Percy Jackson's POV

My day was going pretty good until the Fates just had to ruin it. I mean I know its necessary to have to face challenges when you are a demigod but come on is all this really necessary. My life goes from good to bad to worse to horrible to I'm glad I'm not you. It all started when the camp noticed a boy about 15 a year younger than me making his way across the border. All seemed normal til a hellhound came out of the shadows and viciously attacked him.

"Watch out" screamed a random camper.

Apparently he didn't need our help because he tapped a bracelet on his arm and it turned in to a beautiful sword. He then expertly wielded the sword to destroy the monster.

"Well that was easy" he said in a boasting manner. Chiron stepped forward.

"Welcome young man what's your name?"He asked.

"Theseus Brown Champion of the big three." He stated with pride.

Everyone gaped at him.

Do you know where you are?" He asked kindly.

"Of course,I've known about this place for years my father and his brothers have trained me" he said with arrogance.

"Who is your father?" I asked disgusted with his attitude.

"Poseidon" He said simply.

That sent gasps throughout the crowd. Everyone (including myself) assumed that I was the only child Poseidon had so this was a shock.

"You're lying." Someone in the crowd said.

Soon as the words were out a gleaming trident appeared above his head with a lightning bolt and a skull beside it. Now that I looked closer he looked a little like me he had black hair but it was a brownish color, and green eyes but his were dark green.

He smiled "now bow down."

This means my father had another child right after I was born,reluctantly I bowed while the camp looked happy to have another child of the big three.

"So where do I stay?" He questioned.

"Come on I'll show you to the Poseidon cabin." I said trying to be helpful.

He looked at me like I was crazy "Does it look like I need your help I'm dads favorite."

"No I am" I said challenging his statement.

"So why weren't you in Atlantis since you were twelve?"He asked.

When I couldn't think of a reason as to why I have been at camp all these years and he hadn't he grinned in victory.

"Exactly I'm his favorite he hardly even talks about you,now if you'll excuse me I'm going to change so I can go swimming."

He walked off and the rest of the camp followed him except for my closest friends Clarisse, Annabeth, Travis, Connor, Will and Katie. They tried to comfort me but I was still in shock. I had a half sibling and didn't even know it. It wouldn't have been that bad but he was a jerk. He was arrogant and bourgeois. I didn't want anything to do with him.

So I didn't talk to him at all and he made no attempts to talk to me. The campers slowly started favoring him. If we had a quest they'd pick Theseus,if we had a battle he would be chosen as leader.

I didn't mind not being leader since the prophecy had been completed. But I was lonely.

"Percy how could you destroy my medical supplies?" said Will Solace walking over.

"I didn't." I said earnestly.

This has been happening for days something is broken or goes missing and Theseus blames it on me,and for some reason people believe him.

"Theseus told me he saw you do it I thought we were friends, guess not." He said angrily before walking off.

First I supposedly broke Clarrise's spear, then I ruined Katie's plants, next I snitched on one of the Stolls pranks, now he said I ruined Wills medical supplies. Slowly Theseus has been getting all my friends to go over to his side except Thalia and Nico who are never at camp and my girlfriend Annabeth. And I'm not going to let them go.

Or so I thought.

Because later that nightI walked into the Poseidon cabin only to find my supposedly loyal girlfriend Annabeth and my half-brother Theseus kissing passionately.

"Annabeth how could you?" I asked through gritted teeth. I couldn't believe that my girlfriend and best friend of years would betray my trust. Especially with my own half-brother. She gasped "Percy it's not what it looks like." But I could tell she was lying. Her eyes had that calculating gleam to them that let me know she was thinking of a way out of this. But I wasn't going to give her the satisfaction of trying to trick me. I was tired of her know it all attitude.

"Really, because it looks like my girlfriend is kissing my brother." I said furiously. "I can't believe I trusted you."

" It's exactly what it looks like." Said Theseus smugly. " She realized she could have much better than the likes of you so when I offered she accepted without hesitation."

"Annabeth I thought you loved me." I said trying to get her to see how dumb her decision is in the hopes that she would come back to me and that we could move on from this since she was the last person I had in this camp.

"I did but then Theseus came and he's better than you."She said effectively breaking my heart. I couldn't believe she would do something like this.

I walked up to Theseus and punched him so hard some teeth fell out,then I tackled him to the floor. We both started passing punches but I had anger on my side I was easily winning since I wanted him punished. I slammed him into the side of the cabin and

I would have continued until three bright flashes caused me to stop. I looked up to see my father Poseidon and his brothers, Zeus, and Hades looking at me angrily.

"What are you doing?" My father asked looking at me with disappointment.

Annabeth spoke up "Me and Theseus were in here talking and he just snapped and punched Theseus." She said lying through her teeth before I got a chance to explain. I knew that she wasn't the same Annabeth I fell in love with when she cheated on me but to lie about it amazed me.

"Percy how could you do that to your brother I hereby disown you" my father said. I suddenly felt my powers over sea leave me. I couldn't understand why my own father would disown me before even hearing my own side of the story. I mean considering his rivalry with Athena I thought he would be upset with her even being in his cabin. I guess I was wrong.

"Perseus for your actions lately we hereby banish you from camp and New York, your parents have been told and want to leave with you so they have decided to move elsewhere."

"But I didn't do anything Theseus did" I said truthfully. Trying to get them to see what really happened but they wouldn't have any of it. They didn't even listen to what I had to say.

"Enough of your lies you are just jealous of your brother, now leave we have decided to allow you to keep your weapon you will need it" said Hades.

I glanced around camp one last time before crossing the border and going home.

"Percy how are you" my mom asked as soon as I got home.

"I'm tired of being lied about maybe leaving camp will be a good thing." I said.

"What about Annabeth?" she asked.

"She cheated on me" I stated glumly.

"Well I've already packed everything so get in the car we're heading for London."

"With that I walked to the car and looked back one last time as we sped off."

In London we arrived to a decent sized house. It was two stories tall made up of bricks.

It looked nice on the inside it had nice size bedrooms and bathrooms. What I liked the most was the fireplace. Fire was always one of my interests but I couldn't ever go near it. Just then an eight year old girl with cozy fire red eyes appeared inside the fireplace. I instinctively bowed.

"Lady Hestia" I said with obvious respect in my voice.

The goddess smiled "Percy Jackson my favorite demigod I have come to help you."

"Help me how?" I questioned.

"Well everyone on the council knows you were telling the truth except the big three but most are too scared to directly help so they will do it indirectly, I and another goddess would like for you to become our champion." She said the last part hopefully.

I thought about "who's the other goddess?" I asked.

"Hecate goddess of magic"she said fondly like they were good friends.

I nodded "I accept."

That was when Hecate herself appeared next to us smiling.

"Accepting was very smart on your part we don't have any champions yet and where you are now you will need magic especially."

"Why here especially?" I asked.

"Percy demigods are not the only things out there that are unknown to others." said Hecate.

"Who else?" I asked interested in this new-found information.

"My descendants of course witches and wizards." She said shocking me.

"Years ago I blessed hundreds of mortals with the gift of magic."

"I had four with the most potential their names were Rowena Ravenclaw, Helga Hufflepuff, Godric Gryffindor, and Salazar Slytherin they eventually used their magic to create a school to teach what they knew to others."

"The school was split up if you were a Gryffindor then you were extremely brave and daring,Hufflepuffs were very loyal and true, Ravenclaws were unusually smart and thirsty for knowledge, while Slytherins were very cunning and power hungry." "Slytherin soon decided that he only wanted to teach pure-bloods but when no-one agreed he left but Slytherins were still welcome."

"That is how Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was founded."

"Wow, So how does that affect me?" I asked

"My oldest son alive Albus Dumbledore the greatest wizard they have ever known Iris messaged me and has informed me they are having problems with an evil wizard."

"Since you are our champion we will be sending you out to help them after we bless you"said Hecate.

I started taking all this in I was expected to go to a school for witches and wizards when I knew nothing about magic and help them face and evil dark wizard. I suddenly felt more power flow throughout me than ever before. I could control and produce fire without getting burnt, and I could do magic I knew they must have blessed me.

"Your parents already know about all this so you won't have to explain anything we will be sending you there also to protect a wizard named Harry Potter."Said Hestia.

Hecate then went on to explain the significance of protecting Harry Potter and his life story. She told me he was 14 about to be 15 and starting his fourth year at Hogwarts. Hecate told me they were having something called the Tri-Wizard Tournament and I needed to enter.

"Now you will be sent to Hogwarts the students aren't there yet so don't worry about it Dumbledore will explain things to you and give you a wand."

"Now you will need to help teach Harry how to do some of the harder magic my blessing will make the lessons you learn there extremely easy so to them you will be very impressive only Dumbledore will know your true identity."

That was the last thing I heard before I saw myself in front of a huge castle with an elderly man who had a huge beard and half moon spectacles waiting for me.

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