Bruce didn't know that Lenore was pregnant or that Jamie was gone. Lois and Clark were telling May a story of what happened to Jamie. It was a story of how Jamie died and why there was no body. Jo'nn knew. May knew there was More to it since Justin was still alive. May pressed Clark since she knew he knew that if Jamie was dead Justin would be.

"Jamie was reverted to an unborn baby... Lenore and Justin's son... Jamie is dead. He won't remember this life for some time." Clark admitted.

"We just thought it would be easy on you."

Of course it was not known yet of how many.

"Since his lantern ring left him..." Clark started.

Lois wondered who would be worthy.

"Jaden." Clark said.

Lois smiled. It was two months before Bruce was home.

"Kara..." Bruce started.

Kara went to him.

"I love you." Bruce said.

"And, I you..." said Kara.

It was night when Bruce returned.

"Justin on patrol?" Bruce asked.

Kara nodded.

"Is someone monitoring?" Bruce asked still not knowing he was going to be a grandpa.

"Your daughter-in-law." said Kara.

"Yeah?" Bruce asked.

Kara nodded. "She had to take leave..." she said.

"Why?" Bruce asked curiously.

"Bruce... we're gonna be grandparents." said Kara.

Bruce smiled. Kara explained what had occurred. Bruce was shocked. So Jamie will be one of our grandkids. Kara hoped it wasn't minded.

"How do the Kents feel about it?" Bruce asked.

"They understand it Had to be done and It Was Jamie's choice." said Kara.

Bruce nodded.

"According to Justin." said Kara.

Bruce sighed.

"Well then we should get those two ready." Bruce said.

Kara agreed. Bruce went down to the cave.


Lenore looked over at her father in law. Bruce went to Lenore.

"Hey, you okay to be down here?" Lenore asked.

Bruce smiled.

"I'm fine." Bruce said.

Lenore couldn't help it.

"Just wanted to make sure you were OK, Lenore." Bruce said sitting in a chair nearby.

"I'm on bedrest, multiples..." said Lenore.

Bruce looked ar Lenore. Lenore smirked.

"How many?" Bruce asked.

Lenore explained. Bruce smiled. Lenore was trying to figure on names.

"Tommy." Bruce suggested.

"After your dad, you sure?" Lenore asked.

Bruce smiled and nodded. Lenored agreed, considering others.

"Could name one after Jonathan." Bruce suggested.

Lenore agreed.

"I'm sure Clark wouldn't mind." Bruce said.

Lenore agreed but decided to check.

"Hello." Clark said when his phone rang.

"Clark, Lenore... I need your opinion..." She started.

"About what?" Clark asked.

Lenore explained.

"Of course." Clark agreed.

Lenore thanked him.

"No problem." Clark said.

Lenore sighed, checking off a list. Bruce watched her.

"Let's see... names, check... Now if they're identical..." Lenore muttered.

"Could dress one in red and the other in blue." Bruce said.

Lenore checked it off.

"If one is Jamie he'll need to kept stimulated or certain gentleman thief may return and what about Lanternman?" Bruce asked about Jamie's navi.

Lenore summoned. Lanternman appeared on the bat computer.

"I could go into standby mode until he starts net battling."

"You know that maybe until he's ready for school..." Lenore started.

Lanternman listen in case she was suggesting different. Lenore reminded of when Justin started. Lanternman nodded.

"You could give him my PET whenever you think he's ready."

Lenore started recounting a certain meeting long before. Bruce and Lanternman listened. It was of a boy, his navi and their special relationship. She had Heard it once through the first created. It was agreed.

"Those two were close. Especially after Lan tested the EGS." Lanternman said.

Lenore smirked.

"What happened after that?" Bruce asked curiously.

It was recounted. Bruce listened. The story went until the deaths. Bruce sighed. Lenore was silent.

"What affects one can affect both. Though when Lan had leukemia it didn't physically affect Megaman." Lanternman said.

"He was in a different form. The fact that Jamie's Now within me maybe a factor of Why Justin Hasn't been affected." Lenore said.

"That's what I figured after Kara told me that...given what Yugi told us." Bruce said.

Lenore nodded. Lanternman contacted Jaden to check on him. Jaden answered.

"How ya doing kiddo?" Was asked.

Jaden sighed. Lanternman was worried.


Jaden looked.

"You do know that what affects Jamie affects Justin. If Jamie died so would Justin." Lanternman said.

Jaden had heard.

"So, having Jamie reborn as one of-?" He started.

"One of Justin's children." Lanternman said.

Jaden nodded.

"He'll have no memory of this life for sometime." Lanternman said.

Jaden sighed.

"I get the feeling either you or Justin will teach him to duel." Lanternman said.

"Depends who catches him... Justin's called The Duelist Knight..." said Jaden.

Lanternman nodded.

"Think it has to do..." Jaden began.

"Maybe" Lanternman said.

Jaden sighed. Lanternman returned to the Batcave.

"Oh what if you have triplets like Jamie and have a girl or two?" Bruce asked.

Lenore had considered when she learned that she was having a baby...

"We she should come up with girl names too." Bruce said.

Lenore agreed.

"Laura? Maybe... Alura?" Bruce suggested.

"I'll run it by Justin..." said Lenore.

"Or Martha." Bruce suggested.

"Alura and Martha are the names of Justin's grandma's."

"You know Her name?" Lenore asked meaning Justin's maternal grandmother's name.

"Kara." Bruce said.

Lenore understood. Bruce sighed. Lenore looked. Time passed and they eventually found out they were having triplets. Justin made arrangements. Two boys and a girl. The mansion was preparing a nursery for triplets. It was a while since Justin's time. But with a super or two in the house it made it simply. Even Faster with three. Soon they were ready. In time Lenore went into labor. Justin was at her side. Lenore gave birth to three healthy kids. Two identical boys and one girl. Justin gave the names that he was told by his wife. They smiled. Word was sent to the league. There was joy and laughter. Connor, Jaden, Clark and Lois were with the family. They had decided to name the kids Martha Alura Wayne. Thomas Alfred Wayne and Jonathan Bruce Wayne. The father knew that the names would shock. They smiled. The kryptonian and kryptonian hybrids felt themselves weak and loose consciousness. Justin tried to defend his children. When the Kryptonians woke one boy was missing. It was Tommy. Word went out to the league. Jonathan started crying. The league was on the look out. Justin tried to soothe... Jonathan had been Jamie.

"Shh, Jonny..." Justin cooed.

Jonny soon calmed. Time passed and one night the bat suit was stolen. Jonathan had spent time in Smallville to learn to control his powers. Now he was in DA. Justin was tracking due to meeting a troubled teenager. The teen looked like Jonathan Wayne naturally looked. Jonathan Wayne had been dyeing his hair blonde for years. The teen was going after the ones who killed his 'dad'.

'Dad...' Jonathan started in Justin's head.

Justin heard it. He reached out to certain faculty. The faculty responded.

"This is Justin Wayne..." He started.

"Yes?" They replied with.

Justin asked to speak with his son.

"Yeah, dad?" Jon asked coming on.

Justin explained what was goin on.

"I think it's Tommy." Jon said.

"I guessed that..." Justin said. Over the years Another son was born and then stolen.

Like with Jonathan and Thomas that boy was an identical twin. One boy stayed with Justin and the other was adopted by the same family that had adopted Thomas.

"He's angry...he's going after the man that killed his adopted father." Jon explained.

"I know..." said Justin.

"Want me to come back?" Jon asked.

"No... I'll put out the alert..." Justin said, alerting his daughter.

She went to her dad. Justin explained. She sighed.

"What do you want to do, daddy?"

"I know the boy may Not listen..." Justin started.

Almost a decade after the birth of the triplets, he and Lenore had another set of twins, a boy who was also taken and like their brother... His whereabouts were also unknown...But the boys identical twin brother was at the manor.

'Dad... I got an image from Tommy and I got the name he goes by...the image looked like it was John Clark Wayne since last I checked Hal Jordan Wayne is safe at the manor. And Tommy goes by Terence 'Terry' McGinnis.' A mental voice came to Justin.

Justin began checking.

He found out about the death of Warring McGinnis and about Terry's family dynamic. But the sort of anger that Terry was having another danger a few knew of... It put Terry at risk of becoming a red lantern.

'Sure you don't need blue lantern.' Was heard in Justin's head.

'Maybe, the boy's on the verge...' Justin answered.

Jonathan appeared by Justin as a blue lantern within seconds. Justin pulled up the batmobile signal and map. It showed Terry's location. Justin looked between his son and the map. Jonathan disappeared and reappeared with Terry. The bat computer showed Terry's point of view and showed Jonathan appear. Jonathan just glowing blue. Justin sighed.

"Terry..." Jonathan started.

Terry looked.

"We need to talk." Jonathan said.

'Get Hal from his homework.' Came to Justin's head.

Justin did so.

"Someone you should meet back at the batcave." Jonathan said.

Hal Jordan Wayne was confused.

"You'll see..." said their dad.

Jonathan took Terry back to the batcave and went to his civilian clothes.

"Terry, this is my little brother... Hal Jordan Wayne." Jonathan said.

Hal looked just like Matt.

"You see Terry, My wife and I've had several of our children Stolen during My time under the cowl... Starting when the first Batman, my father had to retire Early." said Justin as he was behind his boys.

Jonathan faced Terry. It was like looking in a mirror except Jonathan's hair was royal blue.

"He means my identical twin brother and my little brother Hal's identical twin."

"I know, But Not All about us' publicly known." Justin reminded. Some would say that the shade was his former self.

Jonathan went to Terry who removed his mask and stared.

'Lan and I need to be kept apart when he arrives.' Came to Justin's head.

Jonathan just like blue and was allowed to dye it in fact.

"Upstairs, kids..." said Justin. He sensed.

'Lan won't be here for a while... I think Terry was Batman a few years.' Jonathan said.

Justin sighed, feeling different.

'I seem to remember well...I remember you didn't want Lan telling to much of the future.' Came to Justin's mind.

Jonathan led Terry to a room in the manor. Then when the Jonathan and Terry were alone Jonathan started to change.

'There's chances of a paradox... According to John Stewart...' Justin replied.

"Jonathan!" Came a yell from upstairs in a room.

Justin raced in. Hal following. Jonathan was glowing and changing. When the light faded His hair was half red and half black. One of his eyes was green and other blue. His clothes were bits of attire of the faye, his Superboy costume, Green Lantern and his Blue Lantern uniform. He had what looked like black bird wings coming from his back. He had a Senen Eye on on his forehead and there were what looked like black ribbons around the upper part of his arms. Jamie's ears were also pointed like a faye but now with what looked like black tuffs at the tips. And a red dragon's tail came. Justin let out a frustrated groan.

"W-What's going on?" Terry asked.

"Keep out of the way, best let me deal with this..." Justin said.

Terry backed off assuming he'd get an explanation later. Justin knew that the fey would catch wind of his actions as he morphed into his original incarnation to access those powers.

"Relax brother. I will not stay in this form long. I will most likely collapse within a few minutes." Justin was told.

"Yeah, I know." was said.

"I took this form when the triplets were born." Was said.

"Yeah, yeah..." Justin muttered.

Jonathan reverted but collapsed in exhaustion. Justin reverted then caught.

"Mr. Wayne..." Terry started.

"Long story short... The Wayne family has secrets..." Justin started.

A girl popped in. It was Jonathan and Terry's sister Martha.


Terry gasped.

"Whose the girl with the red hair?" Terry wondered out-loud.

"Um...Mr. Wayne? Whose Maylu?"

"She was of Hal Jordan's daughter in laws..." said Justin.

"He misses her." Terry said.

Time passed and soon it was February 9th, 2041 and Lan appeared in the cave. Jonathan was at Duel Academy. Justin was in the home office... He heard his dad's ace barking and growling like he was going to attack. Then heard Fiona who now lived with them and was there from Duel Academy on a visit with her brother. Fiona sounded happy. Justin went to the cave.

"Ace, down..." He said.

Jamie looked at Justin. Justin's Ace sniffed Jamie then looked at Justin for permission to greet Jamie.

"No biting, boy..." Justin said with a nod.

Justin's Ace started licking Jamie. Bruce's Ace looked confused. A tapping was heard from the hall.

"Long story..." Justin said, looking towards the tapping.

Bruce soon appeared in the doorway.


"Hi, Mr. Wayne." Jamie greeted after standing up.

Soon the batmobile parked. Terry was unsure if he could remove his cowl.

"What's going on?"

'Jamie's here huh?' Came to Justin's mind.

"It's okay kiddo." said Justin. 'Just dropped by.' He replied.

'It's my past-self don't worry about it.' Jon mentally told his twin.

Terry sighed and removed his mask.

"Better go get in your civilian." Bruce said.

"Why do I get the feeling we should call the Justice League." Terry said.

Justin was wondering the same thing. Jonathan reached out to Clark through Jaden who was the blue lantern in the Kent family. Jaden went to Clark.

"Jamie's in the Batcave... I mean the one from the past." Jaden said.

Clark went. Jamie looked at Clark. Terry's cellphone rang.


"Matt, was kidnapped." Mary said.

"What?" Terry asked looking pale.

Jamie disappeared.

'Jamie went to Mrs. McGinnis'...' Jonathan mentally told Justin.

Black flames flared around Terry. Justin went to Terry.

"What were their instructions?" He asked Mary in a tone akin to Bruce.

"No police..." Mary said.

Jamie change in appearance. He had gone to the combined appearance.

"Ransom amount..." Justin urged.

"More then I could ever afford." Mary said.

The shadows in the cave had created a shadow sphere around Terry.

"Not for me Or my father..." Justin reminded as he called home.

One of Jamie's eyes glowed green and the other blue.

'I sense shadow magic coming from the manor and the warehouse district.' Jamie mentally told Justin.

'The warehouse... That must be where Matt is, he was kidnapped... the ransom's high... Other's gotta be Terry...' Justin replied.

"We could split up. I could go help Terry." Jamie said.

'Terry is my counterpart and Matt is yours... When you get to the warehouse district watch for Matt's heat-vision.' This mental voice was Jonathan Wayne.

Justin had developed a plan... "It's Not your issue..." He muttered.

"I want to help. He's family." Jamie said.

'Dad...' Jonathan started to ask.

'He's not leaving alone... Kent, For Once...' Justin said... Jamie's meddling grinded on his nerves.

'He did help Terry when he came... at least that's how I remember it. Tell him a blue lantern is handling it.' Jonathan thought to his dad.

'Maybe shadow magic to make a false memory.'

Jonathan appeared with the others in his other form. The shadows were being absorbed by his Senen eye. Justin did as his boy asked. When Justin got to the warehouse district he was two lasers coming from one of the warehouses. He knew what it was. Jamie, Jonathan and Terry had all collapsed from exhaustion. Matt was chained to a chair. The shadows in the warehouse moved towards Matt. Justin sighed as he cautiously moved towards Matt. Matt was scared.

"Easy kid, it's me... Terry's boss..." Justin said calmly.

"M-Mr. Wayne?" Matt asked.

Shadow magic was flaring around Matt.

"That's right Matt, Now calm down... The shadows'll fade..." Said Justin gently.

Matt took a deep breathe to try and calm down. Matt was chained to the chair. It looked like it was a trap set for Batman. Justin got to work. Matt looked at him fearfully. Justin's expression was a father trying to save his boy. Justin was soon able to free Matt. He had barely a mark. Matt looked confused.

"Justin..." Kara started from nearby.

Justin showed.

"Where's Atemu?" Matt asked.

"Atemu?" Kara asked confused.

"Yami's ancient name..." Said Justin.

"Where is Atemu, Omar?" Matt asked.

"Don't you know Not to say those names around someone who doesn't know?" Justin retorted in Ancient Egyptian.

"I want my brother, cousin." Matt said in Ancient Egyptian.

"I know you do but If I'm right... He's fallen unconscious like both versions of my dark..." Justin again answered in Ancient Egyptian.

Matt nodded.

"Mom, can you check on the other kids?" Justin asked.

Kara went to check on the kids. Justin knew that he'd be questioned by the boy.

"Omar..." 'Matt' started.

"One that's my mother in this life, she's not of this world... two. I've fathered twice, producing five but two of my four sons were stolen upon birth." said Justin.

"And?" 'Matt' asked.

"Your current self as well as your brother's leads me to believe that you two are..." Justin coaxed...

"That I am what?" 'Matt' asked in ancient Egyptian.

"Those who we lost..." said Justin as he went lantern.

Matt collapsed in exhaustion. Justin caught him, rounded up the kidnappers to take the police which he did. Bruce's Ace stayed with Matt. Justin headed with his cargo to NGPD with boy and dog in tow. The kidnappers were taken to cells. Justin explained to Barbara. Barbara sighed. Justin shrugged.

"Take Matt home." Barbara suggested.

Justin did so, planning to talk to Mary. Bruce met him.

"Dad... Something odd happened..." Justin started.

"Like what?" Bruce asked.

Justin's eyes lit up to demonstrate.

"Who?" Bruce asked.

"Terry's brother Matt... I doubt Mrs. Mcginnis knows, doubt she Or her Ex would follow Black market adoptions..." Justin replied.

Bruce agreed.

"What do you want to do?"

"Get her side..." said Justin.

Bruce nodded. Justin went down to Mary's apartment.

"Hello." She greeted.

"Mrs. Mcginnis, might I come in?" Justin asked.

"Of course, Mr. Wayne." Mary agreed.

Justin went in and sat on the sofa. Mary sat next to him.

"Mrs. Mcginnis, this is hard for me to ask and say... But are the boys yours by birth? I ask because Matt exhibited powers like the Supers when I went to where he was being held as bait..." Justin started.

"I adopted seemed legit but lately..." Mary explained.

"I take it you no doubt heard that when my five children were born, A son was stolen both times... Terry and Matt resemble my sons Jon and Hal... Recall the name?" Justin said.

"Cadmus." Mary said.

Justin had Rockman conference call home and a certain commissioner... It was answered quickly. Justin had Mary repeat. Mary did so. Barbara said she'd look into it.

"Think testing oughta be done?" Justin asked Barbra.

Barbara agreed.

'I have a headache.' Came Jon's voice to Terry's mind.

"Grandma... Jon has a headache." Terry said.

'D-Dad...' Jon started in Justin's head.

Just then a thud was heard from Jon's room. Justin went to Jon. Jon was unconscious on the floor. Justin called for his wife as he aided. Lenore rushed to Jon's room. Justin explained. Lenore had gone into medicine and flashed a penlight into Jon's eyes.

"I think his brain is swelling."

Rockman put in the call. Jon's body was struggling to breath. It was for EMS and NeoGotham General. EMS arrived quickly. A oxygen mask was placed. Lenore joined in the Ambulance. Before they got there Lenore had asked Justin if he could use his X-Ray vision to check Jon's brain. Justin did, reporting his findings. The pressure was so intense in Jon's skull that it was causing his brain to be pushed a bit into his spinal column. Justin was worried. Jon was rushed to surgery. Justin waited in the waiting room. Terry told Mary what was going on. It was unknown if Justin would have company. Mary went to the hospital when Terry told her he was heading over there. Justin was there in the neurosurgical waiting room. Mary went to Terry. Terry looked pale and sick. It was noticed. Few knew of the bond between identical twins. Mary took him to where the Waynes were. Terry went to Justin.

"Dad..." Terry started.

"Surprised You're saying it so soon..." said the man who now took on the look of concern that many who placed loved ones in the care and hands of Lenore Wayne M.D. NSG.

Terry looked sick.

"Jon's in there... swelling..." said Justin, pointing where, secretly x-raying.

Terry sighed and looked towards Mary.

"Sit..." said Justin before looking for one of Lenore's colleagues on the floor.

Terry sat down. The sedative they were giving Jon was making Terry tired... At first but suddenly Terry started gasping like he couldn't breathe. Terry showed the underside of his forearms where rash and hives were seen. Terry collapsed falling from the chair.

"Terry!" Mary exclaimed .

Justin went for aid once heard. Terry was having the same reaction as Jon but no one had noticed yet. Justin got a nurse and a passing doctor. The pair tended to Terry. Lenore found the rash on Jon's arms.

"I need some epi he's having an allergic reaction."

Jon was allergic to latex. Lenore looked at the ivs, breathing tube and gloves realizing the mistake that the nurses had made. The IVs, breathing tube and everyone else's gloves were latex. Justin warned about allergies.

"Jon is allergic to latex." Lenore told the rest of the staff.

One mention about a boy who came to Justin.

"Jon's twin." Lenore said.

The situation was explained. The doctors and nurses quickly replaced the breathing tube, ivs and gloves with the latex-free version. Justin sighed. This was in Jon's school health records since discovery. Terry stabilized quickly. Few knew how powerful the bonds of twins could really be. Like the parents. Terry came to soon after. Mary and Justin were there. Terry sat up and looked at them. Justin sighed. The doctor tested if Terry had an allergy. Justin explained about Jon. The brothers had the same allergy. Sighs came. Terry looked at Justin. Jon was still in surgery as night fell.

"Hey Kiddo." said Justin.

Terry sighed.

"Hi." Terry was about to go on patrol."

"sure you're up for it?" Justin asked.

Terry sighed.

"The rogues gallery won't care if I don't go they'll..." Terry started shaking his head.

"Kid... I'll call home." Justin said

Terry stumbled very tired from the sedative being fed into Jon through an IV. Justin caught him. He called the others. The others came. No one had seen Matt.

"But, aibou." 'Terry' started barely conscious.

Justin told them what was needed. Matt was being exposed to green kryptonite at that moment.

"He's in danger." 'Terry' said.

Justin went to his younger boy. He found Matt unconscious outside with green kryptonite laying nearby. Justin managed to get it locked away. He called the league. They came. Justin was struggling. One went to help Justin and another went to help Matt. Justin looked at who answered his call. It was his second cousin. Among the group along with Megan Morse.

"H-How's Matt?" was asked.

"Weak but I'll check him."

"Exposure was longer..." Justin warned.

"My wife is taking care of him."

"Always though you'd made a good couple, particularly with Your Own bond..." Justin suggested.

They nodded.

"Wasn't blind to it as a kid." Justin said, tapping his brow.

They nodded.

"Terry knew..." was said.

"How could he..." One started.

"He's Yami's reincarnation..." was said.

"And Matt is Yugi's." Was guessed.

"It wasn't Yugi that emerged But his Ancient Egyptian self..." Justin started to explain.

Those that knew nodded. Justin knew that Three he knew from more than a lifetime would come.

"Justin..." Chaud started.

Chaud was breathing heavily. His heart was racing. Justin went to his aid while urging for a doctor. A doctor came quickly. Justin explained. By then looking as if he aged 20 years. The doctor examined Chaud.

'A nuclear war is coming.' Came a voice to Justin's mind.

'I better alert the league...' was said.

It was coming from Jamie's sleeping form. More than just Jamie it was also Jon's mental voice. Justin alerted the league members with him. They looked into it. Justin sighed... Images of the hero's with super powers all powerless in camps came to Justin's mind from Jamie's sleeping mind. Justin groaned.

"Just when I was getting Used to Being Alone..." He muttered.

Then the image of stasis pods came to Justin's mind.

"Stasis pods?" came out...

Then an image came to his mind of Superman in costume in a stasis pod came. This made it clear what was being suggested. Justin looked at those with him.

"What is it?" One asked.

Justin relayed what was seen. They exchanged looks.

"Mental image..." was explained.

They agreed. Justin sighed. The supers prepared and built stasis pods quickly. Few knew why Justin didn't help... But Jon hadn't woke yet. Justin wobbled as he got up, not knowing when Lenore would emerged. Lenore emerged removing a smock. Justin looked.

"He's being moved to recovery. But he may have some memory problems." Lenore said.

Justin whispered what had occurred. Lenore nodded.

"He's stable so you could help them if you want." Lenore said.

Justin left with the others. It was suggested that they put Justin, Lenore and their five kids together since Jon was going to need their help when he came out.