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"We've made up our decision, Seiichi. You'll go back to England and set up your business there. Your dad has agreed to provide you with the initial funding. You can start whenever you like, but I'd rather have it if you do the processing within the month." Yukimura's mother said.

They were currently having a cup of tea at their garden, and even if Seiichi had appreciated the choice of venue, he didn't like what he's hearing from his mother. Not only was the decision abrupt, he wasn't also informed about it beforehand.

"I'm not sure I've agreed to the terms." he said.

His mother looked at him hard. "This was your idea before. We're just trying to carry it out for you. And you've been staying here for quite a long time. It's time for you to go back."

"This is my home." Yukimura said.

"But you don't belong here, Seiichi. Your skills are to be maximized to the place where you received proper education. In England."

"This is crazy."

His mother frowned and looked at him. "And I'm not particularly fond of your growing friendship with Kunimitsu."

"For god's sake mom! Tezuka's a childhood friend! What are you-"

"Senri's childhood friend. Not yours Seiichi." his mother clarified. "And don't try to make a fool of me after what I saw yesterday."

Mrs. Yukimura stood up and regarded his son with a disapproving frown. "You disappointed me. Now fix it."

And then she left. Yukimura finished off his tea and stared at the flowers he'd grown in their garden. He wondered if Senri had also received this militaristic treatment from their mother.

"What do you mean you're coming back?" Tezuka asked on the phone.

"Mom insisted that I go back to England and start my business there." Yukimura responded.

"And you agreed?"

The professor heard a sigh from the other line followed by few seconds of silence. "I don't really have a choice, Kunimitsu."

"Yes you do."

Another sigh. "You know it's not that easy."

"Difficult, but possible." Tezuka retorted.

Yukimura giggled. "You're such an optimist. That's one thing I like so much about you."


"Mom saw us yesterday…"

Tezuka fell silent.

Yesterday afternoon, when he decided to pay a visit to the Yukimura household after his duty at the university, he was convinced that no one was at home aside from Yukimura who was spending his time watching movies.

He opted for a short visit, but ended up staying 2 hours or so due to the bluenette's insistence that he stay. Tezuka saw nothing wrong with that. But just when he finally decided to go, Yukimura suddenly decided that few more minutes could do them both some favor. And that's how he eventually ended up sprawled awkwardly on the couch, with Yukimura hovering over him and doing random acts of generosity to please his inner muse.

Tezuka saw no point for resistance.

When Yukimura decides to do something, cases are, he gets what he wants. Take it from someone who has had enough of the dosage.

"I could just imagine how she looked like when he saw us back then." Yukimura said with a giggle.

"Seiichi…..this is serious."

"I know right. Otherwise she wouldn't have arranged my flight back."

"Still, don't you think it's better if we try to explain?" Tezuka offered, asking himself thereafter about his own suggestion.

"Explain what, Tezuka? What she saw, with me above you, and kissing you oh so lovingly is enough for her. Whether we choose to explain or not, my mom's made her decision. Nothing could change it Kunimitsu…"

"We could try.." Tezuka insisted, refusing to sound desperate though he was well aware how he sounded just like that.

"You are strangely persistent this time….what's up?" Yukimura probed, sensing the other guy's unusual drive to settle things his own way.

"Nothing's up Seiichi. I just don't want your mother having those strange thoughts about us."

Yukimura smiled.

"Strange thoughts?...Like?"

"Like us. Dating. It's always better if we clarify things out before they get too serious." Tezuka said.

"And just how exactly are you planning to settle down what's going on between us, professor?" Yukimura asked, playing with the blue locks of his hair with his finger.

"I'll tell your mother that we're not what she thinks us to be; that we're not dating."

"Aren't we?"

The question stunned Tezuka. For the first time on their entire conversation that day, he wanted to take a glimpse of Yukimura's facial expression, just to make sure that he's serious with what he just said.


"Look, she saw us kissing. Prior to that, we already kissed for like three or four times. Now you couldn't just say those were coincidences. We're both wiser to know that something's up."

"Seiichi listen. I-"

"No Tezuka. You listen. You're so worried about what people will say about you, but do they really matter? Because I think they don't."

"Seiichi…I do like you..but-"

"And I like you too. Now let's quit this long-winded rhetoric and get straight to the point. We'll tell mom about it."

Tezuka started to panic. "W-wait Seiichi…what are we-"

"That we're attracted to each other. And that we couldn't get enough of ourselves that's why we did what she saw. Right. That would be very acceptable."

Tezuka sighed. "No Seiichi. You're getting all of this on the wrong light. Yes I like you, but that doesn't mean I'm….I'm willing to take this further.

The other line went silent. Tezuka knew Yukimura had read between the lines of his subtle rejection.

"I am." Yukimura then said. "And if dating you would mean changing my mother's decision, then get yourself ready, because I'll do everything to make sure I get what I want. But then again, I guess you know that by now right, professor?"

"Seiichi…" Tezuka mumbled in exasperation.

If it was just about him, Tezuka would have no trouble in telling Yukimura's mother about the root of the misunderstanding, but if Seiichi had made up his decision of staying, then things wouldn't be that easy. Besides, if he would only be honest to himself, Tezuka knew he also didn't want Seiichi to go back to England. He just thought things would be better if he stayed. When he asked himself why, he didn't know.

"See you around, professor." Yukimura said. "And don't forget to leave a spare key before going to university tomorrow. I'll come over."

The beeping on the other line indicated that Yukimura had already hanged up, but Tezuka only gripped the phone tighter. When he got the right leverage to snatch back his calm, he placed the phone down.

He learned two things from the conversation; first, that Yukimura liked him enough to actually tell him about it; second, that he's going to have a hard time starting tomorrow.

The question now, Tezuka knew, is not whether he can stop Yukimura from whatever he plans to do. It's more like on how long he'll be able to hold his ground….

'..before I give in…..' he thought with a sigh.


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