Alpha Teens On Machines Season 3 Episode 20 Obsession

Axel was getting even more angry that Guan still had his Dad so he started attacking all things connected to the Serpent's Tail but all the time while he wasn't looking Dragon watched him and decided to call King, Lioness and Garrett.

"Axel is getting obsessed with finding his Dad and I know that Cobra and Viper are on their way to deal with him." Warned Dragon.

Lioness was shocked.

"King, Garrett start scanning even more of the Earth Guan's base must be found and with that we'll find Sebastian Manning." She ordered. "I know we've scanned the world 30 times but we'll do it six more times until we find out where Axel's Dad. I'm worried about Axel."

"It's ok to worry Cat we're worried for Axel too." Replied King.

"We better start right away." Said Garrett. "But what about Cobra and Viper?"

"I've stop them in my Green Ninja suit and keep Axel being Axel in know and lo-I mean care about." Replied Lioness urgently.

Soon Lioness was looking for Axel all over Landmark City.


"You won't be getting Daddy Manning back Manning." Said Viper.

"That is where you wrong." Said Lioness as she kicked Viper. "My fellow Jo-Lan Warrior has the right to see his Dad and you are going to prison where you creeps and old Guan belong now tell him where's his Dad."

"Li?" asked Axel.

"Give up the Ninja act Leone we knew it was you now you will both die." Said Cobra.

"NO WE WON'T!" yelled Axel.

"ALSO GUAN IS NOT GOING TO RULE THE EARTH!" yelled Lioness. "Also I know another thing you two have been planning to overthrow Guan."

Axel was surprised.

"Really?" asked Axel.

"Yeah." Replied Lioness. "Don't try to deny it Cobra and Viper I planted listening devices in your suits in one of our previous battles!"

The two Ninjas growled.

"TIME TO DIE MANNING AND LEONE!" yelled Cobra and Viper.

Then all four of them battled with them getting a little of blood after getting hit around the mouth too much!

"Jo-Lan Tiger Set?" asked Lioness.

"Exactly Cat." Said Axel.

"What?" asked Cobra and Viper.

"JO-LAN!" yelled Axel and Lioness.

"NO!" yelled Cobra and Viper then Axel and Lioness cuffed them.

"Now we're handing you to the cops." Said Axel.

Then Guan appeared.

"NOT LIKELY YOU TWO ARE TO BE PUNISHED SINCE I HEARD WHAT LEONE SAID!" yelled Guan as he grabbed Cobra and Viper then vanished with both of them.

"I guess we won't have some prisoners and I think Guan is planning something to do on them." Said Lioness to Axel who just nodded sadly.

At Serpent's Tail HQ.

"I am fed up with failure Cobra and Viper but I despise mutiny." Said Guan and glowed purple and blasted Cobra and Viper. "Your son and his girly friend have me a little favour Manning."

"If you go near my son again Guan I'll-!" growled Sebastian Manning in a cell.


Later on the Mountains of Landmark City Axel was still feeling cross.

"Axel stay calm I need to tell you it's important." Said Lioness.

"You got six seconds spill." Said Axel.

"I have had King and Garrett scan the world loads of times to find the Serpent's Tail HQ and also get your Dad back." Said Lioness.

"Li I'm sorry I was rude." Said Axel and he hugged her.

"Axel there's something else I need to tell you…." Started Lioness.

"Save it until we save Dad and stop Guan." Said Axel.

"Ok Axel." Agreed Lioness and they hugged and stared at the sunset.

Iris Out