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A/N for the purpose of this story Brooke is emancipated like Nate.

On the night air two brothers whispered will you marry me, neither knowing the others intentions neither knowing the roller costar their lives were going to take them? Both knowing that the girl they held in their arms as the rain poured outside was the girl they were meant to be with. Nathan and Haley's journey had to know in this moment had been easier it was Brooke and Lucas that had to fight for every inch they gained.

"Yes," Brooke breathed her eyes gleaming as he slide the tiny ring on her finger the ring that symbolized everything. After everything they'd went through with the car accident and Peyton they had struggled and fought their way back to each other she felt like she was home forever in his arms. "I love you." She kissed him.

"I love you too pretty girl." He wiped a stray tear from her cheek as he looked down into her shining eyes.

"How are you going to get your mother to agree? She has to sign the paper," Brooke worried her lip.

"Don't worry she'll say yes," Lucas whispered bringing her against him and kissing her hair.

"I hope so." She whispered. They watched as the morning light streamed through the window.

"Come on pretty girl we have to go and talk to my mom." Luke whispered pushing the hair out of her face as she mumbled and rolled over taking the blankets with her. He feathered kisses over her face.

"Sleeping," She mumbled.

"The faster you get up the faster we can get married." He whispered in her ear.

Her eyes flashed open. "I'm up." She hurried out of bed and throwing her hair into a ponytail she threw her clothes on and pulled him out of the house. The came into Karen's Café.

"What are you two up to this morning?" Karen asked as she saw Brooke and Lucas come through the door.

"Can we talk to you privately for a moment?" Lucas asked now that he was in front of his mother he was nervous.

"Only one Haley didn't come into Work this morning." Karen looked around the café which was thankfully at a lull. "What's up?" She asked as soon as they were behind closed doors.

Lucas entwined his hand with Brooks. "We want to get married."

"What?" Karen was shocked.

"We want to get married but you have to sign the paper. Karen looked between the two of them she flashed through everything they'd been through everything they'd went through she knew she could tell them no tell them they had to wait but at the same time she knew it wouldn't help anything if they wanted to get married she'd stand behind them, even if she didn't think it was the smartest thing.

"Ok." She nodded, "Under one condition."

"What?" Lucas asked.

"You keep living with me and you both take on part time jobs at the Café."

"Done." The nodded.

Karen sighed. "When did you want to do this, and what about Brooke's parents?"

"Well we can get the marriage license today and get married tomorrow." Lucas said.

"As for my parents I'm emancipated so I don't need to let them know not that they would even notice I've went missing." Brooke said bitterly.

"Ok you two go and get the license." Karen dismissed them. Unknown to them a similar conversation had happened in the James house and Nate and Haley were on their own way to the court house.

"Hey what are you doing here?" Luke asked when he met Haley and Nate on the court steps.

"I could ask you the same thing." Nate said.

"Well we're getting married." Brooke blushed looking down at her hands.

"Oh my god us to." Haley squealed. The brothers looked at each other in shock.

"Let's do a double wedding." Brooke suggested bouncing up and down.

"Yes lets." Haley beamed. Both couples filed for their licenses and hurried from the court house.

"We have so much to plan," Brooke said running through her mental list.

"What about dresses." Haley asked. "I have one but what about you?"

"Yeah so do I." Brooke nodded.

"Haley you're late." Karen said as the younger girl walked through the door.

"Sorry Karen." She flushed

"Should we tell her?" Brooke whispered

"We have to." Haley said.

"What's going on?" Karen asked.

"Me and Nate are getting married tomorrow we decided to make it a double ceremony." Haley said holding up her hand were the ring was.

"Nate have you told your mother about this?" Karen asked.

"No." He shook his head and I'm not going to she'll just trying and stop it and well Karen knew she should say something to Deb she knew it really wasn't her place.

"Ok," She sighed in resignation.

"Haley work your sift I'll get everything ready for tomorrow." Brooke assured her friend.

"The guest list should be small only my parents and Karen I think."

"Yeah I agree." Brooke nodded worried about what their friends especially Payton would say.

"Ok Fiancée I'm going to hurry home and pack I'll see you in the morning." Brooke kissed him briefly. And turned to leave.

"You realize you can only call me that today right then it will be husband." Luke said.

"I know it's amazing." She entwined her hands behind his neck and kissed him again. "See you at the altar."

"Where's Keith?" Haley asked as Brooke blew out of the café life a whirlwind.

"Charleston it's a long story." Lucas sighed as he helped her wipe the tables down.

"Can you believe it both of us marrying tomorrow?" Haley turned around and leaned against the table.

"Who would have thought?" Lucas sighed.

Brooke looked around her childhood room for the last time as she packed the last of her things into her car. She'd miss the house in its own way but she'd be more at home with Lucas then she'd ever been in this house. She slept in her childhood bed for the last time that night a letter composed and ready for her parents on her night stand. Her mother and Father were not her family Nathan Haley Karen Keith and Lucas were even if Keith wasn't around at the moment for unknown reasons. She'd have to ask Luke about that she thought as she drifted off but not right away first she was getting married she felt the butterfly's in her stomach she couldn't wait for the morning.

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