Mr Gold's laughter was audible through the door before he even knocked. Neal looked up from the game of checkers he was playing with Henry with a look of utter surprise at the once familiar chuckle. David cast a look of confusion across the room at his wife before walking over to answer the door. He was greeted by a grinning Mr Gold who had an arm wrapped around an angrily squirming little girl.

David just stared.

"What is it?" Mary Margaret asked as she came over to the door. Neal and Henry exchanged curious looks before jumping up and following Mary Margaret.

"I… don't know," David continued to stare at the child. She appeared to be about four years old, and was clad only in an over-sized singlet. She also seemed very displeased with Mr Gold carrying her.

"I think this belongs to you," Mr Gold said, and held out the child.

"Mary Margaret!" The child called, and reached out to her.

Mary Margaret cast Gold a very puzzled look before taking pity on the child who was struggling to get out of Mr Gold's grasp.

"Oh, you're adorable!" she cooed as she settled the child on her hip, unable to stop herself from stroking the little girl's soft blonde hair.

"What do you mean she belongs to us?" David asked,

"Emma had a little… accident today with her magic," Mr Gold told them with an amused smirk. The child hid her face in the crook of her mother's neck on hearing this.

The realisation dawned on everyone's faces and Mary Margaret pulled the child out of her hiding place so she could see her face.

"Emma?" she asked with a tone of wonder to her voice. Her eyes traced over the child's face, seeking out features she recognised.

"Mom?!" Henry stared at the small child with disbelief.

"EMMA?" Neal laughed until he sounded short of breath. Little Emma responded with a scowl and a rude gesture that was distinctly un-child-like.

"Emma!" Mary Margaret scolded and grabbed the offending hand in her own.

"He laughed at me!" Emma protested.

"That's no excuse for bad behaviour."

"I'm 29, Mary Margaret."

"Then you should already know better."

Emma crossed her arms with a huff.

"That's definitely Emma," David grinned at Mary Margaret over Emma's head.