Name: Isabella Swan

Age: 26

Colour of hair: Inky Black

Colour of eyes: Dark Blue

Height: 5' 8"

Build: Average

Seems completely normal, right?

Except…it's not.

Iam not. Oh, how I wish to be normal just like any other individual out there but…sometimes, we do not get what we crave.

Sometimes, I wonder what my life, or for that matter, my death would have been like if I had not accepted that assignment. Only if I had turned it down like any sane person, I would have leaded an ordinary life with ordinary people.

But, do I regret my choice?

That is the question that has been haunting me for years. And today, as I sit here, alone, recounting the events of my life that have steered me to this point, searching them with a metaphorical fine-tooth comb looking for an answer, I hope that I will be able to close this chapter of my life. For what you are about to read, is my story.