Chapter 13: Second Task

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Chapter 13

Second Task

Time was an interesting reality for Percy. He had never had much luck when dealing with time, seconds would become minutes, minutes would become hours, hours would become days, basically any way it went…it always went fast.

The time between the first tasks ending and the second tasks beginning were no different, time went by so fast he barely had time to prepare, or so it seemed. Spending days cooped up in the library with your extremely hot girlfriend more often than not led to other things than studying.

Not that he necessarily minded, it was all welcome, but he had been slacking on his main mission. What was supposedly the most important thing he came to Hogwarts for? Protecting Harry. Not that he hadn't been looking out for him, but rather he had been more focused on other things than to realize he didn't know how Harry was doing faring.

He had seen him do well on the first task; he would even go as far as to say extremely well. Besting a dragon was no small feat, and besting a dragon as a fourth year wizard was even more impressive. That being said, it was a very dangerous feat, foolhardy even. Trying to outfly a dragon was dangerous for anyone, anything. They were natural flyers, born for the air.

That being said, it had been several months since his first day attending Hogwarts, and he was glad to say that he had made friends that he worried over. But he realized that this wasn't what he was here for, Percy realized that the end was nearing and he needed to prepare Harry for the final battle.

It wouldn't be sweet; the training would be anything but. He figured calling it brutal would be a better adjective, and that was still a polite term for what he had in mind. He needed to give Harry the best chance possible to defeat Voldemort, and tripping jinxes and stinging hexes weren't going to accomplish anything.

He needed Harry to gain the live or die mindset. Spells like expelliarmus are useful when dealing with friendly opponents, but when dealing with death eaters they were way too mild and easily defended. He didn't want Harry robbed of the same innocence that he once had, but at the end of the day did they really have a choice?

Voldemort was a serious threat, and he wouldn't go away because he had been disarmed. The thought was almost laughable, the man had lost a body due to a infant for god's sake! If you can come back from that and still demand fear and respect from civilians and followers alike you had to be powerful.

Making up his mind Percy briskly walked through the castle in search of Harry. It wouldn't be hard to find him. He was usually hanging around the same people, in the same parts of the castle. But now, he was pretty certain that he would be with Hermione.

Weaving in and out of people as fast as he could, he made it to the empty classroom they used to try out new spells. His patron goddesses had informed him of its location earlier that day, and he was curious.

It was the Friday evening of the week before the second event, and the task would begin the next Sunday. He knew that Harry was no doubt studying. Classes were still going on, but he figured that Harry still had to be preparing. He smiled slightly at Katie as she ran by. He had become very close to her lately. Mainly because of her peaceful nature.

It was a welcome change, from the fierce and feisty attitudes he had come to know. He reached the classroom, opened the door, and was shocked to see the fourth champion sitting down in a desk studying all by himself. His brow was furrowed as he looked at the page, obviously deep in thought, and concentrating hard.

Percy was for a small amount of time rendered speechless. He had known Harry for a good while, and he knew that Hermione's constant nagging was what usually got him up and about. He wasn't lazy per say…but he didn't have the same drive he had for something like Quidditch as he had for his studies.

Percy was broken out of his musings by a tired sounding voice, "Don't look so shocked mate, it had to happen at some point." Harry said this as he offered a tired smile.

Percy watched as Harry folded the page of the book he was reading in the upper right-hand corner, and promptly closed the book. Percy took that as an indication that he was open to talking and walked over to the desk he was sitting in.

"I figured Hermione would be in here with you, helping you study and practice," Percy said.

"I'm sure she would be in here to, if classes weren't going on. Hermione isn't one to miss class for anything, and I can't really blame her. Just because I'm pretty much exempt from everything doesn't mean that she is, and she's been neglecting her studies in favor of helping me."

Percy nodded his head at Harry's answer. All of it made sense. Although he and Hermione weren't very close, he still knew enough about her to know that she was a very dedicated student, who would probably still go to class if Kronos was the teacher.

"So what made you study? No offense and all but you've never seemed like the type. And I know for a fact that if Hermione didn't have you studying so much that you wouldn't be-,"Percy was cut off.

"But that's just it! Everyone thinks that I'm lazy and content, and I am. I've seen the signs even if no-one else has cared to notice! At the world cup the dark mark, and me and this tournament. I have to get better, get stronger. He's back, I know he is.

People are going to expect me to end this again, end him again. And I wouldn't want it any other way. He will fall by my hand, but I know I'm not prepared. And if the only way to do that is to study, then that's what I'll do."

By the end of his little speech rant combination Harry was standing from his seat and breathing heavily. His fists were balled and he was speaking with such conviction and determination in his tone that Percy actually shivered a little. Regardless of these factors though, Harry's eyes spoke the most volumes. They showed a new glint, a new emotion.

Percy had seen it before and new it all too well, it was the comprehension of his life's meaning. Accepting the fact that he was the one, who had to deal the final blow, accepting that he could die in the process, and accepting that he had to be willing to fight when other's wouldn't,

He was simultaneously sad and proud to see it on his new friends face, the resolve was impressive. And whether accidental or not a small magical aura came from Harry's body for a brief moment. It was gone as soon as it came, but it spoke strongly of how powerful the boy in front of him truly was, it told of the true power just below the surface that was just waiting to be releases.

And Percy knew then and there that he would be the one to release it.


And so it began. They trained, and trained, and trained some more. They fought and dueled constantly, practicing battle magic as well as defensive magic. Percy got a useful book from his patrons with spells and they read through it at least twice, making sure they didn't miss a spell.

Percy taught Harry good battle spells such as reducto( a banishing hex), flipendo( knocks objects backwards), or stupefy( a stunning spell.) He taught him new defensive spells such as protego maxima( which is a stronger shield charm). He also learned more charms than he thought possible. Overall, he would now be much more of an offensive force than he once was.

Percy also taught him healing magic. At first Harry wondered about its usefulness, questioning whether their time would be better spent learning more spells that could be used against Voldemort and his death eaters when Percy made a good point.

"How often have you found yourself alone with those bastards and heavily injured? How often are you battling someone and you have a pain so bad that it's hard to focus on the battle? I've been told about your second year. Wouldn't you have preferred to have been able to heal yourself, rather than having to sit in hospital wing all because that fraud Lockhart vanished all the bones in your arm?"

Harry didn't have any more questions regarding the usefulness of healing spells after that. Mainly because Percy was completely correct. It was a big problem being injured in the middle of a battle. And while he wouldn't be able to rid himself of the very dark spells and hexes, he could still get rid of some of the less permanent ones…not that death eaters used those that often.

He loved the feeling of learning something new, or mastering a really difficult spell. It made him so proud of himself and proud of what he accomplished. He knew that time was running out really fast, and that it waited for no-one. Harry knew that his and Percy's plan was very smart, and could help them in the long run.

They started using more serious spells when they dueled, hoping to test out their progress with healing spells. Once, Percy hit Harry with a particularly vicious hex that sent yellow acid at the intended, right after Harry had hit him with a curse that gave the illusion that your skin was on fire, heat and all. After healing each other they had both grinned victoriously.

Percy also taught Harry battle tactics, and survival techniques. "You see Harry, the one thing that I have learned in all my years of wisdom is that, you need to set small goals or objectives for yourself in battles. You won't win all the battles you partake in, but as is common knowledge, wars are made up of battles. And when you achieve your main goals or objectives in a battle you have accomplished your mission. This also stops you from becoming distracted. When you have an objective set, it's easier to know when a mission is lost or when a retreat is necessary. This alone has helped me survive countless times." Percy had said on one particularly lengthy training session.

The only downside to the training was the time it took up. They didn't have a lot of time to begin with, studying for the tournament and all, so now they didn't have time to spend with friends. They both new that they were rarely seen now anymore and couldn't help but feel guilty. They decided to rectify that problem and chose to do something on the Saturday before the second task. Hopefully, it would put them somewhat at ease and give them a day of fun before the second task, something that both champions needed. It would also give Percy a chance to spend some time with his girlfriend.


Percy and Harry had did as planned and invited their friends to join them for a trip to Hogsmeade. They were all hesitant at first, mostly because Saturday wasn't a scheduled Hogsmeade day but eventually everyone accepted and the group had headed off.

After about two hours of aimlessly shopping with no direction the group had decided to split up. Percy and Fleur, Ron and Hermione, and Harry along with Ginny. Percy decided that now would be a good time to make up his neglectfulness with his lady.

"Where are we going?" Asked a slightly amused but more so annoyed Fleur, as Percy drug her by the arm to some surprise location. She didn't really like surprises as she liked to always be in control of the situations she found herself in.

"Just trust me Fleur, you'll love it."

Percy wasn't really sure that she'd love it, but he was trying to be optimistic. He weaved his way through the surprisingly crowded streets of Hogsmeade in search of his destination. He had prayed to his patrons the night before and they had apparently also been upset with how he hadn't spent much time with his girlfriend lately.

They had chided him for his foolish behavior and told him if they were her they would have been pissed at him. But they weren't her, and Fleur wasn't pissed. Well, not completely. At first she had an icy demeanor, and seemed very distant with him. But eventually, she actually seemed to understand. It just took a lot of explaining on his part.

So Percy wanted to reward his girlfriend for just being plain awesome. But what do you do for someone as amazing as her? He had asked his patrons and the goddess of magic herself had told him of a place that he thought that she would enjoy being brought to, though she said it would seem slightly girly to him. But Percy found that he was not in a position to argue and readily agreed, not even giving it a second thought.

He should have.

When Percy found the small shop towards the outskirts of Hogsmeade just like he had been told, his first thought was very predictable. And very pink. He laughed shortly when he remembered Hecate's words, slightly girly? This place screamed girly but it also screamed romance and Percy could tell by the way that Fleur's face lit up when she saw it that she liked it very much. She was after all a romantic at heart.

Madam Puddifoot's Tearoom was covered in hearts and was red and pink throughout, he noticed, as he led Fleur inside. Her arm was looped through his as he walked her over to a table near the window. The place wasn't large by any means, but it was certainly cozy.

The placed reaked of couples, and if you were to come inside with a friend it would most likely be the most awkward experience of your life. It seemed to just ooze intimacy, and hinting(very strongly) about something more.

He pulled out a chair for Fleur to sit down and once she did pushed it closer to the table before walking around and getting into his own seat. He felt kind of silly inside the place he had to admit…but the breathtaking smile on Fleur's face as he looked at her sitting across from him was worth it.

He reached over and grabbed a couple menus from the side of the table and passed one to Fleur before he started to examine one himself. The menu wasn't necessarily diverse. The options weren't numerous but they all sounded good. The names though he felt all sounded cheesy. It's like the restaurant tried to make everything sound romantic and failed horribly.

He decided to just get something he recognized and found something on the menu called sensual chicken which was supposedly smothered in valentine gravy. Now Percy had no idea what the hell sensual chicken or valentine gravy was, but he knew what regular chicken was and he had had gravy plenty in his life.

He looked up at Fleur, "Found what you want?"

She nodded her head, "It all looks so good. But I think I've decided."

Percy tilted his head curiously as she leaned over and whispered in his ear, " Since you're being so nice and paying for dinner, I'll pay for the dessert. Though I think we can have that back at the castle" She said smiling seductively.

Percy blushed furiously and almost found himself saying 'check please,' before he thought better of it. Instead he waved a waitress over to their table.

A dark haired, plain faced waitress came to their table with a big smile on her face. "Welcome to Madam Puddifoot's Tearoom, what can I get for you today sir?" She asked all this while looking directly at Percy. Now Percy wasn't as naïve as he used to be, so he could tell when someone was flirting with him. And at the moment he was just starting to mend his relationship with Fleur and didn't really need this.

He was about to politely put down her advances when Fleur loudly cleared her throat.

"Maybe things run differently here in England, but where I'm from we don't openly flirt with men while their girlfriends are sitting at the very same table. We also try to show some dignity and self-respect, along with the common courtesy of trying to be better than a common whore. I think it's in your best interest to learn from us."

Percy was shocked to say the least at the words coming from Fleur's mouth. They were rude if not downright crude. He had never seen this jealous side of her, though he knew it was more of her veela nature.

He watched as the waitress's frown became more and more deeper. Her face turned an interesting shade of red, and she looked absolutely furious. She appeared to want to respond but saw her boss out of the corner of her eye and thought better of it. Apparently Fleur was a bit louder than intended.

So instead of responding she plastered on a smile and spoke, "I apologize for my rude actions earlier. It was very unbecoming of me, I would be eternally grateful if you would accept my apology. Now may I take your orders?"

Fleur told her what we wanted off the menu and the waitress gave a stiff nod before she stormed off into the direction her boss was motioning her towards with her arms across her chest.

Somebody's in trouble.

Percy looked over at Fleur who appeared to be in a much better mood, and he smiled at her. Something she quickly picked up on, "what?"

He shook his head in response before chuckling quietly. "Nothing, it's just nice to see you so protective of me."

Fleur smirked at him from across the table as she said in a condescending voice, "Well look who has a big head now, someone must think really highly of himself. Maybe I just don't like rude people or being disrespected."

Percy nodded his agreement, "Maybe, but that isn't what happened here and we both know it."

They both continued their light banter trying to ease the tension that had filled the room from the earlier altercation. It was nice to just sit back and talk with each other without feeling rushed. And both knew that they hadn't had a chance to do anything like that for a while.

Percy vowed to himself that he wouldn't allow himself to become sidetracked again and miss out on the chance of getting to meet the beautiful girl in front of him.

Half an hour later their food arrived, her medium-rare steak that was cut in the shape of a heart was still sizzling, while his chicken smothered in red gravy smelled delicious. He hardly even thought about the fact that the gravy was red. He had already eaten it blue after all.

The talking slowed after their food arrived. Both to lost in the scrumptious tastes to really want to hold a meaningful conversation, though they did still make small talk. All too sudden for Percy's liking it was time to leave. He paid the twenty-five galleons without complaint and didn't really give it a second thought as they left.

He was shocked when Fleur pulled him aside and gave him a very long and meaningful kiss. She grabbed the back of his head, and pulled him down to her at the same time he wrapped his arms around her back and pulled her to him. Fleur felt her toes curl as Percy started to dominate her mouth and she let him explore her. It was a wonderful felling she had to admit, one she could get used to.

She felt frustration when he pulled away but he just smiled slightly at her put out expression.

"We need to head back to the castle, it's already getting late and we've broken curfew."

He watched as she slowly nodded her head in resignation. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders and watched as she sighed contently and leaned into him. He couldn't stop the small smile that made its way onto his face and he wasn't sure that he would want to either.

They both made sure to take as long as possible on the walk back to the castle since neither knew when they would have the chance to do this again would be. Percy knew that the others had made it back safely as he had discreetly placed tracking charms on everyone before they split apart.

He knew it was an invasion of privacy but with death eaters and Voldemort around he didn't want to take any chances. The charms indicated that everyone was not only safe but back in their designated common rooms, dorm rooms, or sleeping quarters allowed him a brief moment of relief.

He led Fleur back to her carriage where he received a very special goodnight, and went back to his quarters where he changed into some sleeping clothes, took a quick shower, and went straight to bed. It just wouldn't do to be tired tomorrow. He himself knew how important it would be to put on a good performance. He had discovered the secret behind the egg; he knew that Harry knew as well. Fleur had found out ahead of them both, so really he wasn't that worried. With that he faded into the realm of Morpheus.


The four champions all stood around the lake with a sense of impending dread. None were particularly scared; it was just the feeling of anxiousness. Everyone was nervous.

The crowd was ready for the event to begin; loud with noise and yelling themselves horse.

Ludo Bagman yelled, "Sonorus" and his voice was enhanced. It sounded loudly and rung in everybody's ears as he spoke. "The time has arrived for the second task in the tri-wizard tournament to begin. Are champions are now all here and we are ready to start!. Now then, one…two…three!"

Once he yelled three all of the champions simultaneously reacted and jumped inside of the freezing lake. Percy shivered slightly as he felt the freezing water on his body. He pointed his wand at himself and spoke, "Aqua eu Rune." It was a very interesting rune that he had found in an old book in his vault. It was a water rune that allowed one to become one with the water.

It allowed one to have control over water. Basically temporarily gifting him with the powers that he had when he still considered himself a son of Poseidon.

He swam through the murky waters confidently. He knew that the rune would only last as long as he could keep feeding it power and he already felt it weakening him, he knew that he had to hurry and do this as fast as possible.

Percy dived down deeper into the water, already knowing that they wouldn't have the captives up high and easy to view. He tried to avoid the large stones and rocks but he knew he wasn't doing a perfect job.

He saw a weird sight as he swam around what appeared to be a colony of grindylow. It was a very large crowd of merpeople floating around in what seemed to be their very own underwater village. Houses were made and beautifully crafted, though they were made out of things that could only be found underwater. Hermione sat floating next to Thalia, who was floating next to Ron, who was floating next to a small blonde haired girl who he could already tell was Fleur's sister.

They were all bound tightly to a large stone that was made after some merman that he couldn't find himself to care about. He watched as a shark like figure swam over and bit right through the rope that was holding Hermione. He immediately noticed that the shark like figure wasn't entirely shark like and knew that it was an animal transfiguration. He guessed Krum.

He swam over to Thalia as Krum swam off to try and free her. He used the rune to gain power from the water and saw his hands glow a bright green color as they felt extremely refreshed and powerful. He yanked on the rope with reckless abandon and was pleased when she was immediately freed. He looked at the little girl and Ron Weasley wondering what to do.

He barely noticed Harry swimming up behind him; he looked like a human fish, eel, and merman thing. His hair and eyes being the only reason why he wasn't reducto'd across the lake. Harry motioned towards the little girl as he used his new form to free Ron from the ropes. Percy pointed towards himself and Harry nodded as he sped up towards the top of the lake.

Percy knew he could have won this task if he wanted, but he also knew that he didn't want to necessarily win. He wanted to ensure everyone's safety. And while he honestly felt that no-one was in any real danger, he was still going to be cautious. Leaving the girl wouldn't win him any points with Fleur.

He figured something had to have happened and was becoming increasingly worried for her safety and well-being. If she wasn't in the competition herself he was sure that she would have been the one that they would have held captive.

He reached over to grab the girl's restraints but a merman jumped in front of him, snarling all the while. "One captive, you've already gotten your's, now leave."

Percy never one to be easily deterred glared right back. But the merman seemed unfazed going as far as to start laughing at him. His underwater brethren swam over and followed his lead laughing at him and motioning him away. He looked above him and saw where the dock was with his enhanced vision.

He used his underwater radar to sense out any hiding predators and was pleased to find none. Percy double-checked before he grabbed a hold of Thalia and pushed her upwards as hard as he could. He made sure to watch her retreating figure as she shot upwards until she broke the surface. Then he turned back to the creatures.

Percy hated being laughed at. Hated it with a passion. He felt the water rune start to shimmer with power. He felt it responding to his anger, his wishes. His hands glowed green again and he raised them in front of his chest and stretched them outwards and towards the merpeople who were laughing at his expense.

He thought that he wanted them gone and watched with fascination as water shot out of his hands with the force of a war cannon knocking the merpeople all around the deep depths of the lake. They shot in all direction after the force of his attack. Some landed on houses, others on sharp rocks and other dangerous items found near the bottom of the lake.

Three of the guards shot up with tridents but he was ready. He created a sword out of water, then froze into ice. He got into a defensive stance and waited, when they arrive he swung high at the first one who easily blocked it and smirked. While he was overconfident in his abilities Percy swung at his left leg and caused a gash.

A green liquid oozed out of the cut and Percy assumed it was the color of their blood. The merman cried out in pain and Percy turned his attention to the other two. One sent a particularly vicious shot at his neck which he managed to barely avoid at the last minute.

Percy sent an upward thrust at the mermans chest. He deflected it and Percy sent his sword downward towards the guards wrists. When he connected he twisted upward and was satisfied to see the trident slip from his grip. He saw the mermans eyes widen in shock, which was all he had to register before he hit the creature in the head with the hilt of his sword, knocking him out instantly.

Percy was getting tired, very tired.

He knew that he had to end this, and soon. He was breathing more heavily and knew that he was completely outnumbered. But he wouldn't just give up, he wasn't a quitter. He had been in tougher situations right? Right. He put his last idea to the test, and conjured a water illusion.

He conjured a fake hurricane, and watched with glee as the merpeople shrunk away from it. He smiled at their expressions before he thrust his hands in the direction of the underwater village and watched everyone swim away in fear. They moved at incredible speeds away from the hurricane, swimming in all directions. Abandoning their houses and more importantly the last captive. He freed Fleur's sister from her bindings and swam upwards swimming as fast as he could before he broke the surface.

Percy gasped for breath before feeling his rune vanish. He felt himself and the girl being pulled out of the water, but he wasn't really there. He was just now registering how tired the rune had made him feel, and slowly felt his eyes closing.

He barely registered himself being pulled into a tight hug from his girlfriend, and promptly fainted into her arms.

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