He stepped into class and settles down into his seat, placing his bag at the side and pencil case on the table. Sitting up straight, Midorima glanced at his watch and took note of the time.

One minute.

One minute and thirty seconds.

Two minutes…

Three minutes…

"Shin-chan! You could have waited awhile for me…I got caught by a bunch of your fan-girls again. Its not fun having to deal with all of them by myself you know?"

"Hmmp. They are not my fans."

"Of course they are! Look at all these love letters for you again!"

"I don't want them. Don't need them either."

"But shin-chan…you should at least take a look at them!"


Hearing a sigh and the screeching of a chair, Midorima turns around to grab the letters on Takao's table and stuffing them under his desk, just to make Takao feel better. Sometimes, he doesn't even know why he does it.

"Aww Shin-chan is nice after all!"

Turning around again, he faced the ever-smiling Takao and smacked his head lightly with his lucky item (a small teddy bear) before promptly looking ahead just as the teacher walks in.