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Author's Notes: Four-shot based on the Support with Gaius. Blatant teasing, perverted remarks and general lightheartedness.

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She had been watching him for the past few days now, highly amused by his antics. Gaius had always managed to entertain her to no end, regardless, but the past few days had been particularly eventful. The stupid thief was hiding something from her, and they both knew that she knew.

So, instead of raining on his parade, as he had teased her about on countless occassions, she had taken to just watching him run all over camp and between the shops when they passed through towns. Gaius was always looking for something, or always had someone to talk to. Of course her interest had been piqued. The man, a thief and a damn good one, had done a grand job of drawing attention to himself. And it wasn't like she wasn't informed of his enquiries. Many about the camp loved to gossip.

Apparently Gaius was after certain materials, whenever the conversation was relayed back to her. When in the vicinity oof Gaius, Bubbles had never drawn close enough to hear the conversations, lest she be detected, but she had seen the way he had reacted to those he spoke to. It was truly startling to see the normally indifferent Gaius get somewhat flustered.

To be fair, when she had first noticed the way he had begun acting strange, it was a fortnight ago. She had been speaking with Tharja about one thing or another (about how a certain material would suit her complexion, apparently), when Libra had passed them, holding a doll protectively to his person. Naturally, she had spoken up, because there was a chocolate stain on the front, which could only mean one thing. Libra had merely sighed to himself, and explained that Gaius had been holding it ransom.

Having ignored Tharja's insistance that she hex the man, Bubbles was pointed in Gaius' direction. Bubbles found him quite content, snoozing under a large tree on the hill overlooking the camp. He remained completely unaware of her presence (or he was ignoring her with all his might). Crouching down beside him, Bubbles merely frowned, and poked the man in the forehead several times. Her only response was the mere snuffling and an attempt at swatting her hand away.

A huff left her, throwing her fringe up in annoyance. The only other option was ... Taking a deep breath, and praying to the Gods, Bubbles reached for the lollipop secured to Gaius' chest.

Her heart still jumped to her throat when he moved, so fast, hand gripping her wrist tightly, eyes open and narrowed. Realisation filled him shortly after, and Gaius released her, a sigh leaving him. "Jeez, Bubbles. If you wanted my attention that bad, all you had to do was ask."

Bubbles' eyebrow twitched in annoyance, and she sat beside him, muttering about the lazy thief. Gaius laughed good naturedly, giving her a slap on the back, before settling back against the tree.

"Anyway, O' Tactician, what brought you here, hm? Some sweets?"

Taking the offered chocolate without a glance, Bubbles chewed into it. She herself was unsure why she was so deadset on being here. Libra had only pointed out where Gaius had been taking a nap. What reason did she have to bother him? She had just found herself driven to find him. It was a curious thing.

Thoughts clouded her, and Gaius poked her cheek. "Alright, what's the matter, Bubbles? Can't have you looking all morose after having some chocolate."

Fiddling with the grass, Bubbles knew deep down why she was here. Why she didn't like being apart. And it was eating her. She had divulged this to Tharja only earlier, and the woman, whilst scandalised by the prospect, was also supportive in her choice. As long as Bubbles was treated well, Tharja saw no reason to hex Gaius.

Swallowing her pride, and the last of the chocolate, Bubbles looked off at some point in the distance. "Do you believe that people are meant to be?" She hadn't meant to sound wistful, but even to her own ears she could hear that tone.

Gaius blinked owlishly. "In what way?"

Flushing, Bubbles pulled longer strands of grass free, and began weaving them. A distraction. "Together. As in," she paused to look at him from the corner of her eye. Gaius had a faraway look in his eye, "two people meant to be together, despite everything."

"So you mean fate?" There was a derisive snort there, and Bubbles felt the blush creep up her cheeks. How stupid of her to think so. She had been reading too many of Lissa's romance novels. A thief, who had lived through a great deal, as he had divulged to her on many occassion, wouldn't believe in fate.

"I suppose. It depends on the people, don't you agree?"

Her head snapped towards him so fast, Gaius was worried for a moment. But Bubbles merely gaped at him. Did that mean ...?

A bell sounded in the distance, and Gaius grinned. "Time for dinner. I wonder what desert will be tonight?"

Heaving himself to his feet, Gaius offered her a hand. Taking it, Bubbles found herself stumbling forward, landing with an 'oof' against the hard leather of Gaius' chestplate. Now a lovely shade of red, Bubbles froze at the contact, opening her mouth to apologise.

However, looking up at Gaius' face reduced her to silence. Such a tender look he held, gently smiling at her. An arm had wrapped around her waist at some point, and he still had her hand in his own. Bringing it to his lips, he kissed her knuckles, watching her face.

Bubbles' came to her senses then, wriggling herself free of Gaius' grasp. Tripping over her feet as she made her way back to camp, she left a sizable distance between them, opting to sit with Panne for dinner tonight, instead of her usual place beside Gaius. Bubbles earnt a few interested looks from that, but the look she sent many had them suddenly disinterested. Bubbles threw herself into the conversation with more gusto than necessary, but no one said a word.

Now, two weeks after that incident, they still hadn't spoken. Whilst Bubbles was happy to shadow him, she made no effort to interact. Instead, she opted to turn in early for the night, sealing her tent so no one could waltz in. Other times she would take a turn down between makeshift paths when faced with the prospect of walking past him. It was almost embarrassing how lost she had gotten within the past few days but. But.

Now, she was seated beside Chrom at the campfire, the last of the sunlight slipping away. They were pouring over the most newly acquired map, detailing the terrain Chrom hoped to pass through before continuing forward. Chrom was sitting a little closer than she was comfortable with, but she took no notice of it. She had to get these plans laid soon, and lately this was the only time she was able to pin Chrom down. And, besides, she was quite sure she had ushered several other of her friend to get his attention.

A heavy stare settled on her from across the fire. Eyebrow twitching, she knew exactly who it was coming from, but she made no effort to respond. Her job came first.

When the last of the light dipped behind the hills, Chrom let out a sigh, leaning back. Bubbles followed suit, rolling her neck, bones clicking. Chrom made a face at the noise, but said nothing, instead rolling the map up.

"Thanks for that."

"The sooner the better."

Chrom laughed, presumably at her response. Giving her a joking smack on the head with the map, he made to leave, Sumia calling for him from some other side of the fire. Bubbles grumbled to herself, rubbing the spot as if it pained her, and directed her attention back to the camp fire. If she stared hard enough, she could make out the displeased expression on Gaius' face.


Bubbles looked up in confusion by the Prince's sudden stop. He was twisting the map in his hands, somewhat amused by what he would say next.

"Say something to Gaius, please. I would like to not wake up with a shaven head, if possible."

Bubbles flushed at his words, both out of anger and embarrassment. Opening her mouth to protest, Chrom merely laughed and walked off. Why did everyone believe she was Gaius' keeper? She wasn't! They just happened to have a lot in common, apparently. Bubbles' ears burned as she thought of what they talked about ... and what some of the more recent conversations had lead to. But that was beside the point!

They had a complicated relationship - and Bubbles knew she was in far deeper than Gaius was.

Rolling her eyes when she caught the 'go on' motion Chrom sent her, she stood, striding around the haphazardly seated bodies, ignoring the little smirks on some of her closest friends' faces. She would get them back for this.

Pausing just before reaching Gaius, she leaned in closer to get a look at what he was working on. Nimble fingers worked with small tools, Gaius in deep concentration as he fixed what looked like small stones into the holes of -

"Bubbles, what can I do for you?"

Startled, Bubbles hadn't realised she had drawn so close, inadvertently blocking the light from the campfire. The rowdiness of the camp suddenly slammed into her, and whatever Gaius had been working on was now out of sight. He was simply lounging back, squinting at her face in the dim light, chewing on the remains of a lollipop.

"I, well, you see -" Bubbles wasn't quite sure why she was struggling to form a sentence. Short of not speaking with the man for the past fortnight, of course, but that was beside the point. Why was she so unable to go back to how it was?

It was because Olivia had performed an intervention only three days prior, concerned for her friend's wellbeing, and was absolutely terrifying with how spot on her observations had been. Olivia had brought to light things Bubbles herself hadn't realised, and now was overly concious of. It only served to confuse her further, and want her to pull away.

Gaius was watching her the whole time, a knowing look on his face. Sighing deeply, he stood, took Bubbles' hand without a thought and lead her away from the fire. Curious eyes watched them, and with Bubbles absolutely mortified, there was no look detailing what sort of punishments they would receive for insubordination. In the background, Inigo sang at the winning of the betting pool, whilst the other males let out resounding groans at the loss.

"Gaius, tell me what is going on or let me go!"

"Don't be such a spoilsport, Bubbles. I've got something I want to show you." He threw her a carefree smile over his shoulder, which had her heart splutter momentarily before kicking up to top speed. Oh, ye Gods, she had it bad.

Safely away from prying eyes, Gaius released her hand, smiling down at her gently, but the look in his eye was anything but. Bubbles had found her pride along the way, and glared back up at him, hackles raised. Her status as a tactician who did not mix business with pleasure was definitely going to be tarnished now.

Ducking his head, Gaius pressed his lips against hers, once again catching her offguard. Taking her shock in stride, he moved them back, hands firmly holding her hips as he deepend the kiss. Flinching as her back hit the nearest tree, Bubbles made to move, but Gaius only pushed her back. She found herself smothered by the distinct smell of sugar, and blanched.

Bubbles pushed him off, and at the opening, slugged him in the face. A hiss left Gaius, and her own hand throbbed, causing tears to well in her eyes. Cradling her hand to her chest, she settled to glaring at him while he massaged his now bruising cheek.

"Whadiya do that for?"

Frown deepening, Bubbles turned on her heel and made to leave, a huff leaving her. She would not overthink this. She would go back to his tent and let slip to Tharja that Gaius was a prime target for boils.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" Gaius grabbed onto the back of her cloak, tugging her back. He did not account for, however, just how hard he pulled her back.

Squeaking, Bubbles flew back into Gaius, sending them both sprawling on the ground. Groaning, Gaius shifted, rubbing the back of his head, a lump already forming. He could almost hear Corderlia muttering about him in the back of his mind. He would invite the banshees's wrath with another bump on his noggin, he just knew it.

"Hey, you going to hear me out?" He spoke up finally, when Bubbles moved off him with an apology, opting to sit, hugging her knees to her chest, face hidden.

"Are you going to kiss me again?"

Gaius chortled. "That's what you're worried about?"

"No, it's not. What I'm worried about is how you wouldn't talk to me. What did I do?" Her tone was almost like a wounded animal, but Gaius snorted.

"After ignoring me for two weeks, I'm not quite sure what you did." He didn't mean to sound so callous, but the way she would avoid his contact annoyed him to no end.

"That's because you were continually sneaking off!"

"I do make a living off sneaking, you know."

Bubbles bit her lip, and pressed her forehead to her knees. She knew what she was afraid of, and this was getting them no where.

"I actually did want to show you something, you know."

"I'm not sure if I want to know what it is." Bubbles gave him a pointed look, her tone dry.

Laughing loudly, Gaius shook his head. He was glad the old Bubbles was making a comeback, and not going to continue being that frail woman he saw before. Fishing through his pockets, to prove he actually had something to show her, he was suddenly concerned. He hoped it hadn't fallen out when they tripped. That would make everything far more awkward than it already was.

Fingers brushed against the metal surface and he pulled it out, clasping it in one hand. Bubbles eyes him suspisciously, but made no move to get closer. Gaius refrained from rolling his eyes at her lack of cooperation, instead sitting himself up, moving closer. Throwing an arm around her shoulders, he pulled her to him, resting her head on his shoulder. Lips brushed her hair, causing Bubbles to flush, but she didn't resist.

"Did you make another pendant?" Her voice was low, as if this was some secret between them.

"No, I did one better," opening his hand, he presented his handiwork, "here."

Bubbles couldn't help the gasp that left her at the sight. Subconciously, she reached out to it, then refrained herself. "Gaius, it's beautiful." She could't help the thoughts gnawing away at her, but a smile settled on her lips. "I hope whoever receives it appreciates the hardwork."

A tight smile settled on Gaius' lips, and he removed his arm from her shoulders. Shivering at the loss of contact, Bubbles' eyes widened when Gaius gripped one of her hands in his own, and pressed the ring into her palm. "I'm glad I didn't screw it up."

"Gaius -"

"See, 'cause I was kind of hopin' you'd ... wear it." Gaius frowned down at their hands, closing her fingers around the thin piece of jewellery. Hopefully she would understand now.

"I-I don't understand. These past few weeks and -"

"It's an engagement ring, see? And I'm offering it to you, Bubbles. And only you. No other person but you."

She had to blink one, twice, thrice, before his words made sense to her. "Oh, gods. You're serious, aren't you?"

"Never been more serious in my life," this time he clasped her hands, looking into her eyes with nothing but sheer determination, "You are the sweetest gal I've ever met, personality quirks aside."

Bubbles couldn't help the little snort that left her, followed by her tearing up again. Oh, not now. She didn't want to become a blubbering mess. Rubbing her face awkwardly against her sleeves, as Gaius refused to let go of her hands, she smiled up at him, all watery and amused.

"I love you. I love you so much. So? Will you marry me, Bubbles?"

Laughter bubbled out of her and she shook her head. Panic struck Gaius, but wrenching herself free, she threw her arms around his neck. "It is unlike you to ask a favour without offering something in return ..."

Wrapping his arms around her, Gaius pulled her onto his lap. "Aw, come on, don't leave me hangin'! I'm seriously dyin' here!"

"So, what do I get? A lifetime together with you? Access to your sweet supply?" she asked jokingly, grinning at him.

"I ... guess?"

Smirking, Bubbles leaned back to get a good look at his face. "Is that asking too much?"

Noticing the shit eating grin on her face, Gaius enthusiastically shook his head. "No way! That's a piece of cake! Right then, it's a deal."

Sticking out his hand, he couldn't help the grin when she slipped her hand into his, a firm grip. "I promise to make you happy for the rest of your life."

"Then my decision is a piece of cake, too. I've been ... in love," she couldn't help the embarrassed blush that spread across her cheeks at his know-it-all grin, "with you for ages, Gaius. I'd be honoured to be your wife, of course."

Laughter left him this time, and he hugged her tightly, until her arms started to ache and the flush spread from his ears to his own cheeks. Against Bubbles' ear, though, he thanked her again. "You've brought joy to this old brigand's heart!" He could almost hear her rolling her eyes at that. Leaning back, his smirk turned predatory, and he kissed her firmly on the lips. "Now, give me some sugar, Bubbles."

"Gaius? One other condition: you have got to stop calling me Bubbles."

Shaking his head, he moved to put the ring firmly on her finger. But, there was nothing but air. Eyes widening, Gaius pulled away from Bubbles' embrace, and looked around frantically. "The ring ... where is the ring?!"

"I thought you were holding onto it!"

"I put it in your hand, woman!"

"Oh, so it's my fault you lost it?"

"Don't even start on me, and help me find it."


Baby, you're a river of chocolate and an ocean of cream. I'm going to steal your heart on a daily basis.

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