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The club was normally warm, but tonight it was hot in here – not surprising, since Embers had just finished his strip show, with all that fire shooting up around the stage. Demyx had been hitting his daiquiri pretty hard, to keep cool of course, and by the time that manager guy showed up and started talking to them, he was feeling a little dizzy…and nice. And there was that one boy…oh God, he was so cute. All the boys here were hot, but there was something about that slender, pale beauty that got Demyx's attention, even in the middle of the strip show on the main stage.

When Roxas headed off to meet Embers, Demyx turned before his friend had even vanished from sight – and he located that pretty young thing with the slate-colored hair almost at once. Demyx held up a twenty, waving him over.

Dark eyes lifted and met his across the room, and the boy nodded, beginning to weave toward him. Demyx watched him glide forward – smooth and graceful and incredibly sexy. He was nearly naked in his costume – a slutty policeman. He wore a hat, a mini jacket – open over his smooth, tantalizing chest – and high-heeled boots and tiny, dark-blue shorts. He carried a night stick. He kept his eyes fixed on Demyx as he approached, and Demyx licked his lips, his eyes wandering over the pretty stripper. The front of his shorts stood out slightly, defining the shape of his penis, and Demyx had to remind himself that a lap dance was a lap dance – nothing more.

The pretty stripper reached him, and Demyx grinned, holding up the twenty. "Hi! I'm Demyx, and…"

The rest was a muffled grunt as the bill vanished from his fingers and a warm, wet, delicious mouth closed over his own. Before he knew what was happening, the stripper's tongue was swirling deep in his mouth, making every thought evaporate in a hot rush of lust.

Slender arms grasped the high back of the bar stool and caged him where he was, skin pressing close as Demyx's mouth was completely and relentlessly ravished by the beauty. The kiss was dark, raw, and aggressively sexual. Demyx was hard as a rock almost immediately, and beginning to sweat. He moaned into the beautiful young man's mouth, his hands coming up…but then hesitating to touch. Touching was supposed to be against the rules here, he was pretty sure…

The stripper broke the kiss suddenly and pulled back, fixing Demyx with a burning stare, with the half of his face not covered by his dark-colored hair – mostly a slate-blue, but with long streaks of black scattered through it. One dark eye studied him, lust filling the intense gaze, and Demyx felt a shiver run over his skin. "Um…I'm…uh, what's your…your name?"

For answer, a strong hand gripped his, and Demyx was hauled to his feet and dragged behind the stripper, who crossed the club quickly, heading toward the entertainment rooms.

Demyx didn't try to speak again right away – the club was too loud to be talking to someone a little more than arm's length away. For now, he just followed, and blinked when they reached a booth and the stripper tapped the wall beside the door – in glittery script, a little tag read, "Princess." Then the stripper dragged him into the booth.

"Is that what they call you?" Demyx asked. "Princess?" That dark eye fixed on his face again, and the stripper nodded once, shortly, then pushed Demyx into the waiting chair. There was also a couch in the booth, long enough to almost lie down on and broad enough to fit two people side by side. Princess turned to the couch and pulled one of the cushions up, turning it over and showing the hidden side to Demyx.

It was covered in writing.

Lap dance $20, frottage $30, oral on customer $40, oral on entertainer $10, ass play either party $30, full anal on customer $70, full anal on performer $100. The list continued, getting a little unnerving as it went. Bondage of customer $10, partial restrictive bondage of entertainer $60, full restrictive bondage of entertainer $120, whipping of customer complimentary, whipping of entertainer $40, fisting of customer $20, fisting of entertainer $70, toys available at $10 per hour per item, all other services please see management.

Demyx only realized that his jaw was hanging open a little when the stripper – Princess – put the cushion back and was suddenly in his lap, tongue back in his mouth and sucking hard. Demyx grunted in surprise, but the sound turned into a moan almost at once as Princess began to roll his hips, thrusting against Demyx's lap.

Cock throbbing in response, Demyx kissed back, not catching the moment when Princess hit a button on some kind of stereo and a song started playing with a slow, heavy, sensual beat. Then Princess pulled back, giving him a melting look as he began to writhe slowly in time to the music. The lovely boy tossed the night stick aside, and then his hands were roaming over his body as he rocked and swayed in Demyx's lap. Fingers raked through hair, stroked down a slender neck, and caressed a smooth, pretty chest. Princess bit his lip as he found and pinched both his nipples, rolling them into temptingly hard pink nubs right in front of Demyx's face. Fucking hell, he wanted to touch…why did it have to be against the rules? But then, if Princess had shown him that list to indicate that those things were possible…some of them couldn't be done without touching…

Leaning closer, Princess tweaked a nipple and arched, placing his chest impossibly close to Demyx's lips. The blond swallowed. "Um…are you…I mean, I thought there was a no touching rule here…"

In answer, Princess grabbed both his wrists and pulled his hands around behind the boy's back. Demyx caught his breath as both his hands were firmly planted on either side of an incredibly cute little butt. He licked his lips, glancing up uncertainly into Princess' face. "Yeah?"

Princess narrowed his eyes a little and placed his hands over Demyx's…and made him squeeze. Then he pushed his chest forward again, and Demyx clutched at the firm curves of the stripper's ass and leaned in and closed his mouth over the perked little nipple.

"Haa…" The whisper-soft sound was a slight exhale of breath, and Demyx glanced up. Princess hadn't said a word yet, and Demyx was beginning to wonder why, but that tiny little sound was…strangely encouraging. He massaged the round bottom he held and let his teeth play gently with the nipple, then moved to the other. Fingers threaded into his hair, pulling him tighter against Princess' body, and Demyx shuddered with desire.

And Princess kept dancing. Kissing and dancing.

The song ended, and as the next one began, the stripper pulled back, gave Demyx one impossibly hot, lusty look with his visible eye, and rolled his shoulders, sensually shrugging out of the police jacket. Demyx's libido throbbed up a notch at the sight of so much pale, smooth, naked skin. Princess was writhing in his lap now, wearing nothing but a tiny pair of shorts that made Demyx's underwear look extremely modest – well, shorts and heels and hat, but only the shorts really counted, in Demyx's mind.

Hypnotized by those rolling hips, Demyx couldn't miss one telling detail, either – the bulging outline of Princess' cock was definitely bigger and more defined than before. He was getting hard…Demyx was so hard it hurt…and then that wet, delicious mouth pulled back again and that dark eye gave him a long, hungry look…and glanced pointedly over at the couch.

Breathing in, long and deep, Demyx licked his lips. He might have put on a brave show for Roxas, and yeah, maybe he'd been to see his fair share of strip shows, but in reality, he'd never paid for sex before. Usually, he told himself it was too expensive, and he didn't want it that bad…

But it's not that expensive for a blow job…right? What was a blow job again…?

As Demyx was trying to remember and do mental math while dealing with an erection, Princess backed up just a little, slid his hand all the way down his own torso…and grabbed Demyx's cock through his jeans.

And Demyx forgot all the numbers and amounts with a vague feeling of fuck it, because maybe this time, just once, he really did want it that bad.

His hips pushed up from the chair into Princess' hand and he gasped something that sounded like, "Oh God yes right there…more!" And then there was a tiny, teasing little smirk on that pretty face as Princess arched a questioning eyebrow at him, slowly rubbing up and down the hard shape of Demyx's penis. He had a vague feeling the stripper wanted him to say what exactly "more" meant – what he wanted Princess to do – but Demyx couldn't get enough air into his lungs.

So he dove for the button and zipper on the little costume shorts and fumbled with them, half trying to get them open…and half trying to feel the erection underneath.

But Princess slid away, out of his grasping hands, and Demyx looked up to see that little smirk again, and one index finger, pointed upward, waving back and forth as is to say, "Uh uh…tisk tisk." Then Princess was standing right in front of him, twisting his body and pulsing with the music's beat, his hands roaming downward…and tugging at the button and zipper Demyx had failed to get open.

Dark eyes watched him with a hot stare, but Demyx could only flick his gaze up from time to time – it was too hard to look away as those nimble little fingers played with the front of Princess' pants, slowly loosening them, starting to ease them down, revealing a little black thong that… Oh my God. Demyx shuddered, nearly coming at the sight as Princess pushed his shorts down to his thighs. That thong wasn't covering…much of anything. Not that any underwear could. The shining, pink cap of Princess' cock was poking out over the top of that little piece of fabric, and Demyx would swear the stripper couldn't be more than half-erect. But he was already so big! Such a slender little beauty…but so hung. His heavy balls were popping out of the thong too – almost nothing was hidden. And then Princess set to work stripping off the sad excuse for a piece of underwear.

Stripping wasn't so much stripping when Princess did it, as…playing. Touching. Fondling. Stroking. Tugging fabric tight around his privates, showing the outline of his shaft, then dragging it down so, so slowly, revealing his glorious cock one inch at a time…

And then the thong was gone, Princess stepped smoothly out of it like it had ceased to exist, and he lifted his penis and cupped his own balls and fondled both so that Demyx could see just how big they were…

So fucking big…wow.

And then the dancer was sinking to his knees, pushing Demyx's legs open, his slender hands gliding up the insides of Demyx's thighs.

"Oh my God…you're…um."

Dark eyes glanced up at him as Princess opened his mouth and suckled at the denim-covered shape of Demyx's much-too-hard penis. Demyx swallowed, his whole body shivering. "Crap…that's…nnnh so sexy."

Princess gave him a teasing smile, his tongue slipping out to trail over Demyx's fly. "Oh my God…" Demyx moaned, watching with trembling anticipation, "why am I still wearing all my clothes when you're naked?"

Princess quirked one eyebrow upward, and Demyx thought he caught a flicker of amusement. Then he forgot about it, because Princess grabbed his zipper pull between his teeth…and dragged it down.

Demyx was panting as the pressure on his erection relented, but unfortunately for his restraint, Princess did not immediately go for his cock. The lovely stripper seemed to decide it was time to strip Demyx, and he made quite a sexy little show out of it – inching Demyx's pants down over his hips, dragging them down his thighs as Demyx toed his own shoes off…just to help. Then, oh so slowly, Princess was dragging off one pant leg at a time. And after that – damn tease – he left Demyx's underwear in place and…took off his socks. With his teeth.

When that warm, wet tongue slipped between his freed toes, however, Demyx forgave the delay…and discovered something about himself he hadn't known. Oh my God that feels…! "Ahh! Ahhhh! Oh shit, no more, gonna…nnngh lose it!" Princess, thankfully, looked up at him and stopped. Demyx struggled to catch his breath and pull back from the edge of coming in his boxers. "Oh my God, if I'd known toes felt like that, I'd have been sucking on mine every time I jerked off…"

The tiniest sound interrupted Demyx's thoughts – it might have been a little…snort of laughter? He glanced down at Princess, realizing that he's said that out loud…and saw the little upward twist of that pretty mouth just before Princess turned his head to hide his face behind his fringe of hair. Demyx swallowed, embarrassed as hell but filled with a weirdly warm tingle at the thought that he'd made Princess laugh. Maybe he should try again…

But then the stripper turned back to him again, and the lust was back. Demyx had a flickering moment to wonder if it was real or an act…and then a hot little tongue was trailing up the inside of his leg, heading for his boxers.

Demyx studiously contemplated lima beans in an effort to keep himself from orgasming as Princess pulled his boxers down with his teeth – all the way down and off. Demyx's cock sprang free, pointing straight up and quivering for attention, and still Princess didn't just do it. He crawled forward, staring right at it, but not touching – he placed his hands under the hem of Demyx's t-shirt, and as he lifted upward to take it off, he ducked his head so that his long fringe brushed so lightly, so teasingly over his aching erection… Lima beans, lima beans, lima oh-my-God beans!

Princess may have kept his delicious little mouth off of Demyx's cock, but he didn't do the same with the rest of him. The process of taking off a shirt had never taken so long – simply because Princess needed to stop and lick and suck almost every inch of Demyx's chest on his way up. "Eep!" Demyx's gasp was embarrassingly high-pitched when Princess latched his hot mouth onto a nipple. Demyx would have grabbed the stripper at that point, but his arms were over his head, held there in a tangled mess of half-removed t-shirt, and all he could do was arch his back and push himself into the warm body, begging for more. "Please do that again, oh please please please the other one too, oh…yes!"

He was coated in sweat and writhing now, and Princess was sucking on his neck in a way Demyx knew was going to leave some obvious marks…and his t-shirt finally slipped away, and they were both naked – except for the hat and boots the stripper still wore. And just as Demyx noticed this, he realized that Princess was now straddling him on the chair. Their eyes met, and Princess shifted forward and very deliberately touched his large cock to Demyx's. Closing the gap, Demyx felt one hand wrap around, pressing their shafts together and…holding them there. Not moving. Dark eyes just watched him, and the stripper tilted his head slightly, as if questioning.

Demyx didn't know what he needed to say, but he knew he needed to say something to make things continue. "Oh crap, yesdo it. Anything you want, dear God, just do whatever you want with me…oh. Uh…" Some of the activities on Princess' fee list popped into his mind. "Um…not the bondage kinda stuff though. Nothing that hurts, just, uh, normal stuff…" A careful, slight shift of Princess' hips made their cocks glide against each other for a moment. "Fuck yes, like that! That kinda thing…anything like that, I don't care, just let me come, oh baby I can't take it anymore…!"

His mouth stopped working, and it took Demyx a second to realize it was because Princess had kissed him again. He was answering the kiss on instinct alone before he knew what was happening, and then Princess rolled his hips forward and Demyx didn't care what was happening, whatever was going on it was good, because bolts of heat were shooting through his body as his penis finally got the attention and friction it had been begging for.

He was already leaking precome like a fountain, making both their hot cocks slick and slippery as they rubbed together. Princess was dancing again, somehow keeping his hands around their erections, holding them together and thrusting his hips while keeping the beat of the music. Demyx was hypnotized by those slender hips, the way they rolled forward, the way that soft, flat tummy flexed, showing the faint outline of Princess' abs. And his cock… Holy hell. It was so big, so hot and hard and sexy. So impressive for such a short, slender little guy…with a pretty little frame of slate-colored hair around the base. So…pretty. Big, but still pretty, and so…him.

That was the last coherent thought Demyx had for a while, because Princess began to thrust hard and fast, frotting against him vigorously – and Demyx was already much too close to his orgasm to resist. Dizzy with alcohol and heat, teased and aroused half out of his mind, it only took a minute of aggressive thrusting before he gasped, tensing, and grabbed Princess by the hips as his cock erupted, shooting semen all over his own chest and stomach. He was moaning – something like, "Oh yes, yes baby, ah! F…f…fuck!" – and fingers were grazing up his shaft as it pulsed…and then Princess let go, leaned in, and began to gently and sensually suck and kiss over his neck. So as Demyx started to come down from the mind-blowing high, he was sinking into the waiting luxury of sweet, comforting touches and warm, soft lips.

"God, you're perfect," Demyx sighed, wrapping his arms around the slender body above him. "I wish I could stay with you all night." The alcohol in him made him ramble a bit as he nuzzled into that slim chest. "I just wanna cuddle, and make love, and talk, and…oh." Demyx glanced up, wincing. "I guess we wouldn't be talking, huh? Sorry about that, I didn't mean to offend you…"

Confusion crinkled Princess' brow for a moment, then it cleared as he rolled his eyes and shook his head. He shrugged dismissively, leaving Demyx unsure how to interpret that gesture. "Are you…I mean, I don't know if you can't talk, or if you just…don't want to, so…" Princess shook his head, then nodded. "Oh, you can?" Demyx wanted to be sure; Princess nodded again. "So…do you ever talk, or is there a reason…?" Princess just shrugged slightly, staring at him. Demyx kept searching. "Is it something I have to pay for?"

The look he got that time was a little sexy, but a little pitying too. Princess shook his head, leaned in, and slipped his tongue between Demyx's lips. The blond lost his train of thought for a minute as Princess tongued him, and he focused on answering the sweet caresses of the stripper's deep kiss. When Princess finally drew back to give him a little air, saliva hung between their tongues for a moment…then Demyx collected himself, cleared his throat, and tried to get his weak voice working again. "I just…I wish I at least knew your…your real name."

An eyebrow arched. "I mean," Demyx backpedalled a little, "not that 'Princess' isn't completely cute and sexy and kinda fits you, in a weird but good way…but I don't think your parents call you that, so…" The stripper shook his head, his mouth curling in a tiny smile. "Yeah." Demyx grinned in return. "I guess I'm just curious. I understand though; it's cool if you can't tell me. I like you anyway."

Again, a little smile curled the stripper's lips, and just as Demyx was pausing to admire how cute that made him, the tip of that little pink tongue came out and traced the rim around Princess' mouth. Demyx swallowed, watching, and then glanced up to see those dark eyes staring at him with a sexual heat in them again. Suddenly, he was very aware of the weight of Princess' huge erection resting against his lower abdomen…as the stripper slowly, purposefully leaned close, dipping his head to the side and nuzzling into Demyx's neck. Those warm lips parted, and Demyx felt Princess drag his tongue over Demyx's throat in a slow lick, leaving a wet trail which he retraced with hot, open-mouthed kisses.

"You're gonna…" Demyx gasped, then swallowed. "Gonna get me hard again…if you do that…Princess."

For answer, he felt a soft hand trail down his chest, pausing for a few minutes to press and tweak his nipples…then sliding lower, fingers caressing his re-awakening cock and lifting it, wrapping around the semi-flaccid length, one thumb drawing electric patterns of pleasure over the sensitive head. "Oh, God yes!" Demyx moaned, feeling his cock swell rapidly into a full-blown erection, Princess' hand stroking him lightly to help encourage his arousal.

A hot mouth began to move down his body, and Demyx arched into the caress as Princess kissed over his chest to his nipple, licking and sucking each one for a few moments before sinking lower. He slid off Demyx's lap with boneless ease, coming to rest on the floor, kneeling between Demyx's legs. The blond shivered as he looked down to see Princess, poised close to his quivering erection, wet lips parted and ready to…

"Ahhhngh, yes!" With an effortless suck, Princess swallowed Demyx down. Demyx had no idea how much practice the stripper had, but clearly he'd learned how to do this. That mouth never stopped until lips were snugly clasping the base of his shaft, his cock deep in Princess' throat. And then he began to swirl his tongue against the sensitive underside of Demyx's penis, making his shaft pulsate with pleasure over and over.

With a long slurping sound, Princess pulled back until barely the tip of Demyx's erection was between his lips – the wet, shining head framed by pretty pink, that wicked tongue flicking out to play with his slit over and over. Fluid oozed from his burning cock, and Princess licked it up, making sure Demyx could see the little droplets glistening on Princess' tongue before he closed his mouth and swallowed the essence down. A soft hand grasped his shaft and pumped him steadily, tongue and lips beginning to tease and suck little kisses all around the pink cap of Demyx's penis, tracing his glans, nudging around the hard flesh and sliding the soft skin up and down the rigid column. Demyx groaned, swelling even further – he didn't know if he'd ever been this hard. He felt like he was about to burst…

"Oh baby…Princess…please! I'm gonna c-come and I…I mean you don't have to but…but would you?" Dark eyes watched his face, waiting, as Demyx struggled for words. Watching that tongue play with his cock was just too distracting. "S-Swallow…" A long deep-throat as Princess went down his shaft again. "A-Ahhh! God yes, please! Please drink…drink it! I want…nnngh!"

For answer, Princess started deep-throating him over and over, hard and fast. The suction around his penis was driving Demyx crazy, the friction as Princess bobbed his head rapidly was too much… He was pumping his hips up to meet that incredible mouth, throat-fucking the pretty stripper without restraint, and Princess was taking him without complaint – in fact, the dark eyes that glanced up at him again and again were full of lust, of More, more, harder! They ruined his last thread of control.

"Ahhhhh, Princess!" Screaming, Demyx came. His cock erupted with powerful spurts of semen, flooding the stripper's waiting mouth with rapid pulses of wet orgasm. He could feel the increase in pressure as Princess' tongue pressed the underside of his cock every time he swallowed another mouthful of fluid. By the time his orgasm subsided, Demyx was a gasping mess.

It took him a few minutes to regain awareness – when he did, the first thing he realized was that Princess was licking and kissing the insides of his thighs. That perfect mouth had already cleaned off his cock, and was moving over his sensitive inner thighs, his sac, and the area around his groin. It was lazily sensual…and intimate.

Dark eyes met his, and Princess moved, holding his gaze as he lifted Demyx's softening cock and sweetly placed a kiss on the tip. All he could do was moan. "Ohhhh Princess…I can't get enough of you…"

With a barely-there smirk, the stripper stood. Demyx's eyes immediately fell to his cock, which was still fully erect – standing straight up, long and thick and dark. "You…you haven't…um." Princess arched, stretching his body slightly, and his fingers glided over his skin until they were playing with his huge shaft. Demyx watched, hypnotized, as Princess turned and strolled to the couch-bed – his ass swaying from side to side in a way that made the little round cheeks jiggle temptingly. Then he turned, sat down slowly, and spread his legs so wide that Demyx blinked in surprise. Woah…talk about flexible!

From a conveniently-placed drawer under the couch, Princess pulled out a little bottle. Demyx wasn't surprised to see that it contained some kind of gel – he could sort of guess where this was going. With his legs open that far, Princess had given him a lovely view of a little pink-rimmed hole…and when he had a handful of lube to work with, Princess slipped his hands down toward that hole, fingers stroking around the rim, teasing at pressing into the center, but not quite entering. Again…and again…and again.

On the ninth pass, Demyx couldn't help himself – he moaned, licking his lips, "Baby…do it. Oh please…!"

Dark eyes searched his face, a questioning eyebrow seeming to ask if he was sure. Demyx swallowed and nodded. "Please…you look…so fucking sexy right now…"

Licking his lips, Princess smiled just a little…and pushed a finger inside himself.

Heart beating faster, Demyx watched as Princess worked that finger in and out, in and out, so slowly…putting on such a sexy show as he played with himself. He quickly added a second finger, increasing the stretch, spreading himself open even more as Demyx watched. And Demyx couldn't help himself – very soon, he was getting up from the chair, staggering a little as he approached Princess on the couch…and Princess reached out with his free hand – the other one buried deep in his ass – and pulled Demyx down beside him. Then he turned, leaning back against the arm of the couch, and opening his legs again so Demyx could watch – from much closer.

This close, he could catch the scent of the stripper's body – sweet, but also musky and very male. Demyx released a breathy moan, sucking in deeper breaths and leaning just a little closer to catch more of that heady, sexual scent. Princess watched him with lust in his dark eyes, biting his lip a little as he sunk another finger into his hole. The ring of muscle stretched tight around the fingers, but Princess worked them in and out forcefully, almost pulling himself open for Demyx to see. Soon, he was ramming those fingers in fast. Demyx could only pant, watching him, listening to the wet, slick noises as the stripper finger-fucked himself, hard. He was also bracing his legs on the couch, pushing his hips up to meet each quick penetration. Those pretty hips…so slim, almost delicate when compared to the thick, engorged cock between them, the heavy, full balls hanging just above that pink little hole…which was getting wider and looser by the minute.

Demyx wasn't sure when it had happened, but he found himself fondling his own cock – gently and carefully, because it wasn't springing to attention like the first time, but it was gradually swelling up again. "Prettiest Princess in the world…" he breathed, enchanted. "I want you so much, sweetheart…"

Skin flushed from arousal, Princess stared at him silently, and Demyx again wished he could hear that beauty speak. Instead, Princess dropped his hand to the drawer again, fishing blindly and pulling out…a rather realistic-looking dildo. He lifted the toy to his lips, and Demyx felt his cock stiffen a little more as he watched Princess open his mouth, working over the flesh-colored, silicone penis, slipping it into his mouth and deep-throating it beautifully while spreading his fingers in his own hole, pushing the stretch as far as he could.

With a long, seductive lick, Princess finished coating the toy cock with saliva…and he placed it beside his own erection for a moment while he pulled his fingers free of his hole, one at a time, and then applied more lube. Then, making sure Demyx could see everything, he picked up the toy again and began to nudge its thick, round head into his soft, hungry entrance.

"Haaah…haaahhh…" Demyx could hear Prince breathing, his mouth hanging open as he panted, pushing the cock in slowly, one thick inch at a time, until he had taken the whole thing. Then he twisted it, tensing slightly as he did so, until the silicone balls were pressed up against his much larger sac. Giving Demyx a melting look of lust, he rolled the fake testicles against his own – and the toy paled in comparison. Demyx groaned hard, stroking himself a little more vigorously, lips parted as he imagined sucking on those big, full balls…and then watching Princess come, over and over, fountains of semen spurting from his cock…

Grasping the base, Princess pulled the dildo out…and shoved it back in.

His free hand wandering from his cock to his balls to his flushed, peaked nipples and back again, Princess began to fuck himself with the dildo. The slick, wet noises were even louder now, the flesh of Princess' opening stretched wide to accommodate the toy's thick girth…and Demyx was hard. So hard, again…and he could barely think, he almost couldn't breathe, but he wanted to get inside this beautiful young man in the worst way. He wanted to feel the heat of Princess' body sucking him in, squeezing him so tightly, the two of them making love and just melting into each other until nothing else mattered in the whole world…

"Princess…baby…God, I want you," Demyx moaned hungrily. "Don't care…unnh what it costs…just wanna be inside you…you're so amazing, so pretty and…ahhh!" The rest ended in a cry of pleasure as Princess let go of the toy, reached out…and grabbed Demyx's penis.

Shuddering, Demyx nearly came as Princess' fingers squeezed his shaft. He felt Princess stroking him, and his hips responded automatically, thrusting forward as he inched toward the warm, tempting body. He felt dizzy, almost desperate…and that damn toy was in the way…

"Hnnnh!" Princess arched off the couch as Demyx grasped the base of the toy cock, drawing it out carefully, but as quickly as he could. The stripper leaned up and captured his lips, and Demyx dropped the toy, his hand fumbling blindly back to the young man's opening. Soft flesh parted easily for his fingers, and he fondled the wet entrance to Princess' body. Exploring deeper, he felt for that spot of agonizing pleasure…and when he touched it, he could hear Princess suck in a sudden, fierce breath.

Hands stroked his cock rapidly, then paused…and Demyx felt Princess unrolling a condom onto him. He was distracted, however, by Princess' tongue in his mouth. He registered something cool – the stripper was spreading a handful of lube over his shaft. Demyx drew his fingers out of that tight heat and positioned himself. "You're so sweet, Princess…so pretty…I want to…" He swallowed, struggling to draw breath, opening his eyes to gaze into the dark, heated stare of the other man. "I mean…look, I know this may sound….weird," he swallowed a few times, struggling to hold still as his cock burned to be inside this gorgeous male. "But…um, do you…want this? I know it's your job and all but…if you don't really want to, I…"

Princess closed their mouths together passionately, and Demyx couldn't finish that statement. The next thing he felt was a strong grip – slender legs closing around his hips, pulling him closer until his cock slid between the cute little cheeks of the stripper's ass. With a long, gut-deep moan, Demyx gave in. "Okay…ohhhh yesss…okay baby…" Placing the tip of his erection at the man's soft entrance, Demyx didn't wait another moment – he just pushed forward and in, entering Princess slowly but relentlessly, never stopping until his hips were pillowed against that adorable little bottom…and his penis was gripped in the tight, wet heat of Princess' body, all the way to the base.

"Oh God oh God!" Demyx shuddered, his whole body tense as he tried to wait, letting Princess adjust. It didn't help his restraint at all that the pretty young man was mouthing over his neck passionately, arms wrapped tight around his ribs, nails digging into his back a little. After a minute, Princess apparently decided to let Demyx know he was ready…by squeezing his ass repeatedly around his already-trembling shaft.

The pulsing tightness made Demyx gasp, and his restraint vanished, his hips pulling back and pumping forward instantly – and then repeating the motion without a pause. The pressure around his cock was so perfect – not tight enough to slow him down, but definitely tight enough to feel amazing. And Princess was so incredibly hot and wet inside. Demyx felt like he was melting, even through the condom. He slowed down for a minute – he just had to – and began to roll his hips easily, pumping in and out at a leisurely pace, soaking in every detail of the way it felt to be inside Princess.

A hot, insistent tongue ran up his neck and then dove in between his lips, and Princess kissed him with a wild passion that obliterated Demyx's ability to take his time and enjoy his new lover slowly. With Princess' taste filling his mouth, he could only answer heat with heat, and he began to thrust powerfully, deep into that incredible body.

Their tongues played together as Demyx fucked the lovely stripper aggressively…and then he opened his eyes, just for a moment, and caught Princess staring at him, those dark eyes so close – and almost feral with lust. Demyx felt like he couldn't breathe…and then Princess rolled his hips up to meet his next thrust, forcing him all the way in…and changing the angle so that Demyx rubbed over the stripper's prostate.

Princess gasped – and Demyx whimpered when he heard that sweet little sound. The little hints and whispers of Princess' voice were so rare…and so much more precious, because of that. He wanted…needed to hear Princess make more sounds. To hear Princess feeling pleasure with Demyx inside him… Oh please, please! He was tired and felt kind of wrung-out after the last two orgasms, but Demyx found himself suddenly flooded with renewed energy – all for Princess and his pleasure.

He shifted, pulling Princess' beautiful legs up higher, over his arms. Then he braced himself over the slender young man on the couch, making sure he had the angle right and enough leverage for power…and then he thrust forward with all the strength he had, digging into the little spot of white-hot pleasure inside his lover's body. Hands grabbed at his shoulders and squeezed in a powerful grip as Princess arched back, his body tight and beautiful and soaked from head to toe. Demyx watched him clench his teeth, watched him struggle to regulate his breathing…and then he rammed in again.

Princess' mouth opened in a silent scream.

Aching to hear something – anything – from his partner, Demyx began to pound his cock into the stripper, drawing almost all the way out and then driving in so deep that skin slapped sweaty skin every time…hard. He fucked the beauty as fast and hard as he could, and he rarely missed Princess' prostate. That pretty mouth was open wide, silent lips gasping and screaming and sometimes seeming to form words without voice – like begging, like more, more, harder and fuck yes and oh God. And Demyx was moaning nonstop as he pounded into Princess, but he couldn't stop listening, dying for a hint of that voice…

And the stripper's beautiful, massive cock was lying on his own stomach, a pool of precome running down his abs onto the couch…

And Demyx's balls were tightening, preparing to release again…

And then, oh beauty, without warning, Princess moaned – moaned – out loud, a wordless sound of deep, pure lust, and his huge cock shuddered and semen spurted from the wet slit and splattered across his chest and stomach, pulse after pulse of warm, sticky fluid painting his beautiful, pale, smooth body with a massive amount of orgasm…

And Demyx felt the shivering convulsions of Princess' body squeezing his cock rapidly, over and over, and he heard the low, beautiful sound of that voice, and he couldn't take it anymore, he just couldn't

And Princess milked him with his ass as Demyx came, shooting forcefully, deep into his partner, semen coating the hot inside of Princess' body, sticky and warm and oozing out of the gorgeous young man, over and over as Demyx continued to pump his cock in and out, his come leaking in a thick flow that dribbled over Princess' ass and Demyx's balls, covering their groins in white fluid. And Demyx trembled all over as waves of heat shook his body and his orgasm flowed freely into the beautiful stripper called Princess.

They both finished, and Demyx gazed in rapture as the thick puddles of semen trickled over Princess' chest – fuck he came a lot. The gasping, adorable young man was lying under him, spread out on the couch and drenched in seed, and as Demyx looked at him, he felt a quick, short resurgence of heat as he came again, briefly pulsing hard and then subsiding, drawing his hips back and easing his spent cock out of Princess' dripping hole. His semen flowed from that stretched entrance as he withdrew, spilling over Princess' ass in a warm, white river.

Heart racing and body flushed with orgasm, Demyx couldn't stop himself – didn't even hesitate. He collapsed – not caring about the mess – on top of the young man who called himself Princess and kissed him, tongues twining in a deep, sensual caress. He forgot that Princess was a stripper, forgot that this was paid sex, maybe even just a boring job for Princess – all Demyx knew in that moment was overwhelming intimacy and deep, warm affection. Maybe even love – he didn't know. He'd think about that later. For now, all he knew was that Princess was wonderful, and precious to him, and his. Maybe not his alone, but his just the same, and Demyx adored him and wanted to kiss him like this – slow and sensual and deep and pleasurable – until he didn't know anything else…forever.

Delicate hands combed though his hair as Princess answered his kiss, so softly and yet passionately that Demyx almost couldn't breathe…if he didn't know better, he'd have called the way Princess clung to him loving. But then…

Maybe he just didn't know better after all.

This was loving. This was making love, being lovers, and Demyx didn't care, he didn't care – he was in love.

He broke the kiss and lay over the slender young man, and it was only a whisper when he said it, right in Princess' ear, a breathy confession that might mean nothing to his love, but to him it meant everything – "Princess…I love you."

Warm, slender arms twined around Demyx's shoulders, drawing him close, hugging him as wet lips pressed a little kiss to his temple. Then Princess drew back, and as Demyx brushed the thick shock of sweat-damp hair out of his face so that he could gaze into both those dark, lovely eyes…Princess smiled. It was…sweet and kind, warm and accepting. Demyx wasn't sure if there was a little love there, too…but it didn't matter. Princess accepted the way he felt – that mattered. That made him happy.

Through a helpless grin, Demyx added, "If you ever want a love-slave for the rest of your life, Gorgeous, all you have to do is say my name. I mean," he hurriedly explained, hoping not to offend, "I guess you have your reasons for not talking and all, just…" With a helpless little sigh, Demyx traced those faintly pink lips with a fingertip. "I can't help a little…yearning I guess." He chuckled, blushing a bit as Princess' eyes sparkled at him. "Just…throwing that out there."

Hands on his face pulled him into another soft kiss, and Demyx closed his eyes and just sank into it. He felt utterly swept away by this sexy young man – like he'd do anything just to be near him, he'd write songs to sing to him because there weren't any good enough, he'd go broke if he had to, he'd look like an idiot if it helped…anything. Demyx had never fallen in love so hard or so fast – and he'd never felt so happy.

They made out slowly for a long time after that, until a gentle tug on the long strands of sandy hair at Demyx's nape encouraged him to pull back. Princess smiled at him reassuringly, then pecked the tip of his nose and gently pushed himself into a sitting position as Demyx took the hint and got up.

What he did next took Demyx…a little by surprise.

Princess turned and knelt beside the couch, flipped up the seat cushion, and reached underneath the makeshift bed – not into the "toys and supplies" drawer this time. Dragging slightly he pulled out a…ticker-tape adding machine from under the couch. Then, still poised primly on his knees, back straight, heels digging into his cute little bottom, Princess began to diligently scan down the list, typing in numbers and adding them up as the machine whirred and clicked and printed everything out on the little roll of paper.

With a little ripping sound, Princess tore off the paper and handed it to Demyx. He glanced down: 20 + 30 + 40 + 30 + 10 + 100 = 230. Demyx looked up again to see Princess whipping out a notepad and pencil and…a pair of dark-rimmed glasses. With the thick lenses perched on his nose – still wearing nothing but the high-heeled boots and covered in drying come – Princess scribbled a few things down, tore the paper off, and handed that to Demyx as well. It read, Complimentary: kissing, hand job x2, stripping customer, swallowing come, customer came inside. Charged services: $230. Under that was the word Gratuity followed by a blank line, and under that was the word Total and another blank line.

Demyx swallowed and licked his lips, a little unsure what to say as he looked at Princess. He felt silly all of a sudden, standing there naked…but then, Princess was naked too…but somehow, he looked so much more calm in his nudity. The small, slender young man simply stood waiting, a pleasant, patient expression on his face, with his huge cock hanging down, limp and docile and still so arousing…so massive. "Um," Demyx grinned weakly, "I'm not too sure what's acceptable, uh, percentage-wise…" Especially when he'd just been reminded of all the other things Princess had done for him, things he hadn't been required to do…but that had felt so good.

Shaking his head briefly, Princess grabbed the paper back and scribbled again, adding a little asterisk by Gratuity, and down at the bottom writing Optional. "Right…" Demyx winced, scratching his head a little as he looked around the tiny room. "Uhh…let me find my pants…"

He spotted them and made a grab…then realized his ass was sticking up in the air and stood up too fast, spinning back to face Princess and giving himself a dizzy head rush immediately. Stumbling slightly, Demyx almost tripped and fell, but he managed to catch himself, find his feet, and clear his throat, beginning to dig for his wallet as if that hadn't happened.

Pulling out all his cash, Demyx counted bills, his stomach feeling a little queasy as he did it…even as the rest of his body hummed with sated bliss. "Uh," he held out the money, "all I have is two hundred fifty. Is…that okay?"

With the prettiest little smile ever, Princess reached out, took the money…and then counted it rapidly and knelt by the bed again, pulling out a strong box. Inside was a ledger, and Demyx slowed down in his motions to put his pants back on, a little hypnotized by the cute stripper writing everything down in his ledger and putting the cash, strong box, pad and pencil, and adding machine all back under the bed. It was like he had a little secretariat under there – if Princess hadn't been naked and covered in come, he'd have looked like an accountant at his desk as he efficiently handled all these little tasks.

When the young man stood and turned back again, Demyx fumbled quickly with his jeans, pretending he hadn't been staring. He looked around, wondering where his shirt was – but Princess found it first and picked it up, offering it to him politely. Demyx mumbled a, "Thanks," finished getting dressed, and once again failed to keep his eyes off his companion – this time, as Princess retrieved his tiny shorts and carefully slipped into them, without bothering to put his thong back on. He fastened the button and zipper gingerly over his cock, and Demyx swallowed, flushing – those shorts showed off more than they hid, and he couldn't seem to look away from that large, round bulge…

Until he found himself gently escorted to the door, clothed, broke, and ready to leave. Demyx's chest felt tight – uncomfortable and somehow…wrong. But there was nothing he could do, right? This was what he'd asked for…no, he'd gotten way more than he'd asked for. Princess had even been nice about Demyx proclaiming feelings, though he probably heard stuff like that so often that it was annoying to him…

And then all those thoughts broke apart and disappeared, because Princess was kissing him. Arms were around Demyx's neck, the young man was reaching up on his tiptoes, and the kiss was so sweet, so sensual and intimate and heavy with reminders of what they had done, and a few deep caresses that felt like promises of what more they could do…next time.

Demyx was halfway out the door – and completely unaware of this because all he cared about was Princess and his perfect mouth – when the stripper pulled back, releasing him…and then leaned in again, placing his lips against Demyx's ear…

And the voice he heard then was surprisingly deep, smoothly masculine, and purring deliciously as Princess spoke only one word.


Then he was staring at a closed door, jaw open, body desperately hot, cock struggling to deny biology and get hard anyway, and heart simply racing.

Demyx walked on sunshine through the club, seeing no one, hearing nothing but that beautiful voice murmuring his name.