Chapter 1

It had been a year and 6 months since they had seen her. Haruhi had moved to California in the United States with her father. Her father had gotten a really good job in something he studied in while in college with pay about 4 times what they were paid before. Her father knew when it would break all their hearts but he had to do what was best for the family. So when the Host Club found out they were heartbroken. But they stayed in touch in tell 6 month ago. No one had heard from her since, causing them all to worry.

So here they were in the hot California coming to see Haruhi. It was summer vacation so they decided to see how she was doing since they hadn't spoke to her she wasn't answering calls or anything. All the Host Club members it was time to pay her a visit it had been to long since last seeing her.

They pulled up in front of a fairly big house it was 2 stories not including the basement or attic. It was a dark brick house with a wraparound deck. There was a little car in the drive way and there seemed to be a fair size backyard. In the front yard all the flowers were attended to it was beautiful; the front deck had chairs and a little table.

The Host Club members were all shocked in their opinion the house wasn't grand but it was a really nice house. They stepped out and looked over the premises. Kaoru looked around "This is Haruhi's new house?" "It's actually livable!" Hikaru exclaimed. Tamaki took a breath "now do not intrude alright we just came to visit for a few days and were not staying here so don't ask." The twins nodded. Then a boy ran out of the house "see yah bye!" The whole host club came to realization what if Haruhi had replaced them.

They walked to the side door and knocked. When they heard Ranka called "Come in I'm in the kitchen." They all ached to see the woman they all still loved. When they walked into the kitchen Ranka was washing a dish. He turned around dish still in hand. Ranka actually looked like a man he wasn't wearing woman's cloths which was a shock to all the members. Ranka dropped the plate "You… Your here!"

Kyouya smiled pushing up his glasses "We're sorry for not calling first but" Ranka cut him off "NO! THANK YOU FOR COMING! I WAS WONDERING IF YOU'D VISIT I'M SO HAPPY." Hikaru "sorry sir we thought you'd be mad." "No not at all! I'm so thankful! Haruhi… I'm sure she will be happy… Excuse my manners sit I'll make some lemonade. Too hot for tea" all the members sat down surprisingly on chairs at a table they all fit at.

Ranka poured them all a glass. Tamaki took a drink "THIS IS AMAZING!" Ranka sat down and smiled sadly at his hands. "Boys…" The sound in his voice all caused them to pat attention. "Haruhi isn't exactly herself. She isn't the Haruhi you remember." Honey looked at him questioning "what do you mean Haru-Chan isn't herself?" Mori studied Ranka "yes what's wrong with her." Terror seemed to run through every one's veins was she hurt? Sick? "When we first moved here she seemed a bit sad and lonely I thought it would pass. But as time moved on she didn't get any better. Hauled up in her room all day for long hours at a time I didn't think to disturb her."

Tamaki stared at his glass "are you saying…" Kyouya cut him off they were all clearly interested. "Then when she got to school she didn't make friends, she studied allot more than normal, than she worked all her spare time, but then she began hobbies which wasn't so bad but she did them alone. She only seemed happy on the phone and then at that time I wasn't home at night I was working for a little extra money but one night I came home early I forget why. She was crying herself to sleep, not no silent tears full out heartbroken sobs I didn't know what to do. She hadn't cried like that in forever. I listened for quite a while and I started coming home early and it seemed every night that was the case."

Then I glass shattered pretty much explaining how everyone felt but Hikaru unable to think of it ended up squeezing the glass a bit too tight causing it to break. Ranka smiled sadly cleaning it up "exactly how I felt… Haruhi still hadn't made friends which was weird she always had friends and well she picked up on some weird behaviors. I took her to a therapist she was mad didn't talk to me for 3 days. But what else was I to do she stopped eating. But she slowly got better but every time she talked to you guys on the phone she broke a little why she stopped calling. But she didn't want you to know why."

Tamaki punched the table "Why?" he whispered. She had done so much for them but they couldn't do anything for her. She was alone again, not asking for help. She never let it show how sad she was. The twins weren't hurt by it they were hurt because the first person who ever came into their world and they couldn't even tell or be there when she was sad. Kyouya and Mori were both disappointed in themselves they had let someone down not something either was used to. Honey well he was smarter than everyone thought he was so he was being level head. As much as he was sad he was happy because now they could cheer her up help her be happy again.

Ranka smiled "But I'm very happy you're here now! How long are you staying for?" Tamaki looked up "in tell she doesn't need us anymore." They all gave their signature smiles. "Where are you staying?" They all sweat dropped. "Weeell we aren't sure yet… Were still trying to find a hotel." Ranka grinned from ear to ear and clasped his hands together "I have a wonderful idea we have 3 spare bedrooms upstairs, 1 has a queen bed, 1 has a bunk bed and one had a double but when u pull out bottom it's another bed. So 2 would have to stay in each room but saves money… Not like you don't have enough but having you guys around would be good for her."

Tamaki nodded "are you sure it is no trouble." Ranka "please I insist!" Honey yelled "YAY! OH I forgot to tell you I like your house." "Mm higher ceilings." Mori added making the twins giggle. Tamaki thought "Okay now for the bed arrangements!" The twins looked at each other and nodded "We will take the queen we sleep together all the time." They said together. Honey gave his cute smile "How big are the bunk beds and what are bunk beds?" "The top one is a twin the bottom one is a double. I'm sure you would fit Honinozuka. Bunk beds are one bed on top of each other but there is a space and mine is a bit different." "Takashi and I can share I will take the top. OKAY TAKASHI!" "mm." Mori nodded.

"That leaves me and you Kyouya!" Tamaki exclaimed. Kyouya shook his head pushing up his glasses "oh yay." "I call the bottom bed that you pull out!" Kyouya looked at him weird "you're volunteering to sleep on the floor?" "Yes Kyouya like I say when in Rome do as the Romans do! Come on Kyouya this is a good commoner experience for us!" Kyouya looked at his little black book "okay whatever you say." Ranka smiled and got his tranny on "Okay go grab your bags and put them in your rooms!" Hikaru looked at him "wait how come you have so many beds?" "Oh people use to board here. Mostly boys, they tried to be friends with Haruhi but she gave them the cold shoulder." Hikaru felt kind of bad for liking that.

Ranka helped them up into their rooms but Kyouya noticed the attic "what is up their Ranka." He looked up "Oh Haruhi's art studio." Hikaru came out "Haruhi has an art studio?" Kaoru smirked "can we seeeee?" Tamaki ran out "I WANT TO SEE MY PRECIOUS DAUGHTERS ART!" "YEAH!" agreed Honey. Ranka looked at Tamaki and bashed him on the top of the head "my daughter!" Tamaki flinched away and hid behind Kyouya.

They all went upstairs into the attic and sure enough there was paintings, drawing and pictures everywhere. "GUYS LOOK!" yelled Hikaru bending down. They all wandered over and there was perfect drawing of Ouran. They smiled then Kyouya called "this might be more to your interest." They all walked over and sure enough there are drawings of them.

Mori with Honey on his shoulders, Kyouya aka the shadow king (even said it in the name) was pushing up his glasses which had a slight glint, Tamaki was doing his Famous sideways glance, and the twins they were in the same position exactly with their Cheshire cat grins going. They looked exactly the same. Kyouya nodded "she nailed us quite well though… I cannot help but wonder when she learnt to draw." Ranka interrupted their train of thought "THAT GIRL SHE'S 45 MINUTES LATE SHE'S ALWAYS LATE NOW A DAYS…!"

Tamaki laughed but then said "I can't help but wonder where is Haruhi's bedroom?" "In the basement come with me." They all followed him into the family room basement it was quite nice and there was a huge t.v and a bar. Haruhi's room had no door but it was faire size but it had beads hanging from the top. There was also a black room like that. Then they heard the door. Everyone froze, Ranka whispered "HIDE! In there don't let her see you I want you to see whats she like now a days." They all obeyed and watched and waited. "DAD!" …