The Story So Far -

Although the Gene Corp War is over and the ones responsible for it now defeated, the people affected by their doings must now come to terms with their new lives. This fact is particularly true to the members of the 502nd after their leader, Major Barnes, one of the best fighter aces in the American's People Military Air Corps(APMAC) was turned into Night Fury and is now responsible for not only the lives of the 502nd, but the other post-human dragons that includes his pregnant wife, Samantha who was also turned into a Night Fury as the war came to a close. Also effected by the war are the Viking tribes of the Barbaric who now must come to terms with their now rapidly changing world as scientists from the "Coalition Verse" rush to study the dragons bringing with them new opportunities and new dangers due to the unpredictable stability of the political landscape in both the Barbaric Archipelago and the Coalition Verse.

Cape Girardeau Air Base

May 10th, 2241 – Two Months after the end of the Gene Corp War

Barnes was sitting outside the hangar that he and Samantha now called home, staring up into the cloudy skies overhead as lighting danced between the clouds and thunder boomed

"Barnes! Would you get inside before it starts raining?! I don't want you to get sick!" Samantha shouted to him from the far back of the hangar where she was laying down

Barnes looked down at the ground and sighed as he got up before turning around and going to Samantha, who was now over two months pregnant

"You need to stop worrying so much." Barnes said to her as she scooted away from the wall to make room for him so he could lay down behind her

Samantha snorted while Barnes walked around her and laid down before placing his right wing over her as she slid closer to him before he wrapped his tail around her

"So where are the riders today? They're usually checking up on us right now." Samantha asked him

"Well I don't know, I haven't seen their dragons either so they might be out and about." He replied

"In this weather?" Samantha asked him

"I've flown in worst." He replied

"Yeah in a jet..." Samantha said

Barnes snorted

"They'll be fine, they're the best at what they do." He said to her when a Monstrous Nightmare entered the hangar

"Hey guys." Charles Karlson, the commander of the 1st Legion said to the two Night Furies

"Hi Karl, why aren't you with Tesla?" Barnes asked him

"She, Katie, and Robin are having a day for themselves today." He replied, "So how are things here?"

"Nothing exciting." Barnes said to him

"Do you know where the riders are?" Samantha asked him

"Not really, but I heard them talking about exploring Illinois a bit, yesterday." He replied

"Illinois?" Barnes asked, "Why are they over there?"

"Hell if I know." Karlson replied, "But they're nuts to do it in this weather, this entire area is lighting up like a Christmas tree today with tornado and flood watches."

"Jesus Christ, do they even know what a tornado is?" Samantha asked

"Come on Karl we better go look for them before they get hurt." Barnes replied

Karlson snorted

"Why don't you just stay here and just me go by myself? You're going to be father soon, I'm not." He said to Barnes

"Are you sure about that Karl?" He asked

"I'm sure." Karlson replied when Wensky ran into the hangar

"Guys! A huge *%$#ing twister just touched down on the other side of the river and guess who's right in the thick of it!" He said to them

"Still sure you want to go by yourself?" Barnes asked Karlson

"I'll be fine, you just stay here." He replied before taking off

"You better go with him." Barnes said

"Tesla is going tear you a new asshole if something happens to him." Wensky said to Barnes telepathically

"Don't remind me." He replied

Across the Mississippi River; Near East Cape Girardeau, Illinois

The dragon riders and their mounts were exploring the inventory of a flea market

"Hiccup, we better get going before it starts raining." Astrid said to Hiccup who was checking out a old laptop computer from 2009 that was sitting on a stand owned by a retired US Army Officer

"Just a minute!" He replied

"So are you going to buy it or what?" The Owner of the Stand asked him

"Well to tell you the truth it looks like a piece of junk." He replied

The Stand Owner laughed

"What do you expect? The damn thing is over 200 years old!" He said, "It take a expert to get it working again. You know what? Keep it! Like anybody was going to buy the piece of shit anyway. Now you all better get out of here, it's supposed to storm pretty hard soon."

"I can see that." Hiccup replied looking at the ominous clouds overhead, "Thanks, I think I actually know a expert on this kind of stuff in the 1st Legion."

Hiccup turned around and walked over to Toothless, who snorted

"There is no way we're going to make back to the air base before it starts to rain." The Night Fury said to him telepathically

"Not if we fly fast enough, plus we can always stop at the command bunker and wait for it to blow over if it does." He replied when the eerie sound of a siren blaring in East Cape Girardeau that was two miles down the highway from the flea market as a cyclone started to reach down from the clouds before touching down and rapidly growing in size

"TWISTER!" One of the Flea Market Stand Owners shouted, "EVERYBODY TO THE CELLAR!"

"Lets get out of here!" Hiccup shouted as he climbed onto Toothless, who was whining as the cyclone ripped apart a chicken farm and ripped the nearby trees and power poles out of the ground as it came toward them

"This is bad! Really really bad!" Fishlegs said as he tried to get Meatlug to take off, who refused to take off as the massive vortex came closer and closer

"There is no way we're going to be able to fly away from that thing! The debris will tear us to shreds!" Astrid shouted as the wind started to blow harder and harder as the roaring cyclone came closer

"Lets get into that storm cellar thing!" Hiccup shouted as he started to run toward the storm cellar where the the owners of the flea market and the owners of the stands were taking shelter and was surprisingly big enough to fit the riders and their riders including Hookfang with Astrid and Ruffnut being the last ones in and closed the heavy metal doors of the cellar behind them just seconds before the cyclone hit

Sometime Later

Karlson set down just outside the pile of rubble that used to be a flea market where the dragon riders were last reported to be and looked around to see if he could any sign of the riders or their riding mounts

"Hiccup!? Toothless?! Astrid?!" Karlson shouted with his translation collar and in dragonese, but got no response, but then he noticed the storm cellar as it's doors opened as the owners of the market flea market and it's employees came out followed by the riders and their dragons, who saw Karlson and ran over to him

"What was that?!" Astrid asked him

"A tornado, they're quite common this time of year in this year." He replied, "Probably a EF3 or EF4."

"What does that mean?" Hiccup asked him

"Enhanced Fujita Scale, it's what weather scientists use to measure the strength of a tornado by looking at the damage it inflicted." He replied

"Oh I've heard of that!" Fishlegs said to him, "I just didn't know what a tornado was..."

"Well we better get out of here so we're out of the way of the emergency workers when they get here." He replied

"Shouldn't we be helping these people?" Astrid asked him

Karlson released a sigh and looked at the flea market owner, who was going through the rubble of his store trying to find any personal longings

"Do you need any help?" Karlson asked him

The store owner turned around

"Oh I didn't see you there..." He said to him, "But I think we can handle ourselves, this old shack was falling apart anyway." He said to him

"What about the people at the chicken farm that was there?" Hiccup asked him

"I don't know em', as far as I know they've may not have been there." He replied

The dragon riders looked at Karlson, who sighed once again

"Well come on..." Karlson said to them before activating the radio on his translation collar to contact Barnes,"Barnes, we may want to get some more people down there to handle search and rescue operations."

"Understood, I'll get the others together and start heading that way. How bad is it?" He asked him as he took off with the riders

"Pretty bad, the flea market the riders are at is just completely gone and it looks like the tornado may still be on the ground heading east, so there maybe more damage down that way." He replied

"Okay...why were they at a flea market?" Barnes asked him

"Don't know." He replied

"We'll will be there soon, where are you guys?" Barnes asked him

"We're going to check out this chicken farm that the twister hit to see if we can find any survivors, I'm not very hopeful though, it's completely wrecked." He replied

"Copy that, just there until we get there, are any emergency response crews there?" Barnes said to him

"Not yet." He replied

"I guess I'll be contacting my dad then." Barnes said, "Tell me if you find anybody."

"Roger that." Karlson said as he and the riders landed in the of the chicken farm that was covered in debris, dead chickens, broken eggs, and feathers

"This is horrible..." Astrid said as she carefully climbed off of Stormfly, who was sniffing one of the dead chickens

"I wouldn't eat that if I was you." Karlson said to the Deadly Nadder, who nodded and backed off as Toothless, Hiccup, and Snotlout started to rummage through the pile of rubble that used to be one of the main buildings that housed chickens

"This smells worse than dragon poo." Snotlout said as he lifted a piece of sheet metal releasing three live chickens that jumped out before scattering, startling Snotlout and making him fall back while the other riders, Karlson, and Hookfang laughed, "That wasn't funny!"

"Hey! I got somebody over here!" Astrid shouted as she pulled a man out from under some rubble, "He's still breathing!"

Karlson came over to Astrid as fast as he could to look at the man

"Where are the damn paramedics when you need them?" Karlson asked as he looked up at the highway toward East Cape Girardeau as several police cars and firetrucks came rushing down the highway with some of them stopping at the chicken farm before their drivers and riders jumped off them and joined Karlson and the riders in looking for survivors

"Let me guess, APM?" A Fireman asked Karlson, who nodded

"APMSF 1st Legion, I came here looking for them. But there are others coming." He replied

The Fireman nodded and turned his attention to the wounded man

"Looks like he suffered some head trauma and made a few broken ribs and bones, it's imperative that we give him proper medical treatments." He said

"Any idea where the *$#$ing paramedics are?" Karlson asked him

"No idea." He replied as he started to apply first aid to the man

Several Hours Later

Head of the APP and the president of the United States, Reaper was wearing a rain poncho as he toured a small town struck by the E4 Tornado that plowed through it, with him was a APMSF Honor Guard, the town's mayor, a news crew, and emergency workers

"How many fatalities were there?" Reaper asked the Mayor

"We've only recovered one so far, it would've been two if it wasn't for the dragons." He replied

"Yeah I heard they were among the first responders." Reaper said to him

"They were the first responders." He replied, "Tell your son that I'm grateful for their assistance."

"I will." Reaper said to him, "So did you have plenty of warning before it hit?"

"The sirens went off about twenty minutes before the tornado went through town, so yes. The one that died was deaf and had his hearing aide turned off." He replied, "Tragic yes, but we can't save everybody."

Reaper nodded

"Well I guess I better get back to Cape Girardeau, because even I need to get a night's rest." He said to him, "I hope that you can start rebuilding soon."

"I hope so too, but it depends how it takes for the state government to give us the funds to." The Mayor replied

"Well you tell me if you think they're taking too long and the APP will fix it." Reaper said to him

The Mayor laughed

Cape Girardeau Air Base

With rain falling down in torrents, Barnes, other the post-human dragons, and the dragon riders returned to the Cape Girardeau airbase, exhausted after spending most of the day helping in search and rescue operations in several tornado-struck areas

"Glad that's over." Robin, a Post-Human Deadly Nadder said as she and her hangar mates went to their hangar while Barnes did the same and found Samantha curled up in a corner, sound asleep and he smiled as he tip-toed over to her and laid down in front of her while Toothless and Hiccup ran into the hangar with the other riders

"Do you mind if we stay here until it stops raining?" Hiccup asked Barnes

"Go ahead." He replied with his translation collar as he closed his eyes

"Thanks." Astrid said as the dragon riders and their mounts

"You're late." Samantha said to Barnes telepathically with sarcasm while keeping her eyes shut

"I didn't see you flying across Southern Illinois pulling people out of rubble." He replied

Samantha smiled before she turned around and cuddled closer to Barnes, who wrapped his tail around her and placed his wing over her

"So did anything happen while I was gone?" Barnes asked her

"The sirens in Scott City went off, but as far as I know, nothing happened." She replied

Barnes sighed

"Well at least you're okay." He said to her, "Lets just sleep."