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Vworp On

Chapter One

It was a gloomy autumn day, and a brisk wind sent litter skidding across the cracked pavement. "Someone really ought to clean this place up" said Cerise Woods. "Yeah, this isn't good for the environment" agreed her best friend, Marina Rosenthorpe. The girls were on their way to Marina's house for a sleepover, and had decided to take a shortcut through the old town. "It always creeps me out, walking around here" commented Cerise, "it almost feels like something really bad could happen at any moment".

Marina was just about to agree, when there was a huge rushing roaring noise. "What on earth is that!" she cried in alarm. Cerise looked up at the cloudy sky. "It's probably just an aeroplane or something…uh, Marina?"

Cerise pointed upwards at the sky. A thin crack had appeared in the clouds, but instead of revealing blue sky, it was all just white. Then a light fell down over the ground, and began to rush towards them. "What do we do?" asked Marina. Cerise grabbed her hand and yelled "Run!"

Turning tail, they tried to run away from the ever expanding sliver of light; but they just couldn't run fast enough. One minute they were surrounded by rundown terraced houses and weedy patches, and the next they were engulfed in a bright white light. Cerise and Marina screamed and held onto each other's hands as they felt themselves being sucked up into goodness knew what.


The girls slowly opened their eyes, and found themselves in strange surroundings. It was snowing, and the streets were dark, but old-fashioned lampposts brightened things up. "Where are we?" Cerise asked. "Well if I'm not mistaken, I think we've travelled back to Victorian times!" Marina explained. "That weird light must have sent us back in time!"

Cerise couldn't believe it. They got to their feet and sneaked down to the end of the alley, peering out from the shadows. All the houses were covered in smoky grime, and horses pulled hansom cabs back and forth across the cobbled street. There weren't many people outside, but those that were wore gowns and top hats. Cerise pulled Marina back into the darkness of the alley. "What are we gonna do?" she asked worriedly.

"Well we're not just gonna stand here. I think we should investigate, and find someone who knows more about where we are," said Marina, "We have our own little mystery adventure here, and I want to find out what's what".

Cerise shook her head and said "Marina, I think you're forgetting something. We're both wearing jeans. You're wearing trainers. Modern day clothes. If anyone sees us dressed like this, they'll think we're witches or something! Of course, it is pretty dark out…maybe if we stay in the shadows, we can find out where we are. I've got a funny feeling we're not in our home town anymore" she explained.

"Oh Cerise, don't worry. I've got this one covered. I've got two gowns in my bag from drama class, and I think they'll fit us both. So that way we can blend in." Marina explained, resourcefully. "And we don't have to hide, I think I see someone at the end of this street, I think we should speak to her. After we get changed of course".

It seemed like a bit of a deus ex machina, but Cerise wasn't about to complain. "OK, come on. Pull them out and we'll, just put them on over our clothes" she said. So Marina put down her rucksack and pulled out two puffy dresses, one crimson and one periwinkle blue. Cerise pulled on the blue dress whilst Marina put on the red dress. They weren't very comfortable, but at least the girls didn't look so out of place.

They walked back to the end of the alley, hiding their bags under their dresses. As they walked up they saw a young girl carrying some swords. Marina said, "I recognise those swords, they belong to someone called Madame Vastra. Then that means this girl is her companion Jenny". "Of course, so that means…" said Cerise, excitedly. "They are the friends and allies of the Doctor!" both girls said excitedly.

Up ahead, Jenny turned to face them and Cerise and Marina realised they'd said it out loud. "'Ere, what are you doing out so late?" asked the cockney girl. Cerise bravely stepped forwards and asked "Um, sorry to bother you but, do you know where we can find the Doctor?"

Jenny looked puzzled. "Which doctor?" she asked, and Cerise grinned. "Don't you mean, Doctor Who?" she asked. The maid's eyes widened in recognition, and then she too smiled. "Follow me" she told the girls, beckoning to them.

Jenny took the girls to her hansom cab, with her friend Commander Strax driving. "Hello Strax." said Marina, politely. "How do you know my name?" replied Strax. Marina was about to answer, but Cerise stopped her and said, "No not yet, we don't want him to think we're enemies."

Strax probably already thought they were possible enemies, but Marina decided not to press it. "You two aren't from 'round here, are ya?" asked Jenny as she held open the door to the hansom. Marina climbed inside, and Cerise answered, "Oh, you have no idea". They rattled their way through the cobbled streets and pulled up outside quite a large house. Through the window of the cab, Marina could see the Tower of London. "Cerise, we're in London!" she said in surprise.

They climbed out of the hansom, and Jenny led them up into the house whilst Strax led away the horse. The heavy oak door was opened by Madame Vastra, who was surprised to find Jenny on the doorstep with two young women. "I've bought the swords, ma'am; and these two are looking for the Doctor" explained Jenny, gesturing to Cerise and Marina.

Madame Vastra looked out into the dimly lit street and beckoned them to come inside. It was swelteringly hot inside the house, with a roaring fire sending waves of heat through the foliage filled sitting room. Madame Vastra gestured for their guests to take a seat, and Cerise and Marina did so. Marina looked nervous, and Cerise reached over and gave her best friend a hug.

"What are your names?" asked Madame Vastra.

"Um, well I'm Marina Rosenthorpe, and this is my best friend, Cerise Woods" answered Marina. Cerise smiled awkwardly and said "it's nice to meet you, I mean really, it's an honour". At this, Marina nodded enthusiastically and said "Oh yes, because we actually know who you two are! Where we come from, you guys and Strax and the Doctor are all part of a television show called Doctor Who".

Madame Vastra didn't seem perturbed by this information, and Jenny was just confused. "What's a television?" she asked Vastra, who replied, "a device from the future, my dear, that makes moving images appear on a screen. You say there is a show based on the Doctor?" she asked the girls. Cerise nodded and explained, "The show is a series of forty five minute long episodes, showing the Doctor's adventures. There are books and games as well, which are part of what we call the Doctor Who canon; err, canon as in part of the show, not an actual cannon".

"How did you come to be in this place and time?" asked Madame Vastra. Marina replied "We're not sure, really. We were walking back to my house for a sleepover, when this…this crack appeared in the sky and we got sucked up by this white light".

Cerise spoke up. "Um, what's the date today?" she asked. "It's Sunday the twenty seventh of November, 1892" answered Jenny, and the two girls looked at each other in shock. "1892! Wow, we came back a long way," said Marina, "it was the twenty sixth of October 2013 when we left".

They couldn't believe it; they had actually time travelled. Not only that, but they were in the universe of their favourite TV character. Marina and Cerise grinned excitedly at each other and high fived, before hugging.

"The Doctor doesn't help anyone, not anymore. What makes you think he will help the two of you?" asked Madame Vastra. Cerise and Marina both realised that this must be after 'The Angels Take Manhattan'; the Doctor must still be mourning the Ponds. Marina frowned, and said worriedly "He wouldn't just abandon us, would he?"

Cerise shook her head. "No, because we're not gonna let him. We're not going to just say, oh he's moping, let's come back another time; we're gonna climb right up that staircase, and we're gonna walk right into the TARDIS and demand that he help us!" she said firmly, getting to her feet. Marina jumped to her feet as well, and Madame Vastra smiled. "Well, you're certainly determined. Very well, we will take you to the Doctor. Jenny, tell Strax to fetch the hansom; and put those swords away".

Jenny curtsied and hurried off to carry out these orders. The girls were practically jumping up and down in excitement. "I can't believe we're gonna meet the Doctor!" Marina squealed happily. Cerise couldn't wipe the grin off her face. "I know right? It's so cool...err, but if we're gonna be climbing up a ladder like in the episode I am not wearing this stupid thing, possible riots or not" she decided, pulling off the cumbersome dress and straightening her tan jacket.

Marina took off her dress as well, stowing them both safely in her rucksack. "We're gonna stick out like sore thumbs" she said solemnly, and Cerise shrugged. "Such is the life of a Whovian" she replied, and then both girls burst out giggling. Jenny returned, and announced that the hansom was ready. She, Vastra, Marina and Cerise rode in the hansom cab through the streets of London.

The cab stopped, and when Marina peeked out of the window she could see only a high brick wall. "This doesn't look like the park that the Doctor's supposed to be in" she said in confusion. "It isn't far, we must walk the rest of the way, the cab can go no further" replied Madame Vastra. So they all climbed out and began to walk through the streets; or rather, the gap between the rows of back to back houses, where they were less likely to be seen.

They were forced to go in single file, and as Marina passed an alleyway, she felt someone grab her around the neck and screamed. Cerise punched her best friend's attacker in the side of the head. He let go of the terrified Marina and stared at her furiously, pulling back his own fist and throwing a punch right at her face. Perhaps it was just the adrenaline talking, but Cerise dodged the punch, shoved his arm out of the way and caught him in the nether regions with the heel of her boot.

The man groaned and doubled over, before Jenny karate chopped him and he crumpled in a heap. They found themselves cut off on both sides of the passage by two more thugs. "Bridge" Cerise said to Marina as one of their attackers came running towards them; Marina knew what her friend meant and nodded. They held hands, facing the man head on; and at the last minute, ducked and made a bridge with their arms.

Their would-be attacker crashed straight into their arms and toppled forwards. With a sudden shove, Cerise and Marina managed to flip him right over and onto his back, before standing on his hands. The man squinted up at them and exclaimed, shocked, "You're girls!"

"You're ugly" replied Cerise, before giving Marina a double high five. Madame Vastra and Jenny had already made short work of the other man. "I'll admit I'm rather impressed. You handled yourselves well" commented Madame Vastra, whilst Jenny was busy tying the men up. "Thanks, yeah, we took self-defence classes once" explained Marina. "Permission to destroy these assassins?" asked Strax. Everyone ignored him.

The rest of the walk was much more uneventful, but all five of them kept a much sharper eye out. Madame Vastra reached up and pulled the ladder down from thin air, before gesturing to the girls to climb up it. Cerise pulled the strap of her bag over her head so it hung across her shoulder, and began to climb up the ladder and then the invisible staircase.

Marina and Vastra followed, whilst Strax and Jenny remained on guard on the ground. "You can almost see the whole city from here" said Cerise as they climbed the staircase. "Yeah, the view is really beautiful" Marina agreed.

At last they reached the cloud at the top of the staircase. With a deep breath, Cerise stepped off the solid feeling final step and onto the cloud. It sank a little under her weight, but she didn't fall straight through, which she considered to be very fortunate. "I feel like a pegasus" she grinned. Madame Vastra approached the door of the TARDIS, and rapped smartly four times in quick succession.

A few moments later, it swung open and a ghostly bluish green light silhouetted the familiar form of the Doctor. "Vastra? What are you doing up here?" he asked in surprise. The silurian replied "I have here two people in need of your help; this is Cerise, and Marina". She stepped aside so that the Doctor could see the two girls standing behind her, who both waved nervously at him.

The Doctor sighed. "Come in" he said rather sourly. The silurian and the two humans entered the amazing blue box, and the girls looked around in awe. "We're really in the TARDIS!" Marina said delightedly.

"You know about the TARDIS?" asked the Doctor. He could tell that the pair was not from the Victorian era; Cerise wore navy blue jeans, black boots and a long sleeved shirt under a tan jacket. Marina was dressed in similar clothing, but with white and pink trainers and a woolly cardigan. "They both come from a different universe, Doctor, where your adventures are a television show" explained Madame Vastra, and the girls nodded in agreement.

"It's true, and we really need your help to get home" said Marina. The Doctor turned his back to them and began fiddling with the console panel. "I don't help people, anymore. I'm retired".

"What about a trade?" Cerise asked. This caught the Doctor's attention, and he turned around again, frowning at her. Cerise gulped nervously and continued, "While you're figuring out a way to find our universe, we'll figure out a way to…to bring Amy and Rory back from the past without causing a paradox" she suggested.

The Doctor raised an eyebrow. "That's not even possible" he protested, smiling in amusement at her apparent naivety. "Says who?" asked Cerise.

"If it was possible I would have figured it out by now. If there's one thing I've learned from saving the universe it's that the universe doesn't care" the Doctor said bitterly. Cerise folded her arms and said firmly ""We do….so, is it a deal?"

The Doctor stared at her for a moment that seemed to last forever, before holding out his hand to shake, "….Deal".


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