The sun beat down on young Alex Cordia as he hid in the grass, waiting for a Pokémon to come by. He wanted one so badly, but his parents keep telling him the same thing. "You're too young for a Pokémon, Alex," They'd say. But Alex didn't care. He was going to catch one with his bare hands!

He heard a rustle to his left. He dove into the grass. Starly flew in all directions, scaring Alex and causing him to fall into the grass. Right in front of him was a Shinx. Perfect! Alex thought. "I've caught you, Shinx! I'm your trainer now!" Alex picked up the Electric-Type with glee. The startled Shinx responded with an electric shock. Alex dropped the small Pokémon and it ran off.

"Aw! I'll never get a Pokémon!" Dismayed, Alex made his way back to the house.

"Oh, hey Alex, what are you doing out here?"

Alex looked up and saw his brother, Matt. Alex responded sheepishly, "I want a Pokémon so badly! But I can never get one!"

Matt laughed, and rustled his younger brother's hair. "You know you're too young for a Pokémon, Alex."

"I know, but YOU'RE getting one today! And I can take good care of one, I promise!"

"I believe you, bud. In a few years, you'll have one all to yourself!"

Alex looked up at his older brother. "You're right, Matt! I'll get a Pokémon then and then I'll get strong and then we can battle!"

Matt nodded. "Now head on home, Alex. You know being in the tall grass alone is dangerous."

Alex sulked. "Can I at least come with you to Professor Rowan's Lab?"

"I don't see why not." Matt smiled. "Tyler's coming to pick me up around here; it's a long way to walk to Sandgem Town."

Almost as if on cue, a small car drove up to the two brothers, who were standing just outside their hometown Oreburgh City. The window was rolled down revealing a young man with long, dark red hair. "Hey Matt, are you ready to go?"

"Sure am, Tyler!" Matt had an excited gleam in his eyes. "Hey, is it ok if Alex comes with me? He's been really excited about this."

Alex looked up at Tyler. "Please? I promise I'll be good!"

Tyler chuckled. "Come on in, Alex!"

Matt opened the door for his brother, who excitedly got into the car, followed by Matt, who was just as excited. He was about to get his first Pokémon! Matt had been looking forward to this day for so long. Usually kids got their first Pokémon at 10, but Matt's parents made him go to school in Jubilife, one town over, for a few more years before Matt to make sure he was ready for a long journey. He didn't really understand, though, why did he have to keep going to school? Looking out the window, seeing a flock of Staravia flying through the sky, however, he didn't care. His first Pokémon was a mere fifteen minutes away.

Tyler saw the gleam in his cousin's eyes from the driver's seat. At 22, Tyler had already done it all: travelled the region, defeated gym leaders, and seen all sorts of Pokémon. He was excited for Matt, too, and he couldn't wait to see which starter Matt chose. A short drive later and Tyler was pulling up to Professor Rowan's lab.

The car door opened immediately. Matt, followed closely by Alex, bolted outside and up to the lab, ringing the doorbell. Tyler joined them as the lab's doors opened to reveal an old gentleman in a white lab coat. "Why you must be Matt! It's a pleasure to meet you. Please, come in. I'll be with you shortly."

Matt nodded and the three followed the professor inside. Rowan walked into another room. Matt heard him say, "Now that you're all registered as a trainer, the final thing to do is to pick your Pokémon! A lot has changed over the years. It used to be, you could only choose between Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup. However, with this new trainer program in place where some children are choosing their Pokémon at thirteen, we professors decided to add something to make up for your journey starting late. So unless you'd prefer one of these three, I'm going to let you pick a starter from any region you'd like!"

"Wow, really?" Matt heard a boy around his age say. He swore he sounded familiar. The rest of the conversation was muffled, but a few minutes later, the new trainer appeared at the door. Matt stood up, recognizing his friend from trainer school. "Ricky?"

Ricky turned. "Matt! I just got a Pokémon!" Excitedly, Matt's friend released an orange lizard. "Charmander!" the little Pokémon cried. "Isn't she awesome?"

"She sure is. I'm about to get a Pokémon of my own, too!"

"Well, you know what that means, right?" Ricky said, a competitive, but friendly glare forming on his face. "We're rivals now." The Charmander copied Ricky's pose and facial expression.

"Wow, you two look like you're made for each other. I'll be seeing you around, man. And good luck on your journey!"

Ricky nodded. "Let's go, Charmander!" Charmander leapt onto Ricky's shoulder. The two new trainers waved goodbye to each other as Ricky left. Matt and Ricky had been going to school with each other since they were ten, the age most trainers leave for their journey. At thirteen, they both finally got their chance. And Matt was going to make sure his journey was the best experience of his life.

Professor Rowan came into the waiting room. "It's time for you to choose your Pokémon, Matt!"

In the room, Rowan placed a set of three Pokéballs on the table. "Your first step, Matt is to choose your partner that will accompany you throughout your journey. You may have heard me say this to the last trainer that was here, but the other Pokémon professors and I decided to implement a program to compensate for some trainers starting later than others. You, Matt, have the choice of starter from any of the world's five regions!" Sections of the table opened up around the first set of Pokéballs, revealing fifteen in total!

Matt stared at the Pokéballs in awe. Which one was he going to pick? There were so many. Seeing his surprise, Rowan asked, "Would you like to see them all?" Matt nodded, and Rowan released them. A myriad of green, orange, yellow, and blue Pokémon alike appeared before him, all looking up in anticipation.

However, one Pokémon met Matt's eyes: a Torchic. Matt smiled, and picked up the orange chick. "I choose you." It was cheesy, but Matt couldn't help it; he was too excited!

Rowan smiled. "Excellent choice. Now all that's left is to register you as a Sinnoh region trainer! Follow me over here." Matt obliged, watching all of the Pokémon return to their Pokéballs.

"Don't worry," Matt said quietly to the other Pokémon. "You'll all find a trainer some day." He swore he saw a few of the Pokémon with a smile on them.

Matt met Professor Rowan at a PC. "Now, place your Torchic's Pokéball on the scanner and enter your trainer information into the PC." Matt placed his new Pokémon's ball down and looked at the computer screen. It read:



Starter Pokémon:

Pokédex color:

Matt quickly filled out the form, eager to get started on his journey.

Name: Matt Cordia

Hometown: Oreburgh City

Starter Pokémon: Torchic

Pokédex color: Red

Rowan smiled. "Excellent." The computer whirred as a light emerged around Torchic's Pokéball. Two slots in the computer opened. Out of the smaller came Matt's trainer card, identifying him as an official Sinnoh trainer. Out of the larger: a brand new Pokédex. Matt took the two in glee. "Now, I imagine you'd like a badge case to hold the many badges I'm sure you'll get throughout your travels." Matt nodded, and Rowan handed him a black and red badge case. "Well, there you have it, you're all set! Thanks for coming today, Matt. I wish you well in your travels!"

"Thanks Professor," Matt said, staring at his Torchic's Pokéball. He left the room and immediately got knocked to the ground by his little brother. "Which Pokémon did you get, Matt?! Is it Piplup? Is it Snivy? Is it a Cyndaquil?!"

"Let me up and I'll show you, Alex." Matt laughed as his brother got up quickly. He released his new Torchic.

"Torchic!" The fire-type cried, greeting Matt's younger brother. Alex stared at it in awe.

"Hey, Matt, can I ask you something real quick?" Matt turned and saw Tyler.

"Sure, what's up?"

"This is your journey, so I don't want to impose on you, but…can I travel with you? I haven't traveled in such a long time. But I don't want to be just a trainer collecting gym badges. My dream in life is to be a Master of Legendaries, learning all I can about the legendary Pokémon all around Sinnoh!"

"That sounds like a great idea, Tyler! Of course you can come with."

Tyler smiled. "Of course, it is your journey. So it's your path to choose, cousin."

Matt nodded, and went back over to return his Torchic to his Pokéball, much to Alex's dismay.

"Excuse me, Tyler, but did I hear you say you wanted to research Legendary Pokémon?" Professor Rowan appeared at the door. "If I may ask you a favor, I have been looking for an assistant that specializes in legendaries for a while. May I ask you to find out as much as you can about these great creatures, and when you're done, I'll have a job for you here at my laboratory?"

Tyler's eyes widened. "I would love to, professor!"

"Great! I wish you both well. Goodbye now!"

As Matt rode back to Oreburgh with Tyler and Alex, thoughts filled his mind about the journey ahead of him-a journey sure to be filled with adventure, victory, and growing close with his new Torchic and the many Pokémon he'll catch along the way. And with his cousin Tyler coming with him to learn as much as he can about legendaries, it's sure to bring something interesting. Where will Matt go? Which Pokémon will he catch? Find out in the next episode of Pokémon Dimensions!