Preview for The Archipelago Wars

A Sequel to the Gene Corp War

"We interrupt this program to bring you the latest breaking news from the Isle of Berk." A News Broadcaster said after interrupting a commercial break before going to CEBN(Central European Broadcasting Network) Swiss anchorman, Florian Erisman

"This just in, Hairy Hooligan warriors, now reinforced by recently-arrived American forces are now pushing the Outcast Tribe back toward their beachheads west of their village." Florian said to the Camera, "We now go live to Field Reporter, Gabriel Barnard, who is embedded with the American 29th Infantry Division."

The camera swtiches to CEBN Field Reporter, Gabriel Barnard who was wearing a kevlar vest and a helmet with a built in microphone while in the background, American hovercraft were bringing ashore tanks and other armored vehicles while warships were anchored offshore firing their weapons at unseen targets as the sounds of gunfire, falling artillery shells, and explosions echoed from the island

"Thank you Florian, as you can see behind me, the Americans are not hestiating to bring their entire arsenal to bear on the Outcasts, who we believe are led by a man known to the Hairy Hooligans as Alvin the Treacherous, who is now being targeted by American special forces, including the APMSF and 502nd Special Operations Air Squadron."

"Can you tell us the current progress of the campaign?" Florian asked Gabriel

"Not at this time, but I spoke to a APMSF Officer, who seemed certain that this campaign will be a short one." He replied as the Camera switched to a clip of four APMSF Pershing II MBTs supporting by Stormtroopers and Hairy Hooligan warriors assaulted a Outcast and then switched to another clip of American Air Force Forward Air Controllers(FACs) using their laser designators to guide bombs to their targets, several Outcast ships beached on a shore that were shattered to splinters by the blasts and then switched to another clip of a Night Fury wearing kletonium powered armor in a violent brawl with a Outcast Zippleback and it's rider before the camera switched back to Gabriel

"Can you tell us anything about that last clip?" Florian asked Gabriel as they replayed the clip of the brawl before going back again to Gabriel

"That was a Outcast Zippleback and it's rider being engaged by General Barnes of the 502nd Special Operations Air Squadron, but there is no word on the outcome." He replied, "But I believe that Barnes may have slain the Outcast and his Zippleback since it is reported that Barnes has been helping APMSF General Karlson lead the counter-attack against the Outcasts and in the hunt for Alvin the Treacherous."

"What can you tell us about the Outcasts, how are they different from the other Viking tribes?" Florian asked Gabriel

"According to reports from the leaders of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe, the Outcasts are what they're names, outcasts who were banished to a island known as the Outcast Lands from the other tribes for serious crimes." He replied, "This tribe has had it's previous confrontations with the Hairy Hooligans before the Gene Corp War and have somehow managed to learn how to tame and train dragons despite the Hairy Hooligan's attempts to prevent it's proliferation, possibly indicating a traitor inside the tribe or some level of infiltration."

"INCOMING!" A American Soldier shouted as a Deadly Nadder and it's Outcast Rider flew over the American beachhead while being closely pursued by U.S Navy fighter jets as the cameraman dropped his camera to the sand causing the screen to go black before it returned to Florian

"We now return to your normal scheduled program." He said before it switched back to another commercial