For Sam and Laura. Because Chaco. :D

Title from In A Market Dimly Lit by mewithoutYou because I suck at naming fics. *shrugs*

He said,

"I never met a dragon I didn't like."

And he said it with an irritating confidence

The kind you used to have,

without hesiā€¦tation or ((second guessing.))

Then he dared you to prove him wrong.

And you've tried;

Merlin knows you've tried.

Because he's a Weasley

and you're a Malfoy

and you can't just let him get away with that

can you?

Turns out

it isn't as easy as you thought.

Impossible, in fact.

Because he sees you

.:scars:. and all;

mistakes you've made

and bridges you've burned.

And he doesn't expect you to e.x.p.l.a.i.n. yourself

and he would never think to ask you to.

Because he doesn't care where you've been,

only that you're here.

And as much as you hate to admit it

something about him makes you think

you might be here to /stay/.

Because he's told you time and time again

he's never met a dragon he didn't like.

(And you're starting to believe him.)