This is just a start but I may continue it.

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I wake up and find breakfast prepared for me already. Eggs and bacon with lime flavored orange juice. My personal assistent tells me the reaping for district 12 is about to begin. The reapings go backwards 12-1. 12 is always the quick, boring one.

I go down to the sitting area and sit down. The escort goes up to the stage and says "Ladies first. Primrose Everdeen" she yells. Then a girl-about 16 yells "Prim, no! I volunteer. I volunteer for tribute."

A volunteer from 12! That has never happened before.

Sorry that this is short. I was in a hurry. I will update this story on Sundays. Also every chapter will be a reaping and I will skip the games until the end and I will do all of the 75 games.

District13.111 out :)