Ranma: The Tenth Hakkeshu or Ranma's Cousin Iori


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Note: This takes place well after the Ranma ½ manga and the end of King of Fighters '98.


Ranma: The Tenth Hakkeshu Chapter 50: Every Ending is Just a New Beginning…

Leona wakes up slowly. Her eyes open slightly as sunlight peeks through the shades of a
window. She groans a bit in pain. Her body is sore. She closes her eyes and thinks.

Leona (Thinks): Damn that hurt… Wait a minute…

There is a flash of memories of the Rugal on television, Vice and Mature crashing the
helicopter into the deck of the aircraft carrier, the Black Noah, and then the fight with
Omega Rugal…

Leona (Thinks): Did we lose?

Leona the lets her eyes open fully. She looks around the area she is. It is a simple room,
with the bed she's on, a dresser, a full-length mirror, a nightstand, a desk, and a chair.
However. There is a person sitting in the chair, also asleep. Leona recognizes the man

Leona: Ranma…

Yes. Ranma Saotome sits in a chair, peacefully sleeping. His breathing causes his chest to
slowly raise his head up, then down, and back again.

Leona smiles to herself. She wonders how long he's been there.

Leona (Thinks, smirks): Heh… Knowing Ranma, he's probably been waiting here with
for me to wake up the whole time…

Leona's smile then turns to a frown as another thought crosses her mind.

Leona (Thinks): Hmm… I wonder how long I've been out…

With that, Leona gets out of bed and walks up to Ranma. When Leona is close enough she
taps Ranma on the shoulder lightly.

Leona (Tapping Ranma's right shoulder): Oh Ranma… Are you awake?

Ranma snorts slightly. He is still asleep.

Leona (Slightly frowns): Okay… Fine. Have it your way Ranchan…

With that, Leona pinches Ranma's nose, closing his nostrils. Ranma's eyes bulge wide
open and he falls backwards in the chair coughing.

Ranma (Rubbing the back of his head): Cough, who, what?

Orochi (In the back of Ranma's mind): AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! WE'RE UNDER

Ranma (Thinks): Stop calling me "Fragment"!

Orochi (In the back of Ranma's mind): Stop your bitching and fight!

Leona: Ranchan?

Ranma looks up. He sees Leona is now fully awake, and up. He smiles.

Ranma: Lechan!

Ranma stands to his feet and almost crushes Leona in a hug.

Leona (Being crushed by Ranma): Woah… Do you mind easing up a little Ranchan?

Ranma (Blinks): Oh. Sorry Lechan…

With that, Ranma loosens his hug and Leona, and takes a step back from her. He can't
seem to keep the smile off his face.

Ranma (Smiles): Sorry Lechan. I was really worried about you… You were out for three
days, and I didn't know if you were going to make it.

Leona (Wide-eyed): I was unconscious for three days? What happened!?

Ranma: Well, we fought against Omega Rugal. He beat the crap out of Iori, and then he
did that strange move on you. He injected you with a lot of Orochi Power, and your body
just couldn't handle it… So you were unconscious.

Leona: What happened afterwards? What about those bombs Rugal planted? Where is
that jerk Rugal?

Ranma: Well… You wouldn't believe it, but…

Leona: But what?

Ranma: Well, my power had fully awakened I guess. I became one with Orochi, and I
kicked Omega Rugal's ass.

Leona (Wide-eyed): You what!?

Ranma: Yes. I became, well, "Orochi Ranma". I kicked Omega Rugal's ass since I was
more powerful than him.

Leona: Oh… That's good. But where is Rugal now? And you still haven't told me about
the bombs.

Ranma: Well, Heidern checked in with us, and told us, that his men discovered many
explosives in the different locations the tournament was at. So, there was no problem with
that at least.

Leona: Well, that is a relief.

Ranma: Yeah. As for Rugal… We're not sure, but we think he's dead…

Leona: Dead?

Ranma: Yeah. After the Orochi Power was literally drained from his body, Rugal was
literally powerless. And, he was really, REALLY vengeful…

Leona: What happened? Did you kill him?

Ranma: No. He just blew up his ship. Iori and me ran out of the room, I carried you, and
Vice and Mature flew us the hell out of there.

Leona: So it was a repeat of the '94 tournament. Rugal couldn't stand losing, so he blew
up his own ship in an effort to finish us off.

Ranma: Yeah. Pretty much. We didn't see him get off. In fact, there were heavy doors
that closed in the corridors of the Black Noah… So, I think he was stuck in the hull off the
ship. So, he literally went down with the ship.

Leona lets out a sigh. She smiles.

Leona (Smiles): So it's over finally… Rugal and Goenitz are gone…

Ranma: True.

Leona: Rugal was a bastard that never did any good for anyone.

Ranma (Eyes widen): Oh! That reminds me. Rugal has done some good.

Leona (Stares): What do you mean?

Ranma: Vice and Mature gave three items to us. One for you, Iori, and me.

Leona (Raises an eyebrow): What did they give us?

Ranma goes over to the desk and opens up the top drawer. He pulls out a slip of paper and
hands it to Leona.

Leona: What is it?

Ranma (Smiles): A check.

Leona: A check? For what?

Ranma (Smile widens): Read…

Leona looks over the check that Ranma hands her. Her eyes widen in shock. She can't
form words, and her hand trembles while holding the slip of paper.

Leona: This… This…

Ranma: I know… I was the same way…

Leona (Wide-eyed): FOUR BILLION DOLLARS!?

Ranma (Smiles): American.

Leona (Practically going into shock): How!? Why!? I mean…

Ranma: Apparently, what Rugal told us in the beginning of the tournament wasn't a lie.
He did put aside twelve billion dollars as prize money to the winning team. The prize
money was split three ways so we all got an equal amount.

All this overwhelms Leona. She can only do one thing to react. She faints onto the bed.

Ranma (Frowns): I did that too.

Ranma goes and shakes Leona's shoulder. She stirs a bit.

Ranma: Are you okay Leona?

Leona: I will be… Damn… This is incredible.

Ranma: I know… So Lechan…

Leona: Yes?

Ranma: Want to go out on a date tonight?

Leona looks at Ranma a bit in surprise. She then smiles and shakes her head.

Leona: I would love to.


Geese Tower, South Town…

We see Billy Kane standing before Geese's desk in Geese's office. Geese sits on Rugal's
golden throne that Billy brought back with him from the Orochi Space.

Geese: Hmm… Not bad… And the cushion is very rich Corinthian leather. Excellent
work Billy.

With that, Geese opens up a drawer, and pulls out a very large stack of one hundred dollar
bills and hands them to Billy.

Geese: There you go Billy, thirty thousand dollars for the chair.

Billy: Great! This will get my sister through her first year of college!

Geese: That's good. Now, to pay for her second year, I have another job for you.

Billy: Oh? What is it boss?

Geese: I want you to take my son Rock to Japan…

Billy: … That's all? (Smiles). Shoot, I could do that boss.

Geese (Frowns): You didn't let me finish…

Billy: Sorry boss.

Geese: Fine. I want you to tae Rock to Japan, and I want you to take him to Ranma

Billy (Wide-eyed): WHAT!? NO! NO MORE RANMA! That pig-tailed Hakkeshu has
nearly killed me a dozen of times!

Geese: And you'll survive a dozen more if I command it! I am paying Nodoka Yagami to
look after my son, and have Ranma train him. That way, my boy will lose interest in the
Bogards, and grow up into a true man!

Billy: … But why do I HAVE TO GO!?

Geese: Because you are to keep tabs on Ranma as well. I want to know how he is doing. I
can't have someone as powerful as him going unchecked.


Geese (Narrows eyes): Are you talking back against me Billy?

Billy: No sir… But please… DON'T SEND ME!

Geese: And Billy, remember…

Billy: … Remember what?

Geese: If anything happens to either Rock, or Ranma, I will personally go out to find you,
stuff that pole of yours down your throat, make you shit it out, and then stuff it down your
throat again. Now, do I make myself clear?

Billy stares at Geese in total fear. Billy then nods his head and faints, falling backwards
onto the floor.

Geese (Looks at Billy): Well that went well…

The doors to the office then burst open.


Geese: Sigh… Reppuken…

Geese waves his arm and does a quick Reppuken, which hits Andy, and defeats him in one

Andy (Falls backwards): NOOOooooOOOOOooooooooOOOOooooooo…

Andy smashes into the floor with a rather loud thud. Geese stares at the fallen Bogard for a
few moments, then lets out a long sigh.

Geese: Damn… It really is getting too easy to win nowadays… Maybe I should hold that
combination tournament with the King of Fighters and Street Fighters in 2000…

Geese then turns around, and starts looking over the files of Capcom's greatest.

Geese (Mutters): And I'll make sure not to invite that dumbass Andy…


Suburb of Tokyo.

It is the Backyard of the Yabuki home. We see Shingo training hard, doing move after

Shingo: SHINGO KICK! (Does Shingo Kick). UNFINISHED FIREBALL! (Does
Fireball technique, minus the fire part). UNFINISHED WICKED CHEW! (Does the
Wicked Chew, minus the fire part).

Shingo then stops training. He then stares at a woman who is standing in the corner of the
backyard patio of his home.

Shingo: How was that master Tendo?

Kasumi (Shakes her head): No Shingo. I am not a Tendo anymore, so just call me
"Kasumi". Also, I am glad to say that you are doing well.

Shingo: Really Master Kasumi?

Kasumi (Nods her head, smiles): Really.

Shingo: YAHOO! I wish Kyo were here to see this!

Kasumi: Hmm… I wonder where my cousin is…


NESTS Cartel Base, 17599…

We see Kyo Kusanagi, on his stomach, and strapped to a table, all sorts of equipment either
lies around him, or comes down from the ceiling.


Foxy: I believe that is Ryoga Hibiki's line…


Diana: Sorry Kusanagi, but we need you.

Kyo (Blinks): "Need" me? (Smiles). Well, why didn't you ladies say you wanted a piece
of little Kyo? I'd be more than happy to fill out your sexual desires.

Foxy & Diana (Stare): Eww…

Kyo: Oh, no need to act shy…

Foxy: Oh shut up! We need some DNA samples from you so we can create an army for
the Cartel!

Foxy: And for that remark, we shall get it from you in the most painful way!

Kyo: By making me sweat while watching Richard Simmons tapes?

Diana: Worse…

Diana then presses a button on a console near her and a large machine with lots and lots of
pumping needles heads down towards Kyo's ass.

We go to a pan-shot of a desert in Arizona. Suddenly, a very loud male scream of pure
agony is heard, seemingly coming from beneath the ground.

Kyo (Voice):


We see Ranma and Leona walking through a park. It is now nightfall. Both are dressed a
bit elegantly. They are both wearing the same outfits they wore when they went on their
first date. Ranma looks over to Leona.

Ranma: How're you feeling Lechan?

Leona: I feel fine now. Thanks for asking. Still though… It's hard to believe that we had
received all that money.

Ranma (Nods his head): I know what you mean. It's like a dream.

Leona: So, what do you want to do now? Go watch a movie?

Orochi (In the back of Ranma's mind): OH YEAH! I want to see "Titanic"!

Ranma (Thinks): NO! You made me watch that God-awful movie twelve times already.

Orochi (In the back of Ranma's mind): But it's so humorous! Kate Winslet says she'll
never let go, and she's trying to pry Leo's cold dead hand off of hers as she says it. And
then he sinks like a rock! It's just too hilarious!

Ranma (Thinks): She meant she wouldn't forget him!

Orochi (In the back of Ranma's mind): Oh? Oh well… Speaking of never letting go…
Are you going to ask Leona about…

Ranma: Yes!

Leona (Blinks): "Yes" what Ranma?

Ranma: Er… I mean, yes… I now have the courage to do this.

Leona: Do what?

Ranma: Leona… While you were out, I had Iori look after you for a few hours, while I
had mom take me out to a mall…

Leona (Blinks): You? Shopping? That's new…

Ranma: Anyway, I bought something for you, that I wanted to ask you…

Leona: Oh? What do you want to ask me Ranma?

Ranma then gets on his knee. He takes a small box out of his back pocket and opens it. In
it is a small white gold ring, with a small, sunburst-cut diamond in the center.

Ranma: Leona… Will you marry me?

Leona stands there in the park, speechless for a full minute. She then gives Ranma her

Pan to a shot of the park from a few miles up.


Back in the park, we see Leona hugging onto Ranma.

Leona: Yes! YES! I'LL MARRY YOU!

Ranma (Being crushed in Leona's hug): ACK! Can't breathe!

Leona: Oh! I'm so sorry!

Leona then lets go of Ranma. Ranma breathes deeply for a minute. He then takes hold of
Leona's right hand, and places the engagement ring on her ring-finger. The two hold hands
for a few moments, until an all too familiar war cry goes through the air.

Ryoga (Voice): RANMA! PREPARE TO DIE!!!

Ranma sighs. He turns around to face the Eternal Lost Pain-in-the-ass.

Ranma: Ryoga… GO HOME! Oh wait… That's right… YOU CAN'T FIND IT!


Suddenly, Heidern falls out of a nearby tree. He is covered in all sorts of leaves and
branches for camouflage.


Ranma: EEP!

Leona: Dad! I can make my own decisions now!

Ralph & Clark (Voices): NO YOU CAN'T! RANMA IS EVIL!

Suddenly, two bushes pick up root. Turns out, these are Ralph and Clark.

Ralph: How DARE you try to corrupt Leona!?

Clark: We will have to defeat you now!

Suddenly, a Panda comes running up to Ranma and Leona, carrying a sign, and Soun over
one shoulder.

Ranma: Them too?

Soun: RANMA! Come back and marry Akane!

Genma-Panda (Sign): You can't marry her! You must marry a Tendo! And give me your
prize money!

Genma and Soun are then sent flying and three people plow through them.

Yashiro, Shermie, & Chris: OROCHI-SAMA! AT LAST WE'VE FOUND YOU!!!

Yashiro, Shermie, & Chris then stop right in front of Ranma. They then get on their hands
and knees and start bowing up and down repeatedly.

Yashiro, Shermie, & Chris (Bowing): Orochi-sama, Orochi-sama, Orochi-sama, Orochi-
sama, Orochi-sama, Orochi-sama, Orochi-sama, Orochi-sama, Orochi-sama…


We then see Iori tackle Yashiro, and the two roll off-screen. He hear Yashiro's cries of
pain, as Shermie and Chris keep bowing and scraping before Ranma.

Kuno: HALT FIEND! I shall not allow thee to corrupt innocent maidens further!


Ranma shoots a quick ball of Orochi Power enhanced ki at Kuno, frying the idiotic

Leona (Blinks): Wow…

Ranma: This can't get any worse.

Chizuru: RANMA!

Chizuru walks up to Ranma and starts placing ward after ward on top of Ranma.

Ranma (Blinks): Huh?

Chizuru: I must seal you! I saw what happened on TV. You are the Orochi, and I must
seal you away!

Orochi (In the back of Ranma's mind): Geez… What a BITCH!

Ranma takes the wards off one by one. He then looks towards Leona.

Ranma: Sigh… Lechan, are you up for a run?

Leona (Smiles): I'll have to be if I'm going to marry you.

Ranma smiles at Leona and nods his head. He then picks up Leona in his arms and starts
bounding away. The others stare for a few moments, then they finally react.

Ryoga, Heidern, Ralph, Clark, Soun, Genma, Yashiro, Shermie, Chris, Kuno, & Chizuru:

The eleven weirdos then chase Ranma and Leona, leaving Iori alone in the park.

Iori: Well… I tried…

Suddenly, King runs past Iori.


Shampoo (Chasing King): Never! Shampoo follow King to ends of earth, Shampoo's
handsome King!


King and Shampoo then fade from sight. Iori shakes his head.

Iori (Sarcastic): Now there goes one happy couple…

Iori then looks towards the parade of fools that Ranma is leading away.

Iori (Smiles genuinely): And there goes the happiest couple…

We fade out on a shot of a smiling Ranma jumping into the air with Leona in his arms, all
the while, Leona is laughing, and hugging onto him. Behind them, is assorted cast
members from Ranma ½ & KOF.


End Chapter 50

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