That week was the Week of Epic Back and Forths. One minute, Demyx would remember that sick feeling of forking over his cash for something that had felt so…priceless, so personal. The next, he'd remember Princess' smile, his kiss, and oh God the sound of his voice, that low purr in his ear. He'd said it, right? Just say his name if Princess wanted a love-slave. And then Princess had done it – ergo, he must want a love-slave, yes? But then, maybe he just wanted Demyx to come back for more…to pay him again. That would be good for business. But still, he could have said anything, yet he said the exact thing that he knew meant something emotional for Demyx, so maybe he was actually welcoming those feelings…

By the time he and Roxas returned to Lucky Thirteen the following weekend, however, Demyx had settled on just not thinking about it. He didn't know, he couldn't know – all he knew was that he wanted to see Princess again. Badly.

The moment they walked in, Demyx spotted him. He was on stage, strutting around in…lacy black lingerie. Thigh-high stockings and – of course – heels, a see-through babydoll top, and lacy panties that hugged his adorable little butt and…well, they covered his package better than a thong, but they were stretching to accommodate his bulge. And he wasn't even hard. At all.

Demyx managed to get to a seat, and he thought he ordered a drink, but nothing really registered until Roxas prodded him. His friend was openly smirking as he told Demyx to go enjoy himself, nodding toward Princess. Demyx smiled and played it off, but inside his heart was thumping painfully fast as he caught the stripper's eye and waved him over. Was that…a flicker of recognition? Hard to say…Princess looked so emotionless and aloof as he left the stage…approached…

Without stopping, without even hesitating a moment, Princess wrapped his arms around Demyx the moment he reached him. Demyx tried to remember to talk to Roxas…but he felt so lightheaded he wasn't sure his words came out right. He hoped so… But the cling of those slender arms was so warm and familiar and almost…possessive. Claiming. Demyx had to force himself to breathe as Princess pulled him away, hands sliding down his arms and slender fingers weaving together with his own.

Princess shut the door of his private room by pushing Demyx into it, their mouths connecting instantly in a kiss that was all burning desire and intense passion. Lacy silk slipped under Demyx's fingers, sliding along Princess' beautiful skin as he pulled his beloved close. Demyx moaned into the kiss, answering the wet caresses of his love's mouth eagerly. He pushed his hands into soft hair, grasping a little tightly as he changed the angle – thrusting his tongue in deeper. Surprisingly strong hands closed around his hips…and then everything in Demyx went hot and breathless as those hands moved back and latched onto his ass.

He groaned as Princess squeezed and kneaded him through his jeans, hands working their way down and in. It hadn't occurred to Demyx until that moment, but with Princess being shorter than him, it gave the stripper perfect access to certain parts of his body. And Princess was using that to his advantage, working his fingers toward a spot Demyx hadn't touched in a while…and making his body tingle warmly all over. Teasing little prods made his insides tighten and release in little spasms of anticipation. That would feel…so nice.

But before they got that far, Demyx had to try again. Just a little. Pulling back just enough to speak, he moaned between deep, hungry kisses, "Baby…unh I missed…missed you. Thought about you…mmh all week…Princess." Bending down, he moved his mouth to a slender neck and began eagerly sucking a few places he thought Princess would like. For a moment, he was afraid Princess would stop him – Demyx really didn't think the club would want customers marking up the entertainers – but when all he got was a whisper of a sigh as Princess titled his head to give him better access…Demyx groaned again. And he sucked at the beautiful man's neck, and each time he pulled away from a fresh red mark, he whispered, "I love you, Princess… God I wish I knew your real name, baby… Please tell me, please… I love you."

All he got, however, was a coy look as the stripper pulled back and a tsk tsk sound as he slowly shook a reproving index finger. Then, with a gentle push to Demyx's sternum, Princess stepped back, stroked both hands down his torso and…lifted the lacy hem of his babydoll top.

The panties – which had been covering more than the thong – were now failing almost as badly as the thong had. Demyx swallowed – hard. Princess was fully erect, his thick shaft outlined in black lace, and he wasn't just peeking out of the panties. The flushed head of his penis – and then a good bit more of him – was standing up against his pale, flat stomach. Demyx's heart was racing and his cock was straining in his jeans at the sight. He didn't know about all the time, but he was pretty sure Princess hadn't become erect this fast last time…and he couldn't help hoping it meant something good about Demyx that the stripper was so aroused already.

Glancing up, he caught a melting, lazily seductive look on that pretty face…and then Princess dropped one hand and smoothed it over his massive cock, petting himself leisurely while watching Demyx with a tiny smirk. The gesture somehow felt so inviting…and Demyx wanted this man so much. He almost sank to his knees right there, but then Princess turned and walked to the couch – cute little butt swaying as always – and then sat down. Smiling at Demyx and…spreading his legs open.

Not even trying to resist, Demyx staggered toward his Princess. The stripper in black lace scooted backward on the couch until he was leaning on the armrest, leaving lots of cushion space between his legs – which Demyx sank onto willingly. "How are you this amazing…" He breathed, bending lower, his hands already cupping the lacy swell of his lover's sac. "I just keep wanting you more and more." As if proving his words, Demyx dipped his head down and closed his mouth over the head of Princess' cock.

Fingers combed through his hair, encouraging him to continue – but not pushing his head down. Princess let Demyx do what he wanted – which, right now, was to slowly tug away the lacy panties, dragging them off inch by inch until the stripper's swollen cock sprang free, hard and throbbing. And even then Demyx didn't stop. He wanted access to everything, and he kept sliding the panties down until Princess pulled one leg free. Then he forgot about them and probably left them dangling around the other ankle, because those slender legs opened for him, so wide, and Princess' cock was so hard, flushed and dripping fluid that trickled down the shaft, and Demyx loved him, loved every part of him…and couldn't resist.

With a moan of pure want, Demyx closed his lips around the head of Princess' cock and sucked him down.

With a soft gasp, Princess arched a little into his mouth, but Demyx still had to hold back. He hadn't deep-throated lately, and he'd never tried to take someone this big. He got about halfway before he had to pull off again, sucking as hard as he could. He clasped the base with one hand to add pressure where he couldn't reach – yet – and with his free hand he stroked and fondled the large, soft balls hanging down. Fingernails scraped his scalp lightly and Demyx looked up…into a face of pure lust. Parted, panting wet lips, eyes dark and hazy and needing…and Princess' cock was quivering in his hand, throbbing and tense and fuck, fuck yes, fuck yes! It was everything he'd been dreaming about. It was a hundred times better. It was too good. He couldn't keep his composure.

Opening his throat, Demyx plunged down on that huge, pulsating cock, relaxing everything above his waist – because there was nothing he could do about the tension in his lower regions – and letting Princess slip right down his throat. It was surprisingly easy. And…it stretched him. Demyx carefully swallowed around the thick shaft, then again before pulling off. The taste of precome was hot and sweet on his tongue, and he suckled at the pink cap of his love's penis, tongue delving into the slit to collect every drop of fluid. Fingertips traced over his lips as Princess smeared a little of his own essence, eyes so warm and appreciative as they gazed down at him. Demyx almost choked – Princess was so beautiful, so special to him, so…

Driven by love and lust and worship, Demyx moved his mouth, sucking over every inch of that huge erection with hungry wet kisses. He took his time, worshiping every vein, every bump and ridge – not that there were many bumps. Princess' cock was beautifully, wonderfully smooth. The ridge of his glans, however – that was a feature Demyx could not stop tracing with his tongue.

When he finally reached the base, he wasn't done. Lifting the young man's soft sac, he began to lick the huge balls with slow, warm caresses of his tongue. He couldn't really get the whole sac into his mouth – at least, not without squeezing a bit, and he didn't want to hurt his sweetheart – so he sucked each testicle in turn, rolling the roundness over his tongue, stroking the trembling erection as he did. Then, when his partner's genitals were glistening all over with his saliva, Demyx took him in his mouth again, fully, and began to bob his head and suck eagerly at a penis so big his jaw was straining to open far enough.

The sound of panting reached him, and Demyx opened his eyes, looking up to see Princess lost in pleasure, breathing hard through his open mouth as a warm flush spread over his cheeks. Demyx couldn't help moaning as he stared at that lovely sight, and Princess' silent lips moved, forming the rather obvious word: Fuck.

Sucking the whole way, Demyx pulled off, then smiled up at the stripper, lips pressing and teasing at the tip of his penis. Then…he let go with his hands and opened his mouth, offering Princess the freedom to do whatever he liked. Dark eyes studied him for a moment, and Demyx shivered at the fire in those dark depths.

Then Princess placed a hand on the side of his face…and another behind his head…and he slowly, slowly lifted his hips, nudging his cock into Demyx's mouth and all the way down his throat.

Demyx let him do it. In fact, he opened his throat and made sure Princess could feel him give and give until every thick, hot inch of Princess' cock was buried deep and all he could do was pull out again and brace his feet for leverage…and thrust. And thrust and thrust and thrust, fucking Demyx's throat harder and harder as Demyx relaxed and just submitted to him, letting the beautiful young man take his pleasure. He cupped himself awkwardly through his jeans and breathed deep whenever he had a chance, tasting the flow of precome as Princess pumped into his mouth…

And then suddenly Princess pulled out, and it was over. Demyx groaned hard as soon as he saw that the stripper wasn't going to let himself climax. "Noooo…do it, baby, please! Really I don't mind, I…fuck it, please come in my mouth! Princess, ungh I want you to come, let me drink it for you, let me swallow all your hot semen…"

A single finger touched his lips, silencing him. Demyx blinked up at his lover for the night, confusion and desperate lust mixed together in his expression. Those pretty lips were barely quirked upward, but the eyes…those dark eyes were overflowing with a warm smile that made Demyx feel melted from head to toe. And then Princess leaned forward, hands framing Demyx's hips…and started to undress him.

Demyx submitted to that, too. To having his shirt slowly peeled off, his pants opened and tugged and dragged away. One fingertip traced the outline of his erection before Princess took away his underwear too, freeing his cock, which was close to bursting already. For a moment, Demyx was worried that Princess was going to start sucking him off – not that he would have hated that, but he was already so hot for this sexy young man that he just knew he would come almost immediately, and he didn't want to. It was bad enough he'd come so much the last time – this time, he wanted Princess to get more out of their lovemaking.

But he didn't need to worry. That pretty face moved down and Princess nuzzled against his erection for a few moments, looking very pleased, but then he pulled away before Demyx was in danger of losing control…and surprisingly strong little hands lifted his legs and pushed his thighs up and open until Princess was looking at the puckered little entrance to his body. Demyx flushed dark red, watching the stripper study him…and a little pink tongue slipped out to wet those pretty lips. Demyx groaned, his cock shuddering, but unable to come without at least a little touch…

And then Princess touched…but not there.

The first thing Demyx felt was a gentle little nip to the fleshy part of his bottom, and then a hot, wet caress sliding right up the seam, stroking over his rim…then pausing and going back to do that again. "Ahhh, fuck! Princess!" Demyx's head thumped against the back of the couch as he jolted, but the stripper didn't stop – his tongue kept rubbing and rubbing over the same spot, massaging the ring of muscles and teasing the too-sensitive skin. By the time Princess finally pushed his tongue inside, Demyx was reduced to nonstop moaning.

He hadn't been prepared for the sensation – truth be told, Demyx had never been rimmed before. None of his boyfriends had been quite that adventurous. And now, this…it felt amazing. Incredible…so much better than he'd imagined. And yet, at the same time, it only took a minute for Demyx to start to feel very, very frustrated by the slick little penetrations. As good as it felt, it wasn't even close to deep enough, and all too soon, Demyx was wiggling impatiently, trying to push his hips down and get more. That hot tongue was amazing, but it couldn't reach the spot Demyx needed to feel…

"Anngh, yes!" He recognized the firm press of fingertips the moment he felt it, and he was already begging for them, before Princess even pushed them inside. "Yes, baby, please yes, I want you in my…aannnh!"

Apparently, Princess knew how to find what he was looking for. Demyx felt goosebumps race over his whole body as one little finger gently petted his prostate, over and over and over. "Fuck, I'm gonna…!"

It stopped. Princess pulled his fingers out, and Demyx was left gasping, tense and trembling on the edge of orgasm. He heard the drawer open, but he couldn't look down until he felt hands on his body…and then he blinked a little in surprise as Princess started to manipulate his limbs like he was a mannequin being put in a pose.

With a reassuring smile, the stripper picked up one leg, then wrapped his arm under his own knee. Then the other leg, just the same, so that he was holding his own legs up and open with his forearms, hands clutching each other in the middle. Then Princess pulled his hands apart, placed a tube of lubricant in them, guided them to close around the container, and then leaned back and popped the cap open. Demyx shivered a little, trying to hold the position – which probably looked hilarious. He felt like Princess had turned him into a human lube dispenser. Then, with a cute little wink, Princess touched his hands, pressing with a gentle squeeze…and the lube squirted out onto his cock. His hard shaft twitched, the cool gel trickling down and running over his balls…toward his opening.

With another smile – this one more sexual than cute – Princess held up a single finger as though telling him to stay like that, and Dispenser Demyx…did. The young man in lingerie settled himself on his knees again, then looked up at Demyx and held his hand under the tube. Trying not to burst into a laugh, Demyx gave it a squeeze.

Princess nodded at him, looked down, and licked his lips, studying Demyx's privates while he spread the lube. And then the urge to laugh evaporated in sudden heat as two slippery, dripping fingers glided into his body.

"Oh God, God, yes!" Demyx squeezed his arms, pulling his legs up higher and giving Princess more access…and trembling as he tried not to crush the open tube and dump gel all over himself. Princess added another finger almost at once, and Demyx hissed a little at the sting…then gasped and moaned out loud as that hot tongue lifted his cock and a wet mouth closed around the shining head of his erection. Lips and tongue worked him over, suckling a stream of precome from his cock. The slight burn of his ass stretching suddenly felt more arousing than painful, and when Princess worked another finger into him, Demyx felt his balls begin to tighten up. "Princess, baby, I'm…unnhh fuck, I'm close again…!"

With a wet pop, his cock was released, and the fingers went still inside him. Panting hard for a few minutes, Demyx felt himself relaxing again, the tension of near-climax easing…along with his muscles. When he opened his eyes and looked down his own body at the kneeling stripper, Demyx almost felt like the fingers inside him were a natural part of himself. It had been a long time since he'd bottomed, but he remembered how to relax, and he loved the feeling of being entered. Hopefully, Princess was planning on putting something else inside him…soon.

Long bangs brushed his inner thigh as Princess leaned down…and placed a sweet little kiss on Demyx's sac. Then he began to press and pull with his fingers, rubbing them around and around and working the opening even more, until even four fingers began to feel like nothing much – except when Princess brushed his prostate a little, and Demyx couldn't stop himself from moaning in pleasure if he'd tried.

Then, with a little tug and a long, slippery pull, the fingers were gone. Demyx looked up into dark eyes as Princess stood and leaned over him. His lean body stretched in a beautiful, pale arch as he braced his hands on the back of the couch and looked down into Demyx's hazy eyes. Hips slid forward as if they knew just where to go, and Demyx felt heat and something so firm and heavy nudge against his cock until their erections were just lying there together on top of his stomach. He swallowed, glancing down at the dark, massive cock against his own…then looking up into dark, smiling, burning eyes. Princess lifted one hand from the couch and tapped the backs of Demyx's fingers, and he remembered the lube…and squeezed. Slippery gel glopped onto Princess' cock, and the stripper licked his lips, still smiling at Demyx, and rolled his hips slowly, smearing the lubricant over both of them, lazily making a big, wet mess all over their penises.

Unable to breathe or figure out where to look, Demyx took in everything. The darker edges of that slate hair, damp with sweat. The half-hidden, so-beautiful face. The tender, erotic little smile. The stretch of soft, smooth skin over slender muscles, so easy to see though the black lace…and so much sexier for being slightly concealed. The sharp peaks of dark pink nipples standing out on that lovely chest. The little dimple of his belly button. The hips…lean, but square and masculine. And…holy hell that cock. It was still stunning, large and rock-hard and so thick, and now it was going to be inside him. And having Princess inside him…was a dream come true.

Looking into those gorgeous dark eyes, Demyx gasped, "Take me, love." The stripper moved his hips, positioning himself lower, and Demyx let go of the lube and fell out of his "dispenser" position. He kept his legs spread wide, but he needed his arms…needed to reach around that pale neck and pull the beauty closer… "Take me, Princess…I'm all yours. Do whatever you want with me…God I just…I love you." He felt something hot and hard nudging his loosened entrance and groaned. "Fucking…ungh! I love you so much…"

A tiny bit more pressure…but not enough to push inside…and then Princess leaned down, kissed him, slow and deep and sensual…and then moved to place his moist lips just above Demyx's ear. And his voice – his voice was deep and smooth and soft and the loveliest sound in the world to Demyx, more perfect than music, and murmuring sweetly, "My name…is Zexion."

Eyes wide, Demyx was drawing in a shaky breath…when it ended in a whimper as he felt Princess – no, Zexion – push harder with his hips and begin to enter him.

"Oh…oh! Zexion!" Demyx shuddered, gasping and writhing a little as he was penetrated, spread so wide and taken so deeply…by Zexion. His beautiful, irresistible Zexion. It hurt – in spite of all the preparation, it had to – Zexion was just too big. But…but still… "Yes, baby…yes Zexion, oh please…more!" He was lost in those dark eyes, overwhelmed by how intent they were, how…possessive. And Zexion just kept going, slowly pushing deeper and deeper, and Demyx was already so close, he…

"I'm…ah…annh! Ahhhhh! Zex…Zexion!" His penis convulsed – in spite of his best efforts to maintain control – and jets of fluid painted his naked chest and stomach as his body spasmed, clenching rapidly around the long, thick shaft inside him. He heard breath drawn in sharply and then held, and he could feel tension trembling in his lover's body, but the stripper had more restraint. He kept himself braced, not moving – just stretching Demyx's body and holding him open as he came down from his orgasm.

Warm lips framed one of his nipples, followed a moment later by the tip of Zexion's tongue…and a little nip of teeth. Demyx whimpered and looked down and realized in a moment that Zexion, being shorter than he was, had the best possible height for reaching Demyx's chest area while embedded inside him. And he was looking up at Demyx with a little smirk as his hair brushed skin and his tongue laved over each hard nub in turn, and Demyx twitched and panted and wished he wasn't quite so unbearably sensitive right there.

"Zexion…" he began, but then trailed off. Zexion. He couldn't believe the man had spoken to him, let alone told his name. Did that make Demyx special? Did he… Fuck he's so pretty. Still scantily covered in black lace, Zexion was braced over him like some kind of sexy predator. Who was still buried deep inside him, Demyx realized, his ass beginning to burn and sort of…ache for a little bit of movement. He swallowed. "Zexion."

Thin eyebrows arched at him as if asking, Yes?

Demyx licked his lips. "Thank you. For…telling me your name. Zexion…it's a beautiful name." He smiled helplessly. "And now I can tell you properly…I love you, Zexion."

Leaning in, Zexion just wrapped his arms around Demyx, silk and lace sticking to sweat and come, and…hugged him. Demyx's heart beat heavier as he felt Zexion lay his head on his shoulder, cuddling close to him and squeezing tight. Demyx fought the silliest impulse to tear up…and then gasped a little. Zexion had turned his head, and now his hot, wonderful tongue was traveling up the side of Demyx's throat.

Lips caught at his ear lobe, sucking, and then that tongue was teasing around inside his ear and Demyx was pretty sure he was close to totally hard again, when he heard a breathy whisper – "Mine."

Blinking, he looked into Zexion's eyes as the other you man pulled back, and for all the things he wanted to say, the only thing that came out was, "Yes…yours. All yours."

With a gentle roll of his hips, Zexion drew out…then slid in deep again. Demyx fought the urge to tense up as he felt his lover's large cockhead brush over his prostate. It was easier to relax, he found, when he looked into Zexion's eyes. A hand came up and brushed down Demyx's cheek, his neck, and over his chest – a soft touch, but something in the look Zexion gave him made Demyx feel like a treasure being admired. And then Zexion moved his hips again, another gentle roll which led right into another, and the world started to slip away in a warm haze as his pretty love fucked him softly, touching him and looking at him and taking him so slowly that Demyx half wanted to scream for him to go faster…and half wanted him to keep doing it just like this, and never stop.

Lips pressed over his open mouth, tongue easily slipping inside, and then Demyx almost stopped breathing when he heard and felt a deep, lustful moan resonate from Zexion's throat. The sound gave him shivers and his cock throbbed eagerly, as hard as ever and half-smushed between their stomachs. "More, Zexion…" Demyx heard himself breathing against his darling's mouth. His hands found their way to Zexion's adorable little ass – thank fuck for long arms – and he squeezed, pulling hard as Zexion pushed into him again, making the young man almost slam his cock into Demyx's body.

"Uuunnnngh!" There was nothing soft or whispered about that moan of arousal, and Demyx almost came at the sound.

"Fuck…how are you so…fuck! Fucking sexy…" Zexion's tongue interrupted him, and Demyx gave up on everything that wasn't making out with Zexion and getting well and truly pounded into orgasm.

Zexion, it seemed, shared his focus.

With a grunt of effort, the stripper thrust his throbbing shaft into Demyx with enough force to make Demyx cry out…and then he did it again. Demyx held on for dear life as Zexion kissed him – passion so hot he couldn't breathe, so strong he couldn't think – and began to drive powerfully into him, faster and faster, until Demyx couldn't stop whimpering and crying out, because he was getting his ass pounded by an adorable little beauty with the biggest penis he'd ever seen in real life, and he wasn't even aware of all the desperate, incoherent noises of pleasure he was making…though he didn't miss a single sound from Zexion.

Zexion…let loose. And although he was the one penetrating and fucking Demyx into the couch, he was…loud. Raw, throaty moans filled Demyx's ears, each grunt and gasp of pleasure sending him higher and higher until he knew he was about to climax and he knew he wouldn't even need to touch himself and yes, yes, Zexion! Nothing else registered as he clung to thin but strong shoulders and lost himself in the sound of Zexion's voice, in the beautiful, sexual music he made as he thrust in deep and hard, over and over and over. And in the middle of it all, Demyx's body shuddered and climaxed, his seed shot between their sweaty stomachs, and Zexion's rhythm went a little ragged and frantic as Demyx spasmed around him, gripping his shaft in a desperate, hot massage as he spent himself.

The pace slowed for a moment, but Zexion didn't stop. Demyx gasped as he felt the vigorous pounding resume, his body soft and open with the afterglow of his orgasm…and Zexion's still hard and tense and urgent. He just kept thrusting, his mouth working desperately over Demyx's neck, sucking and biting and God, so good… And before Demyx knew it, his whole body flashed hot again, tingles and tension and release, release – a few little pulses of semen adding to the mess already covering him as he came again. He moaned through it, whispering Zexion's name, but he was too exhausted for much else.

The forceful pumping of Zexion's hips staggered again, but this time he didn't resume his fast, even pace. He kept fucking Demyx with erratic, uncontrolled force, and Demyx squirmed – his penis was so sensitive that even the slight friction against his own seed-coated stomach was jolting him badly, but he wasn't sure he wanted it to stop… Zexion's face was red, his lovely chest was red under black lace, his voice was getting raspy and hoarse and he was speaking now, "Demyx, Demyx, Demyx," over and over in the sweetest song Demyx had ever heard.

And then…he came. With a thin cry of ecstasy, Zexion arched his back…and Demyx felt the massive cock inside him shudder and throb and throb and then powerful spurts of wet heat were shooting inside him, filling him so deep, and the trembling against his prostate nearly made him black out as his body went hot again, his vision blanking out as he shook with a dry orgasm.

It was intense and too much to bear, but it was over quickly, because there was no way he could ejaculate anymore – and when he opened his eyes again, Zexion was just pulling out…and still coming. Semen dribbled out of Demyx's body, but he was mostly paying attention to the sight of that massive cock. Zexion was stroking himself through the last of his orgasm, seed still spurting a little as it flowed from his slit, streams of white, sticky release joining the mess Demyx had already made, painting his body in male fluids – covering him in the evidence of their pleasure. Demyx watched, gasping for breath, in awe of the sheer volume of his lover's orgasm – Guess those balls aren't just for show, he thought with a weak smile. And he enjoyed every moment, every drop, because he loved Zexion and everything about him was beautiful, especially this.

Then there were wet hands on his ribs, guiding him to lie down, and warm lips pressing up his neck and finding his mouth and kissing, kissing as Zexion lay beside him, pulling him close as Demyx weakly tried to do the same and probably didn't manage to help much, because shit he was tired. He was absolutely and completely spent, he couldn't have moved to get up if he'd tried, but that was fine, because he didn't want to. He wanted to be here, in Zexion's arms, lying on this couch together and making out, slowly and sweetly, luxuriating in the most blissful afterglow he'd ever felt in his life.

A long, long time later, when their skin was starting to cool and their sweat had dried and other stuff was beginning to dry as well, Demyx felt movement and opened his eyes to see Zexion sitting up. His lingerie was a tangled mess around him, and he paused a moment to smooth and straighten it before rising. Demyx reached out and caught one wrist in a loose grip, moaning softly, "Nuuhhh…where're you goingggg?"

For an answer, Zexion leaned back down, smiled, and kissed him quickly. Then he was gone, and it took Demyx a minute to realize his hold had been removed while that kiss happened. By the time he got that far, Zexion was back, and then a cold, wet touch smoothed over Demyx's chest. "Ah!" He jumped a little, looking down and blinking. If he was right about this… Wet wipes? It looked like Zexion was cleaning him off with little moist towelettes.

Instead of an explanation, Demyx got a sweet smile and a little kiss to his stomach, right above his navel. And then Zexion continued to wipe him clean. The cold wipes gave him goosebumps, but after a while he adjusted. Zexion was very gentle, particularly with Demyx's groin area. And then the wet wipe moved lower and started to clean…deeper. And Demyx realized something much later than he should have.

"Um…you didn't use a condom." He blinked down at Zexion as the stripper carefully cleaned him out, pausing only to look up at him and shake his head. Demyx took a deep breath. He knew the difference between "safe sex" and completely and totally stupid, unprotected sex, and he had always been safe. He'd been sort of assuming that Zexion played safe too – simply because this club had a good reputation, not to mention how…fastidious the cute little stripper seemed. Demyx had sort of worried that getting to the "we trust each other, we're both clean, we're exclusive and can take or leave the condoms now" point would be a little tricky with Zexion – in that he'd expected Zexion to be unflinchingly strict about protection. And now…

Licking his lips, Demyx ventured, "Should…should I be worried?" He didn't want to start jumping to the opposite conclusion. He'd just wait for Zexion to explain…

His explanation came in the form of an upward roll of dark eyes and a smiling headshake. Demyx relaxed a little bit.

"And…you aren't worried either?"

Another shake, and this time those dark eyes met his own, steady and warm and smiling.

"That's not such a bad thing, then…" Demyx grinned a little helplessly.

A tiny shake, a bigger smile, and one hand lifted one of his, brushing lips over the backs of his fingers.

Demyx's breath caught. "Sounds like a good thing, actually…"

This time, he got a slow, steady nod.

"A really…" His voice came out a little breathless, "…really good thing…"

That slow, intentional nod again…and then Zexion leaned over him, closing the distance and kissing him softly. Demyx felt the light caress of wonderfully soft lips and shivered. This…this meant good things. He just knew it. This meant Zexion cared about him, this meant he was special, this…

Zexion slipped down and knelt, pulling his little notepad out from under the couch, and Demyx froze for a moment, hoping hoping that this wasn't the same as last time…

A little rip, and Zexion handed him a neatly written note. Demyx looked down. "No charge for services rendered, due to the intimate, personal nature of the customer's relationship with the entertainer." Below that he read, "I will be out to walk you home in half an hour."

Then Zexion kissed him.

Getting dressed was tricky, the activity hampered with kisses, and getting to the door was a stumbling mess interrupted by kisses, and getting out the door took a while because of one long, deep, passionate kiss, but Demyx eventually found himself immersed in the pounding music of the club again, crossing the main floor with his head in the clouds. He spotted Roxas standing at a high table over near the bar and managed to gather himself enough to float in that direction. He reached the table and just leaned onto his elbows, staring vacantly at the main stage which probably had strippers on it…much as Roxas was.



Demyx took a while before speaking again. It didn't occur to him right away that he sort of should, but then eventually he remembered that Roxas had probably just spent some time with Embers, and this was a big deal. "So, uh…have a good time with your…you know?"

A slow nod. "Uh huh…uh, you? Have a good time with…him?"

"He, um…yes." Demyx was probably wearing a massive, shit-eating grin. He also probably didn't care.

Roxas smirked at him. "You wanna sit down?"

Blinking vacantly, Demyx looked up to notice that there was only one stool at this table, and neither of them were using it. "Oh…no, that's okay. You can sit there, if you want."

Clearing his throat, Roxas shifted a little. "Ah, actually, I gave my chair away to some other people. I kinda…don't feel like sitting down at the moment."

Unable to keep down his giggles, Demyx burst out, "Are you as sore as I am?"

Roxas snorted, laughing into his drink. "I dunno," he almost choked a moment before pulling himself together, "I mean, I dunno how sore you are, but my ass is…" He broke into another snorting laugh, face going flame-red. "I mean…woah!"

Trying not to start hyperventilating, Demyx nodded vigorously. "I know! I have pains in places I've never felt before!"

"Ugh, it feels so good though…" Roxas grinned, his voice moaning a little as his eyes rolled.

Checking that thought a moment, Demyx felt himself grinning again. "Yeah…yeah, I guess it does." Not that he'd want the pain to be any worse. Like, for example, some of the pains one would feel if one engaged in some of the more kinky services "Princess" provided. That would not be so nice. But this… Demyx found that a little soreness, a little stinging in very private places…it reminded him of Zexion, and sweat, and that voice, and the fact that everything in the world was perfect because Zexion didn't charge me and He called it a "relationship" and Dear God I'm in love!

Those thoughts occupied his mind for a few minutes before Demyx remembered – "Oh! Um…I think me and him are going…somewhere. After this. In a bit. Do you, uh…"

Roxas waved him off. "No…I mean, yeah…I mean, it's cool. I'm actually…going home with A-ahhh…with Embers tonight." He glanced at Demyx and giggled. "I'm staying over at his place, I mean."

"Wow…" His jaw may have dropped a little. "You and him are gonna…more?"

"Oh!" Roxas interjected, waving his hands. "No, no…I mean, I…I don't think so. That is, it's not really for that, but if it happens…" He shrugged, smiling and blushing. "But no, it's just so I can see where he lives…and tomorrow night he's gonna see where I live…and then we won't need to give directions or anything. Like, in the future."

With a low whistle, Demyx patted Roxas on the back. "Wow. Sounds like you're boyfriends with the most in-demand male stripper in the city now."

"Uhhhh…" Roxas chuckled, his face going redder, "no, I mean, I dunno about boyfriends. We just…definitely want to see each other again. A lot." He shrugged and poked at Demyx, "So what about you? How's the little lap dancer?"

Heart beating faster, Demyx didn't even care if he went all dreamy as he thought about Zexion. "He's…perfect."

After a pause in which Demyx daydreamed and Roxas stared at him, he heard his friend mutter, "Oh my God…you're in love."

If Roxas had expected him to deny it – tough. Demyx played with a cocktail napkin with a silly smile on his face. "I really kinda am, yeah."

Shaking his head, Roxas patted Demyx's shoulder. "What are the odds that both of us would… Oh! Hey, um, Embers!"

Sauntering up to them was the star of the center stage. Demyx recognized him, even in jeans and a t-shirt. He also noticed the remarkable tightness of the stripper's clothes…and glanced over at Roxas. It looked like Roxas had noticed too – his eyes were fixed on the denim-hugged, narrow hips…and the way those jeans hinted at how nice the features underneath must be. Demyx bit his tongue so he wouldn't laugh at his recently-virginal friend.

"Hey baby!" Embers arrived at their table. "I'm dressed – ready to grace my home sweet home with your beautiful presence?"

Blushing in a way that probably meant Roxas was thinking something very dirty, the little blond cleared his throat. "Ah, Embers, this is my friend Demyx. He's the one who brought me here in the first place…"

To his surprise, Demyx found both his hands caught as he was pulled around to look up into Embers' face. "Demyx! Lovely to meet you, my dear little Cupid!" Demyx forgot to breathe the next moment, because Embers yanked him forward and did two quick cheek-to-cheek "kisses" before pulling back and looking him over. "I owe you big, my good man! Anything I can do for you, just say the word – wanna make sure you get something out of your visit too!" He winked, teasing…and then all of a sudden he flinched. "Ack!" Demyx's hands were dropped as Embers crumpled down to half his height, and the slender young man behind him stepped into view – with a firm, pinching grip on one of his ears.

It was Zexion.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow! Ze-uhhh…Princess! Okay, okay, I let go of him!"

Without so much as batting an eye, Zexion released the star stripper and stepped over to Demyx…and pulled him down into a hot, possessive kiss. Demyx was left gasping for breath by the time he pulled back – and then he caught sight of the neat little slacks and tidy, tucked-in, buttoned-down shirt…and nearly fainted. Oh God he's cute.

"Okay! Never mind then…Demyx, was it? Looks like you already got a couple perks out of coming here." Embers was smirking at them both while wrapping an arm around Roxas' waist and pulling the shorter guy tight against his body. "I still owe you though, pal. This friend of yours is sexier than hell." Then he looked down and gave Roxas a squeeze. "Ready to go, sweetheart?"

"Yeah, I'm ready," Roxas smiled up at him, then looked at Demyx. "Hey, have fun, be safe, and I'll see you later, okay?"

"And hey – Princess," Embers added, "be nice with the whips and chains!"

Demyx caught his friend's wide-eyed look as Roxas stared up at Embers…but he didn't care. Zexion was nuzzling into his neck, brushing his lips over a few of Demyx's brand-new hickies, and he only cared about that right now. That…and following Zexion out of the club and down the sidewalk. He didn't know or care where they were heading. Zexion was holding his hand, and Demyx would follow wherever his beloved wanted to go. He just wanted to make sure there were no misunderstandings in the mean time…

"Um, hey," Demyx swallowed, taking a deep breath, "that other guy – Embers – he wasn't doing anything. He really wasn't. And…and you know, even if he tried to, I would never let him. I'm totally, exclusively interested in you. I just, uh, want you to know that… Because I want you to, to know that you're incredibly important to me. Even though we haven't known each other long, the way I feel about you, it's…I'm very serious here. I love you, and…I don't want to make demands or place restrictions on you, but you should know that I have no intention of seeing anyone else besides you, for as long as you'll let me, and…um…"


He blinked and stopped dead in the middle of his rambling, catching his breath and staring at Zexion, unable to be sure, for a moment, that he hadn't just imagined hearing that. Dark eyes glanced up at him, a little smile half-hidden behind long bangs.

"I do talk outside the club, you know."

With a deep, shuddering intake of air, Demyx answered in a whisper, "I do now."

Zexion snorted softly. "Very good, then. And you don't need to explain all that to me. I'm familiar with Embers and his style of interaction. You are hardly at fault for his over-familiarity. I appreciate your honesty, however."

"Okay…" Demyx breathed, a little tingle of happiness and excitement racing over his skin. Zexion was so pretty…and so adorable with his businesslike tone….

And Zexion got straight to the point. "I suppose you want to know why I wouldn't speak to you previously." It wasn't really a question, but Demyx nodded agreement. Zexion shrugged. "There are several reasons. Speech happens to be something I can withhold from customers, even if they get as much of my body as they want, so I choose to do so. Besides that, my silence feeds into their kinks, much of the time. And it gets me out of having to talk to them. And…not to sound arrogant, but it limits the number of times I have to get rid of a pesky customer who claims to have fallen in love with me. Apparently I have a beautiful voice." He shrugged simply at that, stating the fact as plainly as he might talk of the weather.

"You do." Demyx couldn't stop staring. The subtle expressions flitting over that lovely face as Zexion spoke, the mellow, deep music of his voice…listening to him was a pleasure, a luxury he wanted to sink into forever. "You have the most beautiful voice I've ever heard." Then, something else Zexion had said caught his attention. "Um," Demyx ducked his head, "I'm sorry if I'm being a pain to you and all. With my…feelings, I mean."

With a gentle squeeze to his hand, Zexion shook his head. "You…well, I don't think you had heard my voice much, if at all, before you told me you had feelings for me…so I am not assuming that your feelings are a delusion brought on by my hypnotically charming voice."

Face cracking into a broad grin, Demyx giggled. Hypnotically charming? Oh, fuck me…that's so cute. He swallowed that reaction, however – he didn't want Zexion to think he was laughing at him. "Oh no," he shook his head with a smile, "it's definitely not just because of your voice. Though don't get me wrong – your voice is beautiful." And hypnotically charming… "But it's not why I love you. I love you because…" He smiled wider and squeezed the hand holding his own. "Because of the way you keep all your business and accounting so neat and tidy under that couch. And the way you're so…accepting and sweet. And patient…and giving…and even the fact that you don't speak. That you keep something for yourself, something you won't sell – I love that about you too."

"You didn't mention the sex," Zexion observed calmly.

"No…" Demyx glanced down, studying the fair, half-hidden face. "I didn't. I guess…" He looked forward again, taking a deep breath. "Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed that a lot. I felt like we had a kind of…chemistry. Like something really fit…and it felt amazing. But I don't want to base anything off that feeling, because…because I don't know how much of it was real. And I don't know if you felt any of it…or if it was just me." Demyx nibbled the inside of his lip as he finished. He didn't want to offend Zexion, and he really didn't mean anything bad by it – this was just the truth of the way things were. They had met under certain circumstances, and that was bound to be a factor…

"Your reservations on the subject speak highly of your judgment."

Oh thank God. Demyx let out the breath he'd been holding.

"Allow me to be as forthright as you have been." Zexion stopped, turning toward him and taking Demyx's other hand.

"Okay?" Demyx blinked down at his…remarkably well-spoken lover, nervous fluttering in his stomach as he waited for what Zexion would say…

Dark eyes looked up and met his. "In my work, it is necessary for me to be able to adapt to many different needs. I am able to do that – to satisfy various people, regardless of the differences in their sexual desires. You are not the first one to tell me that I 'fit' with exactly what you wanted. However," he paused, leaning closer and pulling Demyx in, wrapping first one arm, then the other around Demyx's waist. "Believe me when I say this – the sense of chemistry you felt…it was mutual. What you wanted…was what I wanted, too. Everything I did with you was an honest expression of my own desires. You are…an incomparable partner for me. I have never experienced such pleasure."

Simply and absolutely speechless, Demyx just stared. His face, quite probably, was dark red all over. Zexion's confession made him happier than he could have believed, yet he felt so shy, hearing something this personal just…spoken so plainly and frankly. He couldn't stop staring or blushing…and after a few heartbeats, Zexion seemed to belatedly catch a bit of the same feeling. His cheeks abruptly colored with pink and his eyes dropped. The tip of his pink tongue darted out to wet his lips as he cleared his throat. "Ah, so basically…" He began in a wavering voice.

Demyx kissed him, and Zexion fell silent. They both lost themselves in a deep, slow, sensual kiss, with just a hint of urgency around the edges, whispering of passion and excitement. Demyx felt surrounded by warmth – they were both pressed into full-body contact, obliterating every hint of space between them. And Zexion…wasn't quiet. He made soft little moans and gasping noises when their mouths parted for a moment, and Demyx shuddered with desire and joy as he both felt and heard the warm, pleased response.

When they eventually parted, Demyx let his eyes drift open to see that Zexion…hadn't yet. His eyes lingered closed another moment as he swallowed, pressing his lips together as if reliving the heat of that kiss. Then, he looked up at Demyx and cleared his slightly-raspy throat. "Are you…ahem…coming in?"

Blinking, Demyx just gaped a little. "Huh?"

Dark hair shifted as Zexion nodded to the side. "This is where I live." Demyx managed to look up, startled to find that they were in front of a townhome. "I was…hoping you'd want to spend the night," Zexion ventured a little shyly.

Turning his wide eyes back to his adorable little stripper-turned-lover, Demyx beamed. "I want to spend forever. But yeah…tonight is good for starters."


End of the Starters


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