A Beautiful Lie

My stories as always are rated MATURE for a reason such as violence, language, slight lems. There are VERY DARK times in this story. Read at your own risk.




"Why you squirming away from me baby?"

"I'm not I'm seeing what time it is I want to get home before Charlie so he doesn't interrogate me to death."

"I'll interrogate you…"

I laugh as Sam rolls me over. I feel his hands going down my pants. The warmth of them driving me mad. He chuckles.

"Someone's wet."

I bite my lower lip as his fingers continue to work their way.

"Hmmm… Enough of those." He says and yanks my pants off.

He takes off his shirt tossing it about the room I love the way his heated body feels along mine I crave it.

"Fuck baby." He says as he enters.

His lips lock with mine as I run my hands along his back.

"Good girl…" He gruffly say as I release.

He sniffs the air with a smile and his eyes flicker driving me even madder. He goes at a faster pace now. I feel him kissing along my neck and playfully nipping at it.

"God I'm gonna cum." He moans out and I feel him escape.

Sam kisses my lips once more before he pulls out and rolls over.

"Damn Bella."

I softly laugh and lean over laying on his chest. His fingers running through my hair. I feel him kiss the top of my head.

"I love you baby."

"I love you too Sam."

"How much?"

"Tremendously." I say running a finger along his chest.

"Enough to marry this mutt?"

I raise up looking to him.

"Um what'd you say?"

He smiles and reaches over pulling out a box from his nightstand.

"I want to marry you Bella."

My hand goes over my mouth in shock.

"You wanna marry me?"

"Yes baby."

He takes the ring out of the box.

"So whaddya say?"

I smile.

"Of course I'll marry you."

He laughs and takes in a breath.

"Good, that was my evil plan all along now you're mine forever. Muhahaha." He says placing the ring on my finger and wraps his arms around me.

"I can't believe you purposed you crazy man."

"Well we've been together for a few years now Bella might as well do it straight and get married…"

That's what I'd been thinking about was that day as I began to make wedding plans. I'd put off all my other plans because I was ready to become Isabella Marie Uley. I'm sitting in my fiancé's lap talking to our friends and that's when she came along. Sam raises up and walks away from me right up to this naked woman that was obviously wolf herself that would explain her nudity amongst the woods. He bows before her taking her hand and kissing it. I swallow back and Quil puts a hand to my shoulder and Jake to the other. My Sam rises and kisses this woman as if I'm not even there.

"Shit…" Jake says.


My jaw drops and I rise.


He stops kissing her and turns to me.

"I'm sorry Bella but I've imprinted and have now found my true mate."

I stumble back a bit as Jake and Quil try to console me I yank out of their hold and take off running. I prayed deep down it was a nightmare and I'd wake in Sam's arms and he'd tell me how silly I was being. But I kept running and wasn't waking. I ran and ran until I could run no more and became lost.

"NO!" I fell to my knees wishing for death's sweet embrace.

"This can't be happening this can't be real."

"Please Sam…"

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"Bells hun are you sure about this?"

"Yes dad I'm moving out in a couple months."

"Come on Bells."

"Dad I'm sorry but there's just nothing for me here anymore."

Charlie pretends to pout and be hurt. I laugh at this.

"You know what I mean dad. I'll start packing in a couple weeks."

"I sure wish you'd stay kiddo."

"I know dad."

I sigh and look back to the ring on my finger I'd never been able to take off. I finally take it off and shake my head.

"I'm sure sorry kid."

"Me too." I say hurriedly wiping the tears.

I gave him five damn near almost six years of my life. We'd been dating since high school. I've not faced any of the Quileute's since that day. I can't stomach the thought. Truth was I should have known this would happen I wasn't Quileute or wolf and I got teased about it often but never did I dream… I'd always hoped he'd imprint on me one day. But he never did it was her. Her name was Leah Clearwater and her family had just moved to the reservation. In fact they had plans to marry this weekend.

"You alright?" Charlie says clearing his throat as a few tears come down my cheeks.

I force a smile.

"I'm fine dad."

I stuff the ring in my pocket and head out the door.

"Where you off to?"

"Just need some fresh air."

I grab my jacket and head out the door. I wanted to rid the ring and I knew the perfect place. I get in my truck and head towards the area of the La Push cliffs. Sam had written me a letter all business like asking for the ring back that Leah would be needing it now. I laugh in thought as I park then cross the street making my way over, to the cliffs where the boys dive at. I take the ring as I climb to the highest peak and throw back my hand and toss the ring into the water.

"Fuck you Sam Uley."
I make my way back to my truck and drive until I hit Seattle. I call my dad on the way and let him know I decided to get out of town for a bit. However I do something I never do. I couldn't get him out of my fucking mind though every lie he ever fed me all the years we had together… I pull into a bar. I just sit there in the truck a bit before I bravely decide to enter. I just wanted to forget if even for a little. I sit at a booth so not to be disturbed. Before I know it 3 beers becomes 6. I have a shot before I go and stumble out of the bar. I go to get in my truck but know I'm clearly fucking drunk and my father would have my ass and I'd probably kill someone.

"Damn it!" I mutter and see that there's a hotel not far from here.

I start walking that way with plans to sleep it off and get my truck in the morning. Stupidly I cut through an alley in hopes to get there faster. I continue to stumble a bit and try to keep my wits about me and pay attention to what's around me. I hear someone laughing though and look around. It's a woman's voice.

"Remember to share Victoria…" I hear a deep Jamaican voice say.

"But she's so pretty darlin'."

"Isn't she?" He says and I turn to my right and see them slowly approaching me.

A gorgeous red haired woman and a tall dark man make their way over. I walk back slowly wondering why they are acting the way they are. Are they drunk as well? The woman sniffs the air.

"Hmmm smell that."

"Shall we share my love?" She's to the dark man and as the come closer I notice their crimson eyes.

I swallow back in fear and turn to run.

"Not so fast my dear."

I look up as his hands are about my forearms and he's baring his eyes into my own. He's tall, long blonde hair, same fiery eyes. He tilts his head slightly and breathes me in. I feel the presence now of the other two behind me.

"Very well we shall all share her." The Jamaican one says.

Only as he says this the blonde that already has his hands upon me shoves me behind him.

"She is mine. No one's to touch her."

Um what?

"What has come over you James?" The woman asks.

The man turns back to me.

"She calls to me. Therefore no one is to harm her."

The man and woman before him laugh.
"Calls to you? Whatever do you mean?"
"It's the way Laurent called to you Victoria."

"But she is human."

"And we're so thirsty."


The woman sighs as if bored.

"Very well let's go Laurent let's find someone we can actually feed from."

The man turns back to me. I watch as his eyes go from black back to red again.

"Are you alright?"

I nod but am frightened out of my mind.

"I will not harm you." He offers a hand.

My heart races and I'm still drunk and feel like crying now. What the hell just happened? I start to dig into my pocket for the pepper spray my dad gave me. It didn't dawn on me until now that I had it. I take it out and he looks to it and smiles.

"What do you plan to do with that now?"

I swallow back and hold it out threateningly.

He laughs. I spray him in the face and take off running. He sighs and appears in front of me.

"What is your name?"

"It's none of your business."

"AH, but I think it is."

He reaches out caressing my cheek.

"I shall like to know my human's name."

"I'm not your human and what are you!"

"Well you are my human my dear and I am James, I'm your vampire."

"Vamp.. Vampire?"

He nods and grins with a bow.

"At your service."

"I don't need your service I just…" I start to feel dizzy knowing the alcohol isn't mixing well with my nerves.

"I just…" I say trying to find a way out but the area begins to spin around.

"Please…" I muster out as everything goes black.