3rd person POV

It did not take long for Haruhi to fall back into her life and be welcomed into the family. Haruhi loved it and was happy. She missed her friends and father but this is where she belonged. She left pictures on her dresser a reminder along with the ring. But she was so happy to be back. But the one thing she didn't miss was the cold. She jumped right back into school to be the Lawyer she wanted to be. Haruhi used the fact she was behind the class as a challenge and she caught up.

The old Haruhi was back. But as much as she was back some old habits were still there and some new ones were forged. Every night after their work was finished Haruhi and Mori would lay in their bed and read with each other or Haruhi would tell stories about her day or whatever. Every Thursday The Host Club would have dinner but they saw them a lot anyways but Thursday nights always happened sometimes people would get sick or have a business trip but they would be back next Thursday. Haruhi would also help in the kitchen with dinners. The house was flooded with Haruhi's paintings. But they could never have been happier.

4 years later.

It was the day of their wedding and both were completely nervous. Both knew the other would be there to meet them at the aisle but it didn't stop them from being on the verge of a panic attack. Haruhi felt as everyone did the finishing touches on her. She had grown her hair out for this very day. Ranka was crying and she was trying her very best not to cry and ruin her makeup. Herself and Mori were the first to be married and when he proposed Haruhi didn't let him finish his sentence before saying yes.

They decided on an early autumn wedding, Instead of flower pedals different multicolored leaves, and everything was yellow, orange, green and red a beautiful mixture. Haruhi kept breathing in deep breaths she was so nervous. She was happy she managed to get her father to dress in a tux even though his tranny days were long over. Hikaru, Kaoru and Kyouya were to be her "bride's maids" Tamaki and Honey were Mori's best men. Tamaki had a fit that he wouldn't be walking with Haruhi but it was okay in the end he was happy to support Mori.

The twins had everything she was wearing specially made. Then she got in the line-up, Ranka took her arm and whispered "you look beautiful." "Thank you." She whispered back. Then the music began.

Mori thought his heart was going to pump out of his chest. Then he saw her and she was gorgeous. It was an outside wedding so she was wearing her beautiful silky slim strapless wedding dress, a long train behind her and a small veil. She had a small thing almost see through little coat that only covered her arms and ended right at the end of her breasts. Her chocolate brown hair was in a half up do with curls and braids. Mori felt like he was going to cry. She was beautiful, and she was his.

When they reached each other they could only smile. They smiled through the whole ceremony. Mori couldn't help but chuckle when he had to bend down to kiss his small wife.

The night was spent happily with friends and family. They found out they Kyouya and proposed to the woman he loved a week ago and they would be married the summer of the next year. Everything was perfect, they were all so happy.

3 years later.

Haruhi began to pace, what was she going to tell him. Hell she was still in shock she didn't even know what to say what to do. Mori's parents had retired 2 years ago so now they had this house to themselves. His parents had moved out to travel and his brother was in college somewhere Haruhi couldn't remember presently.

Haruhi began to get a special supper ready and put on some nicer clothing. She was so nervous, she hadn't been this nervous since their wedding. As supper finished Haruhi clicked her nails against the counter act natural, act natural. What was she going to do?! Haruhi took another large breath and flattened her jaw length hair. Then the door opened, he was home. Haruhi heard him come up the stairs to meet her. Mori smiled the same smile he did every day when he saw her.

He grabbed her pulling her into him kissing her hard on the lips for a long time. Haruhi finally pulled away "dinner is pretty much ready one minute." Mori looked confused "you cooked?" Haruhi nodded "yeah just you know as a treat." He could tell something was up. She wasn't in any particularly big cases that she could have won today what was going on? But he sat down at the table and she placed down lasagna. Which was his favorite and she was wearing more dressy clothing. Was it their anniversary it was late summer? No that wasn't until later September.

Mori said nothing as they ate but he noticed she was nervous. After dinner he pulled her to him as he sat on the couch "did you hear from Kyouya?" he asked trying to make conversation. A big smiled stretched across her face, Kyouya had his first baby a couple of weeks ago he was the happiest man alive right now with his wife and new son. Haruhi nodded "he sounded real happy he hates leaving them during the day." Haruhi turned pale "I will be right back."

She ran to the bathroom throwing up into the toilet. Morning sickness it sucked. She brushed her teeth quick and went and sat on their bed. How was she going to say it? Suddenly Mori's voice reached her ears "Haruhi what is going on?" he asked worried. He walked over bending down to her level to look her in the face. He knew she was nervous but he wished she would tell him why.

Then she mustered up the courage she looked him straight in the face "Takashi… I'm pregnant." Mori's eyes widened "your pregnant?!" Haruhi nodded nervously. Mori scooped her up in his arms and hugged her laughing. Haruhi felt relief she knew Mori wanted kids but they had never spoke about it. But the way he was reacting she was on cloud nine. Mori kissed her for a long while but then suddenly pulled away.

Haruhi cocked her head to one side curiously but Mori smiled "I wonder if it's going to be a boy or girl?" Haruhi laughed shrugging "I have no idea… I want a boy." Mori stared down at her in wonder "I want a girl." Haruhi smirked "Want to make a bet… Boy or girl?" Mori's smile got wider "alright."

Month 1

Everything was pretty normal for the first month beside the taste changes and sudden hunger. Though it didn't stop Mori from closely watching his wife for any sort of problems. Kyouya decided he would be Haruhi's doctor since he had just had his own child not very long ago. The Host Club was ecstatic and making bets on what the gender was. Most of them went with Haruhi because they believed in mother's instinct.

Month 2

Haruhi still hadn't noticed much change except for the small ones to her body. Her hunger was still rising and her taste buds were completely off. She also had cravings for straw berries and whip cream. She often complained she was going to get fat. And yet the morning sickness kept coming. Mori still watched her with a very close eye but stayed out of her way not to make it obvious.

Month 3

At month 3 Haruhi was happy to say her morning sickness finally stopped and she was very glad. But she kept getting hungrier which was irritating for her because she felt like she was going to get fat. She also found herself with intense highs and lows. Most days she was on top of the world but there were days she wouldn't leave her bed. Though Mori never seem to get on her bad side yet.

Month 4

Finally Haruhi had her baby bump she hadn't noticed it in the morning but when it was there she started crying. Mori came home early due to a text saying come home now. When she showed him they were more than happy. Tears came easily to both of them that day, it finally kicked in… they were having their first baby. Steadily through the month she got larger and so did her apatite. Haruhi was not expecting it when it happened, she suddenly felt a kick. Mori was beside her on the couch and the look on her face made him worry but it was soon relieved by his hand on her stomach. He laughed

They later went to Kyouya who let them hear the baby's heart-beat. Haruhi smiled and laughed her baby. Mori then subtly started to do more things that Haruhi normally does so she wouldn't have to work as hard. The Host Club started to come around more to helping Mori not to worry that Haruhi was doing too many things.

Month 5

Month 5 was a huge change as Haruhi could feel herself getting heavier and see herself getting larger. She was more energetic at times but also took frequent naps during the day. It at first made Mori worry until Kyouya told him it was perfectly fine and they decided to wait to find out the sex. Mori then started to be around more which kind of annoyed Haruhi but she knew it was because he was worried and protective.

But soon after the cramps began, the leg cramps that would wake Haruhi up at night in tears. Mori worried constantly and made sure he could do anything to make her feel better. The Host Club was starting preparations for a baby shower and started coming around more often to make sure she was good. They thought Haruhi hadn't clued in but she very much did. Haruhi also went on maternity leave.

Month 6

In this month they finally had their baby shower. Haruhi found herself bored on maternity leave. She felt very uncomfortable and hungry during this stage. But she exercised quite a lot because it helped the nagging aches in her body. Haruhi and Mori were often fascinated by the frequent moving of the baby. They had finally started picking out names. They also discovered the baby would react to certain sounds. At the sound of Mori or Haruhi's voice it would be happy but at the louder sounds such as the rest of The Host Club screaming seemed to irk it. But Haruhi often found people would be touching her belly feeling the baby flip and kick.

Month 7

At month 7 all of the baby's movement had ceased much to Haruhi's disappointment. It may have felt weird and at times hurt she was sad to feel the baby stop moving. She started noticing she was getting very large. She often made Mori give her massages due to aches and cramps she was getting. But nothing was worse than the false contractions which scared herself and Mori every time in fear their baby might be born premature. Haruhi wasn't allowed to do much movement now since Mori restricted it and Ranka began coming down for visits. Haruhi was also constantly applying cream to her stomach and breasts to keep from bad stretch marks.

Month 8

It was finally month 8 and Haruhi and the toilet became best friends because she often had to pee. Also she tired very easily and slept a lot of the day away much to Mori's relief. But it didn't stop her from trying things while she was awake. The baby was fully grown and Haruhi was quite large and Mori stayed close to his tiny pregnant wife. He knew the baby could be born at any time within the next 2 months. Kyouya came for house visits now and was on speed dial along with his wife so Haruhi could ask questions. When Mori noticed Haruhi was having a harder time breathing he panicked and called Kyouya in a wreck. But Kyouya soon calmed him at the fact since the baby was large this was normal.

Month 9

Finally the baby was ready to be born but it did not seem to want to come out any time soon. Haruhi was restricted to her bed and Mori would only let her move for things such as peeing which she did often and hygiene. Kyouya would often come for longer visits along with the rest of the hosts but they had to be quiet Mori's orders. Which was strictly followed.

Finally the day came and Mori did not leave his wife's side. It was hours of labour and screaming from Haruhi. Mori felt horrible for his wife she was so young and tiny. The screams of pain made him flinch. But the baby was delivered by Kyouya himself at his hospital. When the baby came out a smirk lie on Kyouya's face. The baby was a girl just like Mori wanted. They quickly cleaned the baby and gave her to an exhausted Haruhi. Haruhi smiled as she stared down at her little daughter. Mori couldn't be happier his first child and it was girl like he wanted.

The baby had Ranka's curly red hair, Mori's grey eyes and looked exactly like Haruhi. The baby was tiny so tiny Mori could hold her with one arm. But Mori wouldn't dare he held his child preciously in his arms. The baby girl was born May 16th at 10:29 pm. The baby girls name was Akira Morinozuka. Not soon after she was born she was showered with gifts and love. Akira was also introduce to Kyouya's now 10 month year old son Ryou Ootori.

8 months later.

It was late at night but yet Akira was still awake. Mori had went on his first business trip since Haruhi was 4 months pregnant. Haruhi pretty much had to force him out the door. Haruhi was nothing better to do paced around rocking her little angel in her arms. Then she came across her dresser and on it were pictures. It was a picture of herself, Harley and Lawson. They 3 others of her and Harley and another of just Harley. Sadness suddenly came to her.

It had been years and Haruhi tried not to think about it because to her it was a fresh wound still. Suddenly Akira pulled on the necklace with Harley's ring on it that was around Haruhi's neck. Haruhi often told Akira who that was and it was her mother's dead old best friend. Akira really liked that necklace. Haruhi kept rocking Akira until finally she fell asleep right in time not to see her mother letting a few stray tears slip down her face. She had never spoken to Lawson since then.

Bury everything you learnt from the gang and move on with your life.

Harley's voice whispered in her head. She then nodded looking down at her sleeping baby. She placed Akira in her crib and went to grab a box and a small pearl clam shaped container. Haruhi took all her clothing from the gang and put them in the bottom of the large box. Then the photo album and letter and different documents and nick nacs from that time. Then it was the pictures on her night stand at the very top.

Then she slowly peeled off Harley's necklace for the first time in 12 years and placed it in the clam container on the very top of the stuff. She muttered "Good bye."

3 days later…

When Mori came home he noticed all of everything including the gang was gone stripped from the house. Every little piece of that time was gone. When he seen her he noticed that even The Necklace was gone. Haruhi pointed out a box "Akira and our future children I never want them to know about it. They can know about California but nothing about the Gang. Hide the box and never mention the gang again." She said. Mori could tell it was killing her. But he did as he was told because even though he didn't want to hide things he respected her wishes and knew a part of her died every time she seen those things. So he followed exactly what she said.

Important parts as life passed by… in order btw.

As time flew by Hikaru and Tamaki had each a son of their own. While Kaoru had a little girl. Each one of them as beautiful as their parents before them. Not 4 years after Akira was born Mori and Haruhi had a pair of twins a boy and girl. The boy was born first and named Toshiro and the girl named Sora. Soon after the other hosts had more children.

As time flew by Akira was incredibly talented in martial arts like her mother and father before her. She was more outgoing than her mother and father before her but incredibly smart. She was very beautiful and many men jumped over hoops trying to impress her but she was heavily guarded by her father and Ryou. Ryou was her best friend all through life. When Akira was 16 and her other 2 siblings were 12 she decided she wanted to be the heir to the Morinozuka fortune her being a woman or not. Mori had followed the rule the men got the rights but the oldest did as well but with some persuading from Haruhi he excepted it.

Life seemed to spiral on when at the age of 21 Akira married Ryou Kyouya's oldest son. Ryou gave up being the successor to his family passing it on to his younger brother to run the Morinozuka family with Akira when her parents finally passed it down to her. No one ever found out about the gang.

But the story wasn't nearly over for Toshiro and Sora. They were born with their father's hair color but their mother's straight hair and their mother's eye color. Unlike there elder sister they were tall. Toshiro was an inch shorter than Mori himself and Sora resigned at 5' 10". Toshiro was very serious like his father before him and very protective of his sister which he was very close to. He wasn't as close with her as Hikaru and Kaoru was but they were very close. So when it came to Hikaru's son Katsu asking Sora out it wasn't just Mori who had a problem with it.

But Sora complimented Katsu as well as Haruhi was for Hikaru. Katsu was hyper like Hikaru and took some taming and Sora with her seriousness but a little bit of playfulness was a great compliment for Katsu. At the age of 24 Sora and Katsu were married. Toshiro had married another woman at the age 27. But the family had never been happier. Though Mori almost had a heart attack having Kyouya and Hikaru and Kaoru as in laws. Koaru's daughter married Tamaki's son so they all were family.

Tamaki was so happy they were all a family just like he fantasized about in high school. And some things never changes, the twins antics, people fussing over Haruhi, dinner Thursday night, and all the little things.

It wasn't tell the age of 62 and 64 Haruhi and Mori finally gave up the family fortune. Still tell that day no one mentioned The Gang. Honey was now a widowed man due to his wife dying of illness. Koaru had remarried by that time but all the others were with the same partner. Every laughed that Mori and Haruhi were the model married couple due to them never fighting and always being close. Also they were very close with their children.

But tragedy struck at the age of 79 Mori finally had his peaceful passing. Haruhi knew it was coming as he slowly aged, Honey, Tamaki and Kaoru had already passed by then. Ranka had passed when Haruhi was 55. Haruhi knew she wasn't too far behind him, that her time was slowly running out. So finally at the age of 82 Haruhi could still walk and things but slowing down she knew it was now or never.

Before she left she went to Mori's grave and said "I need to make one last visit before I can be ready." Kyouya was very close to his own death and Hikaru was still kicking but like Haruhi was running out of time. Haruhi gathered on a plane taking 1 maid and 1 butler with her as she boarded the plane to where she had avoided at all costs. California. She never got out that box but she had to make a few last goodbyes.

As the car pulled up to Harley's grave there was other graves joining it. None as grand as Harleys but there were some bigger ones such as Lawson's and Mandy's. Haruhi brought roses laying some on each grave. It was funny how Harley's stood out so much still even after 63 years. Haruhi smiled sadly at it "I'm sorry I never told them about you Harley you said to bury it so I did. But you're still my best friend and I still love you." Her voice was old and soft now not hard and vibrant like the last time she spoke to him.

She turned away and walked away slowly when she heard "see you soon." Through the air. She turned back to see Harley still very young and beautiful leaning against his grave smiling. Haruhi waved and turned her back on him slowly retreating to the car. She said all her goodbyes.

A week after her trip Haruhi finally made her peaceful passing in her sleep. Her children and family cried, Kyouya shed tears and Hikaru cried hard. They never expected to outlive the Queen of the host club. It wasn't until a month later the children started going through their parents old things when they found it. The box.

Akira stared at it curiously she called over her siblings. Akira couldn't believe it, she remembered these faces she finally realized from where. She called over Sora and Toshiro as they went through the box in shock. A secret that had been hidden their whole lives. They had never seen their mother fight but they knew she had some sort of training due to her sharp reflexes but never this.

The next day they went to Kyouya and Hikaru who told them the whole story. The story of Haruhi and the host club. Then they told another story changing the one they always knew. The Story of how what happened When They Met Again.

That's right folks the story is over and I have to thank you for sticking with me this whole time. I have other projects going if you want to look. None of them being Ouran High School Host Club they are currently on pause. But I'm very grateful for you all and I love you all very much thank you for sticking around and I hope you loved the story and ending. I'm sorry about a few feels I threw in there. But one last thing. Thank you.