Lost in the Dark

When was the last time you heard a bedtime story?

Not a sissy, Disney sponsored fairy tale, but an actual story with ghosts and monsters and witches disguised as little old ladies, so real they made your heart pound with terror. The ones that made you force your mom or dad to check under your bed for monsters at night. Remember what they used to tell you? Something along the lines of, 'Monsters aren't real, sweetie, go back to sleep.' And after they'd told you that three or four times, you started believing them.

You grew up, you no longer thought there were monsters under the bed, or hiding in your closet. You stopped reading those stories, stopped thinking about them. What happened to Cinders Ella, so called because she sat in the ashes and cried, or Little Red Riding Hood, cut out of the wolfs stomach so she could have the honor of killing the wolf? They were replaced, with happy Disney covers that made everything seem all fun and romantic and happily ever after.

The real stories were left in the dark corners of the bookshelves, waiting for someone to read them again, to come back and realize the truth that was hidden in their pages.

Do you still have those moments when you believe there are monsters, hiding in your room, right beneath your nose? But if you do, you tell yourself, "Monsters aren't real." Have you ever watched a scary movie, and then seen shadows moving about your bed as you tried to sleep? "Ghosts aren't real." You told yourself. When you're out camping, and you look up at the full moon and hear a wolf howl. A chill goes down your spine, and you remember Little Red Riding Hood.

Have you ever looked at an apple, and wonder how Snow White felt when she realized she had been tricked as she fell into her slumber? Or how the hunter felt, when he was ordered to cut out such a lovely girls heart and take it to the queen. Or how she felt when she was told to run, and had become lost in the dark.

Don't forget these stories. Dig them out of your bookshelves, dig them from your memories, excavate them from your attic. Because they tell you the truth that you have been hiding from yourself your whole life. The truth is, these things are real. Ghosts, ghouls, witches, apparitions of shadow hovering by your bedside. They are real. They exist, in the here and now. Stop fooling yourself.

Put away the fairy tales. Take out the stories. Maybe, if you're lucky and you use what these books have to tell you, you won't become the one lost and hunted in the dark.