eyes were what hunted her the most in her nightmares. It didn't matter if she dreamt of when that man had raped her, or when she was in Mum Lila's care… it were the eyes that made her always woke screaming and crying for Lauren. Kenzi started shaking, seeing those eyes so close, so vivid… so real. "I- I-" she couldn't even say a word. She just shook.

"What, Kenzi? What?! Have you lost your frigging mind?"

That made Kenzi snap. Tears started running down her cheeks and her body started shaking with uncontained fear. But, even though she was scared enough to piss her pants she did something that surprised everybody. "I did! And it's all your fault!" Kenzi yelled with all her might. Her voice shook with the effort of saying those words. Of finally letting go of the feelings she had inside. "I loved you, goddamit! I still love you! You were my home, my family! I'd give away everything for you! I did!" Tears only got worse with her words. "But I can't, I just can't keep feeling like this! Knowing you loved me like a sister, knowing you cared and knowing I was important for you." Her voice lost all power and her eyes closed in pain. "I can't live knowing what is to be loved by you. I know Lauren loves me. And so do Hale, Val, Trick and Dyson. I know Vex feels guilty and his shame is bigger than anything I'd ever know, but he tries. You don't. You don't longer care." She opened her eyes and locked them with the succubus.

"I know that no matter what happens I'll still have them. I know Lauren'll still love me and that she won't abandon me or hurt me. I know that if I forget her she would make me remember her. I can keep remembering what is to have a mother who drank the day away. I can keep remembering my step father raping me every fucking day. I can keep remembering living in the streets, being sold to the biggest bidder for a moment of pleasure, being chased by the police. I can remember so many things that hurt me, but I can't live remembering what it was to be cared for by Nika, by my cousins, by my Babka. But most of all, I can't keep remembering what it was to be your sister and not having you anymore." She laughed sadly and rubbed her eyes to get rid of the tears. "I love you Bo and it hurts." She sniffed. "This was a bad idea. I should've just go and get my memory erased without you knowing. I don't even get why I wanted you to know. You don't care."

Bo sat there stunned, as all did. Each word Kenzi said had been a dagger in her chest and her heart bled with every tear the little human shed. How did she let things go so out of hand? "Kenzi I-"

"Don't." Kenzi simply shut her up. Her tears were still running, but her voice was calmer and her body no longer shook. She turned to a shocked Dr. Scordato and smiled slightly. "Can we start?"

The old Fae shook her head to clear her thoughts. "Whenever you want, baby."

The thief nodded turned to face the back of the Dal. "Please, I just want this to end." She started marching to Trick's rooms, where the Blood King told them was ok to make the procedure happen. As she passed Lauren she stopped and locked eyes with the silently crying blonde. "Please, don't be sad." She engulfed the other human in a bone crushing hug. "I love you."

Lauren smiled through her tears. Seeing the little girl so scared and yet so strong made the doctor know this was the better they could do to help her. "I love you more."

Kenzi released her, ignoring the rest of the gang. She reached into her satchel and a small new, yet worn out, journal appeared along with a thick envelope. She gave the doctor the envelope. "I have some business laying around, you know? I have a small investment in a gym not too far from here, and I own half an aquarium near Scarborough. There is also a small boutique that runs with my money, but I don't really attend… a friend of mine works it. She's kinda thick with numbers, so you'll need to help her."

"Kenzi?" Lauren's confused voice was easily heard in the shocked bar.

"I'll need you to take care of these things, people depend on them to live, so please, don't let them go bankrupt." Her request didn't really help to answer the questions roaming in everybody's mind. "In the envelope is the information and papers you'll need to take care of things." She smiled. "Make me proud!"

Eyeing the journal, the thief continued speaking. "I started this after the first time I saw Alyssa." She put it into the blonde's hands. "It's my story. From the day I was born up until my decision to forget. I guess I wanted to have my memory saved in a way. You can read it anytime you want." Her smile got just a little wider. "My memories are ours now."

The doctor simply looked at the journal, knowing this was the real thing, knowing this was the last time she saw her Kenzi.

The thief turned to Trick and Val, both Faes near the human doctor. Reaching again in her satchel, she pulled out the collar she had worn and the small cup Trick had gave her for her medicine. "I won't need this anymore." She gently put them in the bar before the Blood King, she looked at them in the eye. "This two things saved my life. Thank you for them."

"Kenzi…" Trick didn't know what to say. There were not a pair of eyes that weren't running in tears, and the oldest Fae knew this was the goodbye to a human that had been so strong, so especial and so loved.

The thief turned to look around the room. She saw everybody, her eyes lingering in each of the members that were her family. She even looked at Tamsin, the blonde detective that she had met on a handful of occasions, but had made her feel welcome. She didn't look at Bo, though. She knew that if she looked at the succubus she might truly broke and she was ready to move on.

Turning yet again to the back of the bar, she took Dr. Scordato's hand and started walking.

She was saying goodbye to those who loved her and her heart broke. They loved her.

Everybody except her.


An eerie silence had fallen upon them.

Two hours. Nineteen minutes. Thirty five seconds… and counting.

That was the time Kenzi had been locked with the Memory Eater and nobody had said a word. That's it, until Lauren finally had to speak.

"Bo, what the hell?" The doctor's voice was just above a whisper, yet controlled in disbelief.

The succubus looked at her girlfriend, still shocked at what had happened. "Wha-?"

"Did you have to be that cruel with her? Bo, what the hell is wrong with you?!"

"Hey!" The succubus said indignantly. "I was the only one that saw that woman is nuts! None of you batted an eye. We don't know her!"

"On the contrary, my love." Those word were said with such poison Bo wondered what had happened to her lovely doctor. "I work with Dr. Scordato on daily basis and she had been seeing Kenzi for months, you hear me? Months!"

That deflated the succubus instantly. "What?" She whispered.

Lauren just looked at her as angry tears ran down her cheeks. She was tired of walking the succubus through all the messes she made. She was angry at her girlfriend for all the stupid choices she had made. She was angry at Bo because she was the last straw, she was the reason Kenzi wanted to forget them, forget her.

"Bo," It was Trick who approached the upset brunette. "Kenzi had been feeling awful since the accident and she had been talking to Dr. Scordato for two months now. The good psychologist is specialist in the mind and she is also a Memory Eater. She offered to help since the beginning, but we thought Kenzi needed to think thoroughly about it." Her grandfather smiled at her. "She did, Ysabeu. She thought about it for two months and she came to the conclusion this was the best for her."

The brunette looked at them, hurt evident in her eyes. "And you didn't tell me my little sister was seeing a shrink? Why?"

Lauren hurled her full glass of ale at Bo, missing her just by inches. "Goddamit, Bo! We fucking told you! Kenzi and I told you the very same day she started her sessions!"

None of the present could deny that. They all knew Kenzi was seeing the doctor on daily basis and that she was a lot calmer because of that, well, she was calm as long as she wasn't sleeping.

"Really, Bo?" Tamsin, the final piece of their police trio told her shocked, still eying the now shattered beer glass on the floor. "Even I knew the little human was seeing the doctor."

"How?" The succubus asked aghast. If Tamsin knew, why didn't she? The Valkyrie was the newest of their gang, she didn't know the old Kenzi and she certainly didn't know what had happened to the little human all those months ago.

"She told me. It was no big secret." And it was true, if you were Kenzi's friend you ended knowing almost everything she was doing that day. It was amazing what talking to Dr. Scordato had done to her. She was more open, chirpier, and although there was a little longing in her eyes, she was the happier these days than she had been before.

Tamsin was curious of the girl since she started working with Bo. All in the Fae community knew about the human that had been brave enough to face the Garuda and live to tell, yet none of them knew what had happened to her after that. The little human had been with Trick one day Lauren couldn't take her to the Clinic and the Valkyrie had arrived to the bar to find a cranky little human being scolded by the bartender, apparently the empty glass of ale in front of her wasn't supposed to be there.

With her curiosity picked, the blonde detective was soon engaged with a little thief that was as inquisitive as a five years old. The raven haired human had talk to her unafraid and had even laughed at her puns! After that day they had started to build a strange relationship in where Kenzi would talk to her heart content about nothing and Tamsin would actually listen, giving just the necessary amount of nodding and grunting to let the girl know she was still awake. They exchanged jokes and stories about thefts… the little nuisance was pretty fun and cute.

Bo slumped in her chair. She was an awful best friend and an even more awful big sister. "How can I fix this?" She wondered out loud, hoping anyone could answer her.

Before they could actually answer her Dr. Scordato came running into the bar. "We have a problem."


Three hours. Forty four minutes. Sixteen seconds.

That's how much it had taken Lauren to calm a freaked Kenzi down.

Three hours. Five minutes. Ten seconds.

That's how much it had taken Val to know she was never going to have kids, especially after seeing Kenzi panicking.

Two hours. Forty nine minutes. Thirty two seconds.

That's how much it had taken Dyson to leave, his ears sore from all the crying and wailing Kenzi did.

One hour. Three minutes. Twelve seconds.

That's how much it had taken Trick to get over his shock at the Kenzi he saw.

Fifty minutes. Twenty three seconds.

That's how much it had taken Tamsin to flee from the scene, closing the door behind her just in time to prevent Kenzi to escape.

Thirty minutes. Forty five seconds.

That's how much it had taken Dr. Scordato to admit she didn't know what had happened to the girl now before them.

Three minutes. Eleven seconds.

That's how much it had taken Hale to faint when his eyes landed on a naked and shivering Kenzi.

One minute.

Of seeing pale blue eyes welled in tears. Of loud cries that broke her heart. Of tiny fists clenched in despair. Of tiny feet running around.

Sixty whole seconds.

That's how much it had taken Bo to realize that this time she was going to be better. That she was going to be strong and she was finally going to take the responsibility she was so kin to avoid.

That was how much she had to stare at the sight before her before knowing this was not a joke and that her heart was actually ready to take care of Kenzi the way the girl needed to be taken care of. That was how much it had taken to realize it was time for bigger changes.

So, as she cuddled Lauren in her lap, at Trick's chair in the lower level of the Dal, she started making plans. The blonde doctor was truly mad at her, but she was going to prove her she was going to be the best girlfriend ever. She was going to stay at home more often, she was going to listen to her, to talk to her, to hold her, to be simply there for her. She was going to take care of them, of the two blondes in her life.

Everybody had already left and so only the three of them were still in the room Trick had gave them to wait until Kenzi woke again. All the crying, confusion and general panic had exhausted the younger human. Bo knew this was their chance to make things better for their little thief, and she hoped to the heavens that she and Lauren would have the necessary strength to cope with their new cargo.

"'oren? Bo?" A small, sleepy voice called from the couch where Kenzi had been sleeping.

Lauren promptly got up from her lap and sat next to the girl, the doctor's lab coat engulfing her small frame. "What is it, baby?" Her hand caressing dirty blonde hair, calming the girl instantly.

"I scared." The tiny voice said again, it trembled with fear and sadness.

Bo smiled at the two blondes before her. Getting up she also approached the younger human and kneeled before her. She easily took two petite hands in one of her own and with the other caressed a small pale cheek. "There's no need to be afraid." She smiled at Kenzi. "Lauren and I will take care of you."


Bo looked at her girlfriend and saw the true love the doctor had for the girl next to her. They weren't sure what had happened, but once they had calmed Kenzi down and the girl was again sleeping, they all had seen the gift this situation really was. Sure, there were going to be tests done, blood taken and medical examinations performed, but they really believed this was the best outcome they could possibly ask for.

Looking back to Kenzi, Bo smiled. The four-years-old smiled back, her long blonde hair framing her chubby face and her eyes sparkling with utter trust only young age allows. "I promise, sweat pea." Small tears gathered in her eyes. "I promise you this time everything is going to be fine."

Yes, they didn't know what had happened to make Kenzi young again, nor did they know how it was possible for the girl to retain certain facts from her previous life, such as who were Lauren and Bo, but had managed to forget things like her name and family.

They didn't know how the girl had managed to end like that, but they were happy.

Finally Kenzi had a chance to revive her childhood and, finally, she had the chance to sleep without nightmares and memories haunting her. Finally she had the chance to play around, have friends her age, get into trouble and do things that probably would ended with her crying. Finally she got the chance to be naughty, to be free, to be reckless and to be happy. Finally she got the chance to be grounded, scolded and taken care of, just as she deserved.

"I promise."

Finally, she had the chance to stop feeling unlovable.


Would you do it with me
Heal the scars and change the stars
Would you do it for me
Turn loose the heaven within

All I ever craved were the two dreams I shared with you.
One I now have, will the other one ever dream remain.
For yours I truly wish to be.

Ever Dream (Nigthwish, 2005)

The End…?

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