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One year later


(Screams of terror)

"Ladies what have we told you about playing with your food?"

Isabella looks to me with a smile wiping her mouth clean.

"To share?"

I wink and hop down from the tree.

"That's right love."

I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss upon her sweet neck as Victoria finishes of their victim.

"You spoiled my dinner James."

I chuckle.

"Is that right my dear?"

She folds her arms as if to pout.


I take her hand leading her back to the town.

"Let's see…"

I say as we creep about the town lurking in the shadows still going about finding our prey in this peculiar way. However as time progresses and with my mate by my side it's becoming more and more second nature to us.
"How about her?" I point out.

She watches for a bit then nods.

"I stand back and watch as she gathers the blonde."

We drag her into a nearby alley and share. Once we're done she drops to the ground. I grab my mate around the waist and kiss her. There was always something highly erotic about us sharing. We hear someone coming our way and we make our selves scarce.

We've spent a year how in travel and we're passing through my mate's old town. The memories start to flash of when I first met her and every other journey in-between we've faced. She's laying amongst the ground now with her head against a tree. Even after a year it still seems like at times I'm looking upon her for the first time. She still strikes me. If anything I'd swear she was born to become one of us she fits in perfectly. She's a brawler, a great tracker herself, a lie detector (which helps when scooping out our victims), a minx, everything all in one. I've only grown more in love with her and I've never felt more complete.
"What's on that mind of yours James?"


She smiles.

"Good answer."

I smirk and make my way over and come to a crawl amongst her body.

"You're always on my mind Isabella love."

I lift up her denim skirt. I lower the shoulders on her dress to expose those beautiful breasts of hers. Our lips lock and she rips the shirt off my back. Seems to be a very bad habit and I find myself running around shirtless far more since we've been together… I've also learned my little vixen has a very vulgar mouth, temper at times and she can't seem to get enough sex and is very adventurous I might add… I fucking love it. I can always find me another shirt but there's only one Isabella. Her arms wrap around my neck and she moans into my mouth. My hands go up her skirt I'm dying to feel how wet she is and feel her drip amongst my fingers. To think this remarkable vampire is all mine. That alone gets me going rock hard.

I feel her going along my neck and shoulders. She bites down knowing that drives me mad. I growl out and run her juices along myself before I enter her. A narcissistic smile forms on my face as she comes the minute I place myself inside.

"Come again for me love. I wanna feel you."

She loves my dirty talk just as much as I love hers. Hmmmm. I feel her release and I whisper in her ear and nip at her neck.


I like to make it a game just to see how far I get her going how many times I can get her off. We've been known to go at it for 14 hours straight. The only reason we even stopped was to hunt. She flips over on top of me crashing into my lips and still going strong on top of me stroking me hard with those hips moving about me. She calls out my name and it still never fails to get me… just how she says it. "Fuck…"I growl out as I come to a finish.

She bites that lower lip still as though she were still that human girl I'd first met and claimed as my own. I caress her cheek and roll us back around and kiss her lips as we rise. We fix our clothing and we continue on our way I grab a nearby leather jacket off someone's clothesline.

"What do you think love?"

She smiles.

"Not too shabby."

Victoria sneaks up on her and I watch curiously this seems to be one of their games seeing who can catch who off-guard in an attack. Laurent and I couldn't have more fun with it. However Victoria can't see the grin on my mate's face as Victoria's directly behind her. Isabella yanks Victoria by the arm and slams her down into the earth. Victoria goes to swipe her ankle and Isabella jumps just in time both smile menacingly to the other. You wouldn't think they were best of friends but they are. This is just how they are. Victoria kick ups off the ground and sends Isabella spiraling but a move she learned from me comes about as she splits her legs apart forcing a land before coming to the tree. Dirt kicks up in the air around her as she comes to a complete stop and looks back up. I smirk raise a brow knowing what's coming. She kicks her back leg against the tree behind her and comes spiraling back her hands about Victoria's waist as she's shoved through another tree.

We all laugh as Victoria raises up bitterly and complains which is something she does when Isabella happens to get the upperhand on her.

"You ripped my new blouse."

My mate shrugs and I put my arm around her as we see the lightening beginning to soar through the air and hear the crackling of thunder. A baseball lands in front of mine and Isabella's feet. I pick it up as we continue to walk along and we all pick up the scent of more vampires. The four of us look upon one another and grin.

We come about another coven and dressed in some sort of silly baseball attire. I toss the ball about in my hand and we stand before this coven.

"Carlisle Cullen." The blonde introduces himself.

"James and this is my mate Isabella, my coven mates Laurent and Victoria."

"We do love a good game." Victoria says.

"Don't we Isabella?"

She smiles and pecks me on the lips.

"Yes we do."

I notice a particular rustic haired vampire looking directly at my mate. We lock eyes for a moment as he knows I caught him giving her the once more like twice over. I just wink at him teasingly pucker my lips with a taunting blowing of a kiss and smack my mate's rear as she goes to play third base…