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She let out a ragged breath, feeling pain in her chest just from the simple motion of breathing. It hurt certainly, but it was nothing she couldn't handle considering her past experiences, "You both need to relax."

"You were poisoned, Kagome," A male said and he sounded exasperatedly irritated by her words, "A poison that could have killed you." Deep blue glared down at her as she opened her own blue eyes to instinctively look at him.

"But it didn't," Her lips upturned, but she winced slightly as a wave of dizziness overcame her, "And even if it did, you know Sesshoumaru would just revive me with Tenseiga."

"Do you truly value your life so little?" A deeper voice asked and she knew him well enough to hear the anger underlying his normally impassive tone, "I have a mind to suspend you from the Justice League."

Kagome frowned, "This is the job I signed up for, isn't it?" She asked in a cold tone, "Any member of the Justice League can be killed at any given time. We all know that. Is this your version of giving me special treatment?"

Nightwing flung off his black mask, grabbing her hand and squeezing until it almost hurt, "Yes, it is," He grit his teeth at her defiant look, "You know what you mean to the Justice League... to us." He trailed off, "You're too valuable to lose."

Kagome finally sat up in the bed, ignoring her aching body to stare at the two, "So why do we bother to hide all of this?" She asked quietly, clenching her fingers around Dick's hand, "Is it really that strange?"

"It is for your sake," Batman stated, finally taking off his mask to give her a stern stare, "I do not want the other Justice League members to look down upon you for our actions."

"I had to willingly consent to this, didn't I?" Kagome said dryly, shaking her head at Bruce's logic. Did he not want to tell the other members simply because she was so much younger than him? That she split her affections between him and his ward?

It's not like the Justice League or Young Justice had a right to question their personal lives, so long as they obeyed the law as they promised to do.

"Just rest for the next week," Dick pleaded, "Let the poison flush out of your system." He leaned in, resting his forehead against hers and finally allowing his body to relax.

The thought of her dying sent a wave of deep fear through him, despite knowing the fact that she could be brought back by Sesshoumaru's Tenseiga.

"Fine," Kagome reluctantly agreed, giving a pointed look towards Bruce with annoyed eyes, "Expect to sleep alone in your bed for that next week."

Even when poisoned, her fiery personality just couldn't be held back...