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"I gave you my mind blindly" Christine said.

"You tried my patience" Erik said backing him self up. "Make your choice" He said gripping Raoul's rope tighter.

"Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of live have you known? God give me courage to show you, you are not alone" She sings.

While Raoul just stares at her, watching her give her self up to this distortion, he starts to tear up.

"Christine please don't, you love me remember?"

She looks back at Raoul for a moment, but turns back to the phantom.

"Free him... please?"

"What have you chosen?"

She stands on her toes and kisses him just briefly.

"You..." She said sadly looking back once more at her lost lover. "Now please before we all get caught down here"

Erik walks gracefully over to Raoul and unties his knots while Christine moves the lever so the gate can open for him, Raoul tires to run towards Christine, but Erik grabs his arm.

"You stay away from us or I will come after you and I will have no mercy on you next time" He pushes Raoul down into the water.

Christine jumps slightly at the sight of Raoul falling, he scrambles to get up and run away not looking back.

She gets a pain in her stomach that he didn't even try to save her or look at her, so she runs off into another room. But not even Erik ran after her, mostly because there is no place to hide in his dungeon, he finds his mask and ties it back on feeling more powerful now that his distortion was covered, then goes to his sword that was glistening in the water, he picks it up admiring the skulls ruby eyes and the detail of it all, getting distracted just briefly, he puts it away in the sheath and goes to find Christine, in the dressing room crying.

"Christine..." He says softly so she doesn't hear him, but then his attention turns back to the 4 guards intruding his lair. "My dear sirs, welcome to your death!" He shouts, freighting Christine more, as he heard her slightly yelp in fear.

He jumps into the water and deflects the first sword pushing the guy into the water, slits the next guys stomach open, he falls to the ground, ducks under the next sword that comes his way, cutting the back of his neck, and finally stabbing the last guy with ease, he stops dead in his tracks hearing the first guy get up.

"I wouldn't try anything, I can hear you move" Erik said not even facing the man.

"You think your this great thing, but we can all see though your mask, all you are is a monster" The guard said trying to move closer to him without making noise.

As soon as Erik felt the guard close enough to him, he swung around losing his mask, stabs the guy in the stomach, pushing the blade all the way through, making him fall to his knees, Erik was shocked that he was still alive for the most part, so for revenge of the hurtful things he said to Erik, he takes his sword and plunges it down his mouth and down into his stomach killing him.

More voices come and this time he hears Raoul speak, so he runs into the dressing room and grabs Christine off the ground, making her moan in pain and pulls her to the disappearing mirror, he opens in and pulls her through.

Raoul stops inside the lair and see's all the dead bodies and no sight of the phantom or Christine.

"We keep looking, no one rest until I have her back in my arms" Raoul says angry.

"Raoul" Meg sighs. "We may never find her the Phantom is a sneaky creƤture, she's gone, I'm sorry" Meg Giry said looking at Raoul with passion.

"Shut up Meg, you're not sleeping either" He said with such rage. "Now you know this place better than I do where would he go?"

"I do not know De Chaney, he has so many places to hide he could be any where in the Opera house by now"

"That's not good enough!" He said almost back handing Meg.

Madame Giry see's him lift his hand to her daughter.

"De Chaney that is enough back away from my daughter"

He bows at the sight of her.

"I am sorry Madame Giry, I'm just angered at this monster"

"Go home and sleep De Chaney, we will find them another day"