Ranma the Tenth Hakkeshu or Ranma's Cousin Iori


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Note: This takes place after the Ranma 1/2 manga and little while after the King of Fighters '97.


Ranma the Tenth Hakkeshu Chapter 1: School is No Place for Riot of Blood.

The day starts off like any other for Ranma Saotome. Ranma practices fighting with Genma, over the pond in the back of the Tendo Dojo. Ranma beats the old man (of course), ands heads off to school with Akane. There, Kuno Awaits Ranma so he may slay him, and free the precious Akane Tendo and Pig-tailed girl. Kuno is made unconscious by a kick to the head from Ranma. The day is then pretty much quite until lunch...


Akane: Here you go Ranma. I made you something special for lunch today.

Ranma (Starts to pale): Uh, no thanks Akane. I'm... still stuffed from breakfast? Yeah that's it!

Akane (Battle aura starts to rise): Ranma you better eat it or I'll...

Ranma, not wanting to take another beating from Akane, starts to eat the slop she prepared. As he realizes that the meal is the leftovers from last night's dinner that she made, he cringes. Ranma starts to eat the slop and soon regrets it.

Akane (Hopeful): So Ranma, how was it? I added some sauces and refried the whole thing to make a new meal for you.

Ranma (Now green): That was awful. But... you've made worse so don't worry. I'll survive.

Akane (Furious, screams): RANMA YOU JERK! (Pulls a mallet out of thin air). YOU JERK! YOU JERK! YOU JEEEERRRRRK!!!

Akane stands there with her mallet broken at the hilt, panting from the exhaust of energy from pummeling Ranma into an unrecognizable pulp and screaming from the top of her lungs. She looks over to Ranma and says...

Akane: Ranma you jerk.


Ranma tries to get up. He stands with a bit of a shake, but upright. He starts to dust himself off and mutters to himself angrily.

Ranma (Thinking): What does she expect? She knows she can't cook. Heck, Doctor Tofu uses it as an insect repellant around his off because it's so potent.

Ranma looks around for Akane to say he's sorry for how he acted. He sees her sitting under a tree. There are tears in her eyes. (He feels he should since she's his fiancée, and it's not like he doesn't care for her. He told her how he felt for her after the Saffron incident in Jusendo). All of a sudden, a huge aura flares to life. Ranma turns around only to see everyone's favorite lost boy...

Ranma: Ryoga...

Ryoga (Angry): How dare you insult Akane's cooking. You have trespassed against her one too many times Saotome.

Ranma (Annoyed): Oh, and what are you going to do about it this time P-Chan?

Ryoga (Angry, screams): RANMA PREPARE TO DIE!!!

And thus, the fight ensues. Normally, Ranma has no problems taking care of Pig boy. But due to the beating he took from Akane just before, he is worse for wear and starts to lose. Ranma takes hit after hit from the lost boy.

Ryoga (Taunts): What's the matter Ranma? Can't face a real challenge when it comes for you? You've gotten sloppy.

Ranma (Angry): If it weren't for Akane beating me up over her stupid food, I'd have kicked your ass by now.

Ryoga (Extremely angry): You dare insult Akane again? DIE SAOTOME!!!

Ryoga pulls his fist back and smashes it into Ranma's chest. The sound of Ranma's ribs cracking is very audible. Akane runs towards them.

Akane: Ryoga stop it. You have no right to do this. I hurt Ranma before this; you're just taking advantage of it. Please stop.

Ryoga: Have no right? I HAVE EVERY RIGHT! Because of him, I've seen hell. He will die.

Ryoga punches Ranma in the face, and then smashes him in the stomach. Ranma hunches over in pain and begins to cough up blood. Ryoga winds up, prepared to hit Ranma again, when he notices the blood doesn't seem to stop pouring from Ranma's mouth. Ryoga stands there and thinks he'll just let Ranma bleed to death. That way, no one can say he killed him, that Ranma had died of blood loss. Big mistake! All of a sudden, Ranma's aura flares to life in an instant. The aura, usually a shimmering blue, is a now a fiery violet. Ranma's hair takes on violet highlights, his eyes glaze over, and steam starts to pour from his mouth. All the while, Ranma is hunched over. Akane is the first to speak.

Akane (Afraid): Ranma?

Ranma just looks Akane in the face. What she sees scares her. Ranma's face is pale, there seem to be no pupils in his eyes, and his teeth glare at her. They seem sharper than usual. Ranma snaps his head to where the lost boy is standing. A hiss of a laugh escapes Ranma's lips. Ranma than lunges towards the lost boy.



Ranma pushes Ryoga to the ground. His fingers start to tear through Ryoga's flesh like a hot knife through butter. He stops when he here's someone call his name.

Kuno: So. You show your true colors Saotome. I was wrong. You are not a sorcerer. You are just a demon. Prepare to face the Wrath of the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High.

Ranma just swipes his hand at Kuno, and leaves four gashes on the right side of Kuno's face from his hand.

Kuno: Argh how dare you destroy the beauty of one such as I...

Ranma just ignores the fool. He turns towards Akane. He just stares at her eyes. He sees tears of fear, sadness, and anger pouring from them. Ranma can't stand the sight and lets out an inhuman scream. He jumps to the nearest building and starts roof hopping. The students stare dumb-founded by what they just saw happen. One of the teachers calls for an ambulance and Ryoga is taken to the nearest hospital. Akane sits by herself and cries. All the while, she begins to wonder.

Akane: Ranma, what happened to you? Why did you do this? How can you do this? Was it because of what I did? (Akane begins to cry harder at that thought).


After hours of running, Ranma finally collapses from exhaustion. He notices his body starts to calm down. He becomes more human in appearance, and he can think more clearly now. He doesn't understand what happened to him. He tries to think about it, but its all a blank after he starts coughing up blood. He starts to lose consciousness again. In the corner of his eye, he notices someone familiar approach him. He turns to take a good look at the person. His eyes widen with shock when he realizes who it is.

Ranma (Weary): Mom!?

Ranma blacks out.


End Chapter 1

Next Time: Ranma's mother tells Ranma the truth about his heritage. Will he be able to handle this new turn of events?

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