I was inspired by this fanfiction you should read it!

I do not own Doctor who, or else the Doctor would have at least got to say "Rose Tyler...I love you."

Amy was looking for the doctor and found the mystery Rose-Colored door. The doctor had onde told her to never go in there, but she heard someone crying, and went in. Inside it was pink with pictures of a man in a leather jacket, a man in a pinstripe suit, the same man in a trenchcoat, and a woman mid-40's that was probably her mother. Then on the bed she saw the doctor holding a frame and crying, hugging it, and said "Oh Rose." She left.

The doctor was really missing rose at the moment and decided to find a picture of her, he went into her room, and found a picture of rose just smiling at the camera. he held it and cried. "Oh rose." he heard someone close the door and thought, 'I better find amy.'

Amy told Rory what she saw, and the doctor came in. he had tears streaming down his face, still hold the photo. "Which one of you found me.?" He questioned. Amy raised her hand. "Okay, that was one of my former companions, and I-I l-l-love her." Amy gasped. "Yeah, Yeah, let's drop it okay?"

That was where they left it, but the doctor always had the picture in the console room.

First Doctor Who Fic, was it okay?